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Published on Close the Loop works with US manufacturers who produce high quality & unique recycled products from waste tires, plastic milk jugs & glass bottles. We are working to increase consumer confidence, awareness and demand for recycled content products and help grow markets. We strive to encourage people to view our waste as a valuable resource.
Close the Loop offers many eco-friendly recycled products that you may be interested in using on your designs. Anything from our 100% recycled plastic, solid fencing and composite lumber, to mulches made of rubber and glass, and landscape timbers.

Buying US-made recycled products from Close the Loop supports small, progressive, environmentally responsible product manufacturers who create innovative materials, recycled products and green building materials, and gain valuable LEED points.

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Close the loop_presentation_2012

  1. 1. Close the Loop, LLC Be part of the solution Presentation
  2. 2. Close the Loop What are the biggest waste problems out there, and who is solving them? Made in USA Triple bottom line ~ People, Planet, Profit Organized free community events GIVE & TAKE DAY and WEBSITE BUILDING workshops.
  3. 3. To truly “close the loop”, we need to do 3 things:1) Collect: recycle our waste2) Manufacture: make something new out of it3) Purchase: buy recycled
  4. 4. According to the EPA, the waste materials generated in the US annually: Plastics - 30 million tons of plastic waste (nearly 60 billion pounds). Only 7% of plastic waste was recycled in 2006 Glass – 13.2 million tons of glass, about 22 % recycled Tires – 290 million tires in the US, 12 million in Pennsylvania alone.
  5. 5. PlasticWaste
  6. 6. …can be turned into Plastic Wood Fencing…can be turned into Plastic Wood Fencingcompost bins, raised gardens, furniture, etc.
  7. 7. Recycling is voluntary, it isNOT MANDATED by theUS Government
  8. 8. Recycled HDPE Plastic Post & Rail FencingImpact onEnvironment Vinyl Fencing ~ VOCs Wooden Split-Rail in MFG & destroys forests Disposal/Incinerating PVC High Low Maintenance
  9. 9. Attributes & Close the Loop Wood Fencing Vinyl FencingBenefits: Recycled Plastic FencingDurability/Longevity ✔ X ✔LowMaintenance ✔ X ✔AestheticallyPleasing ✔ ✔ ✔Generates NoVOC’s ✔ ✔ X
  10. 10. Plastic Recycling in the USA 2008Source: 2008 United States National Post-Consumer PlasticsBottle Recycling Report
  11. 11. Glass Waste
  12. 12. …can be turned into a sparkling garden glasswalkway or used in a gas fire pit
  13. 13. Tire piles litter our countrysideNo known decomposition rate:
  14. 14. Tires can be turned intoplayground surfacing, horsefooting, rubber timbers &tiles…
  15. 15. • Manufacturing jobs have dropped to their lowest level since 1941, below 9% of workforce for the first time.• We believe we need to get back to manufacturing in the USA, and support these manufacturers by purchasing and using their recycled products.
  16. 16. Impacts of Buying US Made Recycled Products Investing in American made products creates jobs Sets a good example & helps our economy Long-term economic and environmental benefits. What better raw material to use than our waste materials transformed into a valuable resource ~ in nature there is no waste.
  17. 17. Leave less of a footprint on the earth…
  18. 18.