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Close the Loop catalog of recycled products offered by

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Close the Loop Catalog

  1. 1. Live  Green,  Drive  Change  &  Buy  Recycled  Here…   Toll-­‐Free:    866.240.9172    Direct:    570.629.8414     Be part of the solution…To truly “Close the Loop”, we need to: 1)  Collect ~ recycle our waste 2)  Manufacture ~ make something new out of it 3)  Purchase ~ buy recycled
  2. 2.      PlasCcs  generaCon  and  recovery  1960  to  2008   30  Million  tons  of  plasCc  waste  are  generated  annually  in  the  USA.   Only  7%  of  plasCc  waste  gets  recycled.    Most  plasCc  goes  to   landfills  and  pollutes  our  creeks,  rivers  and  oceans.  Nearly  300  Million  waste  Cres  are  generated  annually  in  the  USA.   13  Million  tons  of  waste  glass  are  generated  annually  in  the  USA.  
  3. 3. For your horse farm and arena solutions…Recycled Plastic and Composite Posts, Lumber & FencingBenefits: No more staining, painting or rotting posts and rails. Plastic fencing is a unique, environmentallyfriendly product. Unlike pressure treated wood, there are no hazardous chemicals to leach out. Fence stockis cut and shaped to make uniformly fitting posts and rails.   It is made with recycled plastic, because we viewplastic waste as a resource to make products. Our fencing requires very little maintenance when comparedto other post & rail fence on the market. One 2-rail section of fencing is made from 525 gallon-sized milk jugs!Contact us by email: or call 866.240.9172 for an estimate. 100% Recycled Plastic Products Composite Plastic/Wood Products Description: Description: 8’ Long Rail 1 ½" x 1 ½" x 44" - Excellent for decking and railing Two hole posts, 6’ long 2" x 4" x 10 - Excellent for decking and railing Three hole posts, 7’ long 2" x 6" x 10 - Excellent for decking board 3’ and 4’ wide gates 4" x 4" x 10 - Fence Post 6’ - Long Round Post 6" x 6" x 6 - Landscaping & Fence Post 7’ - Long Round Post 6"W x 4"H x 6’ - Long Parking Block Vineyard Poles, 8’ long 4" x 7’ - Long Round Post Flower Box 5" x 7’ - Long Round Post Raised Garden Beds, various sizes 5" x 8’ - Long Round Post Fence may exhibit slight bending. This will not affect performance and is strictly cosmetic.
  4. 4. Tumbled Glass MulchNothing compares to the vibrant and intense color of glassfor landscaping, fire pits, terrazzo flooring, countertops, fauxriver, etc.•  Never fades or needs replacing•  Not flammable•  Reduces annual maintenance by not having to replace mulch•  It is 100% recycled glass ~ environmentally friendly landscape!•  For more information or for an estimate, contact us! Size: Fines Size: #00 Size:#0 Size: #1 Size: #2 Size: #3 Size: Small Size: Med Size: Large 30 mesh 1/8”-¼” ¼-”3/8” 3/8”-1/2” ¼”-1/2” ½”-1” 1”-2”
  5. 5. Rubber MulchPlayground Surfacing, Landscaping & Horse Arena FootingSome other uses for rubber mulch include: Rock Climbing Gyms, Shooting Ranges, Volleyball Courts, WalkingTrails, Rooftop Gardens, Athletic Fields, etc.Playground rubber mulch is more economical than wood mulch. The key advantage that makes rubbermulch the most economical option is that it does not decompose.  Playground rubber is cost effective,eliminating the need to constantly replace decaying material. According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, rubber playground cover has been proven tohave superior shock absorbing capability, and can help reduce injuries associated with falls from playgroundequipment.  Rubber mulch is safer for our children by eliminating splinters, scraped elbows & knees.  It drainswell after a rain, which reduces mud, and does not attract insects or animals.  It is less likely to compact thanother loose-fill materials, and easy to install. Rubber mulch can be used anywhere you would like a soft, durable cushion. This product will reduce facilityoperation and maintenance costs by using more durable and long-lasting materials.Playground Rubber Mulch available in black, brown, redwood, blue and green. Close the Loop supplies the premier horse arena footing for your equestrian comfort.  Generated from a specialized process for consistent size and fiber content, horse turf allows for excellent moisture retention while providing good drainage.  This translates in to reduced maintenance, reduced dust, greater cushion, and an overall more attractive look. Also see our rubber tiles & pavers for creating a solid surface without the expense of poured-in-place systems.
  6. 6. Rubber Flex Curbs & Rubber Swing Beveled  Safety   Safety Mats Mats/Swing  Mats   Ideal for high traffic areas, particularly entry & exit Recycled Rubber Timbers & Curbs allow for the creation of a greater points in play areas, and variety of unique curves and bends which traditional landscape under swing sets. Perfect timbers cannot achieve. Rubber timbers and curbs are for reducing fatigue in manufactured from 100% recycled rubber.   areas where standing is required for extended Cobblestone Rubber Paver lengths of time. The Cobblestone Rubber Paver is a 2" thick, modified octagonal shape with an extended tab on one side. Two pavers cover one square foot. They are made from 100% recycled tires that areNJ Stackable Rubber Curbs, molded together with polyurethane and a non-toxic pigment.  They can be installed on a stone6’ Long ~ Heights: 4”, 6” or 8” base, sand base or existing surfaces.  The pavers may be cut with a band saw, jigsaw or our pneumatic cutter.  Playground Applications The Cobblestone Rubber Paver meets the guidelines outlined in ASTM F1292-04 and meets the drop height standards from a height of 4 foot.  They are slip resistant and durable.  Excellent product to protect children.GA Rubber Curbs, Equine Applications8’ Long ~ Heights: 4”, 6” or 8” The Cobblestone Rubber Paver can be put in any equine area from horse stalls and aisle ways to wash stalls and tack rooms.  The Cobblestone Rubber Paver protects the horse from hard, cold or moist floors.  In addition, the Cobblestone Rubber Paver will reduce the time needed to muck out the stalls, and minimize bedding requirements.  Other Applications The Rubber Paver can be used in many applications, including walkways, patios, roof top decks, pool areas, weight rooms, and driveways. Contact us with your dimensions, total square footage,CA Stackable Rubber Timbers, and zip code for an estimate. We also offer6’ Long ~ Heights: 3.5” or 7” these 24”x24” square rubber tiles.
  7. 7. “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi773 Upper Middle Creek Rd.Kunkletown, PA 18058About Us…Close the Loop’s mission is to help preserve our environment by viewing our waste as a valuable resource, and to assist in thedevelopment and marketing of consumer recycled products made in the USA.Our goal is to offer quality products made from recycled materials, and to promote their increased use in homes and businesses, thusreducing the build-up of these materials in our landfills and oceans.Recycling success is not determined solely by the amount of materials collected, but also by the amount processed and reused in newproducts and materials. Close the Loop is dedicated to effecting a positive force for social and environmental change within ourcommunity by promoting reuse & recycling, building the acceptance & use of alternative recycled materials, and holding freecommunity events such as our give & take days, and website building workshops.Close the Loop is the last, and most important, step in the recycling process. It refers to the point when a consumer buys a recycledproduct after it has been put into a recycling program and reprocessed into a new item. Buying US-made recycled products fromClose the Loop supports small, progressive, environmentally responsible product manufacturers who create innovative materials,recycled products and green building materials, and gain valuable LEED points.We serve mainstream consumers: business, residential, schools, municipalities & the military with the finest recycled products on themarket today!Check out for more unique recycled products you’ll only find here!Thanks for being part of the solution!Tell a friend about Close the Loop, and most of all…teach the children to care. Close the Loop is a Certified Women Business Enterprise [WBE]