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  • 1. Introduc ction toCAD/ CAM & CIM
  • 2. CAD: It can be defined as the use of computersystems to assist in the creation, modification, y e , ,analysis or optimisation of a designCAM: It can be defined as the use of computersystems to plan, manage and control the y p , goperations of a manufacturing plant throughdirect or indirect compputer interface with the pplants production resour rces
  • 3. A CIM architecture is an information systemsstructure that enables industrial enterprises sintegrate information and business processes It daccomplishes this first by establishing the directionintegration will take; and second, by defining theinterfaces between the us sers and the providers ofthis integration function function.
  • 4. Introduction toCo omputer Graphics
  • 5. Impact of ComputerI t fC t rs Moore’s L M ’ Law Power of a CPU doubles e every 18 months / 2 years
  • 6. Impact of Video GamI t f Vid G mes Number of transistors on GP doubles each 6 months PU Three times Moore’s Law Col. Col Steve Austin Worldwide revenues Retro flashback???$7 Billion Man $5.6 Billion Man 6 Lee Majors
  • 7. Impact of Video GamI t f Vid G mes But… But Video game sales is rough same as Hollywood box hly office Americans bought $20.2 bbillion in VCRs and DVDs in 2006 Total revenues to movie st tudios is 5 times total video game revenues
  • 8. Future of ConsolesF t fC l 33 million PS2s (in 2002) 3.9 million Xboxes (in 2002 2) MSFT still losing lots of $$ p console per Predicted 200 million PDA/ /Cell game players in 2005 Do you believe it? y
  • 9. Universe: Games
  • 10. Universe: Movies
  • 11. Universe: Industrial ial i
  • 12. Universe: Visualization zation z
  • 13. Universe: Advertising sing s
  • 14. Universe: Fun
  • 15. Universe: Art
  • 16. Graphics ApplicatioG hi A li tions Entertainment: Cinema Square: Final Fantasy q y Pixar: Monster’s Inc.
  • 17. Entertainment E t t i tFinal Fantasy (Square, USA)
  • 18. EntertainmentE t t i tA B ’ Lif (Pixar) Bug’s Life
  • 19. Graphics ApplicatioG hi A li tions Medical Visualization The Visible Human Pro b oject MIT: Image-Guided Surger Project ry
  • 20. Graphics ApplicatioG hi A li tions Everyday Use Microsoft’s OS uses grap g aphics Graphics visualizations a debuggers and Visualize complex softwa systems are
  • 21. Everyday useE d
  • 22. Everyday use E dWindow system and large-screen interaction metaphors (François Guimbretière)
  • 23. Graphics ApplicatioG hi A li tions Scientific Visualization
  • 24. Scientific Vi S i tifi Visualizat li ti tion tAirflow around a Harrier Jet (NASA Ames)
  • 25. Graphics ApplicatioG hi A li tions Computer Aided Design (CAD)
  • 26. Graphics Applicatio G hi A li tions TrainingDesigning Effective Step-By-Step Assembly In nstructions (Maneesh Agrawala et. al)
  • 27. GraphicsApplicationsA li ti Entertainment: Games GT Racer 3 Polyphony Digital: Gran Turismo 3, A Spec
  • 28. GamesCircus Atari (Atari)
  • 29. EducationEd tiOutside In (Geometry Center, University of Minnesota) f
  • 30. The B iTh Basics Computer graphics: genera ating 2D images of a 3D world represented in a comp puter. Main tasks: modeling: (shape) creating an representing the geometry nd of objects in the 3D world rendering: (light, perspective) generating 2D images of the objects animation: (movement) describing how objects change in time
  • 31. Why St d CWh Study Comput G ter t Graphics? hi ? Graphics I like to see what I’m doing I like to show people what I’m doing Im Graphics is interesting Involves simulation, AI, algorit s, architecture… o es s u at o , , a go t thms, a c tectu e I’ll never get an Oscar for m acting my But maybe I’ll get one for my C special effects CG Graphics is fun
  • 32. PerspectiveP ti
  • 33. Light Stage – 2002USC,USC Institute forCreativeTechnologies