Salesforce Services & Solutions


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Get a grip on all of our cutting-edge Salesforce services to streamline your enterprise!

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Salesforce Services & Solutions

  1. 1. Salesforce® Services & Solutions Riptide Is Your Key to a Successful Salesforce Why Riptide? Experience Riptide is a top-tier provider of When it comes to effectively implementing Salesforce, Riptide believes every cloud computing and on-demand organization has its own unique business processes, diverse lingo, and data technology services. Our team of management challenges, and that a one-size-fits-all solution usually isn’t the best experts are certified in the latest solution. That’s why our consultants have worked hard to expand their knowledge computing trends, enabling our and understand the business processes of each and every company they’ve clients to benefit from cutting-edge worked with in order to provide you with the best expertise in the market. technologies that enhance the speed of your business,saving you time and Whether you are interested in a standard implementation or the most complex money. Our list of industry partners custom application development, Riptide is here to provide a Salesforce includes: Salesforce, Google Apps, solution that compliments every aspect of your organizaton. and Amazon Web Services. Salesforce Services & Solutions Salesforce Capabilities  B usiness Consulting — Learn how to streamline and improve your business u Salesforce Implementations processes through our Salesforce Consultation with your organization, and find Re-Implementations out what Salesforce features you could most benefit from. u Legacy System Integrations  D ata Migration — Data from various legacy systems, other CRMs, databases, u Custom Application Development and Excel spreadsheets can all be imported into Salesforce. u Data Migrations  Integration — Salesforce can be integrated with back-end office systems such u Cloud Integrations as Oracle, SAP, QuickBooks, Great Plains, and others. If you need help choosing u Infrastructure Enablement the right integration tool, or if you have an ETL in use with your current CRM and want to know if it is Salesforce compatible, Riptide will assist you in making these and any other decisions to fully benefit from the Salesforce experience. Satisfied Customers  C ustom Development — Take your existing business processes and streamline them within Salesforce. Our team of experienced consultants and developers can even help your organization capitalize on all the capabilities of the Salesforce platform to not only meet your business needs, but lay the groundwork to exceed your business goals.  T raining — Riptide will help develop a Salesforce training program specific to your organization’s needs. Whether you need administrator training or end-user training, we are here to get you up-and-running and excelling in Salesforce. SILVER200 East Palm Valley Drive, Suite 2000, Oviedo, FL 32765 | 800-RIPTIDE | Fax 407-358-5018 | CLOUD ALLIANCE PARTNER