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Slide 1 - Welcome to NC4


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  • Interoperability allows E Team to E Team data sharing.
  • Interoperability allows E Team to E Team data sharing.
  • Transcript

    • 1. NC4 Situational Readiness
    • 2. NC4 improves Situational Readiness within and between business and public sectors with accurate, timely and secure information. Our products and services are critical for any organization that needs to address preparedness, response, continuity, and security. Situational Readiness
    • 3. NC4 Overview
      • 2001 NC4 Formed as a Division of Candle Corp
      • NC4 Inc. (privately held) formed February 2004
      • E Team acquired August 2005
      • ESP Group acquired July 2006
      • Privately Held
      • 100 Employees – Plus Consultants
      • Focus on Situational Readiness for:
        • Private Sector (Corporate Security, Business Continuity)
        • Public Sector (Emergency Management, Law Enforcement)
      Situational Readiness
    • 4. Situational Readiness Communities
      • NC4 serves these and other public and private communities with information sharing and collaboration:
        • State and local Emergency Management by enabling the sharing of information during an emergency
        • Law Enforcement & Fusion Centers by brokering a community for sharing information and lessons learned
        • Financial Services by monitoring critical infrastructure
        • Aerospace and Defense
        • Federal Agencies
      Situational Readiness
    • 5. Situational Readiness Solutions
      • External Situational Awareness (ESA)
      • Secure Communication and Collaboration (ESP)
      • Situational Response (E Team)
      Situational Readiness
    • 6. External Situational Awareness ESA External Situational Awareness
    • 7. ESA Global Incident Monitoring
      • NC4’s global incident monitoring is a subscription service that provides personalized Situational Awareness of events that could impact operations or the health and safety of employees
      External Situational Awareness
    • 8. ESA Global Incident Monitoring
      • NC4’s global incident monitoring provides customers with a higher level of preparedness
        • 24x7 monitoring
        • Monitoring thousands of diverse information sources
        • Outsourced eyes and ears
        • Unique location-based alert profile that delivers only those alerts relevant to your operations
      External Situational Awareness
    • 9. NC4 Incident Monitoring Centers (NIMC)
      • East and west coast NIMCs
      • Highly trained analysts
      • Sophisticated technology
      • Proven methodology
      External Situational Awareness
    • 10. We’ve Built Expert Processes To Follow up & Triage We Report and Update Only Business Relevant Incidents * Estimated average for a large metropolitan area depending on number of facilities. Result: Relevant Information and Alerts - Goes to your NC4 enabled Command Center - Goes to mobile staff – receiving alerts only Analysts & Technology Capture Information Web Reports Mobile Alerts Monitor & process hundreds of thousands of bits of information from thousands of sources on a weekly basis External Situational Awareness Trained Information Analysts working for you 24x7 100,000 + Source Documents 8,000 + Triaged Documents 400 Final Nationwide 1 to 4 To You *
    • 11. Personalized Alerting Capabilities External Situational Awareness
    • 12. Methodology, Technology & Analysts
      • Methodology:
      • Continually add to incident source inventory
      • Capture information from thousands of diverse sources
      • Rapidly filter thousands of incidents per day for relevancy
      • Technology:
      • Automated, proprietary technology proactively scans sources for relevant incident information
      • Provides analysts with multiple means and far-reaching means for monitoring incidents
      • Utilizes advanced mapping and geospatial applications
      • Highly Skilled Analysts:
      • Extensively trained
      • Multilingual: Farsi, Swedish, German, Dutch, French, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, among others
      • College educated in related fields
      • Strong technical knowledge and computer skills
      External Situational Awareness
    • 13. Monitoring Diverse Information Sources
      • Official Government Agency Sources
      • Continual 24x7 Monitoring & Filtering
        • Country, state, regional and local online dispatch sites across the globe
        • Federal and country agency sites
