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Job interview
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  • 1. Job Interview
  • 2. Good morning. I come to request a job in this company .
  • 3. Good morning. What’s your name?
  • 4. I am Larry Pacman.
  • 5. Which is the job you are requesting?
  • 6. Diver of golf balls.
  • 7. Great. It is what we need more at this moment.
  • 8. I guess, it’s a strange work.
  • 9. Certain. So, why do you want to take it?
  • 10. It could be strange but I think it’s very fun and allows me to do what I like more, to dive.
  • 11. That’s very important. Since when do you dive?
  • 12. Since my childhood.
  • 13. Oh. Do you have the corresponding certificate?
  • 14. Of course.
  • 15. From what agency are you certificated?
  • 16. World Underwater Federation C.M.A.S.
  • 17. I see that you have many years of experience and have got your title in one of the most important agencies. In addition it seems that you really like it.
  • 18. Does this mean that I have got the job?
  • 19. Sure. Welcome to Recball Company.
  • 20. Thank you. By the way, what do you do with the recovered balls?
  • 21. A machine classifies them for brands and models and they are cleaned and sand to eliminate the lacquer. Then we paint and sell them to 36 cents.
  • 22. The End