Classification Code: MSA2.1           Portf...

1.    Summary of the broad purpose of the position in relation to the organisation's

3.    Special Conditions/Specific Job Requirements.

•    The incumbent will uphold the Code of Conduct, values, principle...
Activities                                                               Outcomes

Key Result Area :      Oversee SAAS’ on...
Activities                                                              Outcomes

Key Result Area :     Compliance with Oc...



•   Application of project management methodology in a corp...

      SA Ambulance Service values have an influence on the people we employ

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  1. 1. JOB AND PERSON SPECIFICATION Position Title: CORPORATE PLANNING OFFICER Classification Code: MSA2.1 Portfolio: Finance and Corporate Services Department: Office of the Chief Executive Unit/Team: Date Reviewed: November 2007 Reviewed by: Director Finance and Corporate Services SA AMBULANCE SERVICE VISION The community of South Australia is secure in the quality of care provided by its ambulance service. MISSION To save lives, reduce suffering and enhance quality of life through the provision of accessible and responsive quality patient care and transport. VALUES Our reputation and professional profile The passion, effectiveness and potential of our people and their wellbeing Accountability Integrity Innovation PREAMBLE: Underpinning the SA Ambulance Service Strategic Directions are the agreed values that reflect honesty, respect and integrity for every individual. These values drive how we conduct our business and how we behave. We aim to make the values “live”. It is important that we incorporate the values into our behaviour systems and processes. SA Ambulance Service has a “Commitment to Values” attached to Job and Person Specifications that all staff are required to uphold. (Please refer to the back of this document). Australia has one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse populations in the world. Having bi- lingual and bi-cultural employees can enhance the department’s ability to negotiate with, and meet the needs of, the full range of its clients and customers. Such employees also add to the diversity of the workforce, and give added opportunities to fully capitalise on difference as a valuable asset in an increasingly competitive environment. /home/pptfactory/temp/20100521152427/person-specification4174.doc Page 1 of 7
  2. 2. JOB SPECIFICATION 1. Summary of the broad purpose of the position in relation to the organisation's goals: The overall objective of the position is to coordinate the corporate planning process within SA Ambulance Service (SAAS) to ensure an effective and systematic approach is taken to strategic planning. The Corporate Planning Officer contributes to the achievement of the SAAS Vision and Mission by coordinating the corporate planning and review process, which enables SAAS to identify and respond to current and future issues relating to the provision of ambulance services in South Australia. The incumbent works within a recently developed planning framework and will be expected to continue to develop and embed the framework within day-to-day management practices. This results in an environment where competing priorities and constant change must be managed to ensure the position goals are achieved. The incumbent must exercise high-level communication and negotiation skills to work closely with managers from across the business, to gather and analyse information to enable the strategic plan to be updated and maintained, and to educate managers and staff in relation to the corporate planning process. 2. Reporting & Working Relationships Position this role reports to: Director Finance and Corporate Services This position relates to: Internal Works closely with: a) the executives and managers to obtain information and input for the strategic plan; b) the Manager Corporate Communications to ensure details of the strategic plan are effectively communicated to both internal and external stakeholders; c) the General Manager Finance, to ensure alignment between the corporate planning, risk management and the financial management framework; and d) the Policy Manager to ensure that relevant corporate policies are in place to facilitate the achievement of strategic objectives and corporate responsibilities. External Required to relate to and maintain effective working relationships with: a) representatives of the state government; and b) the Ambulance Employees Association (Union). /home/pptfactory/temp/20100521152427/person-specification4174.doc Page 2 of 7
  3. 3. 3. Special Conditions/Specific Job Requirements. • The incumbent will uphold the Code of Conduct, values, principles, policies and procedures of SA Ambulance Service. • The appointee may be subject to a Criminal History Check and/or a medical examination 4. Statement of Key Activities and Outcomes Activities Outcomes Key Result Area : Maintain and review the strategic plan Regular review of the strategic plan to Strategic plan is prepared and reviewed ensure the executive and management within set timeframes and contains accurate teams are informed of progress and the plan information. itself is accurate. Regular engagement occurs with all internal The strategic plan and key strategic stakeholders in relation to the review, objectives are well understood across the reporting and education regarding the plan. organisation. Work with the Manager Corporate Information provided to support the Communications to ensure the corporate marketing and communications process is plan is effectively marketed to both internal accurate. and external stakeholders. Ensure appropriate records and Comprehensive records for the ongoing documentation are kept for the strategic review, development and monitoring of the planning process. corporate plan is readily available. Prepare regular reports to the executive on Reports are concise, completed within set the progress, and quarterly reports to the timeframes and provide information tailored Board. to the audience. Objectives and milestones are clearly understood. Organise planning sessions for the Senior Annual planning sessions are efficiently Management Team and Executive as organised and outcomes and approach requested, and documenting outcomes. clearly documented. Key strategic issues arising from planning meetings are identified and flagged appropriately. Maintain awareness of the external and SAAS’ plan is aligned to appropriate internal environments, including government government strategic priorities. initiatives and strategic directions. Changes in the internal or external environment are noted, and their potential impact is communicated to the appropriate manager. /home/pptfactory/temp/20100521152427/person-specification4174.doc Page 3 of 7
