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    ppt ppt Presentation Transcript

    • Cloud Computing @ UW 07 October 2008 Terry Gray Associate Vice President, University Technology Strategy & Chief Technology Architect University of Washington
      • Objective
      • Background
      • Trends
      • UW activities
      • UW needs
      • MS Challenges
      • Discussion topics
    • What do we expect to see when we look into the clouds? Presentation Objective: A UW Perspective
    • UW by the numbers (2007) $3.7 Billion budget (12% State) 45,000 students 28,000 fac/staff 395,000 managed identities 130,000 devices on network 32,000 phones 15,000,000 homes with UWTV 60 TB/day on network Email messages: 1,500,000,000 (83% spam) Operations: 18,000 tickets Client Services: 110,000 contacts Security: 150,000 emails
    • Key Challenges for Central IT at UW
      • Budget issues
      • Political & cultural shifts (central -> decentral)
      • Technology shifts... e.g. Cloud Computing
    • The rise of utility computing
    • CC Quote #1 “ It's stupidity. It's worse than stupidity: it's a marketing hype campaign.” “ Somebody is saying this is inevitable – and whenever you hear somebody saying that, it's very likely to be a set of businesses campaigning to make it true." Richard Stallman 29 Sep 08 UK Guardian
    • CC Quote #2 “ The interesting thing about cloud computing is that we’ve redefined cloud computing to include everything that we already do.” Larry Ellison 25 Sep 08 Wall Street Journal
    • CC Quote #3 "When people talk about cloud computing, they're talking just about taking some stuff, putting it outside the firewall, and perhaps putting it on servers that are also shared or storage systems." Steve Ballmer 25 Sep 08 @ Churchill Club (InternetNews)
    • So... Cloud Computing: Hot or Not? Nick Carr Richard Stallman Larry Ellison
    • Bill @ WWDC "We're taking everything we do at the server level and saying we will have a service that mirrors that exactly. It's getting us to think about data centers at a scale that we haven't thought of before... [to create] a mega-data center that Microsoft and only a few others will have." -Bill Gates , quoted in NY Times 3 June 2008
    • MS Prognosis "We believe that by 2010, at least 25 percent of our Office users will be using some kind of [online] service provided by Microsoft" Eron Kelly , Microsoft director of product management, 2008
    • What is Cloud Computing? ”Like having your dinner delivered”
      • SaaS : Software as a Service
      • PaaS : Platform as a Service
      • Not "outsourcing the IT dept"... But includes hosted svcs that overlap current central svcs
      • Not highly-negotiated custom contract services
      • General model: low cost via scale and tech & contract standardization (apts vs. cust. houses)‏
      • Full circle: M ainframe -> Mini -> PC -> " Cloudframe "
      • cf. Service Bureaus and Value-Added-Networks
    • Different Cloud Computing Layers (Example players)‏ Application Service (SaaS)‏ Application Platform Server Platform Storage Platform Amazon S3, Dell, Apple, ... 3Tera, EC2, SliceHost, GoGrid, RightScale, Linode Google App Engine, Mosso, Force.com, Engine Yard, Facebook, Heroku, AWS MS Live/ExchangeLabs, IBM, Google Apps; Salesforce.com Quicken Online, Zoho, Cisco
    • CC Attractions
      • Cost
      • Flexibility; rapid scalability and de-scalability
      • Data replication; geo-diversity
      • Easier cross-institution collaboration
      • Any {time, place, device} access via web browser
      • Alternative if dept'l or central IT non-responsive
      • This is where our students/fac/staff will be!
      • Priorities: no need to focus on commodity IT
      • Future of computing, esp. eScience
    • CC Concerns
      • Loss of control (cf. central / decentral debate)‏
      • Integration: enterprise & federated auth; SSO
      • Interop: with key enterprise apps (esp cal)‏
      • Accessibility and UI limitations of web apps
      • Reliability, performance, security; offline access
      • Features; changes; vendor lock-in
      • Policy/compliance concerns (privacy, eDiscov.)‏
      • Breach forensics and mitigation
      • Business “surprises”; Support; More Logins
      • Consequences of “Creative Destruction”
    • Why use cloud-computing? Scalability: Handling load peaks (EC2 instances for a new facebook app)‏
    • Why not use cloud-computing? Ooops...
    • Why some enterprises are not interested in SaaS Forrester Research study: 66% Integration issues 61% Total cost of ownership concerns 55% Lack of customization 50% Security concerns 42% "We can't find the specific app. we need" 39% Complicated pricing models 39% Application performance 34% "We're locked in with our current vendor"
    • Sweet Spot?
      • Accepted wisdom: Small – Medium Business PaaS e specially attractive for Start-Ups
      • BUT: large research universities can be thought of as federations of hundreds of independent businesses... STILL: Higher-Ed is split over CC use
      • Datacenter issues will drive eScience choices
      • Large businesses are just starting to embrace e.g. GE's 400K seat Zoho deal
    • Cloud Computing Applicability Will grow over time 2008 Extreme Computing Mundane Computing Cloud Dedicated Mundane Computing Cloud Dedicated Extreme Computing Mundane Computing Cloud Dedicated Mundane Computing Cloud Dedicated 2012
    • UW Is Already Using CC
      • More than half our students already forward their email outside UW
      • Approx 700 sign-ups for Google Team Edition
      • Significant use of MS Live & Google Docs
      • Departments using SaaS, e.g. Blackboard
      • Departments using PaaS, e.g. EC2/S3
      • Facebook!!!
      • UW focus: productivity tools, not enterprise apps
    • Current UW Cloud Activities
      • Individual (e.g. MS Live, Google docs, Gmail...)‏
      • Departmental (e.g. gCal, Blackboard, EC2/S3)‏
      • Central
        • Policy/guideline framework
        • Alumni Email via MS ExchangeLabs
        • Google Apps discussion
        • Broader MS apps discussion
        • Investigating hosted exchange/sharepoint options
      • Goal : enable individual & dept'l use with better compliance
    • Things We Need from the Cloud
      • All the usual (e.g. reliability, perf, security, cost)
      • Serious business partners (e.g. security, SLAs)
      • Flexibility, choice
      • Interoperability
      • Interoperability
      • Interoperability
    • Key : Interoperability
      • Across cloud silos
      • Across desk/mobile platforms
      • Across institutions
      • With enterprise IAM
      • With stds-based thick clients
      • Poster-child: Calendaring
      • Beware the famous “Microsoft Myopia”...
      • The cloud is different
    • Interoperability Model Cloud Provider B Cloud Provider A Microsoft Thick Client Non-MS Thick Client Generic Web (thin) Client Open Protocols HTTP Proprietary Protocols Enterprise IAM Server
    • Contract Concerns
      • CISO
        • Security
        • Ability to do forensics after a compromise
        • Liability transfer
      • Attorney General
        • Compliance, especially eDiscovery
        • Also ITAR, HIPAA, FERPA, etc
        • Indemnification
    • Microsoft's Challenge
      • Software- and -Service theme:
        • Innovator's Dilemma: new cannibalizes old
        • How to preserve cash cow while embracing cloud?
        • Natural focus on traditional base
      • Will focus on base undermine larger opportunity?
      • We in central IT empathize with this challenge!!
      • Key to broader success: interoperability standards
    • Discussion Topics
      • How committed is Microsoft to interoperability?
      • Web-based ads vs. thick clients
      • Goal of broad contracts w/cloud providers
      • Does a contract increase or decrease risk?
      • Consequences of no institutional contract?
      • Geographic issues: PRA/FOIA, Patriot Act, etc
      • Health care opportunity; HIPAA
      • Policy/guidelines for using cloud services... Relationship to data security standard?
    • Any Questions?