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Strategic Plan (2009)

  1. 1. STUDENT COUNSELLING 2009 STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES Compiled by E. Smit Date: 2009/02/25
  2. 2. STUDENT COUNSELLING HIGHLIGHTS OF 2008 Strategic Plan - Fully integrated - With detailed objectives for each core service and project - Linked to the broader institutional strategic directions - Individual performance contracts of staff are linked to SC Strategic Plan Quality Review - Internal / self review on 13 Nov 2008. - All student counselling staff participated in the quality review - Used SAACDHE’s Quality Assessment Instrument (as endorsed by CPUT’s Quality Committee) - Report to DoS soon Staffing - Managed to get a student counsellor on Wellington and Mowbray campus on full-time permanent appointment - Managed to get a replacement for the vacant student counsellor position - Managed to get a welfare officer on permanent appointment for Bellville Campus - All SC staff participated in the successful Student Affairs Summit on 21 and 22 May (Melkbosstrand) Staff Development - Professional SC staff – actively participated in regional SAACDHE meetings and training opportunities - Dr Abie de Villiers is currently on the EMC of SAACDHE - Nthabi Afrika-Mabuto is the SAACDHE regional administrative co-ordinator - Eight SC staff members attended the 2008 SAACDHE conference in Durban during September - Registered psychologists attended several CPD training events - Professional staff attended monthly peer supervision sessions and case- / research presentations (accredited as CPD activities) - One staff member (Charlene) is busy with her PhD studies - Organized two staff self care activities Intern Psychologists and - Updated manual and procedures for integrated Intern Psychology and B.Psych training programs B.Psych students - Portfolio presentations by four interns on 26 November (UWC) training and - Successful completion of internships – recomm. to HPCSA supervision program Policy Review - Student Counselling Policy (in official CPUT format) – accepted by EM. Awaiting approval by Council - Student Counselling actively contributed to the updating of several policies and protocols Committee Membership - HOD and staff served on a number of CPUT committees, e.g. Disability Forum, Pre-alumni Project, Quality Committee, HICC, Equity Committee - HOD served on panel for quite a few vacancies, .e.g HOD Residences, HOD Student Affairs. Wellness Program - Successful wellness awareness celebrations in on Bellville and Cape Town campuses in March 2008 - Wellington campus’s peer helpers under supervision of Melleta Louw (Student Counsellor) hosted several successful smaller wellness awareness events in the student residences, each focusing on a 2
  3. 3. specific wellness dimension Peer Helper Program - Integrated recruitment and selection - Joint training program (Cape Town and Bellville) under co-ordination of Amith and Charlene - Integrated training manual and workbooks (Cape Town and Bellville) - Wellington campus – highly active group under supervision of Melleta, PH res. co-ordinators & LSRC member with Peer Helper and Wellness Portfolio. Main focus = wellness awareness raising - Designated peer helper meeting venues on CTC and BC Community Outreach - Fully integrated programs - Highly successful training of 22 teachers in Career Decision Making skills - Highly successful training of learners from several schools in previously disadvantaged on a number of life skills topics (as identified by need) - Several groups attending career information sessions at the SC Career Resources Area – CTC - Successful career assessment and counseling workshops and individual sessions for Grade 11 and 12 learners. - Implemented a program to assist Grade 9 learners with their subject choice for Grades 10 – 12 Research Output - Won award for best workshop presentation at 2008 SAACDHE conference (Amith Ramballie: Violence on SA Campuses) - Two poster presentations at 2008 SAACDHE conference - Two paper presentations at international conferences (Yolanda and Elmarie) - Yolanda did a study on female students in Engineering - Elmarie did a study on the impact of Student Counselling services on student retention - Client satisfaction surveys on all our services and programs - Obtained feedback on workshops and group work with students - Charlene is currently doing her PhD in Gestalt Therapy - Monthly case– and research presentations by SC staff for CPDs - Three intern counselling psychologists’ research for their theses – relevant to CPUT student community - List of SC staff’s research output over the last few years - placed on our web page Promotion / Marketing - Annual Report - Annual SC Newsletter - Student Counselling Web page - Bulk sms-ing to remind students of workshop attendance and peer helper training and meetings - Used Promotional DVD during Orientation - Extended Orientation presentation to a larger number of class groups than during 2007 - Successful SC Exhibition stall at CPUT Career Open Day Advocacy and Learner - Two projects on the early identification of students at risk of failure and planning appropriate Support interventions (Engineering Faculty, CTC and BC) - Dealt with quite a few students who applied for exam concessions (CTC) - Dealt with quite a few students who’ve been excluded academically or from residence 3
  4. 4. - Increased focus on welfare related services on the BC with the appointment of a welfare officer for this campus - Collaboration with newly established CPUT Disability Unit Individual Counselling and - Quality service delivery to students in need on Bellville, Cape Town, Mowbray and Wellington Therapy campuses. This included crisis intervention and trauma debriefing. Follow-up sessions needed in 60% + cases - Quite a few students who presented as psychiatric emergencies had to be referred off-campus, e.g. to Grootte Schuur Hospital for evaluation and support - Professional staff are continuously updating their therapeutic skills and knowledge via CPD training events - Client satisfaction and impact on retention studies Skills Development Non-credit bearing: - Brain Games – series 5 workshops in April / May on CTC, aimed at first year students’ adjustment to the demands of HE. - Self Management Workshop series at BC - Multi-cultural Leadership training course at BC - In co-operation with Co-op Education: several presentations to senior class groups, aimed at increasing their career preparedness. - Declared our willingness to be involved in Student Leadership Induction and Development program for 2009 Credit bearing: - Series of training topics in the Faculties of Engineering (Foundation program on BC), Informatics and Design (Foundation Program on CTC) and Business (Hospitality Management) 4