  4. 4. Activities Outcomes Key Result Area : Oversee SAAS’ ongoing planning process SAAS’ planning framework is documented Planning framework is accessible and easily and regularly reviewed. Process is aligned understood. with contemporary management practice. Ensure that SAAS complies with necessary Directors and Project managers are aware state government and Department of Health of how to align their ongoing business unit procedures in relation to strategic planning, planning with the strategic plan. and alignment with government strategies. Support and assist managers to meet All Directors and Project Managers who individual accountabilities and requirements need to contribute to the strategic plan are in relation to ongoing participation and aware of and understand what is required. contribution to planning. Develop relationships with relevant managers and staff to ensure the effective engagement of internal stakeholders to the strategic plan. Work with the General Manager Finance, to Planning framework, especially ongoing ensure alignment between the corporate review cycles, is aligned with risk planning, risk management and the financial management cycle and financial management frameworks. management cycles. Work with the Policy Manager to ensure that Relevant corporate policies developed. relevant corporate policies are in place to facilitate the achievement of strategic objectives and corporate responsibilities. Key Result Area : Project management Provide support to the Director Finance and Information prepared, recorded and Corporate Services as required in the distributed is accurate. administration and coordination of strategic projects. Specific tasks include: Information is shared in a timely manner. • coordinate and attend project meetings if Written communications are formatted and required; prepared to a high professional standard. • prepare and distribute project communications; Outstanding actions and tasks are • oversee and assist with management of proactively dealt with and followed up within project timelines; appropriate timeframe. • follow up action items; • co-ordinate and assist with project Project reports are accurately completed reporting; and shared amongst relevant stakeholders. • undertake research and analysis as Research is undertaken within required requested. timeframes and meets required standard. /home/pptfactory/temp/20100521152427/person-specification4174.doc Page 4 of 7
  5. 5. Activities Outcomes Key Result Area : Compliance with Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare Demonstrated by: Comply with Occupational Health, Safety • Applying ‘Duty of Care’ principle to all and Welfare legislative requirements by situations ensuring your own and others safety in the workplace with adherence SAAS • Ensure work area conforms to OHS&W Occupational Health, Safety, Welfare and standards Injury Management policies and procedures • Assist in the development and Contribute to the well-being of people in integration of the OHS&W management South Australia through participation in system by: Counter Disaster activities including • Ensuring Safety culture is part of attendance, as required, at training business e.g. promotion of safe systems programs and exercises to develop the of work within the area necessary skills required to participate in • Actively adhering and participating in responses in the event of a disaster and/or OHS&W training programs major incident. • Highlighting OHS&W concerns with your Contribute to the promotion and immediate manager implementation of SA Ambulance Polices • Reporting any hazards or injuries and Procedures and the Code of Conduct immediately to your line manager standards and in particular Equal • Complying with all SAAS OHS&W Opportunity and Occupational Health Safety policies and procedures and Welfare by adhering to the provisions of • Actively participate in rehabilitation relevant legislative requirements. program/s when injured Approved by Line Manager: _________________________ _____/_____/_____ Acknowledged by Occupant: _________________________ _____/_____/_____ /home/pptfactory/temp/20100521152427/person-specification4174.doc Page 5 of 7
  6. 6. PERSON SPECIFICATION ESSENTIAL MINIMUM CRITERIA Experience • Application of project management methodology in a corporate setting. • Experience developing corporate level plans and reports. • Experience using Microsoft Office applications, in particular, Word, Excel and Project. Knowledge (NB Knowledge does not necessarily equate to experience) • Understanding of strategic planning theory and processes. Skills • Excellent written and verbal communication skills. • Ability to influence and motivate others to achieve common goals. • Demonstrated ability to analyse and identify key strategic issues. • Strong organisational abilities to effectively manage time and resources. • Able to proactively find solutions to problems and suggest improvements to existing systems and processes. Personal Attributes • Able to develop effective working relationships and promote a collaborate approach to achieve necessary outcomes. • Able to work effectively in a changing environment, manage multiple tasks and priorities, and work autonomously. DESIRABLE CRITERIA Educational/Vocational Qualifications: (name specific qualification) • Tertiary level qualifications in Business Management, or equivalent experience in similar role. Knowledge • Understanding of current State government policies and direction in relation to health and emergency services. • Knowledge of the Australian Business Excellence Framework. /home/pptfactory/temp/20100521152427/person-specification4174.doc Page 6 of 7
  7. 7. COMMITMENT TO WORKPLACE VALUES SA Ambulance Service values have an influence on the people we employ Every organisation has values that govern the way people are treated and the way decisions are made. SA Ambulance Service’s Strategic Plan identifies the values that guide our behaviours. These behaviours apply to all employees and govern the way people in the organisation are treated, the way decisions are made and how we provide our services. These values are used in day to day communication and interaction between all employees and are linked to the whole of government Code of Conduct, Performance Development, Job and Person Specifications and SA Ambulance Service Employment Conditions. We value OUR REPUTATION AND PROFESSIONAL PROFILE Protecting and upholding the professional reputation of SAAS with the Government, health and emergency services sector, community and staff. PASSION, EFFECTIVENESS, POTENTIAL AND WELLBEING OF OUR PEOPLE Recognise and value the individual and collective contributions of staff ACCOUNTABILITY Understanding and accepting your responsibilities INTEGRITY Consistently doing the right things for the right reasons INNOVATION A commitment to change and improvement ***************** I ______________________________________________ have the ability and Commitment to behave consistently with the stated values of SA Ambulance Service. ________________________________________ ________/_______/_______ Signature Dated Please complete and return to the Human Resources Department together with your contract of employment “The right people with the right skills in the right place at the right time” /home/pptfactory/temp/20100521152427/person-specification4174.doc Page 7 of 7