"IT systems shouldn't limit your success – use the same ...


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"IT systems shouldn't limit your success – use the same ...

  1. 1. SOFTWARE AS A SERVICE “IT systems shouldn’t limit your success – use the same system as the large retailers.” SaaS for Retailers No software licensing and maintenance fees SOFTWARE AS No investment in hardware A SERVICE No IT staff required Highly scalable for 1 to 5,000 stores & Affordable with known costs for budgeting Quick implementation 813-490-7000 www.rpesolutions.com info@rpesolutions.com
  2. 2. Now you can have the same full feature software application that has helped many of today’s leading retailers manage their business. Let SaaS Work for You JDA MMS software Appropriate system and utility software 24/7/365 systems operation On staff experts Hosting and system operations at remote data center Secure Internet access SOFTWARE AS IBM System i (AS/400) configured A SERVICE Hardware and software maintenance Streamlined implementation & Application support and training Powerful Tools and Versatility with JDA MMS SaaS Merchandising is the core of the SaaS enterprise solution. RPE provides the powerful tools and functionality of the industry’s leading merchandise management system at a fraction of the cost. JDA MMS is the same system with the same capabilities and tools used by the largest retailers in business today. Through SaaS, retailers have easy access to all the meaningful tools needed to succeed including planning, buying, warehouse, replenishment, sales analysis and financial control. Comprehensive Merchandising and Inventory Management Successful Planning and Analysis Accurate and Flexible Price and Cost Management Data Integrity
  3. 3. Why RPE and JDA? For retailers that need a comprehensive merchandising system, but are hesitant to invest in the traditional model of licensing fees, SaaS by JDA and RPE is the answer. There are no unknown costs and no long term commitment to staff, hardware and application software licenses. Together RPE and JDA have built a powerful solution for retailers of all sizes. For small and growing retailers, we offer access to technology that most companies could not otherwise afford. Larger retailers can benefit by eliminating the headaches and investment of running IT operations while keeping up with the demand of new technology. Low initial investment - The highly affordable cost of implementing and using this system is surprising low and provides retailers access to a merchandising solution used by large retailers at a fraction of the cost. Highly scaleable, ability to grow - As your business grows, the ability to add new stores, warehouses and offices to the system is simple. From 1 to 1,000 stores, the SaaS solution grows with you. Known cost - With a known fixed monthly fee per store, there are no surprises. Prevent suffering from typical IT cost overruns and preserve valuable capital dollars for business priorities. Flexibility - The business environment is constantly changing, and the ability to upscale or downscale within certain parameters can help mitigate the risk of committing to a new system. No IT staff, software licensing or hardware costs - By using SaaS, you eliminate the cost of a dedicated IT staff to manage the system and expensive hardware and software purchase. Guaranteed 24/7/365 service - Avoid the headaches of troubleshooting, technical support and downtime. Updates are automatically installed guaranteeing the system is running 100% of the time. Contact us today 813-490-7000
  4. 4. MMS Core Inventory Control and Procurement Features Vendor, Price, Cost and Promotion Management Financial Management Warehouse Management Receiving, Allocation and Replenishment User-friendly, GUI based POS Performance Optional add-on Data Warehouse Analysis by Multitude of out-of-the-box views as well IDEAS as ability to customize views Easy monitoring of sales and trends Drill-down reports and functionality Product optimization and easy inventory management Why RPE RPE is a leading consulting company offering strategic, functional and technical expertise focused exclusively on the retail industry. Our global technology skills, capacity to deliver results and collaborative approach are key assets that help clients achieve success. By identifying critical issues and implementing innovative solutions, clients generate revenue, reduce costs and access the right information at the right time. Clients are 100% referenceable. Experienced consultants with retail background. Dedicated resources to work side-by-side with your staff. Committed to holding all resources to timeline and milestones. Proven track record implementing leading IT solutions. Provide valuable third party perspective and expertise. Cost effective, experienced augmentation of resources (strategic and tactical). Retail Process Engineering, LLC fdsafd 10150 Highland Manor Dr., Ste. 330 www.rpesolutions.com Tampa, FL 33610 Tel 813-490-7000 Fax 813-490-7001 info@rpesolutions.com ©2007 Retail Process Engineering, LLC. All rights reserved. www.rpesolutions.com