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  • 1. For Immediate Release NTRglobal Enterprise-Grade SaaS Helps IT Avoid a ‘Perfect Storm’ in Security and Compliance Employee-Owned Computers Used for Work Don’t Need to Derail IT Management; Companies Tap Multiplatform Capabilities With Enterprise-Grade NTRsupport Dallas and Barcelona – June 10, 2008 – While security experts warn that the increasing adoption of employee-owned computing platforms and devices in the extended enterprise and mobile workforce could lead to a “perfect storm” derailing compliance and security efforts, proven safeguards are already available – such as NTRsupport™ with multiplatform remote support capabilities from software-as-a-service (SaaS) leader, NTRglobal. “Companies of all sizes are struggling to control and support a wave of mobile computing platforms, some of which are authorized and some not,” said Bob Tarzey, service director at Quocirca Ltd. “We hear the questions all the time: ‘how do we efficiently, economically and safely support all our remote workers - with a variety of platforms and still ensure security and compliance? And how do we do all that with our IT staff already stretched to the limit?’” “The answer to these IT administration and support challenges,” Tarzey said, “can no longer be found in the inefficient solutions of yesterday. Rather, organizations need to find ways to simplify security and compliance “musts” like timely security upgrades to workstations, servers and mobile devices wherever they are located; installation of patches; the repairing of networks that devices depend on and the ability to mitigate the kind of security breaches that can occur with laptops and devices that are lost or stolen.” NTRglobal Delivers Enterprise-Grade, Cost-Effective SaaS to 12,000 Global Companies NTRglobal is front and center among these next-generation solution providers, which are delivering on-demand remote technical support with NTRsupport for more than 12,000 organizations in 60 countries. Customers like Cetelem Bank, Konica Minolta, Legrand, Lufthansa Flight Training GmbH, Scandinavian Airlines and T-Systems are among many of the global firms that rely on NTRglobal for delivering the proven enterprise-grade remote support and remote administration SaaS that helps them meet security requirements and take control of the escalating global mandates for enterprise compliance management.
  • 2. Secure Online Collaboration Tools for On-Demand Remote Support On-demand NTRsupport enables IT workers to deliver instant help desk support over the Web. Providing seven different ways to deliver live interactive support to engage with customers, NTRsupport offers award-winning secure remote support tools for optimum interaction, collaboration and issue resolution—from chat or email while a customer visits a Web site to engaging in a remote control and screen-sharing session, to answering a voice call or viewing a solution with new video call capabilities. From the initial connection, a quick evaluation of the problem or situation can begin, which can either be resolved on demand or escalated to the appropriate type of communication necessary to resolve the situation successfully -- all while staying within the same platform and maintaining strong security. “Security requirements must extend from the core network all the way out to every computing platform used by the mobile workforce,” said Tarzey. “A lot of companies are still trying to get a handle on how they can prevent these problems, when solutions are already available today. The fact that some of these are available as on-demand services means they are quick and easy to deploy.” Global Infrastructure, Local Presence At NTRglobal, security is built into its SaaS platform. NTRglobal provides a globally deployed infrastructure offering consistent security, performance and scalability. Carefully designed to meet the market’s stringent requirements for worldwide services, easy deployment, high availability and fast recovery, NTRglobal SaaS is hosted by certified datacenters in North America, the Middle East, Europe and Japan. NTRglobal data centers house redundant components to ensure availability, recovery, scalability and reliability are achieved through the distribution of incoming session requests to multiple NTR web servers. Remote sessions are dynamically assigned to a distributed communication server to optimize performance. While NTRglobal fully protects users, networks and data stores at each end of the remote connection, security measures do not impose heavy overhead. Security Permeates Application Authentication and Authorization Controls With NTRglobal SaaS, security does not end at the network, data center or general SaaS architecture and configuration. It permeates the NTRglobal application authentication and authorization controls, virus protection, the SSL protocol and powerful remote support feature set. NTRsupport uses the Rijndael algorithm to encrypt sensitive data and passwords throughout the remote control session. Passwords are stored encrypted and do not travel across the Internet during login, and confidential and sensitive data are encrypted before transfer using the user’s password and 256-bit AES encryption.
  • 3. NTRsupport meets the security requirements that help organizations in security-sensitive industries meet compliance regulations including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) for healthcare customers and the Gramm Leach Bliley (GLB) Act for financial services customers. “SaaS from NTRglobal is fast becoming the platform of choice for support organizations in every industry that demands security, reliability and availability,” said Lluis Font, CEO of NTRglobal. “NTRsupport SaaS helps our customers take secure control of their IT assets and deliver end-user technical support anywhere, anytime – even when they are outside their local network. This helps our customers confidently manage to continually evolving compliance regulations.” Free Trial, Pricing and Availability NTRglobal enterprise-grade, cost-effective SaaS is immediately available for a free 15-day trial. NTRsupport is available at www.ntrsupport.com. About NTRsupport Businesses around the world choose NTRsupport™ to deliver on-demand customer support that raises service quality and productivity while decreasing operational support costs. NTRsupport on-demand help desk and instant remote technical support software-as-a-service (SaaS) enables IT professionals to take secure remote control and rapidly resolve technical support issues on computers and Pocket PCs running on a multitude of operating systems including: Windows 9X, 2000, NT, ME, 2003, XP, Vista; Mac 10.3.9 or later (Panther, Tiger, Leopard) run in PowerPC or Intel processors, 32 or 64 bits; any Linux distribution with GNOME or KDE as a graphical environment; Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003, 2003 SE, Mobile 5, Mobile 6 Professional and Classic. NTRsupport is available in two software-as-a- service (SaaS) models: Hosted by NTRglobal or self-hosted, both offering quick implementation and rapid return-on-investment. About NTRglobal More than 12,000 companies in 60 countries rely on NTRglobal enterprise-grade software-as- a-service (SaaS) and Self-hosted solutions to make IT simpler™ and more cost-effective to manage the mobile workforce and extended enterprise. NTRglobal’s growing portfolio of enterprise-grade SaaS now includes: NTRadmin™ for secure remote systems management, NTRadmin BOTS™ for simplifying IT task automation and NTRsupport™ for on-demand help desk and instant remote technical support. SaaS from NTRglobal combines award-winning functionality, proven integration with Salesforce and
  • 4. other major CRM systems, point-and-click administration and scalability, global capabilities, customization and robust reporting for 360-degree visibility and compliance management. Offering a superior customer experience with dedicated regional and global support, NTRglobal applications are offered in 15 languages, including those with double-byte characters. All NTRglobal applications are hosted from 11 secure data centers around the world, which operate with fail-over capabilities to ensure speed of service and reliability. NTRglobal solutions are available in two software-as-a-service (SaaS) models: Hosted by NTRglobal or self-hosted, both offering quick implementation and rapid return-on-investment. For more information about NTRglobal, visit http://www.ntrglobal.com/ NTRglobal Contact: Heidi Wieland NTRglobal Director of Analyst and Public Relations 805-687-4677 hwieland@ntrglobal.com