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  1. 1. JOB AND PERSON SPECIFICATION Position Title: GENERAL MANAGER OFFICE OF THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE Classification Code: MAS 03 Portfolio: Executive Department: Office of the Chief Executive Officer Section: Position Number : Date Reviewed: June 2008 Reviewed by: Chief Executive Officer SA AMBULANCE SERVICE VISION The community of South Australia is secure in the quality of care provided by its ambulance service. MISSION To save lives, reduce suffering and enhance quality of life through the provision of accessible and responsive quality patient care and transport. VALUES Our reputation and professional profile The passion, effectiveness and potential of our people and their wellbeing Accountability Integrity Innovation PREAMBLE: Underpinning the SA Ambulance Service (SAAS) Strategic Directions are the agreed values that reflect honesty, respect and integrity for every individual. These values drive how we conduct our business and how we behave. We aim to make the values “live”. It is important that we incorporate the values into our behaviour systems and processes. SA Ambulance Service has a “Commitment to Workplace Values” attached to Job and Person Specifications that all staff are required to uphold. (Please refer to the back of this document). Australia has one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse populations in the world. Having bi-lingual and bi-cultural employees can enhance the department’s ability to negotiate with, and meet the needs of, the full range of its clients and customers. Such employees also add to the diversity of the workforce, and give added opportunities to fully capitalise on difference as a valuable asset in an increasingly competitive environment. . /home/pptfactory/temp/20100521160137/person-specificationdoc1573.doc
  2. 2. JOB SPECIFICATION 1. Summary of the broad purpose of the position in relation to the organisation's goals The General Manager for the Office of the Chief Executive is responsible and accountable to the Chief Executive Officer for the management of the Office of the Chief Executive, for provision of strategic advice and support to the CEO and for a number of organisation wide functions including communication with the Minister for Health, the Minister for Mental Health & Substance Abuse and with SA Health. The incumbent is required to exercise judgement, initiative and liaise with Senior Managers on all matters pertaining to external communications in relation to the organisation, coordination of all legal and governance advice, management of organisation wide policy development, coordination and compliance. The General Manager for the Office of the Chief Executive will also be the Executive Officer for the SAAS Executive Management Team. The General Manager for the Office of the Chief Executive will be responsible and accountable for ensuring: • The Office of the Chief Executive Officer is managed and operated effectively to support the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in the pursuit of appropriate business outcomes for the organisation. • The CEO is provided with the strategic support needed to fulfil his role and in particular, the CEO is provided with information, analysis and other forms of briefings to enable him to effectively fulfil a number of internal and external roles including those arising from his membership of the Health Portfolio Executive, the Portfolio Performance Review Committee and the Strategic Operations Group.. • The Executive Management Team is operating effectively as the key management decision-making, policy and strategy implementation and performance monitoring body for SAAS. • The management and coordination of all communications between the Office of the Chief Executive Officer, other members of the Executive, and the Communications Division of SA Health on all matters pertaining to SAAS • Coordinating SAAS internal and external communications to provide effective and timely communications to the community and to external organisations (including media) regarding services, programs and other initiatives. • An effective working relationship with the Office of Minister for Health, the Office of the Minister for Mental Health and Substance Abuse, Office of the Chief Executive, and SA Health. • A program is in place for the development, implementation, maintenance and ongoing review of SAAS policy within the policy framework determined by SA Health. • SAAS systems are in place and managed effectively which ensure compliance with external (i.e. legislation, whole of government policy, Health Portfolio policy) and internal requirements (i.e. SAAS policy). /home/pptfactory/temp/20100521160137/person-specificationdoc1573.doc