        • Regional/local transportation information operated by DOTs
      • Incident-specific Monitoring
        • Real-time audio streaming for radio scanner sites for PD/FD/EMS
        • Real-time traffic cams and metropolitan city web cams nationwide
      • Private Incident Info Sources
      • Police/Fire/EMS monitoring alert networks
      • Local & National Media Sources
      • Local network TV affiliate websites
      • All news radio websites with live audio streaming
      • Local newspaper websites
      • Private media traffic information sites
      • Social networking and blog sources
      • Ad hoc groups on Twitter, Facebook and others, as well as specialized blogs covering local issues or specific topics such as weather
      • Majority of initial incident information comes from government or private, non-media sources
          • media sources are predominantly used for follow-up
      External Situational Awareness
    • 14. External Situational Awareness View Attachments Initial Report was Moderate, later upgraded to Severe
    • 15. Key Communities Rely on ESA
        • Financial Services
        • Aerospace and Defense
        • Pharmaceuticals
        • Hi-tech
        • Government Agencies
        • Law Enforcement
        • Energy and Utilities
      External Situational Awareness
    • 16. Situational Awareness Customers
      • NC4’s Situational Awareness customers include:
        • 6 of the Top 10 Financial Firms
        • 3 of the Top 7 Aerospace & Defense Contractors
        • 12 Federal Government Agencies
        • 20 Top Software and Technology vendors
        • 3 of the Top 5 Pharmaceutical companies
        • and many more…
      External Situational Awareness
    • 17. Summary of ESA Benefits
      • ESA enhances your Situational Awareness, enabling rapid, effective decision making and response to incidents which could cause operational disruption or impact employee health and safety
        • Quickly learn about relevant risks to your facilities and your operations
        • Ensure that staff responsible for your facilities learns about problems quickly
          • Reduce business impact of daily incidents and crises
          • Maximize awareness of supply chain interruptions
          • Avoid costly outages to critical business functions
          • Reduce damage to facilities
        • Lowers labor cost of risk mitigation
      • Quick, cost effective, secure implementation
        • Up and running in less than 30 days
        • No IT infrastructure investment
        • No IT labor required
      External Situational Awareness
    • 18. Secure Communication and Collaboration ESP Secure Communication and Collaboration
    • 19. ESP Highly Secure Extranet Portals
      • NC4’s ESP Group is a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider, bringing government agencies and corporations a common platform for secure communication and collaboration
      Secure Communication and Collaboration
    • 20. ESP Highly Secure Extranet Portals
      • NC4’s secure web portals are ideally suited for organizations:
        • within highly regulated industries that require specific controls on their IT systems
        • with users that are geographically or organizationally distributed
        • with users that do not share a common network infrastructure
        • with users dealing with sensitive data beyond the organization’s network boundary
        • with users that have out-of-band communication needs
          • contingency communications or COOP
          • mergers and acquisitions planning
          • labor/management negotiations
      Secure Communication and Collaboration
    • 21. The ESP Solution
      • A thorough security solution for diverse organizations to share critical information, such as Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), through highly secure, compartmented, web-accessible portals . Turnkey offering includes:
        • web hosting
        • security and network monitoring
        • software customization
        • user training and help desk services
      • Operates at a higher level of security, trust, service, technology and performance to eliminate the barriers to secure, collaborative information sharing
      • Leverages the ubiquity of the Internet without compromising security and simultaneously eliminates client system administration costs and additional staffing requirements
      • Supports diverse authentication methods, including identity federation, Two-factor and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
      Secure Communication and Collaboration
