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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • An enterprise middleware suite that maximizes productivity of users and ROI of computing assets GridWorks focuses on 5 strategic pillars: Making your computing infrastructure EASY TO USE , Making your computing infrastructure HARD TO BREAK , Making your computing infrastructure do more, do with less, and DO MORE WITH LESS , Enabling you to KEEP TRACK AND PLAN use and growth of your computing infrastructure, and Ensuring you best-of-breed solutions via an extensible, OPEN ARCHITECTURE .
  • What is PBS Professional? PBS Professional is a middleware product for workload (or job) management of high performance computing resources and the core component of the PBS Gridworks Suite. PBS Professional is in use at some high profile locations throughout the HPC world. Some of our customers include : NMCAC New Mexico Computing Applications Center 14336 Cores SGI ICE NASA Ames Pleiades (number 3 in the world) 51,200 Cores SGI ICE 8200EX LRZ (Liebnitz Recenzentrum- Liebnitz computer center) 9700 Cores SGI Altix 4700 CINES ( Centre Informatique National de l’Enseignement Supérieur) 12,288 Cores SGI ICE 8200 Department of Defense HPCMOD Program 50K+ Cores ERDC “Jade” Cray XT4 Pictured- PBS Used at all 6 MSRCs
  • New in Version 10.1 PBS Catalyst Desktop is a Windows application, currently supported on XP and Vista only. PBS Catalyst Desktop is the commercial version of Personal PBS. Notes to presenter (as background information, not necessarily to be presented to the audience/customer): Please refrain from marketing Personal PBS until we re-launch it (targeted for Q4 2009); Personal PBS is not meant for Enterprise use. PBS Catalyst requires PBS Professional v10 or later + configuration of the Application Service (formerly AIF) + Application Definitions It is strongly recommended that Professional Services are sold to install and configure this software (est. 3-5 days on site)
  • Notes: Focus is on productivity for end-users: usability and intuitive interfaces PBS Catalyst fits here
  • New in Version 10.0
  • New in Version 10.1 New “TopTen” chart and “TopTen Dimension” charts; can be configured for any number (not just 10). E.g., Top 7 Projects and which software they used, Top 3 Sites and which Groups they supported, … Exposed to PBS Analytics administrator role only (in v10.1)
  • New in Version 10.1
  • New in Version 10.1
  • Easy to use  increase user productivity Hard to break  reduce business risk Do more (with less)  maximize profits Keep track & plan  optimize ROI Open architecture  gain agility
  • Transcript

    • 1. Paolo Masera BDM PBS Works South EMEA, Altair Engineering. HPC Forum @ EPFL , October 8’9, 2009 PBS Works 10. 1
    • 2. Altair Technology Update - AGENDA
      • Altair Engineering : our backgroud
      • Altair HPC vision
      • PBS Works suite description
      • PBS Professional update
      • PBS Catalyst
      • PBS Analytics
    • 3. Altair Engineering : our backgroud 1985 1,300 Employees 22% CAGR over 15 years $100M 2009 1980-90’s – NASA PBS for parallel computers MPI-2 I/O editor NASA Metacenter: one big computer Whitney Cluster project Grid Forum, founder & director 2000-10’s – Altair Commercialized PBS Professional NASA’s Information Power Grid PBS runs on all 7 continents! Open Grid Forum board member PBS GridWorks suite
    • 4. Altair HPC vision : increase productivity
      • Easy to use
      • Vertical portals
      • SaaS Gateway (well-defined interfaces)
      • Reduce risk
      • Assure business continuity
        • Assure business continuity despite failures
    • 5. Altair HPC vision : maximize value Resource Optimization
      • Cloud Computing enabler
      • Business policy
      • Optimize use
      Unused Resources CPUs Running Job Job 2 Job 1 Job 3 Time Unused Resources Unused Resources Unused Resources CPUs Running Job Job 2 Job 1 Job 3 Time Job 5 Job 6
    • 6. Altair HPC vision : Analytics tools to optimize ROI
      • Keep under control hardware and software utilization
      • Analytics tools
      • Turn raw license utilization data into business relevant information
      Open architecture to gain agility
    • 7. PBS Works - Products ( NEW ) e-Compute e-BioChem e-Render PBS Catalyst Green Provisioning PBS Analytics Application Service
    • 8. Commercial-grade workload and resource management
    • 9. What is PBS Professional ?
      • Workload Management Software
      • Middleware for maximizing compute resource efficiency
      • high-performance computing (HPC) resources
      • Core Component of “ PBS Works” Suite
      Leibniz-Rechenzentrum 9700 NMCAC 14K+ Cores NASA AMES 51K+ Cores CINES 12K+ Cores DoD HPCMOD 50k+ Cores
    • 10. PBS Works 10.x features
        • Tunable Scheduling Formula
          • Define any policy – including on-the-fly “exceptions”
        • Green Computing
          • Only Machines Running Jobs Use Power
        • Submission Filtering “Hooks”
          • Change/augment capabilities in the field, on-the-fly, without source
        • Standing Reservations
          • Guarantee resources for recurring needs
        • Standards-based Metascheduling
          • Single, consistent interface for all your enterprise HPC resources
          • Supports Microsoft Windows HPC clusters as well as other HPC standards-compliant workload managers
        • PBS Application Service
          • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Layer
        • Individual User and Group Limits
          • Make Fine-grained Policy Adjustments
        • High Availability for Advance Reservations
          • Ensures Reservations Succeed Despite Failures
    • 11. Intuitive, application-aware job submission and management portal PBS Catalyst™
    • 12. PBS Catalyst (web – desktop)
      • Drag-and-drop input to submit
      • Recognizes application and fills in default job parameters
      • Output is automatically returned
      • Increase user productivity
      • Monitor, manage, prioritize jobs
      • Create profiles for common runs
      • Connect to multiple PBS servers
    • 13. Vertical Portals I push enter and my jobs run; the results come back when they’re done. – Major Automotive OEM
    • 14. Visualize historical usage for optimized returns on HPC investments PBS Analytics™
    • 15. PBS Analytics
      • A web-based portal for visualizing HPC usage data
    • 16. PBS Analytics Benefits
      • Generate reports automatically “out-of-the-box”, then customize...
      • Understand usage trends for capacity planning
      • Verify project planning assumptions to meet deadlines
      • Extract accounting data for chargeback
      • Back compatible up to PBS 5.4…
    • 17. Top Ten Charts
      • Extract and Compare Key Attributes of Majority Usage
      • Chart Displays Dominant Data: Top Users, Groups, Software, …
    • 18. Chart Customization Tool
      • Quickly and Easily Create Custom Charts
      • Simple, table-based configuration tool for defining charts
    • 19. PBS Analytics Features
      • Directly visualize PBS Professional accounting data
      • Numerous graph types
      • Secure, role-based access: users view their data; managers view group data
      • Customize, save, and share reports or entire dashboards
      • Drill-down to underlying data
      • Publish via web and export to Excel
    • 20. PBS Analytics License Tracker
      • Report license utilization by group, software and project
      • Report how many deny during the selected period
      • Delta between two different period
      • PBS ALT performs :
      • data collection
      • licences monitoring
      • data store
    • 21. Select Hardware & Software Partners
    • 22. PBS Works 10.1 : a new user experience by Altair e-Compute e-BioChem e-Render PBS Catalyst Green Provisioning PBS Analytics Application Service
    • 23. Thank You! PBS Professional®, PBS Catalyst™, PBS Analytics™, e-Compute™, e-Render™, e-BioChem™, Green Provisioning™