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Proofpoint on Demand SaaS Email Security Solutions ...


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Proofpoint on Demand SaaS Email Security Solutions ...

  1. 1. Proofpoint ENTERPRISE and PROTECT Proofpoint on Demand Email Security Solutions Proofpoint on Demand™ delivers Proofpoint’s unified email security and data loss prevention features as cost-effective, easy-to-adopt and easy-to-manage SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions. Based on the same enterprise-proven platform that powers Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway™ appliances, Proofpoint on Demand offers the industry’s most effective protection against both inbound and outbound email-borne threats, without requiring the installa- tion of on-premises hardware or software. Available in both ENTERPRISE and PROTECT editions to meet your organization’s unique requirements. features Enterprise-class email security... on demand Our flagship SaaS email security solution, Proofpoint ENTERPRISE™, combines the power and customizability of Proofpoint’s enterprise-proven email security platform with the cost-effective convenience of the hosted delivery model. Proofpoint ENTERPRISE is highly configurable and available with a wide variety of email security and data loss prevention services. Organizations of all types will benefit from Proofpoint’s unrivalled anti-spam effectiveness, comprehensive DLP (Data Loss Prevention) features including encryption and unparalleled ease-of-use. Designed specifically to meet the needs of mid- and large-sized enterprises, Proofpoint Proofpoint on Demand Benefits ENTERPRISE is the first hosted email security solution to offer the level of flexibility, o Delivers Proofpoint’s industry- security and control that larger organizations require. For small- and medium-sized or- leading email security features, in- ganizations that demand powerful spam blocking, virus protection and content filtering cluding anti-spam, anti-virus, DLP, capabilities, but don’t require advanced customization or DLP features, we also offer email encryption and email policy Proofpoint PROTECT. enforcement, as a cost-effective, on- demand service. Complete protection against inbound threats o Proofpoint’s flexible managed services Proofpoint ENTERPRISE and Proofpoint PROTECT block all types of undesirable in- architecture meets any enterprise de- bound email messages, ensuring that your users receive only a clean, safe stream of val- ployment strategy—from fully hosted to id email. The service includes comprehensive inbound email security features—including hybrid on-demand/on-premises installa- anti-spam, anti-virus, zero-hour anti-virus, email firewall and connection management. tions. o Proofpoint ENTERPRISE edition offers Proofpoint’s SaaS solutions guarantee 99% or higher effectiveness against all types of total control and flexibility for your or- spam email using the latest advances in reputation- and content-based anti-spam tech- ganization’s email security preferences, nology. Proofpoint delivers unsurpassed accuracy by examining hundreds of thousands policies, enabled services, end-user fea- of attributes in every email to block the most spam, image-based spam and phishing tures, alerts and reporting. attacks, while automatically adapting to new attacks as they appear. Proofpoint’s cloud- o Proofpoint PROTECT edition offers computing powered reputation services provide additional protection by identifying ma- Proofpoint’s unrivalled inbound email licious or compromised email sources, effectively and intelligently blocking those con- protection with true “lights out” opera- nections. Continual updates ensure that all customers are protected from botnet attacks tion. No administration required. at the first sign of malicious activity. o Next-generation, dedicated hosting plat- form ensures complete security of cus- Dual-layer virus protection completely eliminates viruses, worms and other malicious tomer data and continuous service. code. Proofpoint ENTERPRISE and Proofpoint PROTECT use both signature-based and zero-hour virus detection technology to protect against known and emerging viruses in the earliest stages of their proliferation—stopping them hours before competing solu- “We needed a solution that could tions even begin to react. easily scale with our continued growth... Proofpoint ENTERPRISE Comprehensive data loss prevention and email encryption is really the best of both worlds. With Proofpoint ENTERPRISE, you can also add powerful DLP capabilities “in the cloud.” It gives us all of the control and Proofpoint ENTERPRISE is the easiest and most cost-effective way for organizations to customizability of an on-premises solution, with the convenience, prevent leaks of sensitive data via email. The regulatory compliance service secures pri- scalability and cost-effectiveness vate data and protects your organization from liabilities associated with privacy and data of a hosted service.” security regulations (such as HIPAA, GLBA, PCI, SEC rules, etc.). Viji Murali Customizable rules, managed dictionaries and “smart identifiers” are used to automati- Chief Information Officer Washington State University cally scan for non-public information—such as protected health information and per- sonal financial information—and reject or encrypt messages as appropriate. o SaaS email security and data loss prevention 1 408 517 4710
  2. 2. Proofpoint ENTERPRISE and Proofpoint PROTECT features Comprehensive data loss prevention (continued) Enterprise-grade SaaS Digital asset security features keep valuable corporate assets and confidential data from Infrastructure and Services leaking outside your organization by analyzing and classifying your confidential docu- Hosted in Proofpoint’s world-class data- ments and then monitoring for that information (or parts of that information) in the out- centers, Proofpoint on Demand email se- bound message stream—stopping content security breaches before they happen. curity solutions offer enterprise-grade avail- ability, performance, reliability and security. Easy-to-use encryption protects sensitive information, ensures data privacy Industry Leading SLAs Protecting protected and sensitive information has never been easier or safer. Proofpoint o 99.999% Service Availability ENTERPRISE offers several ways to protect data in transit. TLS encryption protects all o 99% Spam Effectiveness data between trusted business partners. Proofpoint Encryption™ technology provides o 1:350,000 False Positives policy-based encryption capabilities that protect individual messages that protected in- o 100% Anti-Virus Protection formation in email and attachments. Messages can be automatically encrypted based o < 1 minute Email Latency on policies, eliminating end user adoption and training issues, or manually encrypted by users as needed. Flexible Deployment Modes o Dedicated Environment Web-based policy management and administration o Multi-tenant Environment Proofpoint ENTERPRISE provides an easy-to-use, web-based administration interface o Hybrid: Combine SaaS and On-premises that makes it easy to monitor and control all services and define messaging policies. Proofpoint Managed Services Different policies can even be defined for different groups of end-users or domains. The o Installation and provisioning Ajax-based interface enables “drag and drop” customization of reports, status informa- o Upgrades and updates tion, RSS feeds and other displays. More than 60 real-time, graphical reports and alerts o 24x7 monitoring and support give administrators complete visibility into the state of your enterprise messaging sys- o System backup and recovery tem. Reports can be scheduled and delivered as email or HTML to groups or individuals, o System availability, performance and providing a powerful communications tool with management. capacity monitoring Proofpoint PROTECT, in contrast, is designed for true “lights out” operation and zero Solution Suites Simplify Your administration overhead. Proofpoint handles all implementation, 24x7 monitoring and Email Security Environment operational support, updates and upgrades for Proofpoint PROTECT customers. Proofpoint ENTERPRISE is available with Secure customer environments two cost-effective solution suites that in- Many enterprises like the benefits of a hosted solution, but are not willing to compro- clude all of the features you need to meet mise on control, flexibility and security. Proofpoint ENTERPRISE was built to meet these the most common inbound threat protec- tion and outbound data loss prevention stringent requirements. Rather than all customers sharing a common service, including challenges: databases and application instances, Proofpoint ENTERPRISE is unique in providing a truly isolated environment for each customer. Proofpoint ENTERPRISE Protection Proofpoint’s next-generation SaaS architecture ensures that your organization’s data and Inbound email protection includes: con- processing is separate from all others, and gives you dedicated computing resources, nection management; Proofpoint MLX™- including configuration, user, and application databases, quarantines, log files, disks, powered spam detection; signature- and zero-hour virus protection; email firewall, memory, CPU and firewalls. This approach solves the problems associated with tradi- deep content inspection; message tracing; tional multi-tenant solutions. Proofpoint ENTERPRISE ensures: TLS encryption and more. o Complete control: Administrators maintain total control, whether in “lights out” op- Proofpoint ENTERPRISE Privacy eration or using robust and active policy management. Administrators can create rules as simple or complex as the situation demands. Outbound “defense in depth” for private information of all types includes: advanced o Maximum flexibility: Proofpoint ENTERPRISE provides flexibility to help adminis- detection of private or confidential info in trators deal with competing IT needs, such as lockdown periods, simultaneous up- unstructured and structured data; pre-con- grades, audits and business continuity testing. Upgrades can be jointly scheduled to figured data protection policies; integrated avoid other IT conflicts. Individual company rollbacks are possible. No other SaaS policy-based email encryption; robust inci- email security solution offers this level of flexibility. dent management; reporting and more. o Total Security: Security teams, often cautious about moving to a hosted solution, can finally smile. Proofpoint ENTERPRISE provides superior security that meets even the most stringent enterprise security standards. Encryption from your premises to ©2009 Proofpoint, Inc. Proofpoint, Proofpoint on De- Proofpoint’s datacenters protects all data in transit. DDOS and DHA attacks on other mand, Proofpoint ENTERPRISE, Proofpoint PROTECT, deployments do not impact the performance of your organization’s unique Proofpoint Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway, Proofpoint ARCHIVE, Proofpoint Encryption, Proofpoint MLX and ENTERPRISE environment. Proofpoint Secure File Transfer are trademarks or regis- The Proofpoint PROTECT service is hosted in a secure, multi-tenant environment that tered trademarks of Proofpoint, Inc. in the United States and other countries. All other trademarks contained here- uses the same world-class datacenters as Proofpoint ENTERPRISE. in are property of their respective owners. 09/09 Proofpoint, Inc. 892 Ross Drive Sunnyvale, CA 94089 USA 1 408 517 4710