Catalog: Added code to Catalog Ma...

       04/06/10: System: Tested Module SQL...

           GL: Added status display to spe...

       02/22/10: GL: Created JE Print Rout...

       POS: Added code to limit Returns ...

       01/13/10: CRM: Added Seven Day Fo...

       Properties to setup the weather.com...
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Stream Software Enhancements Doc


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Stream Software Enhancements Doc

  1. 1. /home/pptfactory/temp/20100521172417/stream-software-enhancements-doc3244.doc Stream Update History 2010 Stream V – Integrated Business Software 5/17/10: AR: Added support for BillTo address in invoice print routine. Added properties pBilltoCompany, address1, address2, city, state, zip, pBilltoCountry which are now available in LL Invoice Templates. All invoice templates should now use these properties instead of the company buffer for the BillTo address. LLinv001 has been updated. 5/16/10: CRM: Added option to Company Management Context Menu & Company Manager More Menu to allow printing customer statement to display, printer or email. Created StatementPrintRoutine to output one statement. Uses "CustomerStatement.lst" LL template (same as print statements report). This will change to using a Policy record for the template selection. Preparation for being able to bulk email statements. 5/14/10: CRM: Removed Company email address as emails are sent to people, so we use the contact email addresses ● Added address validation to the Company Detail Panel and Company Manager BillTo Address. AP: Added address validation to Vendor Manager. 5/13/10: PMS: Added perishable field to catalog master. 5/11/10: AR: Added invoice totals to bottom of cost of sales report. CRM: Added multi-index search to Shipto browses in Company Master and Company Detail Panel. Added index 9 to Shipto Master to allow sorting by Store Number. Minor Update 33 - Added Store# index to Shipto Master 5/9/2010: AR:Cleaned up Direct Invoicing handling of non-stock items. 5/8/10: CRM: Added "default" button to Shipto Address Panel to allow defaulting the company address to the Shipto address. 5/4/10: CRM: Added option to Marketing Manager to set inactive accounts to status "I" based on last sale and entered date. CoveTools: Added comment manager. 5/2/10: CRM: Modified code to skip status "X" (out of business) companies when "skip inactive accounts" is checked in Company Management. AP: Added button to copy Vendor Address to Remit To Address.
  2. 2. /home/pptfactory/temp/20100521172417/stream-software-enhancements-doc3244.doc Catalog: Added code to Catalog Manager allow editing of the Stock and Serial flags if there have been no inventory transactions (stock/serial) or Soline (stock). Not available in Catalog Detail Panel. 04/23/10: SQL Test: Added F3 for field list in SQL Statement section, returns field name. Cleaned up error handling and display found record count. 04/21/10: Invoicing: Reworked order invoicing view. Moved additional invoice header information from browse tab to new tab dialog. Moved order number to top of panel. Added Edit Preferences to allow setting the default tab. 04/20/10: System: Converted Sysop Panel (Alt-F12) to allow access by non-sysops to reset registry information for the current panel (View or Dialog). Security access is still sysop only. SOE: Cleaned up keyword search. Modified to support keyword entry in item number field. 04/19/10: SQL: Added code to block non-sysops from using non-query SQL commands in SQL Grid Queries and Reports. Fixed code to not loop on errors. Tested Update & Delete commands. CRM: Converted SOE Item Panel default tab to Policy from registry. Added tab dialog to price section for testing to de-clutter screen. System: Added option to Help menu to "Reset Panel Locations" - this deletes the windows registry entries that record and control when panels appear on the screen. This is useful when there are program changes that effect panel sizes, or when users go from multi-screen systems to single screen systems. 04/18/10: Catalog: Fixed defaulting parent records in Catalog Master. 04/17/10: System: Re-enabled the right click Data Change History Option. 04/16/10: KeyWord: Modified image display to size image to display area. Menu: Modified "recent" menu to display in alphabetical order by title. 04/07/10: Added SQL Queries to lookup menus of all modules. Updated code for Expand, Zoom and Context menu in Queries. CRM: Added option to copy company address to the clipboard on Customer Manager (right mouse) and Customer Management (More Menu).
  3. 3. /home/pptfactory/temp/20100521172417/stream-software-enhancements-doc3244.doc 04/06/10: System: Tested Module SQL Queries & updated RepDashBoard with SQL Server. RA: Fixed Incident display from RA panels and loaded RA Type before creation from incident. 04/05/10: System: Fixed Gencode editor to not close panel on Delete of a gencode record. 04/02:10: System: Added support to email XSLT reports. The paths used by the XSLT reports have changed. image: F248: XSLIMAGE css: F248:CSSPATH xslt: F248:XSLPATH If they do not exist they will be created and the contents of F248:LL_Templ will be copied to the CSS & XSLT params and the bitmap path will be copied to, the image parameter. This allows the XSLT params to be pointed to a website to support emailing XML files as reports since the controls files are needed at display time. 04/01/10: Vendor: New Vendor Report XSLT report - with field addition support. 03/30/10: Vendor: Added option to skip inactive vendors on Vendor Lookup. Reports XSLT - new: Cost of Sales with one Break, Order Report, Orders by Customer, Order with one Break, Cost of Sales by Customer, Order Report by Item. 03/29/10: AR: New Cost of Sales report with XSLT output. Imaging & Comments: Updated management importers to skip duplicate on import. System: Added option to clear "recent" menu. 03/27/10: PO: Added Vendor PO Report. 03/26/10: Released four XSLT reports. CRM: Sales by product, custom and manufacturer Bank: Bank Transactions Report
  4. 4. /home/pptfactory/temp/20100521172417/stream-software-enhancements-doc3244.doc GL: Added status display to special audit. 03/23/10: System: Added right mouse click option to Text Boxes to allow changing text box font for current instance. 03/22/10: System: Updated EDI field names in Soline file. 03/19/10: System: Converted Product Line and Group Lookups to Browse. CRM: New SQL/XSLT Product sales report. Added Report menu to CRM. 03/16/10: System: Added code to suppress debug information output to Show Line window unless debug is set in c:vdflogin.txt. Third line = DEBUG. 03/10/10: System: Modified Startup View to not display error if it cannot connect to www.covesys.com to get the news doc. It will display the cove logo instead. (Build 4012) 03/08/10: System: Added option to output DEF files to system status report view. ● Added code to restore modal panels to the same size/location as when they were closed. Purchasing: Added checkbox to force auto print of PO after save. 03/06/10: Imaging: Added support for Drag and Drop to allow documents to be dragged onto the imaging dialog and dropped onto the panel. Note: Currently does not work when dragging an attachment from outlook. Dragging image to desk top first and then to StreamV will work. 03/04/10: System: Modified format for SQL connection string. Textdata SQL:SQL_CONN:DEFAULT have the following formats: For ODBC text field is: dsn={dns name};uid=ADMIN;pwd=ADMIN For DB2: dsn={dns name};uid=ADMIN;pwd=ADMIN For MSSQL: SERVER={sql servername};uid=ADMIN;pwd=ADMIN;database={name} This is to allow support for multiple databases. Also moved the code that opens the SQL Embedded connection from the views to the global object oCoveSQLManager. 03/03/10: System: Added calendar prompt to CoveForm AP: Added selections to unvouchered inventory report. POS: Blocked creating of Sales Tax Certificates for CashSale customer. 02/27/10: System: Updated and cleaned up code in DataCheck to VDF 15, tested against Native, Faircom and MSSQL.
  5. 5. /home/pptfactory/temp/20100521172417/stream-software-enhancements-doc3244.doc 02/22/10: GL: Created JE Print Routine (XSLT). Added to Journal Entry Review Browse with printer routing preference ● Added print routine to Journal Entry with checkbox to display after save. Added print routing preference ● Added print support & preference to JE Lookup. System: Added support for direct printing to XML output for XSLT reports ● Added Clear all options to MyCove and MyGroup menus to handle when we change object names. Individual deleting is not possible with CodeJock Menu. 02/21/10: AP: Added check lookup to check number field in Create Checks view. 02/20/10: PO: Modified buyer name property in PO print routine to load from Operator file. Added BuyerPhone property which is loaded with phone number from operator record. 