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Field GTM kick-off


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  • This one is exciting! SAP Referral Program Brilliant way to start building a relationship with SAP, with no risk or investment. Free to Join At the core – we’re looking for new members. Members who currently have relationships with SME businesses. Members who understand their SME customer’s businesses and realize that they are in need for business management software. It’s simple. Join the program. Send us your lead. Wait for the deal to close (paid), and take home 5% of net license revenue. We’ve seen many successes already! You can learn more about it at the breakout –titled: Novell and SAP – the partnership to your benefits. Ask for Karl and he’ll get you onboard
  • Comprehensive Manages the entire business end-to-end across sales, customers, purchasing, inventory, operations, financials and HR functions. Integrated One system for all business data Built-in E-Commerce & Online Store Microsoft Office, Outlook integration Open APIs for integrations to other business applications Adaptable to your business User-defined fields, forms, queries and reports Easy modifications without the need for programming Supported by an ecosystem of 350+ partner solutions Local and industry specific partner add-ons Easy to implement and use Intuitive design requiring minimal employee training. Built-in self-guided e-learning Proven implementation methodology and Accelerated Implementation Program Extensible through a powerful SDK Reusable business objects and tools Open APIs for integrations to other business applications “ wanted a new system that would be embraced by staff and provide ongoing support on which everyone could depend. SAP Business One fit the bill and also is speeding month-end financial activities, taking from over a week to about four days.” Anne Keogh, Financial Director, “… SAP Business One has allowed us to consolidate all of our financials, all of those different offices, …and in a click of a button, I can take a consolidated view of everything. And that's been very important — and very helpful — to make us more efficient..." Marc Player, CEO, Gary Player Group
  • SAP has a single, integrated software offering that can help – the SAP® Business One application. SAP Business One includes all the processes you need to run your entire business. Unlike niche solutions, it provides complete business management functions covering financials, sales, customers, e-commerce, inventory, and operations. And because it is designed specifically for small businesses, it can be installed quickly and is simple to maintain. Most important, it is easy to use.
  • Enhancement packages will expand capabilities of mySAP ERP over time SAP ERP 6.0 is the release that R/3 customers should upgrade to With ERP 6.0 we’re providing: A stable, services-enabled core Go-to release for the next 5 years Proven, cost effective upgrade Continuous innovation delivered through enhancement packages and SAP Best Practices
  • Key to success in the mid market is a low TCO offering that helps customers to achieve faster implementation, easy operation and at the same time enables customers to manage business growth Within All-in-One, total cost of ownership is being reduced throughout the entire solution life cycle for SAP, partners and customers
  • The integration of web based sales tools into the complete All-in-One tool framework will help to increase lead generation and shorten the sales cycles
  • SAP Business ByDesign is the most complete on-demand solution that addresses the needs of the entire business. Build your business with a solid foundation for Enterprise Management SAP Business ByDesign is a comprehensive and integrated application that gives midsize companies an immediate 360-degree view of their business. Using the individually tailored work centers in SAP Business ByDesign midsize companies gain visibility into every aspect of their business. Optimize operations with Project and Supply Chain Management SAP Business ByDesign supports project management by facilitating planning, execution, and controlling of cost-collection or full-scope projects, with tight integration to sales, procurement, human resources, and financials during the entire project life cycle. SAP Business ByDesign supports building an efficient supply chain network so you can respond quickly to changing markets. Forecast demand and manage supply for optimal material flow, use task automation throughout. Design your supply chain model with insights into your mix of resources and production types, to reflect how you do business Develop relationships with Customer and Supplier Relationship Management SAP Business ByDesign provides comprehensive, flexible support for customer relationship management processes that span marketing, sales, and service activities helping you exploit the right opportunities and maximize customer satisfaction and revenues. Strengthen your relationships with suppliers, and improve your procurement processes to reduce costs and turn suppliers into a competitive advantage. Enable individual employees to perform self-service procurement, and streamline operations. Achieve full transparency with Built-in Business Analytics and Compliance Management SAP Business ByDesign has built-in business analytics : Making sure your employees have access to the right information at the right time. Your employees – regardless of their roles – can easily personalize, run and analyze reports You get a powerful built-in analytics engine with simple IT requirements and you can request custom-made reports SAP Business ByDesign helps you maintain your compliance with changing laws and regulations: Comes pre-configured for your company’s accounting practices, applicable tax structures, and relevant labor legislation. Frequent and automatic updates ensure that your financial books and governmental reporting continue to meet regulatory standards.
  • Polyglass is a leading manufacturer of modified bitumen roofing. Industry: Mill products – building materials Location : Fernley, Nevada, USA Employees: 120 Website: Implementation Partner: TSC (Technology Solutions Company) Hosting partner; iTelligence, Inc Solution: SAP® All-in-One solution and EDGE solution from Technology Solutions Company (TSC) Challenges and Opportunities • Cut production wastage and costs • Manage customer relationships more effectively • Reduce supplier costs Project Objectives • Eliminate labor-intensive data entry and reporting • Implement software without business interruption • Provide well-documented business processes for ISO accreditation Implementation Highlights • Migrated business processes to an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution in 2 days • Saw the benefits of SAP solution through ERP demo using Polyglass data • Completed a rapid implementation in 16 weeks • Utilized expedited assessment and realization expertise from the SME Solution Center organization • Leveraged TSC’s EDGE solution, a qualified SAP All-in-One partner solution with the embedded ready-to-run SAP All-in-One solution from the SME Solution Center Why SAP • Introduce standardized, best practice processes • Integrate data management, reducing administrative costs • Enhance customer, supplier, and production management Key Benefits • Increased business profitability through better understanding of bills of materials and real costs • Reduced manufacturing inefficiency by linking sales, production, shipping, and billing systems • Enhanced financial control of customer discounts and supplier contracts with SAP All-in-One
  • A Single System Built on the first and only BI platform with native data integration and quality, eliminating complex integrations between different products and separate upgrades; both on-premise and on-demand options available Designed Specifically for Small Businesses Designed exclusively for small businesses to turn data into intelligence and insight, with low cost of ownership and a natural path for supporting growth Integrated and Complete Secure, complete view of all information assets – structured and unstructured data from inside and outside the organization including the best SAP and non-SAP access BI for Every Business User More aligned teams, people, and business networks with the first and only BI platform that provides the right role-specific BI capabilities to every person in the business
  • A survey by BusinessWeek found that a majority of the business users today are still going on “gut feel,” and not utilizing the data from ERP and transactional systems to make effective business decisions. The cause is not having the right amount of information to quickly make decisions. And even when there is the right amount business users often don’t trust the information because they are not sure about the source of data and what calculations have been applied. The result is bad decisions Goal on this slide is to let the numbers speak for themselves most say they go on gut vs. hard facts only 1/5 say they have the right amount of information to make an informed business decision 3/4 say they make bad decisions because they don’t have sufficient information this is a problem given the investment made in these systems. (Note that because of rounding the pie chart adds up to 101%) SSP
  • Note — animation — just to show huge variety of different interfaces for different users.
  • Transcript

    • 1. SAP Referral Program Easy on You – Big on Rewards Referral Programme Team UKI
    • 2.
        • Program Refresh
        • