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Open Source Software (OSS): " You can't tell the players ....doc






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Open Source Software (OSS): " You can't tell the players ....doc Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Open Source Software (OSS): “You can’t tell the players without a scorecard” The following pages line up many OSS products, communities and commercial backers for easy reference. There are pages for applications, business intelligence, databases, middleware and so forth. OSS “Product” Community Commercial Backing Comments Few OSS “products” The groups listed Typically but not always, the Many software suppliers use OSS and are actually here develop and companies listed here have give back to the community in terms productized in the support the OSS productized the “free” code listed of adapters, bug fixes, quality control commercial sense of product listed to the on the far left in cooperation with and so forth but do not themselves that word. Estimates left. the “community” listed offer an OSS product. They are not say there as many as immediately to the left. The listed in this “OSS scorecard” but are 100,000 OSS products Typically the com- Community and the Commercial noted in my monthly research reports. but Optaros has munity is composed Backer can be linked loosely or identified about 300 as of a number of tightly. Many large software suppliers, in enterprise ready. My “volunteers” (often particular IBM, develop and market list does not come from users of the services The commercial backer usually both OSS and non-OSS software the Optaros list but provided by the supplies for-fee support and products. strictly from my commercial backer services related to the OSS research as it proceeds. listed to the right) product but also often offers a Multiple “forges” exist which combine and employees of traditionally licensed commercial different community efforts and To be listed an OSS the commercial product built on top of the OSS provide typical software development product needs to be backer. Less often, product (noted at right if relevant) services such as version control, available via some but the more and sometimes makes the OSS check-in/check-out, etc. “OSS” license, of common under- product’s software functionality which there are many standing of available as a service (SaaS). (“freeware” does not “community,” they count) are just a bunch of Some commercial backers also folks that “live to employ a “benevolent dictator” program.” for the community. Copyright 2007, Dennis Byron 1 Version 4
  • 2. OSS “Product” Community Commercial Backing Comments Applications ADempiere ERP None; really stresses “community” Breakaway from Compiere Adaptive Planning Captive community Adaptive Planning Inc Started traditional, offers freeware project management too; OSA member Alfresco ECM Captive community Alfresco Also hosts a “forge” Asterisk PBX Digium Written by Auburn student in 1999 Compiere ERP Partners mostly Compiere Started traditional in 1999, NEA VC, and Red Hat Exchange member Centric CRM Like a SIG Centric Started traditional, OSA member; multiple ways to license OFbiz ERP Small group of independent consultants OpenBravo ERP See their wiki OpenBravo Started traditional OpenOffice personal Sun Acquired as traditional, 2000 productivity Plone ECM A Foundation Many third-party service providers support PostBooks Captive community Marketed commercially as OpenMFG, former company name; OSS on PostgreSQL database only Nexedi ERP Nexedi Based on Zope application server; combining with CPS SugarCRM SugarCRM NEA and other VCs own; has its own exchange SplendidCRM User group SplendidCRM Microsoft .NET based Zimbra Collaboration See developer page Zimbra (in process of being Has appliance version acquired by Yahoo) Copyright 2007, Dennis Byron 2 Version 4
  • 3. OSS “Product” Community Commercial Backing Comments Business Intelligence BIRT Eclipse Actuate and others/Actuate donated BIRT stands for BI and reporting tools (BIRT) Apatar data Mostly users Apatar Also trying to launch forge integration Bizgres BI (see Greenplum, JasperSoft, Kinetic For PostgreSQL (Loyalty Matrix has Greenplum) Networks and Loyalty Matrix been acquired by Responsys) Dash dashboard Dash MarvelIT Possibly defunct Greenplum DW Own community Greenplum Works with Netezza, Sun and others JasperSoft BI Jaspersoft OSA leader/RHX member JPivot Eclipse a Java Server Page (JSP) tag library Mondrian OLAP See Sourceforge Pentaho Pentaho has other OSS projects server SpagoBI OW2 consortium Engineering Ingegneria Informatica Italian company involved with OW2 Kettle data Pentaho See other Pentaho projects integration Loyalty Predictive Responsys/Loyalty Matrix Analytics Talend Open Studio Own forge Talend Built into other products such as Jaspersoft Copyright 2007, Dennis Byron 3 Version 4
