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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. LeVeRAGInG SunGARD FOR SAAS enABLeMenT SeRVICeS The last thing you want is for a customer’s IT SunGard brings the cloud down to earth “As organizations embrace cloud-based models, application to fail. The last thing anyone needs is they will plan, design and build IT services very to spend a fortune hosting those applications. differently – and need to account for these changes in the way that they architect to meet their uptime, continuity and resiliency objectives, We’re pleased These days, fewer and fewer Mounting infrastructure costs to add SunGard to the leadership of our Open Cloud organizations want to be in the eat into funds that are better Standards Incubator” Winston Bumpus, Distributed business of hosting their own spent on product development or Management Task Force (DMTF) president. IT applications. As the economy expansion of sales channels. continues to squeeze corporate Cloud computing has blanketed the headlines over budgets and new software-as- The faster an ISV grows, the the last year or two. However, while ‘cloud’ is rich a-service (SaaS) delivery models harder it is to provide the round- with potential, it continues to create confusion. gain momentum, companies the-clock IT support and the Many business users could be forgiven for are increasingly looking to their trained, dedicated staff needed to expecting that IT capital costs can be cut almost software providers to do the host and deploy applications. At overnight and ongoing IT operating costs slashed hosting. the same time, it’s easy for fast- to just pennies per compute process unit, simply by growth firms to overlook the need moving IT to the cloud. But it’s not quite as simple for robust tools that can manage SunGard helps bring the cloud discussion back to as shifting responsibility for and monitor systems to ensure ground level. Rather than losing decision-makers application hosting. The SaaS uptime. It becomes more difficult in ill-defined metaphors and flimsy analogies model—along with cloud to guarantee availability and about clouds, SunGard’s managed services experts computing—raises a range of service-level agreements. And root their discussions in hard facts and proven fresh questions about availability, threats to data security loom as disciplines. data security, risk levels, and the company expands. As a result, regulatory compliance. And as a member of the DMTF Open Cloud many businesses have struggled Standards Incubator Leadership Board, SunGard Independent Software Vendor with hosting applications in-house is helping shape new policy governing distributed (ISV) Challenges or been disappointed with their computing. As cloud computing continues to evolve, The truth is that ISVs are early experiences with third-party SunGard’s expertise assures that customers will geared for developing valuable providers. benefit from the best technology available: new products, not for building and running the data center SunGard is here to help „ Custom designed to meet specific business infrastructure and services to With decades of experience needs, resource and budget constraints, as well support SaaS initiatives requested in providing high-availability as operational risk factors. by their customers. The ISVs’ managed services, a deep bench challenges escalate when they of skilled professionals and a „ Flexible implementation to allow you to try to develop and operate the IT robust network of secure data decide how much of your IT applications and infrastructure, network services, centers worldwide, we can be the infrastructure should be outsourced. back up systems, and other ‘back office’ IT application service systems needed to support the that ISVs need to help meet their Get all the benefits of cloud computing—with less new service delivery models. hosting commitments. > risk and none of the hype. 1
  • 2. LeVeRAGInG SunGARD FOR SAAS BuSIneSS MODeLS Factors forcing change IT downtime. And they want faster responses. Where Business leaders have far less tolerance for idle or they once sought solutions in months from traditional underutilized resources and staff, and they’re taking a application sourcing provider (ASP) models, today they harder look at activities that are not considered core to want SaaS delivery options that are up and running in the company’s mission. That puts particular scrutiny on a days—and in some cases, hours. range of IT operations such as application management. Business leaders are also anxious to mitigate their That helps to account for the surge in demand for SaaS operational risks—and thanks to the flurry of headlines enablement and hosting. The market for those services is surrounding corporate data security breaches, businesses growing at 23 percent a year through 2012.1 Vendors of are doubly anxious about handing over control of their large packaged applications are also trying to gain traction critical applications. A corollary to the issue of risk is in these markets without cannibalizing their existing regulatory compliance, which is becoming a critical on-premise license sales. factor in more and more sectors. So they insist not only on high availability and world-class recovery, but on At the same time, enterprise customers are insistent proven programs for managing and minimizing IT risks— on higher levels of data availability. In today’s hyper- particularly in multi-tenant hosting models where servers, competitive environment, they are not willing to endure storage and networks are shared. > CASE IN POINT Managed services provider finds a reliable solution for power and Internet outages A New England managed services provider supporting thousands of daily brokerage transactions was experiencing severe power and Internet outages that ultimately shut down its data center. With customer relationships at stake, “hours of downtime are unacceptable,” says the operations manager of the Software as a Service (Saas) provider. He searched for an outsourced provider to “guarantee us connectivity and power at all times.” After comparing four managed services providers, the operations manager selected SunGard because he was impressed by the combination of advanced infrastructure and expert staffing at its Marlborough, MA, recovery center. “The fact that SunGard had people on-site 24/7 was huge for us,” he says, noting that most competitors offered only security cameras and monitoring systems. SunGard designed a customized solution that included a hosted collocation environment providing regulated power, dedicated Internet connection, advanced security, multiple connection feeds, backup power generators, and 24/7 staffing support. “The requirements put upon our customers by their trading partners have become increas- ingly stringent, so it is critical that we maintain the highest levels of availability. SunGard’s guarantee of 100% uptime during power disruptions and 99.999% connectivity gives us peace of mind – and allows us to focus on our business,” says the operations manager. As an added benefit, he says the trusted SunGard name has become a selling point when discussing his firm’s software services with prospective clients. 2
