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Turlough Kinane
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Turlough Kinane


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Turlough Kinane – appointed 2006 part of a financial controllers role is IT/IS as found in many SMES Thermodial specialist in Heating Ventilation Airconditioning maintenance and repairs We offer a 24 hour sevice to our clients who are 50% public and 50% private A highly trained team of engineers skilled in electrical , referigeration and heating systems As part of our business strategy is the use of IT/IS to assist in running our business more effieciently We joined CITA EIN in 2009 and look forward to participating in this event and forthcoming events
  • Above are two well known buildings where we maintain the HVAC plant
  • Above is a simple diagram of current IS/IT infrastructure. As from the above this is not to dissimilar to systems found in many construction SMES today. Approximately Seven Desktop users. 3 servers containing applications for Service Management , Accounting, Office Applications, Email 19 Rugged PDA devices for our field service team and also Laptops for our senior engineers.
  • In this slide we show statistics in relation to our IS/IT system. As you can see from the above in 2006 we had a larger number of employees with less reliance on IT/IS at 18% of employees were using IS/IT in their every day work. 2009 is a different picture all employees are impacted in their work by IT/IS at 100% with the result being increased usage of resources costing more in overheads and turnover is lower than in 2006.
  • From the statistics given in the previous slide I have summarised the IS/IT challenges. We have increase costs a larger number of applications and servers with lower employees and turnover. In the line of business we are in we have legislative requirements under health and safety legislation and building and environmental legislation. We need systems to capture these data forms for us.
  • Yes we see some potential for any applications which assists in us carrying out our business objective Possibilities for us may be applications for remote working and applications to assist in Legislative requirements The benefits as found in the research undertaken to date by CITA would also apply to our situation are reduced costs on IT/IS maintainance, Capital Costs and Energy costs. Reduction in management time in areas such as backing up data , disaster recovery benefits from using a Web browser as an interface allowing work from any location.
  • Above is shown a simple diagram of Thermodials first use of cloud computing. We are working with a PDA software vendor to develop a system for us to capture our Health and Safety records. This is shown by using a PDA to capture data which is sent to a server located in the US I believe. Through the assistance of a web browser we can view the results on a daily basis. The possible benefits to us in setting this up are information retrieval from anywhere, we have further reduced our paper in the office for our engineers. Our Health and Safety officer can spend use the free time he has from not keying in the handwritten health and safety reports to become more effective in ensuring our health and safety records are accurate.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Thermodial Ltd Software as a Service : An SME Service Company Perspective Presented by: Turlough Kinane ACMA,MSC
    • 2. Thermodial Ltd
      • Founded in 1987
      • Specialists in HVAC Maintenance / Repairs
      • 24 Hour Service
      • Clients 50% Public and 50% Private
      • Highly trained team of Engineer s
      • IS/IT core part of our Business Strategy
      • CITA members 2009
    • 3. Thermodial Ltd
      • Some well known Buildings where we maintain HVAC systems
      GPO Eircom South Quarter HQ
    • 4. Current IS / IT Infrastructure
      • 19
      • Field Users
      7 Desktop users 3 Servers 8 Applications
    • 5. Thermodial IS/IT Statistics
      • No of Desktop Users
      • No of Field Users
      • No of Employees
      • Data Format
      • IT/IS Penetration
      • No of Servers
      • No of Software Apps
      • Annual IS/IT Costs
      • Turnover
      • 2006 – 7 2009 – 8
      • 2006 – 0 2009 - 17
      • 2006 -37 2009 - 25
      • 2006- Paper 2009 – PDA
      • 2006-18% 2009-100%
      • 2006 – 2 2009 - 3
      • 2006 – 4 2009 - 8+
      • 2006 - 20k 2009 -80k
      • 2006 > 3M 2009 < 3M
    • 6. Thermodial IS/IT challenges
      • High IS/IT running costs
      • Continuous Capital replacement
      • Increased No of Applications
      • Increased No of Servers
      • Turnover / Employees are down
      • IT/IS penetration is now 100%
      • Legislative Requirements
    • 7. SAAS Potential to Thermodial
      • Is there Potential for SAAS to Thermodial ?
      • Core Business Objective - Service
      • Possibilities of SAAS – Applications for Remote working , Applications to assist Legislative requirements
      • Benefits -Reduce Costs on IT/IS Maintenance ,Capital and Energy
      • Benefits – Data Backup on Host Server
      • Benefits – Use of Web Browser as an interface Facilitates working from any location
    • 8. New Developments of IS in Thermodial 2009
      • Data Storage / Application Hosting / Retrieval via IP address
      19 Field Users Health and Safety Officer Dublin 12 Off Site Thermodial Health and Safety information system Thermodial - First Externally Hosted Application
    • 9. How can CITA help SMES?
      • Access to Research in new Technology
      • Expose members to new Technologies
      • Act as a broker to Software Vendors
      • Assistance with innovative projects
    • 10. Conclusion
      • Questions
      • Thermodial Website–
      • Contact details: [email_address]
      • Acknowledgements – Alan Redmond, Alan Hore