J. Boye 2012 Aarhus - Mind the gap when developing your intranet


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A winning intranet strategy contains many small steps and a few big jumps. An intranet should never be a project - it's something that supports the business. In order to achieve this, it is important that it develops with the business and not through leaps and bounds.

This has to happen all while keeping a close eye on what's happening on the other side of the firewall since this is what the end users ultimately will request from an internal solution.

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J. Boye 2012 Aarhus - Mind the gap when developing your intranet

  1. 1. http://www.flickr.com/photos/buhsnarf/2534278930/A winning intranet strategy contains bothsmall steps and big jumps Martin @Risgaard Rasmussen J. Boye Aarhus, November 2012
  2. 2. The world’s largest manufacturer ofpumps…
  3. 3. Grundfos in brief• Founded in 1945 by Poul Due Jensen• Annual production of more than 16 million pump units• The world’s largest manufacturer of pumps and pump systems• Turnover of DKK 21 billion (EUR 2.84 bn) in 2011• More than 17,000 employees worldwideThe Grundfos PurposeGrundfos is a global leader in advanced pumpsolutions and a trendsetter in water technology. OwnershipWe contribute to global sustainability bypioneering technologies that improve quality of lifefor people and care for the planet.
  4. 4. Grundfos’ world WESTERN EUROPE: 13 sales companies 6 production companies 5 New Business companies 3 other brands CENTRAL EUROPE: 13 sales companies 3 production companies 4 other brands CHINA:NORTH AMERICA: 2 sales companies3 sales companies 2 production company2 production companies3 other brands ASIA PACIFIC: EMERGING MARKETS: 11 sales companies 8 sales companies 2 production companies 2 other brands
  5. 5. The intranet as a project*Does not include any customisation or compatibility with your current solutions and we are not in any way liable for anyinconveniences that an upgrade may cause. Training? HA! You wish… but it sure is a really pretty box, innit? PS. Send more money…
  6. 6. What is your vision for your intranet? ”The intranet will be THE ONE PLACE to access tools in our digital workplace to increase efficiency and to continuously support our business goals” Continuous support?
  7. 7. Introducing the Grundfos Intranet -InsiteFacts• Home grown solution based on Lotus Notes• Separate author and reader environment• Integration between document management and intranet39 local portals300+ global and local sites~10 new sites in progressInsite Organisation2 people (~1,5 FTE) in IT100s of editors throughout the companyIn-house Notes development team
  8. 8. Insite 2001-20042001Intranet project start in Group IT2002GO LIVE – Grundfos Insite, DK Portal2003GO LIVE – Group, Sweden & Hungary portalGO LIVE – Grundfos People (phonebook)Pictures in phonebook 6 months after.2004Introducing news module Insite Design proposal… and yes –Intranet Stats GENIUS was one of the suggestedPhonebook info from SAP names…
  9. 9. Insite 2005-20082006Latest Updated pages visible for users.GO LIVE – Carsten’s Corner (CEO Blog)2007Videos in news stories2008 Insite 2006
  10. 10. Insite 2009-20122009Upload own pictures to phonebookExpiry date on news2010Redesign of Carsten’s Corner2011Discussion Forum introduced2012Google search engine aka. InSearchintroducedMinor redesign following updates corporatevisual identity (pending) Insite 2012
  11. 11. Insite 2001 – 2012
  12. 12. Where are we today?• Everybody knows Insite = 94% of the users visits at least once per week• The intranet is perceived as useful – although it is perceived as more useful for the company than for the individual.Challenges What is on the 300 most popular• Scalability of Notes solution is good, but the way it pages on Insite? scales is challenging with every new site being a separate silo. 13.70% 5.12% News• Tasks drive usage of the intranet, but information (and Tasks (minus find ppl) how to complete tasks) is hard to find. 50.87% Shortcuts to ”For the love of God – Fix the search 19.13% somewhere else engine. Google search engine.” Canteen Menu Anonymous survey comment
  13. 13. The Insite of the futureIntranet Purpose 2001Grundfos Insite will be the platform for sharing, collaboration and communication acrossthe Grundfos group.Intranet Purpose 2012The Grundfos Intranet will be the global culture bearing platform where Grundfosemployees communicate, connect, and collaborate to get their daily work done in aefficient and flexible manner.Insite Principles1. Connect people, tools, and tasks.2. Act as a clean, lean portal for accessing relevant tools ”Insite is FOR YOU -3. Ensure global reach AND local presence. not FROM US”4. Be available. Anywhere. Any time. Any device.
  14. 14. Minding the gap…Downside to the sustained development model• Limited internal ressources compared to big platform vendors like eg. Microsoft or IBM• Internal politics and culture may impeed momentum• Mounting pressure from consumerisation and user’s expectationThe result is a widening gap between the outside online Gap - Sustained development vs. the internetworld and the company intranet which must be closed. UnfreezeThe importance of change Management• Sustained model requires little change mgmt and training = it has become an uncommon task. Refreeze ChangeChange management begins the minute you startplanning how to close the gap. Lewins Change Management Model
  15. 15. In sum…1) Deploying an intranet may be a project, but the Sharing is caring… intranet itself is never a project.2) Align your intranet vision to your business Inspiring post from Jesper Bylund (City of strategy. Upgrading to ”the latest version” is Malmö) about intranet principles – and the rarely a strategic business need. origin of ‘for you – not from us’.3) Continuously measure and listen to the actual users. http://bit.ly/IntraManifest ---------4) Review your intranet vision regularly. Your More on the topic of Intranet Big Bang company develops and so should your from the Intranetizens. Very interesting intranet. blog post and comments.5) Keep an eye on the development on the world wide web and talk to your peers. Big jumps will http://bit.ly/IntraBigBang be needed but timing is everything --------- Inspiration or coincidence – this song came out the day I came up with theRemember that few in your organisation notion of ”the intranet gap”…care more about the intranet than you do.To everyone else it’s just a very useful http://nabihamusic.com/mind-the-tool – it’s your job to make it the best! gap/
  16. 16. Comments? Questions? Martin Risgaard Rasmussen mrrasmussen@grundfos.com @Risgaard http://connaxions.wordpress.com Thank you!