  3. 3. • Requests for legal advice are reviewed for compliance with SA Health requirements and forwarded promptly to the Legal and Governance Unit, establishing effective working relationship with the Legal and Governance Unit. • An effective system is in place for the management of and monitoring of Freedom of Information requests across SAAS. The Office of the Chief Executive and the Office of each Minister is informed of requests in accordance with SA Health policy. 2. Reporting/Working Relationships This position reports to the: Chief Executive Officer Positions/Team reporting to this one: • Responsible for liaison with the Office of the Minister for Health, the Office of the Minister of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, and the Department of Health and other government agencies. • Project teams and workgroups as Delegated by the Chief Executive Officer • Line management responsible for three unit managers as well as the Executive Administration Officer:: o Service Development Manager o Policy Manager o Ministerial and Executive Communications Officer • Project teams and workgroups as delegated by the Chief Executive Officer This position relates to: Internal • SAAS Executive Team • SAAS Senior Management • SAAS Operational Management • Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer • SAAS workforce External • SA Health and other government departments • Health Ministers Office • State, interstate, federal emergency services agencies • Council of Ambulance Authorities 3. Special Conditions • The incumbent will uphold the values of the SA Ambulance Service. • Out of normal hours work is required. • Intrastate and interstate travel requiring overnight absences may be required. • The appointee may be subject to a Criminal History Check prior to confirmation of appointment. • The incumbent may be required to enter into an annual performance agreement for the achievement of (specific or service or program) outcomes. /home/pptfactory/temp/20100521160137/person-specificationdoc1573.doc
  4. 4. 4. Statement of Key Outcomes and Activities Key Result Area: Supporting the Chief Executive Officer Achieved by the following activities: • Managing systems within the Office of the Chief Executive that provide support to the Chief Executive Officer in achieving organisational and operational outcomes. • Managing administrative and technical support as requested including the development of reports, correspondence and presentations for the Chief Executive Officer. • Promoting a culture of service excellence and business professionalism within SAAS. • Providing communications with the Patient Services Management team. • Ensuring the maintenance of business standards and quality assurance for the Office of the Chief Executive • Providing advice on the management of Office and Operational budgets. • Managing and coordinating logistics for seminars, conferences and visitations. • Managing relationships to ensure effective management of the Office of the Chief Executive Officer by promoting and pursuing a positive working relationship with all Executive Directors, senior management team members, executive assistants and stakeholders Key Result Area: Leadership Achieved by the following activities: • Ensuring quality initiatives are in place to improve. leadership, supervision, co- ordination and support to all organisational Divisions. • Providing high level advice and expertise regarding the development and implementation of responsive policies, strategies and procedures to address organisational processes. • Communicating service development, service delivery and the strategic plans across the service. • Ensuring administrative systems which enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of improvement activities are implemented effectively and efficiently in line with the changing needs of SAAS Executive. • Fostering a customer support focus amongst administrative support staff by providing direction and support about current or upcoming projects, ensuring roles and responsibilities are defined with clearly identified tasks, ensuring improvements in the level of service received by the Executive Team • Providing advice on the analysis and interpretation of complex issues and related information and the preparation of associated reports and correspondence on behalf of the Chief Executive Officer. • Developing effective working relationships within the team and across the organisation, through coaching and role modelling of appropriate workplace behaviours and the SAAS Code of Conduct. • Ensuring staff have the required levels of knowledge, experience and skills by providing training and development opportunities. /home/pptfactory/temp/20100521160137/person-specificationdoc1573.doc
  5. 5. Key Result Area: Human Resource Management Achieved by the following activities: • Ensuring quality outcomes are achieved through the creation and maintenance of a dynamic team environment with an empowered and accountable work group. and the effective use of performance review and development. • Ensuring the promotion and implementation of a safe, productive and healthy work environment in line with the SAAS commitment to the attraction, retention and development of staff. • Ensuring that a safe and healthy work environment, free from discrimination is provided for employees • Analysing and planning workforce requirements to ensure adequate resources are available to meet business needs. • Implementing SAAS human resource policies. • Providing direction to staff in matters relating to performance and conduct to ensure positive and constructive team relationships and performance outcomes. • Managing industrial relations issues appropriately as they arise. • Ensuring working relationships between team members are conducive to achievement of team goals and individual job satisfaction and knowledge is shared for optimum decision making, and team members are aware of team and organisation expectations. Key Result Area: Strategic Relationships Achieved by the following activities: • Initiating, developing and maintaining effective