    • 22. The ESP Solution
      • Security is the design criteria to better serving our clients through:
      • Custom Application Development − unique Web-based applications developed and customized to meet specific communication needs of clients
      • Cost Savings − leverage cost saving benefits and expertise of a focused, trusted security SaaS provider without having to hire additional in-house talent
      • Globally Accessible − anyone with a current browser and an Internet connection can establish a highly secure session to retrieve, share and collaborate on critical information
      • Minimal Network Architecture Costs − no need to invest in complex and ever-changing technologies for multiple destinations -- utilize a centralized Secure Operating Center that supports multiple platforms
      • Full-Service Support Center − help desk supports and trains clients on how to use and access the portal so clients can fully benefit from the systems and applications
      • Ongoing Research and Development − significant investments in ongoing research and development on the latest security techniques and methodologies so clients can be confident their communications are always secure
      Secure Communication and Collaboration
    • 23. Web Portals Designed for Security
      • The ESP solution embraces a highly secure operating environment
        • Built to rigorous U.S. government standards for a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF)
        • SSL support with up to a 256-bit AES encryption (with a minimum 128-bit required)
        • Multiple strong authentication methods, including:
          • strict registration protocols
          • authorized management
          • human revalidation processes
          • and portal activity monitoring and reporting
      • The ESP Group implements strong physical security controls since even the most highly sophisticated software, encryption, and authentication can not provide the full cycle of security if the system itself is not physically secure
      Secure Communication and Collaboration
    • 24. Key Communities Rely on ESP
      • Law Enforcement & Intelligence
        • CyberCop Portal
        • Federal Protective Service
      • Security
        • Extranet for Security Professionals Portal
      • Pharmaceuticals
        • Sentrx Portal
      • Government Agencies
        • Pentagon Force Protection Agency Portal
        • Department of Energy, Foreign National Visitor Tracking Portal
        • Office of Personnel Management
      • Aerospace and Defense
      Secure Communication and Collaboration
    • 25. Summary of ESP Benefits
      • Highest level of security for sensitive applications
        • Certified for SBU, FOUO, LES
        • Ability to add/remove participants easily and in real-time
        • Create, modify, and delete compartmented groups
        • System enforces subscriber need to know, compartmentalization and includes full auditing capability throughout
        • Ability to secure the communications channel end-to-end for disparate users on separate networks with little or no centralized control of end user systems
      • Cost advantages of a SaaS provider
      • Flexibility and customization capabilities of a systems development / integration consultant
      • User friendly web-based applications made practical for sharing sensitive information by NC4’s full cycle security services
      • Supported by help desk and training programs that enhance security
      • Simplicity of network architecture in a centralized Secure Operating Center
      • No client side software beyond a current web browser
      • Two factor authentication
      • Federated ID management
      Secure Communication and Collaboration
    • 26. Situational Response Situational Response E Team
    • 27. E Team Incident Management Solution
      • NC4’s E Team application is the leading commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) incident management solution with proven interoperability and real world experience to enable communication and collaboration among jurisdictions in preparing for and responding to emergencies
      Situational Response
    • 28. E Team Incident Management Solution
      • Proven track record, battle tested
      • Proven ease-of-use
      • Proven collaboration
      • Proven functionality
      • Reliable support
        • Highly-trained Customer Performance and Operations Group (CPOG), many of whom are Certified Emergency Managers
        • Comprehensive training programs
        • 24x7 Support Center
      Situational Response
    • 29.