  • 3. LeVeRAGInG SunGARD FOR SAAS BuSIneSS MODeLS ISVs feel the pressure most Comprehensive support All of those factors are magnified when they cascade down to SunGard provides the underlying data center infrastructure the software providers serving enterprise customers. not only and services to also support fundamental Colocation and do ISVs have to be able to guarantee hosting uptime and best- Managed Colocation needs—everything from managed Internet in-class levels of IT security, but they need to be able to scale up access and data backup, such as usage-based tape and SAn very swiftly—without ‘front-loading’ the resources they need to services, to operating system management, including virtualized scale. Although they may have been able to cope by turning to environments and database management services. friendly local SaaS specialists, they now must be able to deliver scale rapidly—increasingly, globally—as their customers’ Fail-safe data protection demands grow and as they bring on new customers. As the pioneer of availability services, SunGard is rooted in It is the rare ISV that has the staff on hand to meet all the needs this experience, and offers a contingency plan to help ensure of a robust application hosting program. Rarer still are the resiliency in case of hardware failure and other types of ISVs whose investors believe it is still appropriate for them to malfunctions that cause outages. Restoration Services for build and run the resources, skills, capabilities, and facilities to Managed Services provide restoration of all servers, applications, excel in the SaaS space—while meeting the demand for growth network, and security devices hosted at a SunGard site. with development of new software products and reaching new customers through new channels. SunGard’s competitive advantages „ High levels of availability – SunGard has more data centers in SunGard’s AdvancedHostingSM solutions can help north America than any other provider. We have more than 35 Managed Services hubs in north America and europe, and a re- Scalability for growth with lower capital costs silient, global private network backbone. Fully redundant power For ISVs adopting a SaaS delivery model and enterprises that and network options are standard elements of our approach. want to deliver SaaS to internal users, SunGard’s Managed Services offerings, encompassing Colocation, Managed „ Solid SLAs - SunGard’s infrastructure and services are Colocation and enterprise Managed services, help remove the backed by solid service level agreements to ensure that barriers to rapid scalability and growth. applications remain up and running and accessible for users. We craft agreements to cover everythingfrom facility Our utility-like model is ideal for enterprises seeking flexible, availability and availability of power to application-level SLAs. enterprise-class solutions without the capital investments „ Expert staff, proven processes – SunGard has more than needed to build all necessary capabilities internally. 30 years of experience managing critical IT environments and has a highly capable delivery team organized around Maximum reliability a service-centric operating model, based on ITIL v3 and SunGard’s enterprise Managed Services include management ITSM structure. We have teams specializing in monitoring, for every component of the IT infrastructure, from the physical incident/change management, and implementations. We network layer through the operating system. And whether an also align proactive teams to focus on problem prevention/ organization is experiencing staff shortages and needs help remediation, capacity management, business continuity, deploying a new business application, or is simply shifting security, and other related service support activities. priorities, SunGard Application Services help ensure maximum reliability for critical applications and IT infrastructure. We „ Operational excellence –Based on an ITILv3 provide ongoing administration, proactive monitoring and framework, SAS 70 Type II & ISO9001 certification, maintenance, and immediate support when issues arise. Our and PCI DSS-compliant facilities and processes. services can also help ensure that applications are architected „ Secure systems – Our systems are built to the highest and deployed correctly when implemented, to prevent issues levels of security, using established protocols, specialized down the road. hardware, such as secure cabinets and secure cages, and enterprise-class security experts on staff 24/7. 3
  • 4. LeVeRAGInG SunGARD FOR SAAS BuSIneSS MODeLS Why SunGard for SaaS Enablement Services As an integrator of technologies, we have all of the facilities, the systems, the processes, the skills, and the experience you need to help you take full advantage of the SaaS delivery model. SunGard also provides consulting services and planning software to help ensure application availability, allowing companies to determine when and how to move computing applications and data to cloud infrastructure. Whether you’re an ISV eager to develop SaaS services that scale rapidly or an enterprise anxious to reduce overall IT operating costs, SunGard is the right choice for security, consistency, and cost-effectiveness. About SunGard Availability Services SunGard Availability Services provides disaster recovery services, managed IT services, information availability consulting services and business continuity management software to more than 10,000 customers in North America and Europe. With five million square feet of datacenter and operations space, SunGard assists IT organizations across virtually all industry and government sectors prepare for and recover from emergencies by helping them minimize their computer downtime and optimize their uptime. Through direct sales and channel partners, we help organizations ensure their people and customers have uninterrupted access to the information systems they need in order to do business. 1 Robert Mahowald, Director of SaaS and On-Demand Research at IDC, August 2008 For more information about Sungard Availablity Services, visit or call 1.800.468.7483 SunGard Availability Services 680 E. Swedesford Road | Wayne, PA 19087 ©2009 SunGard Availability Services LP. All rights reserved. SG-SeL-147