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What is Cloud Computing? Massive computing resources ...
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What is Cloud Computing? Massive computing resources ...


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Aleric partners with Global Enterprises to advance their business interests utilizing Cloud Computing . We provide technology and services where cloud-based business applications can be timely deployed and tailored to our partner’s needs - by market or industry. Aleric’s cloud platform is unique in its formation and history – combining over a decade of industry experience in Global Management, Enterprise Security, and Virtualization. Aleric offers a consulted approach that works in partnership, and a mutually beneficial way to ensure the success and best-practice/ROI of our partners.
  • Aleric was founded in 2002 by a group of successful Silicon Valley serial entrepreneurs – to create new (paradigm) technology and business models that would change the world. We are here to announce (at the CES) a new world-wide Cloud Platform and Services– The MyIVO Cloud Application Platform and Cloud Management services Why is our solution different? It was NOT originally designed for Media nor traditional Enterprise Apps. Our goal was (to build) a highly scalable, fault tolerant super computing Grid – in order to: Enable the timely deployment of new Cloud Applications Deliver on-demand utility computing globally Serve highly secure, mission-critical enterprise applications. Among them, several Grid applications were considered, media was elected (as our first). The grid has a few hundred nodes initially – it has since grown, since 2006, to over 40,000 servers in 82 countries.
  • Today, we are here to announce our new Cloud services: MyIVO Enterprise – for Cloud Management CCA Cloud Application Platform - for Global Enterprises to timely deploy Cloud en-enabled solutions. Kablu – a commercial Integrated Internet Television and Broadcasting service.
  • Goal – socially responsible investment that would mitigate piracy & security risks and lay the groundwork for legal media consumption & auditable enterprise applications & assets Making distribution of new Cloud App instant and free for anyone that may benefit from it Creating an efficient and profitable Cloud Application platform that would benefit all participants (service providers, consumer) Accelerated Consumption -> Viral Growth Accelerated revenue at significantly reduced cost -> Improved ROI for all
  • We have one of the largest distributed networks in the world -- we have deployed 120000 servers in all major continents and in more than 120 countries.
  • Transcript

    • 1.
      • Aleric cloud computing presentation
      What is Cloud Computing? Massive computing resources , deployed among virtual datacenters, dynamically allocated to specific users and tasks and accessed as a service via an user interface (UI), such as a web browser . The physical cloud resources may reside in a number of locations, the details of which are not typically known to the service’s users. Cloud resources are offered as a service on an as needed basis. The cloud itself typically consists of large numbers of commodity-grade servers, harnessed to deliver highly scalable and reliable on-demand services.
    • 2.
      • Aleric cloud computing presentation
      Aleric Cloud Platform
      • Combing the Advantages of Cloud and Enterprise Security
        • Scalable to millions
        • Highly Secure
          • End-to-end (application, network, storage) security
        • Customizable for verticals
          • By application or SOA – financial, media, healthcare
          • By customer – strategic/tactical
          • By case – e.g. SLA customized to ROI
        • Turn-Key with Automated Management
        • Multi-Platform Support – Linux, Windows, Mac, Mobile
    • 3. Why Cloud Computing?
    • 4. Cloud Features & Benefits for Enterprises
      • Highly virtualized and standardized infrastructures
      • Massive scalability
      • Fault tolerant & highly reliable
      • Intra- & Inter-cloud load balance
      • Instant application deployment
      • Simplified, more efficient IT and application management
      • Deliver many applications to large number of users
      • Excellent service quality
      • Higher utilization at reduced cost
      • Time-to-market
    • 5. Cloud Features & Benefits for Users
      • Highly virtualized and standardized infrastructures
      • Massive scalability
      • Fault tolerant & highly reliable
      • Intra- & Inter-cloud load balance
      • Instant application deployment
      • No need to install or update SW or HW; access from any browser
      • Unlimited utility consumption
      • Always on
      • Access from anywhere
      • Many services to choose from
    • 6. Cloud Technologies Technology Key Feature What’s Missing Grid Computing Job scheduling across many machines Difficult to administer; Lacks broad applicability of cloud computing Virtualization Virtual machines decouple OS from hardware Fail to fundamentally solve scale and reliability IaaS Infrastructure-as-a-Service Computational infrastructure available for rent Lacks security , vertical solutions, SaaS Software-as-a-Service Application availability through the cloud SaaS is an application on the cloud, not a cloud by itself Utility Computing Packaged computing, application, and storage sold as a service Describes a business model, not a technology or architecture
    • 7. Aleric Secure Cloud Platform
    • 8.
      • Aleric CCA Alliance Program accelerates your Time to Market.
      Cloud Computing Alliance
      • Collaborative Partnership
      • Leaders from Key Verticals
      • Showcase to the World
      • Secure Cloud Platform
      • Instant Application Deployment
    • 9. CCA Cloud Applications
    • 10.
      • Aleric accelerates your Time to Market.
    • 11.
      • A Tour of Aleric Cloud Computing Services
    • 12.
      • Aleric Cloud Computing Services
    • 13.  
    • 14. Enterprise Cloud Management
      • MyIVO delivers enterprise-grade data-center management
      • On-demand
      • Scale to millions
      • From any web browser
    • 15.  
    • 16. Cloud Computing and Challenges
      • The evolution of applications
      • Rapidly migrating to the Internet
      • +
      • Complexity of data centers & SW
      • =
      • Massive growth in number and size
      • Major challenges
      • Costly infrastructure & IT support
      • Security & Compliance
      • Platform & Compatibility
    • 17. Aleric’s Differentiating Solution
      • Technology – The Aleric Cloud
        • Global scalability
        • Enterprise security
        • Carrier-grade reliability
        • Geo & Application targeted QOS & content network
      • Business Model
        • Cloud Inside
        • Cross Platforms & Devices
        • Multi-Level CCA Alliance
          • Accelerate Cloud Deployments
          • Benefit all participants
    • 18. The Aleric Global Cloud v 120000 Servers 120 Countries All Major Continents Current Installations
    • 19. Aleric Business Model
      • Business Model
        • Focus on Core Competence
          • Proven Global Deployments
          • Patent-Pending DoD Security
        • Partnership with Leaders
          • Cloud Computing Alliance
        • Community Marketing
          • Empower Partners & Users
          • Benefit all Participants
    • 20. Aleric Strategy
      • Empowers the partners to mass ROI.
      • Empowers the applications providers to market & distribute quality cloud services at minimum cost & time.
      • Create double-digit growth through maximized core competence and leverage.
    • 21.  
    • 22.  
    • 23. Summary
      • Aleric simplifies cloud computing. Aleric cloud application platform addresses the complex challenges of building, deploying and managing a wide variety of applications and services for both public and private clouds.
      • Aleric delivers:
      • Transparent Scalability
      • Application-level fault tolerance
      • Build-in enterprise-grade end-to-end security
      • Automated management to new and existing applications
    • 24.  
    • 25.  
    • 26.
      • Aleric accelerates your Time to Market.