      • Winter Olympics in Utah (75 agencies / 1,500 users)
      • IMF Conference Security (15 agencies / 160 users)
      • Hurricanes Isidore and Lili
      Proven Track Record 2002
      • Northeast Blackout (25 agencies/250 users)
      • San Diego Firestorm (25 agencies/150 users)
      • Hurricanes Claudette and Isabel
      2003 2004 2005 2006 2001
      • New York 9/11 Recovery (150 agencies / 1700 users)
      • G8 Summit Security (70 agencies / 430 users)
      • DNC Security (20 agencies / 150 users)
      • RNC Security (62 agencies / 200 users)
      • Hurricanes Charley, Frances and Ivan
      • US Presidential Inauguration
      • Reagan Memorial
      • TOPOFF 3, New Jersey
      • World Soccer Cup, Germany
      • World Series
      • National Governor’s Association Annual Meeting
      Situational Response 2007
      • Super Bowl XL I
      • National Governor’s Conference
      • World Series
      • NCAA Tournament
      • TOPOFF 4, Arizona
      • Super Bowl XL II
      • National Governor’s Conference
      • Super Bowl XL III
      • Forward Challenge
      • Tornadoes in Missouri, Alabama, Florida
      • World Police and Fire Games
      • Southern California wildfires
    • 30. Improve Decision-Making Capability
      • Analysis and Reporting Engine (ARE) provides at-a-glance dashboard views of the key indicators to manage an incident, including:
      Situational Response
        • open incident status
        • shelter and hospital status
        • outstanding resource requests
    • 31. Proven Ease-of-Use Situational Response Web standards-based user interface
    • 32. Proven Collaboration
      • Collaboration among all key players
      • Data sharing and interoperability across local, regional, state and federal agencies
      • Ability to enforce standardization – everyone’s on a common system
      Situational Response
    • 33. Proven Collaboration
      • Real Data Sharing and Collaboration implementations in action at:
        • Florida UASI
        • State of Michigan
        • New Jersey Office of Emergency Management
        • STARRS
        • Dallas UASI
        • Charlotte UASI
      Situational Response “… the way in which the E Team data sharing was designed and how it is implemented in the field just plain works.” Mike Augustyniak, NJSP Office of Emergency Management EOC Manager
    • 34. Proven Functionality
      • E Team Enterprise
      • Includes E Team Standard plus :
      • Case Management
      • Volunteer and Donation Reporting
      • Damage Assessment
      • Hazmat T-II Chemical detail
      • Data Replication Services for Redundancy
      Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) functionality packaged to fit every need… Situational Response
      • E Team Standard
      • Incident Reporting & Tracking
      • Agency Situation Reporting
      • Infrastructure Reporting (hospital and shelter status)
      • Resource and Asset Management
      • Duty Logs
      • E Team-to-E Team Data Sharing
      • Dynamic GIS Mapping with Hand-Drawn Overlays
      • Profiling by Skill Sets
      • Organization Charts
      • Position-based Menus
      • Targeted Alerts and Notification
      • Planned Events and Activity Reporting
      • Call Center
      • E Team Standard (continued)
      • Call Center
      • Jurisdiction Situation Reporting
      • Infrastructure Reporting (roads, transit, utilities)
      • Vendor Management
      • Action Planning
      • Reference Section for integration of plans
      • Analysis and Reporting Engine Standard
    • 35. Comprehensive Training Options to Fit Your Needs
      • NC4 E Team training program
        • Professionally prepared course material
        • Complete set of materials for customer
        • Delivered by professional trainers with Public Safety background
        • Designed with optimal instructor student ratio and following current instructional principles for maximum retention of course materials
      • Training programs include:
        • Power-User: Overview of entire E Team system
        • End-User: Power-Users customize the End-User curriculum based upon the jurisdictions CONOPS and SOP’s
        • Train-the-Trainer: In-depth curriculum to train instructors how to deliver all aspects of training on the E Team System
        • Computer-Based Training (CBT): Prepares a new user with the basics to use the system for an activation, or refresh a previously trained user
      Situational Response
    • 36. Key Communities Rely on E Team
      • Emergency Management at the local, regional and state level
        • UASI’s
        • State multi-jurisdictions
      • Federal Agencies
      • State and local Law Enforcement
        • Fusion Centers
      Situational Response
    • 37. Summary of E Team Benefits
      • Unmatched deployment and performance history in real-world activations
      • Structured to fully support operations along the organizational functions and roles defined by the government standard National Incident Management System (NIMS)
      • Multi-agency, multi-group data sharing and collaboration based on industry standards
      • Instantaneous sorting and prioritization of critical report data for rapid analysis and common operational Situational Awareness
      • At-a-glance dashboard views of key indicators necessary to manage an incident
      • Commercial off-the-shelf functionality packaged for ease-of-use
      • Rapid deployment and scalability during emergencies
      • Dynamic GIS mapping with color-coded icons
      • Numerous training options to fit your specific needs
      • Effective training and preparedness tool
      Situational Response
    • 38. NC4 Thank You 1.877.624.4999 Thank You 1-877-624-4999