  5. 5. STUDENT COUNSELLING CORE SERVICES, PROJECTS AND CO-ORDINATORS FOR 2009 Core Services / Sub-components Co-ordinators for 2009 Projects Individual Counselling Organising of SC Case Presentations Delcia and Therapy Organising of SC Peer Supervision sessions Delcia (for Cape Town & Mowbray campuses) Yolanda (for Bellville & Wellington campues) Organising of SC Staff Self Care Activities Delcia & Abie (BC) Updating of SC Referral File Delcia Counselling Psychology Interns’ supervision and training programme Yolanda (BC 1st & 2nd sem) Elisabet (CTC 1st sem); Giselle (CTC 2nd sem) Amith (mentor CTC); Nthabi (mentor BC) B.Psych students’ training and supervision program Charlene & Phumla (BC) Faith & Amith (CTC) Individual counselling and psychotherapy to registered CPUT students Yolanda Career Development Career Assessment and Counselling workshops to prospective students Elisabet (CTC) (Grade 11 & 12s & Grade 9s for subject choice) Nthabi (BC) Resources Venue (update and supervision) Marzetha (with support from Elisabet & Nthabi) Career Assessment and Counselling to CPUT students who consider Elisabet (CTC) course change, or advanced study options Nthabi (BC) Skills Development Credit-bearing Life Skills Modules to first year students within Faculties Yolanda (BC); Elisabet (CTC) Non-credit bearing Life Skills Workshops aimed at First Year Adjustment Yolanda (BC); Faith (CTC, Mowbray & Wellington) (during 1st sem) Non-credit bearing Life Skills Workshops aimed at Increasing Career Faith (CTC, Mowbray & Wellinton) Preparedness of senior students (during 2nd semester) Nthabi (BC) Student Leadership Development Elisabet with Yolanda Peer Helper Program Amith (CTC); Melleta (WC); Charlene (BC); Delcia (Mowbray) Research Abie (with Amith) Community Outreach Nthabi (Teachers’ Training) Faith (Life Skills Dev. – Outreach to learners) Wellness Program Melleta (with Elisabet for CTC & Abie for BC) Advocacy and Learner Policies Abie (with Elisabet) Support Dealing with students at risk of failure, or drop-out Abie (with Elisabet) Dealing with exam concessions & academic exclusions Elisabet (with Nthabi for BC) Welfare services Thandi (CTC); Phumla (BC) 5
  6. 6. Marketing & Promotion Annual Report Abie (with Elisabet) SC Newsletter Giselle (assisted by Amith) Web page and Web CT Giselle (assisted by Amith & Elisabet) Orientation, Extended Orientation, First Year DVD (update?) Giselle (ass. by Elisabet & Amith for CTC; Abie for BC) Career Open Day Exhibition stall Marzetha & Elisabet 2009 STUDENT COUNSELLING PERMANENT STAFF Dr A B de Villiers HOD Student Counselling, Bellville Campus B. Diac (UNISA), M.A (Cl Psych) (US), PhD (UCT); Registered with HPCSA as Clinical Psychologist Ms Elisabet Smit HOD Student Counselling, Cape Town Campus MA Counselling Psychology, University of Stellenbosch Registered with HPCSA as Counselling Psychologist Ms Annette Kuhn Secretary and Office Administrator, Cape Town Campus Ms Peggy Nxopo Secretary and Office Administrator, Bellville Campus; N.D. Office Administration, (Pentech) Ms Nthabi Afrika-Mabuto Student Counsellor, Bellville Campus B.A.(Hons), M Psych (UWC); Registered with HPCSA as Educational Psychologist Ms Phumla Baca Student Welfare Officer, Bellville Campus; B.A. Social Work (UWC) Ms Yolanda Hanning Student Counsellor, Bellville Campus B.A (Hons) (UWC), M. Ed (Couns Educ) (Penn. State); Registered with HPCSA as Counselling Psychologist Ms Marzetha Laubscher Administrative assistant and administrator of the Khulani Resource and Training Centre, Cape Town Campus Ms Delcia Liedeman-Prosch Student Counsellor, Mowbray Campus M.Psych (Clinical Psychology) (UWC); Registered with HPCSA as Clinical Psychologist Dr Melleta Louw Student Counsellor, Wellington Campus MA Clinical Psychology, DPhil, University of Stellenbosch; Registered with HPCSA as Clinical Psychologist Ms Giselle Naidu Student Counsellor, Cape Town Campus MSocSc Counselling Psychology, University of Natal; Registered with HPCSA as Counselling Psychologist Ms Nomthandazo Nkibi Student Welfare Officer, Cape Town Campus B.Soc.Sc Hons Psychiatric Social Work, & Post-grad Diploma in Management, University of Cape Town Registered with SACSSP as Social Worker Mr Kwezi Nyewe Student Counsellor, Cape Town Campus MA Educational Psychology (UCT); registered with HPCSA as Educational Psychologist 6
  7. 7. Ms Charlene Petersen Student Counsellor, Bellville Campus B.A (Hons), (M.A Educ Psych), (UWC); Registered with HPCSA as Educational Psychologist Mr Amith Ramballie Student Counsellor, Cape Town Campus MSocSc Counselling Psychology, University of Natal; Registered with HPCSA as Counselling Psychologist Ms Faith Sijula Student Counsellor, Cape Town Campus B.Ed (Hons) M Psych (UWC); Registered with HPCSA as Educational Psychologist 2009 STUDENT COUNSELLING CONTRACT STAFF Ms Samantha Hanslo Counselling Psychologist Intern (M1 Counselling Psychology, University of the Western Cape) Mr Hanro Lourens Counselling Psychologist Intern (M1 Counselling Psychology, University of Stellenbosch) 7
  8. 8. 2009 OBJECTIVES PER CORE SERVICE / PROJECT 1. INDIVIDUAL THERAPY & COUNSELLING ACCOUNTS TO CPUT STRATEGIC DIRECTION 1: Teaching and Learning • To improve throughputs, retention rates and pass rates • To continually improve and enhance the academic support systems for students Components Co-ordinators, Supervisors and Mentors for 2009 1. Organize SC Case Presentations Delcia 2. Organize SC Staff Self care Activities Delcia 3. Organize SC Peer Supervision sessions Delcia (for Cape Town & Mowbray campuses) Yolanda (for Bellville & Wellington) 4. Update SC Referral File Delcia 5. Maintain Counselling Psychology Intern training and Yolanda (BC 1st & 2nd sem); Elisabet (CTC 1st sem); Giselle (CTC 2nd sem) supervision programme Amith (mentor CTC); Nthabi (mentor BC) 6. Maintain B.Psych training and supervision program Charlene (BC); Faith (CTC); Amith (CTC); Phumla (BC) 7. Provide Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy to Yolanda registered CPUT students Student Counselling Action Steps Performance Measures Responsible 2009 Objectives for 2009 Target Dates 1. Organize SC Case 1.1 Draw up a schedule for monthly SC staff case Schedule - case presentations Delcia February Presentations to ensure presentations. Commencement in February and professional training and final slot in October 2009. Nine slots in total development for mental health 1.2 Apply to HPCSA to have it registered as CPD Application letter to HPCSA February professionals activity for 2009 1.3 Develop an evaluation form for staff to provide Evaluation form February feedback re each presentation 1.4 Organize guest speaker for a training session on Evidence of Ethics session March Ethics (for CPD points) 1.5 Inform HPCSA of SC staff members’ accumulated SC staff list with accumulated CPD points for November CPD points for this activity HPCSA 2. Organize SC Staff 1.6 Organize two self care activities for SC staff to Names of facilitators and dates of events Delcia February & Self care activities September (?) combat burnout and build team spirit 8
