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  • 1. SOFTWARE SPO™ ON-DEMAND AS A SERVICE SOFTWARE-AS-A-SERVICE (SaaS), an on-demand Web services delivery model, has become an increasingly popular implementation choice for companies looking to lower infrastructure cost and complexity. With a hosted version of its Service Planning & Optimization (SPO™) software suite, MCA Solutions now offers its industry-leading service parts planning solution with the benefits of SaaS implementation. T H E S a a S A DVA N TAG E With mounting pressure to reduce the implementation risks and complexity of behind-the-firewall enterprise projects, it comes as no surprise that more companies are considering SaaS. Such solutions require little in terms of infrastructure commitments beyond an Internet connection. And, as opposed “THE SaaS MODEL … to customer-managed solutions, SaaS allows companies to shift IT resources away from application maintenance and into other vital projects. Other [is] an attractive, lower risk advantages of the SaaS model over traditional software implementation option for small and large methods include: enterprises alike.” LOWER UP-FRONT COST. Because software is not purchased and services – RO B E RT B O I S are provided on-demand, costs are spread out and can be budgeted accordingly. AMR RESEARCH QUICK DEPLOYMENT. SaaS applications require little or no set up and only minimal configuration. AUTOMATIC UPGRADES. Upgrades are automatically pushed to end CASE STUDY: T E L L A B S users, reducing their effort and allowing vendors to deliver more targeted customer support. • PARTNER SOLUTION WITH DHL GREATER CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. SaaS vendors will sustain high • OUTSOURCED INFRASTRUCTURE levels of customer satisfaction to ensure broad user adoption and continued • 2 MONTH IMPLEMENTATION renewal of term contracts. • INTEGRATION WITH SAP FLEXIBLE MODEL. Subscription license can be converted to a traditional perpetual software license if and when it makes sense for the customer. • IMMEDIATE ROI • 60% REDUCTION IN INVENTORY LEVELS
  • 2. SOFTWARE SPO™ ON-DEMAND AS A SERVICE SPO ON-DEMAND OFFERING In response to the growing demand for SaaS, MCA’s SPO has been made available for on-demand delivery. A monthly subscription fee allows client organizations to access SPO and related services over the Internet, and leverage all of SPO’s robust features and functionality without administrative headaches or excessive hardware costs. SPO On-Demand includes: SOFTWARE USAGE AND END-USER SUPPORT MAINTENANCE AND UPGRADES HOSTING SETUP AND CONFIGURATION TRAINING INTEGRATION OPTIONAL CONSULTING MCA’s SPO On-Demand combines outsourcing benefits like greater support and satisfaction with ownership benefits such as customization flexibility and consistent performance. Results include: DECREASED RAMP-UP TIMES LOWER OWNERSHIP COSTS CONSISTENT ROI SaaS implementation represents an ideal “best of both worlds” solution for many MCA customers in industries including high tech, telecom and industrial equipment. Tellabs, a leading provider of telecommunications equipment and one of MCA’s first customers to embrace SaaS, uses SPO for parts center provisioning, inventory forecasting and contract coverage analysis. MCA provides these capabilities on-demand, freeing more of Tellabs’ resources to execute tactical plans with solution partner, DHL. SPO easily integrates with Tellabs’ enterprise software applications as well as with DHL’s fulfillment system, providing end-to-end visibility and management of mission-critical materials. As more and more companies implement SPO’s innovative features in a hosted environment, MCA is continually seeking better ways to deliver SaaS benefits to the service supply chain – with faster implementation, increased ease-of-use, and reduced lifecycle costs. World Headquarters EMEA Headquarters Two Penn Center Plaza, Suite 700 Mechelsesteenweg 277 1500 JFK Boulevard B-1800 Vilvoorde Philadelphia, PA 19102 Belgium Tel: 215.717.2180 Tel: +32 2 254.85.42 © 2005 MCA Solutions. All rights reserved. Fax: 215.717.2189 www.mcasolutions.com