02/17/10: AR: Added support to print bank information on bottom of invoice. Information is stored in F240:SCR:BANKINFO:INVBOT. 02/16/10: AR: Added support for country specific remit to address to statement printing routine. uses same parameters as invoice print routine. 02/15/10: Inventory: Added print routine to end of Inventory Transfer. AR: Created XSLT Sales Tax report. 02/14/10: Inventory: Created inventory transaction lookup browse, off Warehouse Menu ● Added inventory transaction print routine to Inventory Adjustment and off new Lookup. CRM: Added option to Order Header and Invoice Header detail panels to display last 4 of credit card and button to display un-encrypted credit card number. Button can be disabled with standard security. 02/11/10: CRM: Added Contact phone number to Shipto address and sales order header. Converted the Shipto note field to comment 1200 to allow longer text to be entered. Comment ST:1200 is carried from the Shipto address to the order header, and onto the invoice header. Shipto comment is printed under the address information on the standard forms. 02/10/10: SOE: Read laid out the tab dialogs to make them cleaner. Renamed the Order Header (SoHead) Ship_Note field to Ship_Phone. Move shipto.phone to this field when a Shipto address is selected. 02/07/10: POS: Added code to reduce the store credit (credit memo) when used for payment. This creates a journal entry to AR account (both sides) to show payment history. AR: Added button to look at CCTran from Hold Review Panel. 02/06/10: AR: Added option to Invoice Lookup (Context Menu) to use a credit card to make a payment against an invoice.
  6. 6. /home/pptfactory/temp/20100521172417/stream-software-enhancements-doc3244.doc POS: Added code to limit Returns Dialog to Store Credit when returning for a Terms Customer. Did not auto create to allow "confirmation" ● Fixed code re-labeling pay button. 02/05/10: AP: Added address validation to vendor manager and vendor contacts. Added Weather to Vendor Contacts ● Fixed printout of create checks to use CSS. 02/03/10: POS: Added Item History lookup to allow looking at sales history by item and allowing item to be selected to bring into the current POS sale. 02/02/10: GL: Added code to default reversing JE period and year if JE period and year are changed. 02/01/10: Startup View: Added checkbox to allow user to only get startup view once a day. Uses registry. POS: Fixed overpayment problem. 01/27/10: CRM: Added address validation to Contact Detail Panel. 01/21/10: SOE: Fixed SOE to not consider temp order headers when checking for duplicate PO numbers. 01/17/10: System: Update - Per DAC windows first looks for DLLs in the program directory. So we will store DLLs which are normally unregistered there. This has the effect that only the first user at a site will do the download of the DLL. Changed the download code to not check registry on workstation but to check F248 parameter SYS- FXI for version. Invoice Printing: Enhanced to print remit to address from Textdata based on Shipto Country if policy F248:REMITBYC = "Y". Textdata = SCR:INVREMIT:countrycode. 01/16/10: System: Implemented Starzen FXImage control to display jpegs and bmps better, with sizing ability. Converted WeatherGroup to support. Requires installation of the fximage.dll. Updated StreamV Workstation updates to automatically install this dll in the program directory. 01/15/10: SOE: Added Shipto contact phone number. 01/14/10: Deposit Management: Added support for autopost 1001/1002 for POS. AP Check Print: Updated to allow check numbers up to 70,000,000. POS: Added preferences for policies: F248: POSTCC2 - print second ticket for credit card sale F248: POSTCSH2 - print second ticket for non credit card sale F248: POSINVA - If checked will print an invoice for all sales where customer is not the cash sales customer. SOE: Added masking to credit card field.