  9. 9. 3. Organize SC Peer 1.7 Organize peer supervisions sessions for our Schedule - peer supervision sessions Delcia (CTC) Twice per month Supervision Sessions Abie (BC) professional staff to attend once every two weeks on the Cape Town and Bellville campuses. Application letter to HPCSA February 1.8 Ensure that debriefing is integrated into the process 1.9 Apply to HPCSA to have it registered as CPD activity for 2009 4. Update SC Referral File 1.10 Continuous update needed of file with information on Updated resource file Delcia Continuous outside referral sources. To update the already well resourced file with info on social workers and relevant web sites during 2009. 1.11 Purchase Life Line Directory Life Line Directory Delcia / Annette March 5. Maintain Supervision and 1.12 Establish a development program for the Peer supervision and training program for Yolanda Monthly Training Programme for supervisors supervisors – meeting once p.m. after the case Elisabet Counselling Psychology presentations Giselle Charlene Interns Amith Working towards getting this program Yolanda 2010 accredited in 2010 1.13 Establish a joint induction program for psychology Two-day program (one day on BC and one day Yolanda January interns on CTC) with the following aims: Elisabet Giselle - Introduction to SC staff, core business, policies and - performance expectations - introduction to CPUT and relevant departments - familiarizing them with intern manual - provide employment contract information 1.14 Establish an Intern Psychology Training and Yolanda March Development Program Document with rules and guidelines for internal Elisabet and external training and development Giselle opportunities to ensure consistency & fairness 1.15 Formulate a structured activity program for interns Yolanda January for the year once time frames have been set Program with activities and time frames Elisabet 1.16Feedback to interns and completed evaluation Yolanda Continuous Evaluation forms and letters Elisabet forms and correspondence letters to HPCSA and Giselle UWC (the collaborating university) Abie, Elisabet 8 & 9 April 1.17 Site visit by HPCSA for full accreditation as training Program Interns, other facility involved staff 6. Maintain the Supervision 1.18 Co-ordinate and mentor joint B.Psych practical Appointment of one B.Psych student on Charlene & July and Training Programme placement Bellville and one on Cape Town campus Amith = for UWC B.Psych students Supervisors 1.19 Liaise with Student Health for HIV/Aids training Evidence of training provided in 2nd semester Phumla & Kwezi July / August = mentors 9
  10. 10. 1.20 Supervisors to be trained on Brief Solution Focused Evidence of training attended Charlene & February Therapy Clinic BC 1.21 Formulate a structured activity program for interns Program with activities and time frames Charlene, Amith July for the year once time frames have been set 1.22 Establish closer links with Dept of Psychology, UWC Meeting with Co-ordinator of B.Psychs and Supervisors & July & Nov supervisor and outcomes mentors 1.23 Further development of B.Psyc guideline document: Guideline for students on work ethics, work “ July work related contract contract and leave requirements 1.24 Induction program for B.Psychs – 2/3 days Induction program “ July 1.25 Supervision and mentoring Scheduled weekly supervision and mentoring Supervisors and Continuous 2nd sessions Mentors semester 1.26 Feedback to BPsych students and completed Evaluation forms and letters Supervisors Sept & Nov evaluation forms and correspondence letters to UWC (the collaborating university) 7. Provide individual 1.27Conduct individual psychotherapy to students upon Scheduled individual counselling sessions and All counselors Continuous counseling and psycho- student personal files request (including follow-up sessions where therapy to registered necessary) CPUT students Records of students who received confidential Thandi & Phumla Continuous 1.28Conduct individual counselling sessions to counselling on welfare related matters; students with specific needs (e.g. students with Evidence of written communication to other disabilities; international students) and students that relevant parties, e.g. parents, Credit present with social and welfare concerns Management Unit Statistical records 1.29Provide debriefing sessions to students that are in Thandi, Phumla Continuous and counselors crisis or traumatized (by e.g. rape, robbery or death when required of a significant other) Statistical records Thandi, Phumla Continuous 1.30 Provide short term counseling to: (i) students with and counselors HIV/AIDS, and (ii) those that have been sexually when required harassed upon request Evidence of referral letters Student Welfare Continuous Officers and 1.31Cross referral of students where necessary to Student provide a more comprehensive service to students Counsellors in need (e.g. between student welfare officers and student counsellors) 8. Provide small therapeutic 1.32 Initiate small group therapy sessions by marketing it At least 1 Scheduled group therapy process ( 4 Yolanda (BC) Continuous groups to students with as self development groups –6 sessions) per campus based on need Giselle (CTC) specific needs Melleta (Wellington) Delcia (Mowbray) 10
