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  1. 1. Windows Live Platform Ashish Jaiman ISV Architect Evangelist Developer and Platform Evangelism
  2. 2. What We Will Cover • Software + Services • Windows Live Platform overview • Services • Scenarios • Tools • How you can get started • Available resources
  3. 3. Server-Service Continuum 100% On-Premise Software On-Premise “Traditional IT” Blended Approach “Pure-play 100% SaaS” Hosted Hosted Service
  4. 4. “SaaS” How it all started Service Delivery Software + Services Web 2.0 + SaaS + SOA “SOA” Service Monetization Experience Delivery Composition Federation Composition • PC • Software • On Premise • Aggregation • Directory • Browser • License • Partner of Services federation • Subscription Hosted • Storage • Mobile • Service • Microsoft • Computer • TV • Transaction Hosted resources “Web 2.0” • Advertising Service Experience
  5. 5. Software + Consistent, seamless experiences Services across multiple PCs and devices Choice of on-premise, partner- hosted or Microsoft-hosted delivery Federation between enterprises and cloud services Composition of multiple applications and services Enable multiple business models
  6. 6. Thinking About Services Finished Attached Building Block Services Services Services Delivered “as-is” through a Extension of a packaged Services that can be browser over an Internet software product integrated into a web connection application Dynamics Exchange  Windows Live CRM Live Hosted Services Platform Live Meeting Xbox Live Silverlight Hosted Windows Streaming SharePoint OneCare BizTalk Online Hosted OCS
  7. 7. History and Context MSN • Editorial content • Vast advertising network Windows Live • 1st party services and infrastructure Windows Live Platform  • 3rd party access to our infrastructure • Copy and Paste Controls • Extensible Controls • Server to Server APIs
  8. 8. Microsoft Services Branding Designed primarily for For organizations with individuals, business more end-users, advanced IT needs and virtual where power workgroups and flexibility are Live offerings span critical Entertainment Online services include Communication Exchange Hosted Productivity Services, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online
  9. 9. WL Hotmail® WL ID WL Messenger Windows WL Spaces WL Alerts Live™ Search Live Search Family Safety WL SkyDrive Live.com WL Photo Gallery WL Events Maps WL Writer WL Calendar Live Gadgets WL Expo WL Agents WL Gallery WL for mobile WL Contacts WL Toolbar WL QnA WL Favorites Search WL OneCare™ WL Custom Silverlight™ Streaming Domains November 2007
  10. 10. Simple and Consistent Terms of Use
  11. 11. Windows Live Platform Toolsets Audience Product Professional Rich Store & Share Communicate & Find & Identity & Developer Visual Service APIs & Controls Studio Media Stay Connected Locate Authentication Experiences Spaces IM & Presence Search Live ID Silverlight Streaming Contacts Virtual Agents Alerts SharePoint Designer Earth Designer Terms of Use Simple & Consistent Expressions Flexible Monetization Training & Support Service Level Agreements Offerings Hobbyist PopFly
  12. 12. Authentication (Live ID) • Authentication store for online services • 420 million+ Live IDs active monthly • 1 billion+ authentications per day • Target scenario is single sign-on (SSO) to Windows Live services • Implementation options • Web authentication (light-touch) • RPS (server installation)
  13. 13. Window Live Platform Overview
  14. 14. Personal Data • Windows Live Data API • Contacts – 30 Billion+ associations • Photos - 4 billion+ photos • Skydrive (roadmap) • Delegation model for accessing info • User safety • User control
  15. 15. Notifications and Messaging • Windows Live Messenger • 300 million users • 3 Ways to access; • IM control • Web-to-client conversations • Presence API • JSON API for displayName / Status • Web Client Library • Javascript library for programmatic access to Messenger • Alerts • Multi-channel alerting • IM “toast” / E-mail / SMS
  16. 16. Window Live Platform Overview
  17. 17. Find and Locate • Live Search • Index access via API • Javascript control to place on sites • Microsoft® Virtual Earth™ • JavaScript control placed on Web sites • Multiple visualization modes • Road • Aerial • Bird’s Eye • 2-D/3-D
  18. 18. Window Live Platform Overview
  19. 19. Tooling • Windows Live tools for Microsoft® Visual Studio ™ • Product support • Microsoft® Visual Studio™ 2008 • Microsoft® Visual Web Developer™ 2008 • Microsoft® Visual Web Developer™ 2008 Express • Rich design time experience • Toolbox add-in • Microsoft® Expression Encoder™ • Rich design interface for manipulating and encoding media • Plug-in for publishing directly to Silverlight Streaming
  20. 20. Windows Live Platform Quick Apps State and Local Gov Membership Orgs Education Community government Connects membership University sponsored site for Scenario keeping residents up to date organizations with the students and staff to on civic developments, content, information and connect with the university community events and local communities they care events and social news about organizations • Rich Media Experiences Capabilities • Rich Media Experiences • Rich Media Experiences • Sharing & Storage • Sharing & Storage • Sharing & Storage • Communicate & Stay • Communicate & Stay • Communicate & Stay Connected Connected Connected • Find & Locate • Find & Locate • Find & Locate
  21. 21. Rich Media Infrastructure • Silverlight Streaming by Windows Live • Store/stream Silverlight Applications & their media elements • Geo-located [up to] 1.4 terabit per second aggregated bandwidth • Transcode in the cloud functionality • REST & WebDAV APIs • Up to 1400 Kbps “streamed”
  22. 22. Resources and Getting Started • Interactive SDKs (http://dev.live.com) • Contacts • Spaces • Search • Virtual Earth • Quick Applications (http://dev.live.com/QuickApps) • Shared sourced segment focused demos • Dedicated dev/support resources • More coming out over the next six months • Webcasts and HOLs (dev.live.com/learn)
  23. 23. Innovative TOU and Business Model 1M UU’s/month Threshold Consistent and Ad Revenue Transparent Number of unique users (UU’s) Sharing or Free Usage Pay $0.25/uu/year Scales with your Business Extended Terms/SLA/Paid support optional and available to all Comprehensive Set Technology offering spans the entire market of Services # of websites
  24. 24. Business Values of S+S Reveals hidden ROI Leveraging existing IT investment through SOA Create new IT capabilities thru applications & services composition Provides Business & IT Agility Flexible and quick IT response to fast changing business demand thru: Multi-presentation of the same information Multi-channel access via multiple devices Multi-application integration via services Offers Software on-the-move Access to information both online & offline mode Access from any-network, any-where and any-time Opens new opportunities for monetizing the Long Tail Intra-company or intra-department software billing based on usage The new way of selling a software It is not about “One size fits all IT” but it is about the “right IT” More choices, more controls and flexibility based on business needs
  25. 25. Services for Delivering Great Experiences Familiar, useful, “sticky” services that are “building blocks” for creating vibrant communities and driving deeper engagement with your users
  26. 26. Session Summary • Key Takeaways • We are opening up Windows Live services for third-party developers to use • Multiple ways of integrating from copy and paste to server-server APIs • Call-to-action • Check out the demos • Check out the interactive SDKs and resources • Get the code • Give us feedback
  27. 27. Thank You!
  28. 28. © 2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.
  29. 29. A platform for the next generation ISVs Services