Plastic Post & Rail Fencing                                                                  
Craftsmanship is built into our fencing.                                               From the quality material used to t...
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Fencing brochure 2012


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Fencing brochure 2012

  1. 1. Plastic Post & Rail Fencing Plastic Post & Rail FencingThis product is manufactured inPennsylvania to resemble real wood. It ismade with recycled plastic because weview recycled plastics as a resource, nota burden to the environment. It isaesthetically appealing, durable, strong,and virtually maintenance free whencompared to all other post & rail fencescurrently on the market.By making this fence from recycledplastic, the waste stream is reduced,saving energy, water, and potential airpollution during product manufacturing,and minimizing “up stream”environmental impacts that occur when Close the Loop, LLCvirgin plastics are first produced and 773 Upper Middle Creek Rd.transported. Kunkletown, PA 18058 Phone: 570.629.8414 Fax: 570.213.4254Buying US-made recycled products from Email: info@closetheloop.comClose the Loop supports small, Web: www.closetheloop.comprogressive, environmentally responsibleproduct manufacturers who create 570.629.8414innovative materials, recycled productsand green building materials, and gainvaluable LEED points.
  2. 2. Craftsmanship is built into our fencing. From the quality material used to the unique processing technique, we provide a product that will stand up to the harshest weather conditions and keep its quality look for years to come. Fence stock is cut and shaped to make uniformly fitting posts and rails.  Fence Dimensions:No more staining or painting posts and Beneficial features of plastic fencing:rails. Posts: 2 hole is 5’, 7” length Plastic post and rails never needs paintingThis unique, and environmentally friendly 3 hole is 6’, 10” lengthproduct will maintain its beauty year after Rails: Will not attract termites or carpenter antsyear. No need to replace fence rails or 8’, 6” lengthposts after only a few years of service. No paint to peel or flake off Plastic fence is a popular alternative to wooden fence.  Although the up frontUnlike pressure treated wood, there are Rustic brown color throughout the entire cost of plastic fence causes potentialno hazardous chemicals to leach out. users to pause before purchasing, further fence...its not just a coating! investigation convinces many of the longOur product is durable and rustic looking. term value.  A major cost is the installation As close to nature as you can get withoutIt will provide you with years of service of the fence, and is identical for both cutting down trees!and satisfaction. Standard woodworking plastic fence and wooden fence.  After atools can be used to easily cut, staple or few years in service, wooden fencescrew into the fence. Insulators are not begins to rot, particularly at the ground Fence may exhibit slight bending. This will notrequired for electric fence installation. level.  At this time the wooden fence affect performance and is strictly cosmetic. begins to fall apart, and will need to be replaced.  This means that the fencePlastic posts are virtually solid and do not owner has to not only purchase moreneed timber or metal inserts. wooden fence, but also pay again for the For more information, contact: installation.  This does not occur withOne 2-rail section of fencing is made plastic fence.  Add to this feature the fact CLOSE THE LOOP, LLCfrom 525 gallon-sized milk jugs! that plastic fence does not have to be 773 Upper Middle Creek Rd. painted, and the benefits of plastic fence Kunkletown, PA 18058 outweigh the initial cost.  Phone: 570.629.8414 Fax: 570.213.4254 Email: Web: