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  • 1. FIRST NAMES .................................................................... SURNAME ....................................................... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION TO THE DIPLOMA IN LEGAL PRACTICE - YEAR 2010/11 APPLICANTS SHOULD COMPLETE ONLY ONE APPLICATION FORM. NO APPLICANT WILL BE CONSIDERED UNLESS A COMPLETED APPLICATION FORM HAS BEEN LODGED. PLEASE COMPLETE IN BLOCK LETTERS THROUGHOUT. Applicants should complete this form and send it as soon as possible to the Diploma Unit of the University where the applicant is currently a student or from which s/he has graduated. The closing date for receipt of applications is 19 April 2010. Applicants submitting their application forms late will not be considered for nomination for awards from the SAAS and may not be considered for a place. Please see the attached Guidance Note for details of arrangement for Diploma funding and related issues.. Students will be notified if they have been successful/unsuccessful in gaining a place some time during the second half of July 2010. A CHOICE OF ACADEMIC INSTITUTION Applicants are requested to indicate one choice of Institution from the following Diploma providers: The Universities of Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh (full-time), Edinburgh (part-time), Glasgow, Robert Gordon, Stirling and Strathclyde. Please note that your form will be forwarded to the institution you name. If unsuccessful in your application, the institution you have named will advise you of what further options (if any) may be available at that time. This will be done in July. I WISH TO APPLY FOR A PLACE AT ……………………………………………………………………………….. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ B PERSONAL INFORMATION 1 Surname (Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms) _________________________________________________________________ 2 First Names _________________________________________________________________ (underline name used) 3 Any previous name used _________________________________________________________________ 4 Address for Correspondence _________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ _ ________________________________________ TWO Postcode _________________ PHOTOS Telephone Number (include mobile phone) ______________________________________ to accompany this application. Please 5 Address if different from ________________________________________ print your initials above after 30 June and surname on (Please tell the Institution _________________________________________ the reverse of you are applying to of any each photo change of address) __________________________________________ Postcode _____________________ Telephone Number ________________________________ Personal email address (if available) _________________________________________________________________ 6 Date of Birth _________________________________________________________________ 7 Nationality _________________________________________________________________ 8 Please state your matriculation number (present or former and/or ___________________________________________________________ from other universities)
  • 2. . PLEASE STATE GRADUATING UNIVERSITY ___________________________________________________ AND NAME OF DIRECTOR OF STUDIES P.T.O. . CLASS OF DEGREE & YEAR COMPLETED - ORDINARY/HONOURS 9. Ethnicity Please tick the box which best describes your ethnic origins: White Scottish Other British Irish Any other White Background – please tell us about this → Mixed – please tell us about this → Asian, Asian Scottish, or Asian British Indian Pakistani Bangladeshi Chinese Other Asian Background – please tell us about this → B Black Scottish, or other Black British African Caribbean Other Black Background – please tell us about this → Other Ethnic Background – please tell us about this → I would prefer not to answer this question _______________________________________________________________________________________________ 10. Gender Please circle as appropriate Male Female I would prefer not to answer this question _______________________________________________________________________________________________ 11. Disability Please tick box if you have a disability you wish to bring to our attention. □ (Please supply details on a separate sheet if necessary) _______________________________________________________________________________________________ C QUALIFICATIONS 1 LLB APPLICANTS (i) Degree in law already held or presently being taken University _____________________________ Dates of Attendance _________________________________ Actual or expected date of graduation Ordinary or Honours (give class if awarded) _______________________________________ ________________________________________________ Academic Record - Please attach a list of all Courses, including those presently being taken – which you are taking as part of your Law degree (or Law subjects taken outwith the law degree). Please provide details of all marks if known, whether at 1st or 2nd diets of examination. Please include the calendar year in which the examination was taken. Please state the year in which you commenced your Law Degree. You may wish to set out your list of courses and marks as per example below: First Year 1 2 Second Year 1 2 Third Year 1 2 Fourth Year 1 2 (insert date) Die Die t t Example (ii) Other degree already held or presently being taken University ......................................................................... Faculty ....................................................................
  • 3. Dates of Attendance ......................................................... Degree Course ...................................... (Ord/Hons) Date of Graduation ............................................................ Class of Honours (or Distinction) ........................... P.T.O. 2 NON LLB APPLICANTS Name and Address of Employer _________________________________________________________________ Period of Employment _____________________________ Law Society/Faculty of ________________________ Advocates Examinations (a) Exams already passed __________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ (b) Exams still to be taken __________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Please indicate below if there are any matters you wish to bring to the attention of the Diploma provider, for example if your examination performance was adversely affected by external circumstances not already taken into account in your results. The onus of bringing such matters to the attention of the provider lies with you. This can be done by means of an academic reference if you wish, and where appropriate, external supporting evidence should be provided. In making decisions on admissions to a Diploma place, it is understood that each provider will utilise similar criteria to those used for the allocation of SAAS awards (see page 4 overleaf for details). In relation to awarding a place, the fact that an applicant has an offer of a traineeship at the time of applying for a Diploma place may be a factor taken into account, but ONLY as another possible factor when deciding among applicants who have extremely similar academic records. I wish to bring the following matter to the attention of the Diploma provider: (please continue on a separate sheet if necessary) If your choice is a Diploma provider other than that at which you are, or have been, a candidate for the LLB degree, your parent institution will be requested to forward a statement of your academic record upon publication of your final degree examination results. Until this statement has been received, your application cannot be considered.
  • 4. P.T.O. D POSTGRADUATE STUDENT AWARDS (NOT APPLICABLE TO PART-TIME APPLICANTS AT PRESENT) This application form also constitutes your initial application for a postgraduate student’s allowance from the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS). PLEASE REFER TO THE ATTACHED GUIDANCE NOTE FOR IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT ARRANGEMENTS FOR SAAS AWARDS FOR THE DIPLOMA IN LEGAL PRACTICE. IT IS VITAL THAT YOU READ THE GUIDANCE NOTE IN FULL BEFORE APPLYING FOR A PLACE ON THE 10/11 DIPLOMA IN LEGAL PRACTICE. THESE AWARDS WILL PAY ONLY A PROPORTION OF FEES. Information about postgraduate student awards and eligibility criteria is available from the SAAS website Please refer to the information there before making your application and if in any doubt, contact SAAS for guidance about your eligibility. Last year, the criterion for the allocation of awards was marks obtained in Law Society pre-requisite subjects on the results obtained in the first sitting by each candidate of each examination. This criterion could be moderated (in either direction) by the class and type of Degree obtained, overall number of failed subjects at undergraduate level, other qualifications (both under- graduate and post-graduate), and special circumstances (unless already taken into account internally) affecting the academic performance of individual students such as illness, other personal factors and the weight and nature of curriculum. A similar system will operate for 2010/11, subject to the attached guidance note. The fact that an applicant has an offer of a traineeship will not be taken into account in the allocation of awards. Awards will be allocated during the Summer vacation. It is likely that awards will be allocated in the first round of offers by each Diploma unit. Students who have applied for awards will be notified whether their application has been successful or not as soon as nominations have been made, and successful applicants will then be entitled to apply for an award to SAAS. This application form will be treated as confirmation that you wish to be considered for a nomination UNLESS you are able to indicate that you are ineligible or do not wish to apply. IF YOU ARE IN DOUBT, PLEASE CHECK ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA ON THE SAAS WEBSITE OR CONTACT SAAS DIRECT. Please indicate your intentions by ticking one of the boxes below:- I shall be applying for an award from an English Local Authority or from Northern Ireland I am not applying to be nominated for a Student Awards Agency for Scotland award for the following reason(s) ................................................................................................................................................................................ Note: Award eligibility has no bearing on the award of a Diploma place, although Diploma places may be limited. Please refer to the attached guidance note for further information about the anticipated number of places available at each Diploma provider. Are you classed as an overseas student for university fee purposes? YES/NO I consent to the University at which I have been studying sharing all information relevant to this application with any Diploma provider to which I apply and with the Law Society of Scotland where necessary. Signature of Applicant ………………………………………………………………………. Date ……………………… __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____ For Office Use Award Number _________________
  • 5. The Faculty of Advocates The Law Society of Scotland Note for all Intending Diploma Students In deciding to apply for a place on the Diploma in Legal Practice, you are no doubt at least considering the possibility of a career in one or other branch of the legal profession in Scotland. Both the Faculty of Advocates and the Law Society of Scotland are pleased to have this opportunity to introduce themselves to you, and to congratulate you on having taken this first step along the road leading to a career in Scottish legal practice. The officers of the Faculty and the Society whose addresses are shown below will be happy to deal with any individual queries which you may have in relation to your future career. Please note, however, that enquiries about whether or not you will receive a Diploma place or funding for that place should be directed to your undergraduate university or Diploma provider. As you may have had little or no contact with the professional bodies during your undergraduate degree, you may not be aware that both the Faculty and Society are interested in more than your academic qualifications. In order to be granted an Entrance Certificate by the Law Society, you must satisfy the Society that you are a "fit and proper person" to become a solicitor. You will be asked to provide the names of two referees, one from the academic staff of your university with whom you have had recent regular contact and someone of known standing outwith the university who has known you for at least five years. They will be asked by the Society to provide character references. The Council of the Society also has the power to call on any intrant for interview in order to be satisfied of his or her fitness, and may do so, for example, where the intending trainee has a conviction for a criminal offence (other than, for example, a very minor Road Traffic offence), or where other information has been brought to its attention which calls into question the intrant's fitness. When you apply to the Society for an Entrance Certificate, you will be asked to complete a form on which you are required to state whether you have ever been convicted of any offence - no matter how trivial it may seem to you - and, also, whether you have ever been declared bankrupt. You will also be required to fill in an application form for a Standard Disclosure. The Society, as the governing body, then applies to Disclosure Scotland for the Disclosure. Accordingly, if you are in any doubt as to how seriously some past misdemeanour or difficulty may be viewed, you are advised to contact the Society NOW, before entering the Diploma Course. The Society's Council will be able, at this stage, to offer guidance only as to how a particular matter might affect the issue of an Entrance Certificate, with any final decision being taken only when an application for an Entrance Certificate is made following completion of the Diploma. Although it is rare for an applicant to be refused an Entrance Certificate, it is in your own interests to seek guidance on where you stand as soon as possible. The Dean of the Faculty of Advocates exercises a similar discretion over the admission of intending advocates, and the foregoing advice accordingly applies equally to those who may be considering a career at the Bar. If you are in any doubt, write to the appropriate officer named below in the first instance, giving as much information as you can about the matter and you will be given further guidance as quickly as possible. The Clerk of Faculty Manager Advocates’ Library Registrar’s Department Parliament House The Law Society of Scotland Parliament Square 26 Drumsheugh Gardens EDINBURGH, EH1 1RF EDINBURGH Tel: 260 5795 EH3 7YR Email: Tel: 476 8155 /8126 Email:
  • 6. THE UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH SCHOOL OF LAW DIPLOMA IN LEGAL PRACTICE 2010/2011 This note is being issued with the application forms for the Diploma in Legal Practice in 2010. Applications should be returned by 19 April 2010. However it would be much appreciated if they were returned as soon as possible. It should be noted that a place on the Diploma course at Edinburgh cannot be automatically guaranteed. 1. Timing On current plans, the course will commence on Tuesday 21 September 2010 and the official end of semester 1 at Edinburgh is on Friday 17 December 2010. The second semester will commence on Monday 10 January 2011 until Friday 25 March and there will be teaching and assessment continuing beyond the Spring Vacation. The intention is to have all teaching and assessment (including exams) completed by end-May 2011. Thus there will be limited but still actual involvement beyond Easter 2011. Where necessary, arrangements will be made for a resit diet later in the summer. Further details/confirmation about timing will be sent with responses to applications by, at latest, end-July 2010. For those seeking or starting traineeships, the earliest available start date is thus likely to be the beginning of June 2011. Our information is however that most firms are continuing (at least at present) with start dates later in the summer/early autumn. 2. Finance The fee for the course is expected to be confirmed as being £5,750. It is worth noting that fees for the English equivalent of the Diploma course are generally well in excess of £8,000. This course involves considerable amounts of class contact and small group work. There will be a further charge for (extensive) materials for the course, in the order of £350 - £400. There are further details about SAAS finance on a separate sheet. 3. Fee Status Students are advised that they should be certain of their fee status (Home/EU or Overseas) before accepting an offer of admission. Further information and advice on fee status is available from the University of Edinburgh, Scholarships and Student Finance Office - web; 4. Traineeship Funding It would be helpful if you indicated on your form if you have a traineeship. If you have arranged a traineeship with a firm who have offered to pay your fees for the Diploma, I would be grateful if you could indicate this on your application form. Similarly if your firm has indicated that they would reimburse your Diploma fees once you commence your traineeship, this also would be helpful information. However, on past rules, neither prejudices your changes of SAAS funding. It should be noted however, that there is no expectation that firms will undertake to pay students’ Diploma fees. 5. Courses The courses in the Diploma are currently Civil Court Practice, Criminal Court Practice, Conveyancing, Financial Services and Related Skills, Practice Management, Private Client, Professional Ethics; and Company/Commercial. In addition, a number of elective courses will be offered from which students will choose 3. 6./ 6. Beyond the Diploma
  • 7. Details on the Professional Competence Course (to be taken during the Traineeship), will be available from the LPU office during the year. 7. Further Information Please feel free to contact me at any time for such further information or clarification as I can provide, although further details will be sent with admission letters. Information on the Part time Diploma at Edinburgh • Starting September 2010. Semester dates are 21 September to 17 December 2010, 10 January to 25 March 2011 and 11 April to 10 May 2011. • Cost of fees likely to be £2,875 for the first year (inflationary rise in second year). At present there is no SAAS funding for the part-time Diploma. Materials for all courses over the two years will be in the region of £350 - £400.. • Subjects covered:- Company and Commercial,, Conveyancing, Private Client, Ethics, Criminal Court Practice, Practice Management, Financial Services and Related Skills and Civil Court Practice • Year One, 2010/2011:- Civil Court Practice (CCP), Private Client, Financial Services and Related Skills and Electives Timetable. Private Client 34 hours of tutorials, 30 hours of lectures. . FSRS, 34 hours of tutorials and 20 hours of lectures.. CCP second term, 30 hours of tutorials and 20 hours of lectures. Electives 30 hours, semester 2. Total contact hours: - 198 • Year Two, 2011/12, subjects taught: - Criminal Court Practice (CCP), Company and Commercial, Conveyancing, Practice Management/Ethics and Electives.. Timetable. CCP semester one, 33 hours of tutorials and pod cast lectures (20 hours). Company and Commercial, 32 hours of tutorials and 6 hours of lectures. (Semesters one and two). Conveyancing, 34 hours of tutorials and 10 hours of lectures (semester one and two).. PM and Ethics, 20 hours of tutorials, semester one and semester two. Electives, 30 hours semester 2. Total contact hours:- 187 hours • Lectures by pod cast and evening lectures. • Year One 2010/11 Tutorials/lectures from 6 to 9, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. • All lectures and tutorials are held in Old College. • Lecturers and tutors are experienced solicitors who teach on the full time Diploma. • Year one: - Assessment is by examination in Cicil Court Practice, Private and Client and by continuous assessment in FSRS and the Electives.. • Year two: - Assessment is by examination in Criminal Court Practice, Conveyancing and Company and Commercial and by continuous assessment in Practice Management/Ethics.and the Electives. • The Pro Bono clinic runs on a Monday evening and there will be the opportunity to be involved in this great venture, should you so wish.. • The Social Committee will need volunteers to get involved in organising the many social events held during the year.
  • 8. • Application forms are available from The Legal practice Unit at The Edinburgh School of Law. Please email: or The closing date for applications is 19 April 2010, Tel: 650 2004 and/or 651 4254 Alan R Barr Elaine Tyre E-mail: E-mail: 0131-650-2003 0131-650-6301