  7. 7. /home/pptfactory/temp/20100521172417/stream-software-enhancements-doc3244.doc 01/13/10: CRM: Added Seven Day Forecast button to weather group in Company and Contact panels. Added "auto" checkbox in weather group - when checked the weather icon is loaded automatically when the record is accessed. Added weather group to the Shipto detail and order entry panels. Invoicing: Added code to copy Sales Order Credit Comment to Invoice AR comment. Also added code to print AR comment on invoice if CCDETINV is set to “Y”. ● Fixed invoicing (IRA) to not create a “1” hold for credit card orders that are being closed. 01/12/10: POS: Added ComboBox to allow setting of Cash Sale price level. Set by preference. Also Policy F248:POSPRLOK which if set will restrict the price levels the operator can select. System: Added option to allow sysops to specify that preferences setting are written to global settings and not user specific ones. Invoice Printing: Added Policy F248: CCDETINV if set to "Y" will print credit card information on the invoice at the end of the invoice header comment. 01/11/10: System: Added global security option to control creating records through the data dictionary. Setting policy F248:DDNEWxxx to N will block new records from being created. (xxx is file number, no leading zeros). CashAp: Fixed timestamp entry on Debit/Credit memo comment. Added right mouse option to view invoice comments from CashAp browse. 01/10/10: CRM: Reworked credit card storage and display. Credit card numbers are stored in Order Header record encrypted and in the Longcode file for later use (if desired). During order entry and CC List maintenance the numbers are displayed. Credit Card list prompt is seperate button to allow security control. ● Added "recycle" option to start an order for the same customer as the last order saved. On Order Entry More Menu. Account number of last order saved is stored in registry. AR: Order Review Panel in Order Management - Added support to see the CC number. ● Added code to AR Invoice Adjustment to allow blocking of accounts that can be used. Added Gencode Table for selecting adjustment type (F19:ARADJUST) GL: Named field 31 in Account Description file (Accdes) to AR_POSTFLAG. Checkbox in Accdes view allows disabling the account from being used in AR Invoice Adjustment. Changes Accdes PostFlag to be Boolean (unchecked = allow posting, checked = disallow). POS: Added code to display the return message when a credit card is captured (sysop only) Action Item: Loader must be run to convert "N" in Accdes PostFlag field to 1 if field is being used. 01/07/10: CRM: Added support for remote weather access from weather.gov to Company and Contact Masters. In test mode, requires clicking "icon" button to set icon. Added button to link to www.weather.com for current weather. Added option to System
  8. 8. /home/pptfactory/temp/20100521172417/stream-software-enhancements-doc3244.doc Properties to setup the weather.com link ● Added code to prompt to change contact reps when changing customer rep or status. 01/05/10: System: Added option to system properties to set MENUDATE policy for setting system date. ● Added code to Directory selection dialog to remember last directory selected and default. Stored in registry. System Setup: Updated AR & AP system setup utilities. Comments: Removed code from print invoice and print picklist to suppress comment printing based on first character in the comment (* or -) CRM: Added checkbox to suppress display of inactive Shipto addresses on company master and company management Shipto lists. 01/04/10: POS: Added support for card reader ● Added preferences to support prompting for last four digits of the credit card and the CCV (security code) when using a card reader. 01/03/10: System: Cleaned up Edit Preferences Panel to properly create records and display prompt button for printers. POS: Added preference to set default tab when starting view and to return to after each sale. 01/01/10: POS: Modified to clear credit card CCV Code which Visa does not want saved after transaction. ● Added code to allow maintaining the POS ticket message from the Marketing Manager View ● Added POS ticket print which routes to default printer and invoice print for terms invoices which route to LLP-POST. Tickets will route to LLP-POS shortly. System: Added recnum to advanced tab on Company, Contact, Vendor and Catalog Masters to allow finding record by Recnum for editing Data Check errors. ● Added code to DataCheck to output the primary key of the failing record. ● Added AR Invoice Remit Address information update in System Properties panel. August 2008 - Dec 2009 Update History Pre August 2008 Stream Update History