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So you're listening... now what?


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Presented to ARF re:think 09 audience. …

Presented to ARF re:think 09 audience.

Topic: Brand-consumer interaction: Engaging consumers in existing social networks to enable

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  • 1. So you‟re listening. Now what? Brand-Consumer Interaction: engaging in existing social networks Katie Bessière March 30, 2009
  • 2. Ripple6 puts brands in existing communities Go to where customers People want to talk with live and integrate your your brands, but they brand in their social don‟t want to be talked at. network for marketing and They‟re oblivious to insights. „traditional‟ ads.
  • 3. Who is Ripple6? • Founded 2006 • A wholly-owned subsidiary of Gannett Co., Inc. (as of 11/2008) • Social Media Software • Strategic Innovation Partner • Partners include – Procter & Gamble – Gannett – Meredith – Unilever
  • 4. Today‟s Talk • Moving beyond listening into interaction • Four modes of brand-consumer interaction • Ripple6 Social Insights • Social media marketing study • Lessons learned from listening and interacting in existing social networks
  • 5. Listening in Social Media
  • 6. 7 Tips Is there anybody out there? Image from the SETI Institute
  • 7. The Real Question Interstellar Message Composition “The SETI Institute's program in interstellar message composition addresses some of the most critical questions humankind will face if we detect extraterrestrial intelligence: Should we reply? If we do, what should we say? How can we create messages that would be understood on other worlds?” Quote from he SETI Institute
  • 8. 7 Tips Interstellar Message Composition Image © Ed Quentin
  • 9. Listening is the first step. Interaction is the next.
  • 10. Back to Social Media
  • 11. Four Modes of Brand-Consumer Interaction
  • 12. 1. No Interaction Consumers Listening No Interaction Brands Listening
  • 13. 2. Listening Consumers Talking Listening Brands Listening Listening Blog rolls Feeds Content Analysis Brand Monitoring
  • 14. 3. Broadcasting Brands Talking Broadcasting Consumers Listening Broadcasting Your Website Corporate Blog Advertisements Social Media Presence
  • 15. 4. Conversation Consumers Listening Consumers Talking Conversation Brands Listening Brands Talking Conversation Online Communities Social Networks Feedback Forums Focus Groups Brand Blog or Twitter
  • 16. Ripple6 Social Insights
  • 17. Visit them in their world
  • 18. Ripple6 Social Insights Syndicated Research Group • In existing social networks • Users recruited from multiple social networks, but see group in their home community • Discussion Board • Photo Album • Calendar
  • 19. Social Media Marketing Insights Group Objective: gauge reaction of the Moms Like Me communities to the presence of brands in their networks in a social insights group. •220 active members of over 40 Moms Like Me social networks • From this data: we will develop a set of guidelines for brand participation in existing social networks
  • 20. Doing research in existing communities: Lessons Learned
  • 21. Not a captive audience Passionate Sample must reflect this 1. Recruitment
  • 22. This is their collective world Their site Their content Their relationships 7 Tips 2. It isn’t just about you…
  • 23. 7 Tips …which can lead to great insights
  • 24. “Companies that are just doing commercials on TV are totally missing the boat. I also think that people take the internet more personal than TV commercials. …and I think that in using social media for advertisement, companies need to become personal (friends) with the consumer. What our Moms have to say 7 Tips 3. It’s personal
  • 25. Not a captive audience No time limit At their leisure 7 Tips 4. Time is on your side
  • 26. Not a captive audience! Requires presence And Relationships 7 Tips …and not
  • 27. Sunday 6 pm: 16 active conversations -11 on topic - 5 off topic -10 started by moderator - 6 started by members - Between 3 and 124 replies - Average replies: 22 7 Tips 5. Many ongoing conversations…
  • 28. 7 Tips …means lots of insights (& data)
  • 29. In Summary Gaining insights through interaction in social networks: •Moves you beyond listening and into engaging with your consumer • Lets you into their world and gives you more context around their responses • Has some challenges, which we‟ve addressed here •Gives you lots of data!
  • 30. Thank You! Katie Bessière