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IT Technologies in 2009 and Beyond… presented by Mr Girish ...
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IT Technologies in 2009 and Beyond… presented by Mr Girish ...


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. We Accelerate Growth. IT Technologies in 2009 and Beyond… Girish Trivedi Deputy Director –ICT Practice South Asia Middle East
  • 2.  
  • 3. Overview of the current global economy The current global economic environment is indeed bleak: the ramifications are huge and widespread in terms of geographies and industry sectors. Expected writedown of assets by banks: $10 trillion Enormous repercussions Volvo order book (Trucks and HCVs): 3Q 2007: 41,970 3Q 2008: 115 Impact across industries MSCI Emerging market index: Impact across geographies
  • 4. Key Trends consequent to financial meltdown Tightening Credit Uncertain investments Spending Curtailment Cautious Capex Slow resumption of lending, at higher rates and longer processing times Slowing down of IPO activity with investors more cautious Cut back on discretionary spending; stress on savings Slower capex spending as both need to save cash and lesser credit availability Retrenchment Waves of retrenchment across industries
  • 5. Overview of the current global economy Expected impact on certain sectors BFSI Airlines Automotive ICT Government Entertainment Healthcare Basic Foods Education Most Commodities Certain Advisory Serv Media
  • 6. Potential scenarios for the global economy There is disagreement about the extent of the impact of the recent events. Scenario 1: Quick recovery (1 year) Scenario 2: Med Term recovery (1-3 years) Scenario 3: Prolonged Recovery (5-10 years)
    • Falling oil prices
    • Capital infusion
    • Lower interest rates
    • Concerted bail-outs
    • Consumer sentiments take longer to recover as a result of recent wealth destruction
    • Geo-political uncertainty
    • Faster contagion
    • Supply constraint
    Possible Scenarios Driving Factors
  • 7. Evolving Business ICT Demographics Changing economic times can act as a “compelling event” for certain trends to accentuate SOA SaaS Hosted IT Services Cloud Computing Outsourcing Optimization Potential acceleration Application Optimization Delayed Refresh cycles Virtualization
  • 8. IT Opportunity Assessment
    • Opex/Service business models
    • Outsourcing upside
    • Cloud Computing
    • Unified Communications
    • Data Centric model
    Changing economic times can act as a “compelling event” for certain trends to accentuate
  • 9. #1 Opex/Service Business Model Network, Security, Storage and Hosting Customer Involvement Offerings KSF Managed Service Standalone Apps Business Integration Wokflow enabled Sales Model Customer centricity SaaS The enterprise market is expected to see a higher propensity to shift from capex based to opex based business model;
  • 10. #2 Outsourcing Upside Technology players are increasingly outsourcing work in pieces to multiple players – driving the growth of multisourcing Multisourcing already constitutes a quarter of all large outsourcing deals in the United States and is one of the fastest growing segments in the outsourcing business With the division of complex projects into bite-sized portions, smaller players with niche capabilities to participate in the enterprise growth story offering more options to Enterprises Greater adoption of ITIL standards is decreasing complexity, improving management and providing pricing visibility to customers Outsourcing business model to pick up across the enterprises: newer business model emergence
  • 11. #3 Cloud Computing
    • Transformation of software into a portfolio of services
    • Intelligent interactivity between clients and the computing warehouse
    • Business economies will transform
    • Adaptability, collaboration, specialized with the hallmarks
    • Virtualization among top 3 CIO discussion points
    Product Sales Service Sales Source; MIT US listed software firm sales Time %age of revenues
  • 12. Cloud Computing –Hype or reality
    • There are clear five down-to-earth reasons to get excited about the future of the Cloud.
      • Scale and Scalability
      • Utility Pricing
      • Control
      • Environmental Leadership
      • Business Transforming Applications
  • 13. #4 Unified Communications Trend towards Unified Com delivery on a pay-per use basis and Communications Enabled Business Processes (CEBP)
  • 14. #5 Data Centric Models Facilities pure plays Carrier Neutral data center providers Parameters Types of Players Key strength Customer Focus Level of services provided Facilities/ Real Estate Low to mid end Telcos/Carriers Global SIs Focus Services Bundling Integration/ Process Knowledge All Mid to high Higher end The data center market offers opportunities for a variety of players to compete, each with their own strengths and focus customer segments Evolution of data centers into service factories
  • 15. Responding to New Environment
    • Business should continue to view IT as a critical tool in controlling overall costs and increasing productivity
    • Enterprise should start experimenting with Hosted solutions if not yet started
    • Limit on IT spending can be redirected but should not be stopped as customers are becoming proactive
    • Use IT for Competitive Advantage as this environment will reward the nimble competitors
    • Become a World Class Retailer – this is a buyer’s market
    • Turn every Service offered into products
    • Transformation, Transformation, Transformation
      • Most of the Components of the Indian Industry are, in many respect better positioned than other countries to weather this storm
  • 16.
    • Thank You
    Girish Trivedi Email: We Accelerate Growth.