working relationships with all directorates within SAAS. • Fostering and strengthening ongoing relationships between SAAS, SA Health and other state government entities. • Developing and maintaining effective relationships with service providers, key organisations and stakeholders both within and outside SAAS. • Promoting and advocating SAAS’s strategic directions in relevant forums. • Initiating and developing effective working relationships with other South Australian emergency services. Key Result Area: Stakeholder Management Achieved by the following activities: • Managing and co-ordinating all processes that ensure appropriate stakeholders are managed and coordinated to ensure engagement of strategic stakeholders for the CEO and Executive team. • Establishing relationships with key internal and external stakeholders through clearly identified processes and procedures. • Ensuring the highest level of communication is maintained with the Department of Health and Minister’s office including: - preparation of draft media releases, briefing notes, correspondence, and speeches, and, maintaining a close working relationship with relevant ministerial advisers. /home/pptfactory/temp/20100521160137/person-specificationdoc1573.doc
  6. 6. Key Result Area: Corporate Communications Achieved by the following activities: • In cooperation with the Manager Corporate Communications ensuring effective communications and public relations practices are implemented that enhance the public image and raise the professional profile of SAAS. • Representing the Chief Executive Officer in media events as required. • Ensuring advice and counsel to the Executives and Senior Management Team regarding corporate communications practices and principles in the areas of internal and external communications, media and issues management, stakeholder relations and marketing campaigns. • Evaluating and reporting on effectiveness of communication activities/responses against KPIs set in the corporate communications plan. • Contributing to the effective ongoing management of the SAAS brand and corporate identity, including the development and implementation of a new corporate identity that complies with the SA Health master brand and Strategic Communication Unit requirements. • Contributing to the development and roll-out of a comprehensive internal educational and marketing campaign to support the implementation of the communication plan and ensure compliance and consistency of materials. • Contributing to the development and publication of corporate communications and publications, including the Annual Report, CAA Report, contributions to government publications, reports to the Board, internal newsletters and staff notices, and, communication strategies for the corporate plan. Key Result Area: Project Management Achieved by the following activities: • Co-coordinating and managing major organisational projects such as the ‘Steersman Project’ as delegated by the Chief Executive Office • Co-ordinating project outcomes in accordance with SAAS identified project objectives and develop recommendations for the Chief Executive Officer including o Undertaking the development of business cases in support of project objectives and service planning as required. o Undertaking environmental scanning and contribute to the corporate planning processes. o Developing reports against corporate indicators as required. • Monitoring and providing briefings regarding the status of projects including management of budgets. • Providing advice and expertise on the development of strategic planning and project development and management • Undertaking initiatives in support of the implementation of all operational improvement programs. /home/pptfactory/temp/20100521160137/person-specificationdoc1573.doc
  7. 7. Key Result Area: Financial Control Achieved by the following activities: • Providing financial control of budgets for the Office of the Chief Executive and establishing systems to support the development of cost analysis reports and report on variances and take corrective action where necessary. • Undertaking the preparation business plans and budgets at the direction of the Chief Executive Officer. Key Result Area: Counter Disaster Activities Achieved by the following activities: • Contribute to the well-being of people in South Australia through participation in Counter Disaster activities including attendance, as required, at training programs and exercises to develop the necessary skills required to participate in responses in the event of a disaster and/or major incident. Key Result Area: Occupational Health Safety & Welfare MANAGERS (responsible for teams eg job title of manager, team leader, coordinator, supervisor), are to undertake effective OHS&W supervision and other measures to ensure compliance with the SAAS OHS&W management system, safe work practices and other identified health, safety or welfare requirements. Achieved by the following activities: Legislation • Ensure that all staff under your control comply with the SAAS OHS&W Management System. Accountability • Disseminate OHS&W information to staff relevant to the specific work hazards in the area. • Conduct induction and ensure staff receive other relevant training so they can demonstrate their OHS&W responsibilities (includes: hazards within the workplaces, safe operating procedures, use and maintenance of PPE and safety equipment and emergency response procedures). • Supervise relevant OHS&W aspects of work undertaken by staff within your area of responsibility. • Facilitate consultative processes regarding OHS&W issues between management and staff. Risk management • Undertake, or ensure the identification and evaluation of hazards and recommend appropriate corrective actions. • Undertake investigations of hazards and incidents arising and maintain appropriate documentation of corrective actions. • Facilitate the reporting of workplace hazards to the person(s) who can implement corrective action. • Oversee the implementation of corrective action and ensure their effectiveness. • Assist with the development of OHS&W procedures for management of risks specific to your work area. • Ensure the provision and maintenance of safety systems and PPE required for the control of workplace hazards. /home/pptfactory/temp/20100521160137/person-specificationdoc1573.doc
  8. 8. Approved by Line Manager: _________________________ _____/_____/_____ Acknowledged by Occupant: _________________________ _____/_____/_____ /home/pptfactory/temp/20100521160137/person-specificationdoc1573.doc
  9. 9. PERSON SPECIFICATION ESSENTIAL MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS Experience in the following: • Managing and delivering corporate level projects. • Managing a team in a medium to large service based organisation. • Working with legal documents and in particular with contracts and other agreements. • The development and implementation of strategic and business plans and in the monitoring of organisational performance. Knowledge of the following • Current state government policies and direction in relation to health and emergency services. • Planning processes in the context of health care provision. • Understanding of good governance principles and practices. • An in-depth and up to date understanding of the operations of the public health system in South Australia and in particular of the drivers of health reform. • The operation of South Australian government and public sector and in particular of the interfaces between the Parliament, Government and Departments. • The operation of the legal process and the ability to distinguish questions which require legal advice from those which are a question of policy. Skills/Other in the following: • Superior level business and analytical skills with significant ability to think and act strategically, to analyse and conceptualise problems, formulate and execute appropriate solutions in a sound, business like manner. • Strong leadership skills with an ability to motivate and inspire others to work together as a team to achieve objectives including a proven capability to manage and evaluate group and individual performance against agreed goals and standards. • Communication skills, including negotiation, liaison, counselling, coaching, information sharing, presenting to groups, and resolving conflict • Written and verbal communication skills, including evidence of influencing, negotiating, and conflict resolution • Interpersonal skills to develop and sustain productive working relationships. /home/pptfactory/temp/20100521160137/person-specificationdoc1573.doc
  10. 10. DESIRABLE REQUIREMENTS Educational/Vocational Qualifications • Tertiary qualifications in Business Management, Communications or related discipline and/or experience in a strategic communications or public relations role. Knowledge of the following: • State Government funding requirements • Government administrative procedures and practices relevant to SAAS, SA Health and its operation. • The SA Ambulance Service delivery model and future strategic direction Skills/Other • Computer literacy and competency with common office programs /home/pptfactory/temp/20100521160137/person-specificationdoc1573.doc
  11. 11. COMMITMENT TO WORKPLACE VALUES SA Ambulance Service values have an influence on the people we employ Every organisation has values that govern the way people are treated and the way decisions are made. SA Ambulance Service’s Strategic Plan identifies the values that guide our behaviours. These behaviours apply to all employees and govern the way people in the organisation are treated, the way decisions are made and how we provide our services. These values are used in day to day communication and interaction between all employees and are linked to the SA Ambulance Code of Conduct, Performance Development, Job and Person Specifications and SA Ambulance Service Employment Conditions. We value OUR REPUTATION AND PROFESSIONAL PROFILE Protecting and upholding the professional reputation of SAAS with the Government, health and emergency services sector, community and staff. PASSION, EFFECTIVENESS, POTENTIAL AND WELLBEING OF OUR PEOPLE Recognise and value the individual and collective contributions of staff ACCOUNTABILITY Understanding and accepting your responsibilities INTEGRITY Consistently doing the right things for the right reasons INNOVATION A commitment to change and improvement ***************** I ___________________________________ have the ability and commitment to behave consistently with the stated values of SA Ambulance Service ________________________________________________ _____/______/_____ Signature Please complete and return attached to your application to the nominated person “The right people with the right skills in the right place at the right time” /home/pptfactory/temp/20100521160137/person-specificationdoc1573.doc