  11. 11. 2. CAREER DEVELOPMENT ACCOUNTS TO CPUT STRATEGIC DIRECTION 1: Teaching and Learning • To improve throughput and retention rates – career counselling to prospective students will improve the chances that the students will make better course choices • To continually improve and enhance the support systems for students – Resources Venue ACCOUNTS TO CPUT STRATEGIC DIRECTION 3: Responsiveness, Partnerships and Community Engagement • To create and sustain a supportive infrastructure for engagement and partnerships Components Co-ordinators, Supervisors and Mentors for 2009 1. Career Assessment and Counselling service to prospective students - Elisabet (CTC) Grade 11 & 12s, school leavers and CPUT alumni Nthabi (BC) 2. Career Information sessions for prospective students and CPUT alumni Elisabet (CTC); Nthabi (BC) 3. Assessment and counseling for Grade 9s for subject choice Elisabet (CTC); Nthabi (BC) 4. Career Assessment and Counselling, or Career Information Sessions to CPUT Elisabet (CTC) students who consider course change, or advanced study options Nthabi (BC) 5. SC Resources Venues (updates and supervision) Marzetha (with support from Elisabet & Nthabi) Student Counselling Action Steps Performance Measures Responsible Target Dates Objectives for 2009 2.1 Provide Career On Cape Town Campus: Assessment and - Maintain workshop format Counselling workshops to prospective students - 6% increase on fee (R 640) (R 520 for children of staff, R 420 for ex-students and R - Grade 11 & 12s, 280 for disadvantaged learners) school leavers & CPUT - Scheduled for once or twice per month (as alumni needed) - Promotion to schools (letters with flyers) - Promotion at Open Day (poster & flyers) - Additional information on networking and job shadowing, etc. for file 11
  12. 12. - Electronic version of 16PF -depends on budget On Bellville Campus: - Maintain individual assessment and counselling service at a fee of R 500 p.p. - Schedule sessions as needed - Promotion to schools (letters with flyers) - Promotion at Open Day (poster & flyers) 2.2 Career Information Individual Information Sessions sessions for - Maintaining this service prospective students - Free of charge - By appointment, expect for walk-ins in beginning of year - Learners should preferably present a recent career assessment & counselling report - Should need assistance in finalizing their choice for studying at CPUT - Referral by student counsellors to Khulani (assisted by ML) or SC Resources Area on BC Information Sessions to Groups - Maintain - as was done during 2008 - Part of Community Outreach Project - To be arranged upon request from schools for small groups (+ 15 learners at a time) to visit Khulani - Active promotion? - Accommodating numbers? - Upgrading of materials / handouts, if needed? 2.3 Provide Assessment and - Maintain battery and file contents counseling for Grade 9s - Maintain fee of R 400 per learner for subject choice - Per appointment for individual assessment & counselling - Summative report? (Examples from ES) - Additional information for file, e.g. on “How do I select a career?” 2.4 Provide Career - First / intake session – determine need for Assessment and psychometric assessment and full career Counselling, or Career counselling - No fixed battery – depend on need and Information, to CPUT preference of counsellor students who consider course change, or - Summative report optional advanced study options - Aim: to consider alternative study options, not only at CPUT - Refer to SC Resources Venues where needed 2.5 Ensure effective Services Maintained: maintenance and Updated information that is readily available Marzetha Continuous 12
  13. 13. operation of SC - Update of information on tertiary training to students, public and staff Elisabet Resources Venues institutions and companies for both CTC & BC Nthabi Agenda and minutes of meeting Start of 2nd sem - Meet with staff from Applications office to discuss appropriate referral of prospective students / applicants to SC Resources Venues Renewed licenses – proof of payment February / March - Annual update of the computerized products, Promotional flyers May e.g. Career Mentor Program - renew licences - Promote SC Resources Venues at CPUT Open Letter and information leaflets to schools February Day - Promote (by letter and information leaflets) SC Statistics of usage & availability for Continuous Resources Venues to WCED schools appointments - depends on demand - Promote Resources Venues via SC web page - Assistance by B.Psych students in SC Resources Venues during 2nd semester New Ideas to be explored & implemented New filing system BC 1st semester - Develop a user-friendly filing system for materials in the Resources Area at SC BC Examples of electronic messages Continuous - Develop and send electronic messages (via Newsflash, or Groupwise) to promote specific products / aspects of our Resources Venues, Examples Continuous e.g. the Learnwell DVD - Make use of Student Affairs Market Days (SC exhibition stall) as a promotion tool - Distribute promotional information flyers / Examples Continuous posters from Applications Offices Examples Continuous - Increased availability of self-help material from the Resources Venues - Do internet searches on specified life skills New product(s) 1st semester topics and compile lists of valuable web pages on these topics. - Purchase additional CDs or DVDs (electronic) products for customer use in Resources Venues 13
  14. 14. 3. SKILLS DEVELOPMENT ACCOUNTS TO CPUT STRATEGIC DIRECTION 1: Teaching and Learning • To improve throughput and retention rates and pass rates • To continually improve and enhance the support systems for students • To identify ideal graduate attributes and develop students in accordance with these • To renew and develop the curriculum to align it with emerging needs of society Component Co-ordinators 1. Credit-bearing Life Skills Modules to first year students within Faculties Yolanda (BC); Elisabet (CTC) 2. Non-credit bearing Life Skills Workshops aimed at First Year Adjustment (1st Yolanda (BC); Faith / Kwezi (CTC), Melleta sem.) (Wellington), Delicia (Mowbray) 3. Non-credit bearing Life Skills Workshops aimed at Increasing Career Kwezi (CTC) Preparedness of senior students (2nd sem.) Nthabi (BC) 4. Student Leadership Development Elisabet with Yolanda Student Counseling Action Steps Performance Measures Responsible Target Dates Objectives for 2009 3.1 Provide credit bearing - Provide c/b life skills module for students on the Marked autobiography Yolanda 1st sem life skills programs to assignments and evaluation report extended programme in Civil & Mechanical class groups Training materials Engineering (Bellville campus). Module is part during 1st sem. upon of the communications subject. Core life skills prior request & arrange- module, 3 workshops plus small group work - ment with Faculties personal development groups (6 sessions). A repeat of the past 4 years involvement Assignments and evaluation report Yolanda 2nd sem. - Provide c/b life skills modulde for students in 14
