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Your SaaS Managed Hosting IT Services Provider
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Your SaaS Managed Hosting IT Services Provider


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Savvis IT Infrastructure Your SaaS Managed Hosting IT Services Provider
  • 2. Savvis Knows SaaS The software industry is undergoing a seismic Savvis Helps You Manage the shift. Businesses and consumers alike are find- Entire SaaS Lifecycle ing the pay-as-you-go model and low total cost Savvis’ SaaS solutions fall into three categories: of ownership (TCO) of the SaaS model extremely attractive. Small wonder that new SaaS vendors • Infrastructure Management Services. are springing up even as existing software Savvis offers a broad range of Web hosting brands scramble to create SaaS versions of their services, including managed hosting; data products. The opportunities are tremendous storage, backup and recovery; managed — particularly in tough economic times when security; managed network; and superior, businesses are watching all expenditures. end-to-end infrastructure service level agreements (SLAs). What sets Savvis apart Along with these opportunities come challenges. is the breadth of these offerings. Savvis is a As a SaaS provider, you must convince customers one-stop shop for everything related to manag- that their data will be safe. You must be able to ing and supporting the SaaS delivery model. accommodate unpredictable growth and spikes in demand. Outages could be devastating to your • Application Management Services. reputation, your applications must be available 24/7. Savvis provides services that support SaaS providers’ applications. These include application Your ability to achieve these expectations requires database and Web server management; authen- a robust and scalable IT infrastructure. The capital tication and access management; application investment required to build, maintain and support performance monitoring, load testing, and a state-of-the-industry infrastructure is becoming software environments for developing new SaaS prohibitive and uneconomical for most companies. applications. And, by offering support for con- And it takes an extraordinary degree of special- verting single-tenant on-premise software to the ized staff expertise to support the SaaS model multi-tenant SaaS delivery model, Savvis helps — expertise that can be difficult to find and retain traditional software vendors make a quick and in-house. As a leading IT infrastructure manage- painless transition to SaaS. ment and services provider, Savvis can help you meet all these challenges, and more. • Business Management Services. Savvis supports end-user services that enable you to effectively transact business with your This new delivery model is creating clients. This includes end-user enrollment and exciting revenue opportunities for account provisioning, a service-provider control software companies. Let Savvis help panel for managing accounts, and consulting you make the most of them. services to aid the transition from a legacy software business model to SaaS.
  • 3. What SaaS Providers Look for in a Managed Services Vendor • Help with lowering costs. • Compliance with industry and regulatory mandates. Savvis’ service subscription billing turns capital Although complying with regulations and stan- expenses into operating expenses and can lower dards such as Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), Payment TCO by 30% or more. With Savvis’ economies Card Industry (PCI), and Statement on Auditing of scale, which enable purchase of licenses and Standards (SAS) are ultimately your responsibility, tools at prices that are lower than you could Savvis provides a variety of capabilities that assist achieve on your own, our prices are extremely you in meeting compliance requirements, includ- competitive and cost effective. ing data center physical security, network and application-level firewalls, application authentica- • SaaS-specific expertise. tion, intrusion detection, and log management. Savvis has a proven track record for delivering complex, mission-critical applications and solu- • Robust network security and data protection. tions. More than 50 leading SaaS providers depend Savvis provides integrated security management upon Savvis to manage and host their applications. tools including firewalls with network intrusion Savvis has a highly skilled professional services detection, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) organization to help customers design, migrate, mitigation, anti-spam, and anti-virus as well as implement, and manage their SaaS applications. network penetration testing, risk assessment, and threat management services. Savvis also • A financially secure and focused vendor. offers extensive options for protecting your Savvis is a public company with strong financials. data, ranging from daily tape backups to offsite Our balance sheet shows year-to-year revenue Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery growth, solid earnings, low debt, and large (BCDR) capabilities involving multi-site backup cash holdings. and data recovery. • The ability to monitor the quality of the • Scalable solutions tailored to your specific needs. services provided. Savvis has a reputation for flexibility and for SavvisStation is a Web-based, self-service portal handling complex solutions, and offering an that enables you to provision service changes; unmatched breadth of service options. The Savvis view statistics on server, memory and bandwidth IT managed hosting infrastructure is engineered utilization; and track incident reports and trouble to scale quickly and support global growth. A full tickets. The easily configurable user interface suite of services and solutions are available rang- includes a wide variety of charts and reports. ing from colocation to fully managed application/ database servers, which can be deployed as either • Immediate help if things go wrong. dedicated or shared solutions. Savvis’ world wide data centers are manned on a 24/7 basis with certified technicians who can • Reliability backed by superior SLA’s. immediately identify problems and respond to Savvis provides a resilient infrastructure that requests. Savvis supports you with advanced includes failover protection and load balancing monitoring and diagnostic tools that check system to optimize performance and insure 24/7 health and end-user experience and provide alerts availability. This is backed with superior service when your user-defined thresholds are exceeded. level agreements (SLAs).
  • 4. Savvis Managed IT Services Savvis offers a comprehensive suite of services Colocation tailored to your requirements for speed, security • Space and Power and access. Our pay-as-you-go model gives you • Cabinets and Racks easy access to services that quickly enhance your • Vaulting time to market, and all Savvis services come with • Cross Connects 24/7 monitoring and support. • Savvis Intelligent Monitoring (SIM) Hosting Managed Applications • Messaging and Collaboration Savvis delivers cost savings and scalability with its > Hosted Microsoft Exchange suite of enterprise-class, managed applications, • Database Applications managed hosting, utility computing, colocation, > Oracle storage as well as monitoring services. All Savvis > DB2 services and solutions are based on a unique, flex- > Microsoft SQL Server ible model that is designed to meet your specific > MySQL IT requirements — featuring everything from colo- • Web Servers cation to utility and virtualized computing options. > Apache If you prefer to retain control of your operat- > IIS ing systems and applications — our Foundation Hosting solution offloads typical infrastructure Network management burdens like hardware procurement, racking and stacking, space and power manage- Savvis has an extensive portfolio of network ment as well as onsite support. services, offering customers the flexibility to customize a solution to fit their specific needs. Managed Storage and Backup Services Our unique MPLS network architecture com- • Utility Storage, available via SAN or NAS bines Wide Area Networks (WANs), Metro Area • Utility Backup and Vaulting Services Networks (MANs) and Hosted Area Networks • Utility Backup Encryption (HANs) into a single computing infrastructure • Backup Care that seamlessly connects all of a customer’s • Storage Care network, data center, security, computing, and storage resources. With advanced Quality of Managed Compute Services Service (QoS) capabilities and built-in security • Dedicated features, this network is engineered specifically to > Foundation Hosting accommodate the dynamically changing priori- > Intelligent Hosting ties of a broad range of customer applications. > Virtual Intelligent Hosting This improves visibility, offers superior application • Utility performance and improves return on investment, > Utility Compute allowing customers to redeploy their IT staff to support more strategic corporate initiatives.
  • 5. • Application Transport Network (ATN) Security > ATS Public IP Savvis’ Managed Security services benefit your > ATS Private IP company by providing flexible and scalable man- > ATS Private IP + Internet aged security offerings that can be delivered “in > ATS Virtual Link the cloud,” within our virtual data centers, or via • Private Line Services dedicated security appliances and software, at > Ethernet Private Line (EPL) your premises or ours. Our Security Operations > Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) Center monitors and manages our services 24/7, > Bandwidth Connect and our management portal provides you a • Data Center Connectivity granular view of your security infrastructure and > Hosted Area Network Internet offers a wealth of reporting capabilities. The > Internet Provider Diversity Savvis Security Utility leverages “in the cloud” • Intelligent IP security components, such as in-network firewall- > Private Exchange ing, network-based Distributed Denial of Service > Community of Interest Network (DDoS) mitigation, and worm attack mitigation for Wide Area Networks (WANs), as well as virtual- Hosting Area Network Service ized security components, such as hosted firewalls • Managed Dedicated Load Balancing and and intrusion detection systems. Our centrally SSL Acceleration Services managed Security Utility services provide fast • Virtual Services Load Balancing and technology refresh as new IT threats emerge and SSL Acceleration security solutions evolve. • Managed Utility Load Balancing • Managed Utility SSL Acceleration • Firewall • Dedicated Switching and Services > Network-Based Firewall > Virtual Services Firewall Professional Services > Virtual Firewall Enhanced Savvis’ Professional Services organization is > Integrated Firewall with NIDS focused on helping you implement customized > Network Intrusion Detection Services IT solutions. Our expertise in existing and > Host-Based Intrusion Detection emerging technologies is the ideal resource for assessing, designing, developing, implementing, • Network-Based DDoS Mitigation and managing your IT infrastructure. Whether • Cloud-Based E-mail and Web Protection your goal is to improve existing facilities/systems, • Integrity Monitoring relocate your data center, or help you to secure • Threat Management your critical applications, our knowledge has • Log Management positioned Savvis as one of the leading IT • Incident Response consulting services in the world. • Security Architecture Design • Security Account Manager
  • 6. Choose Savvis Savvis provides everything you expect from a orders, invoices, and trouble tickets, and is world-class managed services provider. But we customer configurable for user permissions, also possess other attributes that separate us from customized reports, and alert set up with the pack of providers vying for your business. automated email delivery. Superior end-to-end managed service offerings. Complete incident monitoring and resolution services. We provide everything from colocation, to Savvis’ professional operations staff continuously managed hosting, to network, security, and monitors system health and utilization on a 24/7 monitoring services. We are renowned for our basis while resolving any issues that arise. And flexibility and our willingness to tailor our services you can customize and configure our monitoring to meet each customer’s unique needs. As one services so as to optimize your infrastructure and of the only hosting vendors with our own profes- detect unused resources. Savvis intelligent agents sional services organization, we do whatever it monitor your hardware and operating systems, takes to make our customers’ implementation collecting information on processes, log files, successful. We even offer a “try-before-you-buy” and polls Simple Network Management Protocol sandbox where you can deploy your SaaS application (SNMP) Management Information Bases (MIBs). before making a long-term commitment. This data is then passed to the Savvis Server Operations Center where it is analyzed and A leading-edge network with global reach. monitored via operations staff around the clock. Savvis owns and manages 29 data centers in strategic locations around the globe – including A holistic approach to managing the SaaS lifecycle. London, Singapore, and Tokyo – connected Savvis supports a variety of tools and techniques through Savvis’ own Tier 1 Multi Protocol Label for converting legacy applications to a SaaS Switching (MPLS) network, which supports both deployment model, and has alliances with other private network and public internet services. leading vendors to deliver additional SaaS-related Savvis incorporates sound business practices con- services such as end-user provisioning, a virtual sistently throughout operations in the United States testing lab, software quality assurance, and and EMEA, and therefore can deliver the same application performance monitoring. levels of reliability and availability worldwide. Extensive experience with pay-as-you-go model. Effective and easy to use customer portal. Savvis has more than a decade of experience The SavvisStation customer portal provides you providing pay-as-you-go IT services. And because with up-to-the minute insight and control of your Savvis itself is a service provider, we understand hosted solutions. You can assess the performance the nature and complexity of what it takes to run of each server, network, connection, and Web a successful SaaS operation. Our Professional site from the SavvisStation dashboard, and view Services organization can supply highly current and historical statistics on server resource experienced SaaS personnel, including database utilization, bandwidth utilization, access circuits, administrators, and design, migration, and server memory, and disk and processor usage. implementation professionals. The Web-based portal displays the status of
  • 7. Savvis: We Understand SaaS The SaaS market can be broadly divided into two segments: software developers with traditional on-premises legacy applications wanting to migrate to a SaaS delivery model; and companies already participating in the SaaS market that want to out- source their IT infrastructures. Because segment needs are unique, Savvis has developed solutions tailored to each one. In either case, you can start from a reference architecture and design a solution that works for you, increasing capacity as your requirements grow. In the process, you benefit from fast provisioning and reduced cost. (See companion brochures that detail descriptions of each solution type.) As your trusted technology provider and business advisor, Savvis is on the forefront of the latest innovations, and understands how to leverage them to meet your specific needs while at the same time delivering solutions that go beyond IT to directly impact your SaaS business. Savvis. We know SaaS.
  • 8. US EMEA ASIA PACIfIC JAPAN Savvis Savvis UK Limited Savvis Singapore Savvis Communications K.K. 1 Savvis Parkway Eskdale Road Company Pte Ltd 7th Floor St. Louis, MO 63017 Winnersh Triangle 50 Raffles Place Kyodo Building Wokingham #13-01 Singapore (Jinbocho 3cho-me) Tel 1.800.SAVVIS.1 Berkshire RG41 5TS Land Tower 3-29 Kanda Jinbocho (1.800.728.8471) United Kingdom Singapore 048623 Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 101-0051 Tel +44 (0)118 322 6000 Tel +65 6768 8000 Japan Tel +81.3.5214.0151 © 2009 Savvis, Inc. All rights reserved. Savvis ® is the registered trademark of Savvis Communications Corporation. All other trademarks and service marks are the property of their respective owners. -2-