  • 4. OSS “Product” Community Commercial Backing Comments Databases Berkeley DB University of None but see SleepyCat Outgrowth of early UNIX forks Calif Derby DB Apache Consultants Originally IBM Cloudscape subjproject EnterpriseDB Distributes a version of PostgreSQL Ingres See community Ingres Spun out of CA page Jackrabbit Repository Content repository is a prerequisite for content/document management MaxDB SAP Formerly an Adabas adjunct; underlies SAP Business ByDesign SaaS offering MySQL DB See community MySQL Swedish; founded 2001 page PostgreSQL DB Many sponsors Many developers work for major ISVs such as Sun, Red Hat SleepyCat DB Berkeley DB Oracle Acquired in 2005; designed for derivative embedding Copyright 2007, Dennis Byron 4 Version 4
  • 5. OSS “Product” Community Commercial Backing Comments Middleware Apache HTTP Covalent and many others Bundled in commercial WebSphere, Oracle AS, many other products ActiveMQ MOM Logicblaze and others Geronimo AS IBM and many others Underlays WebSphere Community Celtix ESB ObjectWeb (now Iona Code merged into LogicBlaze OW2) originally; product by Iona but Celtix goes on now CPS ECM Nuxeo Teamed with Nexedi ERP; based on Zope AMQP Envoy They say they have not announced yet Intalio BPM Captive Intalio Started traditional JBoss middleware Red Hat Acquired in 2006; includes Hibernate, jBPM and others Mozilla portal Mozilla Mozilla Corp. Shell companies that trace back to Foundation Netscape/AOL Mule ESB Mulesource Also has forge OpenESB Bostech and others Java based Interbroker OSMQ Group Possibly defunct Joram OW2 Java All Sun middleware JCP Sun All Sun software is now OSS Tomcat AS Many sponsors Xmlblaster MOM Seems to be community oriented Zope AS Zope Corp AS for CM Copyright 2007, Dennis Byron 5 Version 4
  • 6. OSS “Product” Community Commercial Backing Comments Development Tools and Utilities Eclipse IDE IBM Member of JCP GNU Utilities A foundation Closely tied to Free Software Foundation Java Sun Java Community Process (JCP) Perl Perl Foundation Convoluted sponsorship, incl. Yet Another Society PHP Zend Technologies Python Python Foundation Zope was a founding member; Microsoft is a pending sponsor Google is a major participant qT (cute) GUI builder Trolltech Part of KDE SASH See individual Source Labs Not a product but a stack—like “products” LAMP-- of Spring, various Apache products incl. Hibernate and Tomcat Spring Interface 21 Apache licensed Copyright 2007, Dennis Byron 6 Version 4
  • 7. OSS “Product” Community Commercial Backing Comments Operating System and Infrastructure ClamAV anti-virus Now owned by SourceFire technology Debian GNU/Linux Debian Project A foundation (Debian is to OSI as Split out from Open Source (Hurd to come) OS GNU is to Free Software Foundation) Initiative (OSI) in 1999 Fedora Core Red Hat Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL 5) is resulting “product” Freespire Linux Debian based Linspire Differentiates on fact that it allows proprietary code to be included Groundwork SM Captive Groundwork Hurd operating A foundation This is the development adjunct to system kernel the Free Software Foundation Hyperic Captive Hyperic Split off from Covalent Linux operating Linux Foundation H-P, IBM, Novell, and others (the old This is where Linus draws a system kernel OSF) paycheck and/or royalties openSUSE openSUSE Project Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise is resulting product OCM OpenCountry OpenNMS HP and others Qluster SM I cannot find a corporate sponsor Qumranet desktop Captive Qumranet Sold as SolidICE; OSS code virtualization community included in Linux 2.6 Samba Windows file/ Pass the hat with in-kind vendor Most dependent on Windows print emulator support interoperability specifications Copyright 2007, Dennis Byron 7 Version 4
  • 8. SNORT intrusion Sourcefire detection Terracotta Terracotta Started traditional virtualization Ubuntu Linux Ubuntu Canonical Isle of Man company Foundation Xen server Xen Community Xensource Privately held by big-name VC’s; virtualization being acquired by Citrix Zenoss network Zenoss management Ziptie systems Alterpoint management Copyright 2007, Dennis Byron 8 Version 4