  15. 15. Faculty of Design - Department of Clothing Management (Bellville) Attendance lists Elisabet February - Provide c/b life skills module to first year Updated training materials (PPP and handout) students within the Business faculty – ND Hospitality Management, Granger Bay campus. Module is part of Communications subject. Five topics, focusing on first year adjustment. A repeat of the past 2 years’ successful involvement Assessment tasks Melleta 1st sem Training materials - Provide c/b life skills module to senior students at The Business and Teaching faculties (Wellington campus) Yolanda 1st sem Increased involvement in non- Faith / Kwezi - SC will scale down on this (credit bearing) credit bearing life skills development service, until our specific involvement in student retention programme(s) has been clarified / determined. To embark more on non-credit bearing life skills workshops. 3.2 To provide non-credit - Use NCB life skills training as a platform for Evidence of such support Faith / Kwezi & 1st sem ‘09 bearing life skills developing informal support structures for students structure(s) Yolanda workshops and training - Consolidation of our developmental work Evidence of circulation of Faith / Kwezi & 1st sem ‘09 courses to CPUT workshop material / resources Yolanda students across campuses and across different projects, e.g. peer helper training, use of the sms program on Wellington campus, or multicultural training on Cape Town campus - Interactive workshops – make use of resources Evidence of sharing of already Faith / Kwezi & 1st sem ‘09 presently available i.t.o. audio-visual support developed PPPs amongst student Yolanda counselors - Promoting team work in order to share facilitation Evidence of shared facilitation. Faith / Kwezi & 1st sem ‘09 (BC & CTC) Yolanda - Improve on our promotion of these workshops / Liaison with faculties / Faith / Kwezi & Continuous training events to ensure improved enrolment and departments (e.g. present Yolanda attendance. workshops to a class groups upon invitation from a lecturers) have worked in the past Trying out sms reminders Attendance lists Melleta & Delica Continuous - Continue to facilitate non-credit bearing life skills Feedback reports workshops to specific class groups upon invitation by Faculties at Wellington and Mowbray campuses 3.3 Provide non-credit - Decide on training topics and develop training Training materials Kwezi 2nd semester 15
  16. 16. bearing Life Skills materials (PPPs and handouts) Nthabi Workshops aimed at Melleta increasing the Career - Present the series (4 – 5 topics) of workshops Dates and topics Preparedness of senior - Present 3 - 4 topics to various class groups upon Dates and topics students (2nd sem.) invitation from Co-op Education lecturers (CTC and Wellington campus) - Promote career preparedness workshops to all Promotion materials registered CPUT students via Newsflash, posters, SC web page, Uni-Radio 3.4 Involve with Student - Introduce the idea of SC’s involvement in 2009 SC Presentation at SRC Induction Elisabet December 2008 Leadership Program – date and PPP SRC’s leadership development program during development SC’s presentation at their Induction Program Evidence of invite & meeting Elisabet February - Invite SRC to a Meet and Greet Session with SC staff during which unresolved issues with regards to our involvement with their leadership development, will be clarified Training materials Elisabet & Yolande March - Develop training materials (PPPs & handouts) should their be an agreement on this matter Dates, topics and feedback Elisabet & Yolande 1st semester - Facilitate agreed upon training topics 4. ADVOCACY AND LEARNER SUPPORT ACCOUNTS TO CPUT STRATEGIC DIRECTION 1: Teaching and Learning CPUT Objectives: · To develop and meet benchmarks for service and infrastructural support, aimed toward the wellness of students - To investigate and implement an appropriate faculty and support structure to manage faculties and resource in the multi- campus model Components Co-ordinators Policies Abie (with Elisabet) Dealing with students at risk of failure, or drop-out Abie (with Elisabet) Dealing with exam concessions & academic exclusions Elisabet (with Nthabi for BC) Welfare services Thandi (CTC); Phumla (BC) 4.1 Policies Student Counselling Action Steps Performance Measures Responsible Target Objectives for 2009 Dates Remain involved with - Have senate approve SC Evidence of Senate approval Abie March policy formulation policy document relating to students Evidence of SC involved in policy decision HOD’s March - Aug 16
  17. 17. - Participate in policy making in minutes of meetings formulation re students Increase SC Evidence of increased sitting on committees HOD’s March participation in CPUT committees - Approach Dean of Students regarding SC committee participation Participation at faculty boards HOD’s April - Approach Deans with proposal to obtain sitting on Faculty boards Advocate for parent Evidence of policy/strategy document HOD’s April policies/strategies such as student retention - Approach Deans with policy proposal re strategies for student retention (Component of SC Core Service – Advocacy & Learner Support) 4.2 Early Identification of Students at Risk of Drop-out or Failure Student Counselling Action Steps Performance Measures Responsible Target Objectives for 2009 Dates Develop a process of - Invite academic departments to Evidence of invitation to Faculties HODs February identifying risk factors that participate in the program and influence first year student Data bases and reports on risk HODs & April administer the Risk/Success Factor factors for at least 6 academic Counsellors retention & throughput & Questionnaire to first year class groups departments. provide interventions upon invitation from academic staff (Component of SC Core - Use completed Risk/Success Factor Negotiations with stakeholders re. HODs & April – June Service – Advocacy & questionnaires to identify at-risk sessions with at risk students Counsellors ‘09 Learner Support) students - Arrange for interventions: meet with Meetings with stakeholders HOD’s, counsellors and welfare officers May - July ‘09 small groups and refer for individual counselling or group sessions (study DVD) and make links with academic 17
  18. 18. exclusions - Incorporate it as part of the service we “ " " provide to students in Extended Programs Meetings with academic departments HOD’s May – Aug - Alert faculties (academic staff) to the via faculty board meetings ‘09 value of Student Counselling’s involvement with the early identification of students at risk of drop-out / failure and the planning of appropriate early interventions on the identified risk factors. Meetings arranged HOD’s May ‘09 - Set up meetings with other departments (Fundani, Co-op, Financial Aid) to discuss collaboration in learner support activities Meetings with HOD e-learning Sept ‘09 - Investigate possibility of placing Success/Risk Factor questionnaire on WebCT 4.3 Dealing with Exam Concessions and Academic Exclusions Student Counselling Action Steps Performance Measures Responsible Target Objectives for 2008 Dates 4.3.1 Evaluate students - Formalize co-ordination and referrals to and Meetings with stakeholders HODs, Faith & Nthabi April ‘08 applying for exam from Faculties and Disabiity Unit concessions and to - Update SC procedure Manual re new Addition to Student Counselling’s Procedure HODs April ‘08 make recommen- “protocol” Manual dations to the Deans of faculties - Evaluate applicants with document and write File with letters of recommendation HOD’s & Nthabi Continuous re such students letters of recommendation to Deans of Faculties (Component of SC Core Service: Advocacy and - Awareness raising of this service & “protocol” Evidence of promotion on SC web page and HODs, Faith & Nthabi March Learner Support) to staff at Faculty Board Meetings (?); to first Extended Orientation Presentation year students (via our Extended Orientation Presentations and the Disability Unit), the SC web page. HOD’s, Faith & Nthabi Continuous 18
  19. 19. - Ensure that the battery used for the Evidence and implementation of integrated comprehensive psycho-educational diagnostic battery assessment of applicants are adjusted according to need / type of disability. HODs, Faith & Nthabi Continuous - Explore and purchase new assessment Evidence of new instruments (if needed) instruments, if needed 4.3.2 Provide a service to - Determine during the first / intake session the Examples of assistance with appeals (letters) HODs & Counsellors Continuous students merit i.t.o. supporting appeal application with a presenting with reference letter from SC if there is merit exclusion letters - Determine the need for psychometric Evidence of career assessment and counselling HODs & Counsellors Continuous assessment and full career counselling. No on client files (Note: Refers to exclusion fixed battery – depends on need and for academic, residence preference of counsellor, Summative reports accommodation and optional financial reasons) - Issue for discussion at Faculty Board Meetings Evidence of meeting agendas “ Continuous (Linked to SC Core Service: Advocacy and - Updating or SC Procedures Manual and web Evidence of update on Procedures Manual and Elisabet November Learner Support) page re this “protocol” SC web page 4.4 Welfare Services and Services to Students with Disabilities Student Counselling Action Steps Performance Measures Responsible Target Objectives for 2008 Dates Provide a comprehensive welfare - Raise awareness amongst Evidence of meetings, letters, e-mails Thandi & Phumla Continuous service to CPUT students stakeholders (SC staff, Student & HODs Health, HIV Unit, Disability Unit, Residence Managers, Financial Aid, (Linked to SC Core Service: Credit Management Unit, Faculties Advocacy and Learner and DoS) of issues of concern (as Support) presented by clients of student welfare officers) - Develop an efficient system for cross Referral and feedback system Thandi & Phumla June referrals of clients and follow-up / feedback on referrals made - Increase promotion of the welfare Orientation PPP and SC web page Jan / Febr services on campus via SC Orientation presentations, SC web page. Evidence of articles and talks Continuous - Increase pro-active approach to social issues that affect students, e.g. by 19
  20. 20. increased use of Newsflash, Student Newsletter and campus radio to raise awareness and provide information. - Involvement of student welfare officers Evidence of participation in wellness events Continuous in wellness events, .e.g commemoration of national days, e.g. 16 days of activism against the abuse of drugs and alcohol. - Interface with peer helpers, residence Evidence of meetings / contact; diaries Continuous managers, house comms and residence supervisors re welfare related matters. Evidence of referrals by peer helpers Continuous - Peer helpers to help identify social issues affecting students. This can inform intervention by the student welfare officers. Monthly statistics Continuous - Assess students requiring subsistence OPA Budget statement on expenditure from the Contingency Fund and Contingency Fund File administer & control this fund (total for 2009 = R 15 000) Meeting agenda & minutes March - Schedule a meeting with SRC, or obtain ideas from students in order to develop a long-term measure of addressing subsistence needs of students, as opposed to mere handing out of food vouchers. Student files Continuous - Liaison with the HIV Unit regarding Monthly statistics students infected and affected by HIV/ Aids. Student Files “ - Liaison with the Disability Unit Monthly statistics regarding support and referral of students with disabilities. Evidence of workshops Febr / March - Facilitate workshops on Financial Training materials Management as part of the NCB Life Skills Training programme Evidence of self help materials Jan / February - Distribution of reading (self help) material on social / welfare matters during Orientation Updated off campus referral list of e.g. social workers November - Further develop links for off-campus referral of students Student files - letters Continuous - Advocate on behalf of students who have social issues that impact negatively on their studies (e.g. 20
  21. 21. finance, accommodation) Information Continuous - Disseminate updated information to students on their rights and institutional policies affecting them To participate in the monitoring of Attendance of at least 3 meetings of EMEC Evidence that disability was made an issue for Thandi November employment equity within CPUT discussion at each EMEC meeting during 2008 5. PEER HELPER PROGRAM ACCOUNTS TO CPUT STRATEGIC DIRECTION 1: TEACHING AND LEARNING • To continuously enhance the support systems for students 2009 Coordinators: Amith (Cape Town campus) Melleta (Wellington campus), Charlene (Bellville Campus); Delcia (Mowbray) Student Counselling Action Steps Performance Responsible Target Dates Objectives for 2008 Measures 5.1 Improve peer Recruitment and selection of peer helpers: support by working on Senior students to be recruited and selected to be trained as peer List of selected helpers for 2009. peer helpers on specific Wellington campus: 35 senior students selected in collaboration with indicated CPUT Melleta Nov 2008 & 2009 challenges with the residence co-ordinators campuses regards to the Peer Helper Bellville, Cape Town and Mowbray campuses: + 20 peer helpers each Amith, Charlene & Oct- Nov ‘08 & ‘09 Program for CTC and BC and Mowbray + 4- 8 Delcia Recruitment to happen in 2 phases: Amith, Charlene & Oct – Nov ’08 & ‘09 21
  22. 22. - Any student may apply (peer helpers not to be recruited from HIV Delcia Peer Educator group) - Submission of written application with necessary documentation - Short-listed candidates to be invited to attend a structured interview with panel & selected according to specified criteria 5.2 Empower Training of peer helpers: students by Evidence of Melleta, Amith & giving them WC students trained separately training dates Charlene Wellington and training completed Nov ‘08 opportunities for Joint training to be done for BC, CTC & MC programs Cape Town and personal develop- Bellville: Febr ‘09 ment and leader- Intern counselling psychologists to be involved in the training as co- Evidence of ship outside the facilitators of some topics involvement formal classroom environment Training involves, but is not limited to: Training Task team Continuous as from BASIC programs Febr ‘09 - Basic counselling skills - Knowledge of the Peer helper programme and role - Introduction to experiential learning - Facilitation skills - Ethical issues in helping - Campus resources and referral skills ADVANCED - Diversity awareness - Project planning and –management - Stress Management - Portfolio Management - Crisis Management - Behaviour Change - Career Counselling - Lifestyle Management - Mentoring - Drug Awareness - HIV/Aids Awareness Reflection on Personal Growth Evidence of Task team Continuous as from sessions February The reflection process is ongoing and will be decided by the group / individual peer helper and their assigned supervisors. The reflection process can be done in one or more or the following ways: - Goal setting with a log book - Portfolio development - Small group discussions (interns to initiate / co-facilitate) - Group / individual supervision with a qualified psychologist / counselor 5.3 To provide an Roles and Functioning of Peer Helpers: ‘outreach approach’ to Trained peer helpers to assist our student community in a variety of Evidence of Task team Continuous as from roles, e.g. as mentors, project assistants (e.g. careers, orientation and projects / February Student wellness), referral agents programs Counselling through the Peer 22
  23. 23. Helper Program Functioning: Projects to focus on first year and residence students Foreseen increase in on-campus involvement e.g. via lunch talks, & awareness raising. Collaboration with other student bodies, e.g. HIV Peer Educators, Residence House Committee members & SRC Focus areas to be based on the CPUT Wellness Model. To use the 2009 Health & Wellness calendar and –plan as a guide to structure their programme / activities for the year. To also embark on projects that will be based on the needs of each campus. Trained students to operate / function under the name: CPUT Peer Helpers 5.4 To have To organise for students on the Peer Helper Program to be rewarded for 2009 Budget HODs & Amith, November incentives for services delivered. Rewards will be in the following ways: provision for Melleta, Charlene students on the - A once-off monetary incentive of R 400 for each peer helper incentives and & Delcia - End of year certification ceremony and –function end of year Peer Helper - Joint end of term meetings and socializing for all CPUT peer certificate Program helpers ceremonies 6. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT ACCOUNTS TO CPUT STRATEGIC DIRECTION 2: RESEARCH CPUT Strategic objective: To develop and support productive research themes that are relevant to the needs of society 2009 Co-ordinators: Abie de Villiers & Amith Ramballie Student Counselling Action Steps Performance Measures Responsible Target Dates Objectives for 2009 6.1 Support productive To compile a list of research topics conducted by Published list of research topics Abie, Amith, February research output at staff of Student Counselling counsellors CPUT Develop and conduct presentation on time Presentation of time management Abie, Amith and April management for post graduate students (M & D session Counsellors Tech) Provide support to post graduate students as co- Supervision sessions Counsellors supervisors of dissertations 23
  24. 24. 6.2 Develop SC research Contact Sam Henkeman and Rob Woodward re. Meetings to discuss HOD’s February capacity, conduct development of profile of CPUT students research on students Use result of audit of self-help material to develop List of self-help material available Marzetha and March – Oct and the impact of new material to fill gaps Evidence of new self-help material Counsellors counseling interven- tions on student Discuss research articles at case presentations At least 2 discussions during the year Counsellors Febr – Oct retention and through- put and publish Obtain research assistance (post graduate Assistants on contract HOD’s June findings students, statistician) for research Arrange presentations by library staff to access At least one presentation Abie & Amith March –Aug electronic resources for writing articles Collaborate on and conduct client satisfaction Conduct focus group interviews with Counsellors May – Aug surveys, impact studies for individual counseling students and questionnaires at 3-6 and skills development programmes months follow-up Collate data and write report on findings Report on findings in SC Newsletter Counsellors August Present papers on the research Evidence of at least two paper Counsellors September presentations at conferences Write article to be published in accredited journal Evidence of at least one article Counsellors October submitted to accredited journal 7. COMMUNITY OUTREACH ACCOUNTS TO CPUT STRATEGIC DIRECTION 3: Responsiveness, Partnerships & Community Engagement  To create and sustain a supportive infrastructure for engagement and partnerships Components Co-ordinators 7.1 Educators’ workshop series: Skills for personal and professional success for educators Nthabiseng 7.2 Direct focus on schools: Skills for personal and academic success for learners Kwezi Student Action Steps Performance Measures Responsible Target Counselling Dates Objectives for 2008 7.1 Organize, - Prepare and send out invitations to 20 schools, Letter of invitation Nthabi February develop and requesting two educators form each school to enrol Names of schools present a for the workshop series on the Bellville campus workshop series - Educators to RSVP by 27 March List of attendees Nthabi March for educators from 24
  25. 25. previously - Organise workshops over 4 consecutive Workshop programme Nthabi March disadvantaged Wednesdays, namely 22 April, 29 April, 6 May and schools, with the 13 May from 13h15 – 16h00. aim to help them cope with stresses - Develop / update workshop presentations and Training materials Nthabi and other facilitators March / April that they encounter training materials on the following 4 topics: Career on a daily basis at decision making skills, Managing the classroom, Relationship building and managing conflicts, Stress work Management. (First semester) Feedback form and report Nthabi June - Monitor the success of this workshop series and the extent to which needs were met, by requesting the educators to complete a feedback form. 7.2 Organize, develop - Prepare and send out invitations to schools randomly Letter of invitation Kwezi and present life (to make use of Khulani’s mailing list) skills workshops - Select 4 – 6 schools where 2 to 4 workshops will be Names of selected schools Kwezi or presentations run, some concurrently, depending on the number of to learners at learners and time allocation previously disad- vantaged schools - Develop and maintain contact with two persons Names of contact persons per school Kwezi to equip them (educators) from selected schools to organise the with skills for workshops for us. personal and academic - Facilitators to develop / update training materials for Training materials Kwezi and selected topics. For Grade 12s, the topic will be: involved SC staff success Learning and Study Skills. For learners from other Grades, the topics will be: Building Self Esteem and (Second semester) Emotional Intelligence (based on need) - Facilitators to include the 2 intern psychologists and 2 List of facilitators / program Kwezi B.Psych students. Feedback form and report Kwezi - Monitor the success of this workshop series and the extent to which needs were met, by requesting the learners and involved educators to complete a feedback form. 25
  26. 26. 8. WELLNESS PROGRAM Accounts to Strategic Direction 6: Institutional Development, Infrastructure and Governance CPUT Strategic Objectives: To develop and meet benchmarks for service and infrastructural support, aimed towards the wellness of students and staff 2009 Co-ordinator: Melléta Louw Other task team members: Elisabet Smit & Abie de Villiers Student Counselling Action Steps Performance Measures Responsible Target Dates Objectives for 2008 8 1 To ensure the implementation Cape Town and Bellville Campuses of the CPUT Holistic Wellness Model within SC activities - Move away from a mere once-off Evidence of at 3 - 4 smaller wellness Abie (BC) Continuous “awareness raising” event to 3 – 4 awareness raising activities during 2009 Elisabet (CTC) ongoing smaller events with a wellness focus during the year. (Aim for more 26
  27. 27. simple, but more meaningful events targeting the hearts and minds of the CPUT student population) - Aim for greater peer helper involvement Evidence of increased peer helper Amith, Charlene Continuous in the planning of and participation in involvement, e.g. peer helper program these smaller events on the campuses and in the residences Wellington Campus - Continue with the “success recipe”, Wellness program in residences Melleta, SRC member Continuous, with Peer Helper / starting Febr namely to have 6 small scale wellness Wellness portfolio and events, organized by peer helpers in Peer Helper Reps in the residences, each event focusing on residences a specific wellness dimension. + Peer Helper Reps in January - List the six target dates on the residences Wellington campus events calendar for 2009. SRC member’s portfolio description SRC member with Continuous - Give the SRC member, with the Peer Helper / portfolio of Peer Helping / Wellness, the Wellness Portfolio responsibility for actively motivating the peer helpers and to oversee the wellness programs of every residence. Diarized meetings “ Continuous - SRC member to provide regular feedback to Melleta Diarized monthly meetings, agendas & SRC member & Continuous - Get SRC and HC members with the minutes relevant HCs Peer Helper / Wellness portfolios, and peer helper representatives together for meetings (once a month) to motivate, plan, and smooth out problems. Mowbray campus Delcia November - The wellness program can not be implemented before a significant number of peer helpers are in place on this campus. To get the peer helper program active on this campus, will be first priority during 2009. Other endeavors / suggestions re wellness: Contents of Basic Training program for Amith, Charlene February - The Peer Helper Program and Wellness peer helpers Program should be linked by making training on Wellness Awareness part of the Basic Counselling Skills Training Program. “ “ “ - Wellness Awareness Raising to 27
  28. 28. primarily become a peer helper responsibility and communicated to them during their basic training Meetings with SRC & HC reps (?) Amith, Charlene & October HODs (with incoming - BC and CTC should get the SRC and SRC) HC members on board, by endeavoring to give a member the portfolio of Peer Helping / Wellness. SC should liaise with them more closely Diarized wellness events HODs Continuous - Use the Wellness Program as a Promotional items HODs, Amith, Continuous promotion tool for SC on all campuses Charlene & Melleta - Wellness promotional items (e.g. posters and flyers) to be developed for “ “ “ distribution during Wellness events - Develop simple “brand building” slogans / emblems for each wellness Wellness pamphlets “ “ dimension - Info on promotion pamphlets should be brief 9. MARKETING AND PROMOTION ACCOUNTS TO CPUT STRATEGIC DIRECTION 5: Marketing CPUT Strategic Objective: To develop and implement an integrated marketing strategy 9.1 Annual Report Abie (with Elisabet) 9.2 SC Newsletter Giselle (assisted by Amith) 9.3 Web page and Web CT Giselle (assisted by Amith & Elisabet) 9.4 Orientation / Extended Orientation Giselle (assisted by Elisabet & Amith (CTC); Abie fBC) CPUT Open Day SC Exhibition stall & promotional material Marzetha & Elisabet 9.1 Annual Report Student Counselling Action Steps Performance Measures Responsible Target Dates Objectives for 2009 28