Apple inc. and digital management


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Apple inc. and digital management

  2. 2. FOUNDATION OF APPLE Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak laid the foundation of APPLE COMPUTERS INC. on April 1,1976 to sell the Apple 1 (personal computer kit)
  3. 3. NAME AND LOGO  The name was taken by Steve Jobs.  The first Apple logo was designed by Ron Wayne, co- founder of Apple Computer. It was rather a picture than a logo. It showed Sir Isaac Newton sitting beneath the famous Apple tree thinking about gravity.
  4. 4. THE EVOLUTION OF A BRAND 1975 1977 1997 2006
  5. 5. BEST KNOWN PRODUCTS  Hardware line:     Macintosh line of personal computers iPod portable media players iPhone Software products:     Mac OS X operating system iTunes media browser iLife – iMovie, iTunes, iPhoto Final Cut Studio – video editing 5
  6. 6. Apple 1976-1984 APPLE 1 (LAUNCHED ON 1 JULY 1976) APPLE 2 (INTRODUCED ON 16 APRIL,1977) • APPLE 3 (MAY 1980)
  8. 8. SOME LATEST PRODUCTS OF APPLE iPad & iPhone   iPad             iPhone          iOS
  9. 9. Mac  AirPort Extreme iMac Apple Keyboard MacBook Air    Displays
  10. 10. iPod & iTunes Apple TV iPod classic iTunes iPod touch iPod shuffle
  11. 11. SOME POSSIBLE FUTURE PRODUCTS OF APPLE iPets The ultimate accessory, the iCat and iDog will be the perfect buy for those that want to have a loving pet but don’t have the time to commit to raising a real one. They will include: Full iOS/iCloud integration to interact with all your iOS devices Full iTunes store integration to directly download “pet trick” apps Facetime to be able to check on your home through their eyes Nike+ integration so they can track your stats as they run with you Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n) Bluetooth 4.0 technology
  12. 12. iCycle  This is the holy grail of bicycles. No matter your riding style; Road, Mountain, Recreational or Urban, this bike will auto-switch or you can manually change to it via the miniature handle bar screen. It not only switches the resistance level to match your stride, but the bike tires continually update depending on your terrain. The chassis of the bike has an internal battery which you re-charge while you ride, letting you plug in your iOS device and charge it on the go.  It will include:  Full iOS/iCloud integration to interact with all your iOS devices  Full iTunes store integration to directly download music on the go  Nike+ integration so they can track your stats as you ride  Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n)  Bluetooth 4.0 technology
  13. 13. HiTops Apples looks to hit fashion week with these sleek and hi-tech HiTops. Taking a hint from Back to The Future, these sneakers will have an auto-lace feature that you simply have to slide to unlock and re-lock. Nike+ integration lets you keep track of your steps and calories burned if you want, or you can simply enjoy the comfort and look of these show stopping kicks. They will be available in Black or White. These will include: Nike+ integration so they can track your stats as you walk Bluetooth 4.0 technology
  14. 14. iSight  This piece of hi-tech eyewear is not only fashionable, but it will help you see life in a whole new way.The revolutionary lenses will also heighten the resolution of everything you see, letting you experience life in 1080p HD, but not only will you just be seeing it, you can also turn on the Camera feature which let’s you take pictures and even video with an iOS app. These glasses will be available in Black or White.  It will include:  10-megapixel iSight camera  Autofocus  Face detection in still images  Video recording, HD (1080p) up to 60 frames per second with audio  Video stabilization  Full iOS/iCloud integration to interact with all your iOS devices  Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n)  Bluetooth 4.0 technology
  15. 15. iCar Steve Jobs had a strange relationship with automobiles. He famously capitalized upon an obscure Californian law so that he never had to have license plates on his car and could exchange it every six months for an identical model of his favorite auto, a Mercedes SL55 AMG. But Steve eventually wanted to get into the car business. According to J. Crew CEO and Apple board member Mickey Drexler, in fact, Jobs’s eventual dream was to create an Apple-branded iCar.
  16. 16. Spaceship Campus  In the months before Steve Jobs died last year, he was incredibly vital, attending his last WWDC and then rushing home to take care of his company by pitching the city of Cupertino Apple’s new “spaceship” campus, a massive new headquarters that would fit over 12,000 employees in a circular building made entirely of curved glass, complete with a massive underground parking lot and secret auditorium where Apple would reveal all of its future products. All while actually increasing the number of trees in the area from 3,400 to 6,000. Wow.
  17. 17. iYacht It seems weird that Steve Jobs — who never was much for ostentatious displays of wealth, and seemingly never showed a lick of interest in the sea — would want to build a super yacht near the end of his life, but he did, designed by none other than legendary French designer Philipe Starck.
  18. 18. TECHNOLOGY OF APPLE INC.  Continuing innovation in a small number of key products has been the key to the company's success over recent years. It has developed an extensive patent portfolio around the touch-screen interface used in the iPhone and iPod Touch. In 2009, it won several patents that allow for simultaneous tracking of "multiple finger and palm contacts" which, according to the patent, should allow for "unprecedented integration of typing, resting, pointing, scrolling, 3D manipulation, and handwriting."
  19. 19. This intellectual property gives Apple a competitive advantage in the development of devices such as the iPhone, iPod touch or even tablet PCs in the future. The company has also successfully rejuvenated its desktop and laptop lines, developing the OS X operating system and switching to more power-efficient Intel processors in recent years.
  20. 20. Apple Is Working On A Mysterious New Technology For Your TV Apple is developing "a new technology to deliver video to televisions, and it has been discussing whether to try to launch a subscription TV service," says The Wall Street Journal This could mean Apple is thinking about creating an iTunes-like cable service different from the current "rent or buy" model.
  21. 21. The cable subscription model (where you pay for packages that include channels you don't even want) is extremely outmoded, and Apple may be looking to disrupt it.
  22. 22. DEFINITION OF DIGITAL RIGHTS MANAGEMENT Its known by its initials, DRM. Digital Rights Management is a technology that creates certain conditions about how some digital media files - such as audio and video - can be used and shared.
  23. 23.  Digital Rights Management terms are generally created by the owner of the piece of digital media (for instance, a record company when the piece of media is a song). DRM is encoded in the file in an attempt to make it irremovable. The DRM then governs how the file behaves on other computers.  Digital Rights Management terms are generally created by the owner of the piece of digital media (for instance, a record company when the piece of media is a song). DRM is encoded in the file in an attempt to make it irremovable. The DRM then governs how the file behaves on other computers.
  24. 24.  DRM is, in some areas, an extremely controversial technology, as some people argue that it takes away rights that consumers have in the physical world. Owners of media who employ DRM argue that it is necessary to ensure that they are paid for their property.
  25. 25. APPLE’S DIGITAL RIGHTS MANAGEMENT  In other words we can say that DRM refers to a collection of systems used to protect the copyrights of electronic media. These include digital music and movies, as well as other data that is stored and transferred digitally. For example, the Apple iTunes Music Store uses a DRM system to limit the number of computers that songs can be played on. Each audio file downloaded from the iTunes music store includes information about the owner of the file and how many times the file has been transferred. The protected files will not play on computers that have not been authorized to play the music.
  26. 26. IMPORTANCE OF DRM  Digital Rights Management is important to publishers of electronic media since it helps ensure they will receive the appropriate revenue for their products. By controlling the trading, protection, monitoring, and tracking of digital media, DRM helps publishers limit the illegal propagation of copyrighted works. This can be accomplished by using digital watermarks or proprietary file encryption on the media they distribute. Whatever method publishers choose to employ, DRM helps them make sure that their digital content is only used by those who have paid for it