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FORMO's presentation on Variable Data Marketing...innovative and highly effective.

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Formo vdp

  1. 1. FORMO Who are we? Based out of Charleston, SC, we are an agency of thinkers that deliver lead generated results for companies targeting specific niche audiences. We develop methods you have not heard of to produce responses you thought impossible. The other folks don’t do this. Contact Robert Rippee at
  2. 2. Strategy Intelligence driven marketing. We push the abilities of technology and harness the power of creativity to target by behavior and preference not by demographic or by blitz messaging. Contact Robert Rippee at
  3. 3. Goal What do we want the target audience to do? Respond: click, call, email, act, Facebook Post, Tweet Act: support, donate, act, viral Engage: network, social, register & vote Contact Robert Rippee at
  4. 4. How to drive a response? Old Model: broadcast and repetition. Out of touch with how the base consumes information today Ineffective response rates under 0.5% Outdated. Boring, old school Costly. Print based, eblasts, broadcast based, takes massive repetition Contact Robert Rippee at
  5. 5. New Model: precision and relevancy. Understand the passions, cares and focus of each person in the base. Convey only those messages, “hits the bulls eye” on what they care about, e.g. Tea Party: Perfect case study: highly passionate about a few topics; Issues are simple, relevant to their base. Engage the audience, don’t shout at the audience - they don’t listen anymore. Contact Robert Rippee at
  6. 6. How do we do it? Database driven with authentic connections. What do you really know about the base? What are their passions, priorities and issues? By family? By person? If you know this you can communicate exclusively on those passions, priorities and issues to that person. As a result, you engage, they respond, they act. “ Made just for me? Wow, Somebody is listening to me!” The response is shocking. Contact Robert Rippee at
  7. 7. VDP Contact Robert Rippee at
  8. 8. VDP What is it? Variable Data Publishing or Variable Data Marketing is customer relationship management at its best. It is data-driven, targeted one-to-one marketing. It offers a way to custom-tailor communications to a specific individual that resonates and motivates them take action. Variable Data Publishing Personal URL (PURLS) and Landing Pages Viral Strategy Contact Robert Rippee at
  9. 9. “Imagine shooting 1 or 100,000 arrows from a single bow simultaneously and having each one hit its intended, separate target- right in the bull's-eye.” Contact Robert Rippee at
  10. 10. How does it work? VDP is a simple yet effective tool. By merging content with a database, layouts are created that contain copy (text), graphics and imagery that are as individual as each recipient and can be delivered via snail-mail, email, mobile devices and customized web pages called PURLS. Contact Robert Rippee at
  11. 11. Ambergris Cay airport launch invitation. This was a very successful piece that was sent to private jet owners. The tail # was our connection to the client. Each client’s tail number was custom printed on their invitation. This really got their attention. N3 557-C Contact Robert Rippee at
  12. 12. Robert, you’ve been cleared to land on the longest, s and Custom private jet strip in the Caribbean. With onsite lighted and paved, Immigration, our 5,700-foot jet strip is fully and has ample space for your Challenger. incredible days You and a guest are invited to spend three gris Cay. Enjoy at Turks & Caicos Sporting Club at Amber indulge in some of the finest bonefishing in the world, cottage just gourmet cuisine, sleep in a luxurious custom relax on our steps away from the water’s edge, and simply 1,100-acre private island. e shing in the Whether you prefer watching the waves or bon Played. ats, this is your pass to experience Life, Well THAT YOU NEE D WE ’VE PRE PAR ED EVE RY THI NG CON FIR M YOU R ITIN ERA RY AT WWW.TCSPORTINGCLUB.COM/ N2 357 1 if you have any questions please call nicole tolbert 877.815.1300 Tailored and customized. Variable data such as name, plane model, personal URL (PURL) are shown here. We matched their name to a picture of their plane and provided a secure, private and personal website to view more information about the airport launch and how it relates to them. Contact Robert Rippee at
  13. 13. Airport invitation personalized website (PURL). This is an example of a PURL - their personalized web site. It contains information specific only to that individual such as a customized offer or invitation that speaks to their interests. Data can vary wherever you choose. Contact Robert Rippee at
  14. 14. Why should you use it? Effective: Response rates over 30% Interesting, leading edge marketing, highly viral Cost effective: predominately digital based but completely customized to each person. Research has shown that customized communications can significantly increase response to lead generation, brand loyalty and traffic generation. Contact Robert Rippee at
  15. 15. What is VDP being applied to? Everything. The flexibility and scalability of VDP yields a broad set of applications, from basic data merge for business correspondence to highly complex, customized promotional pieces – with recipients ranging from one to one million. Contact Robert Rippee at
  16. 16. What are the costs? The total is approximately 2 to 3 times the cost of a typical direct mail campaign yet 60 times more effective than print or eblasts. Contact Robert Rippee at
  17. 17. Thank You Contact Robert Rippee at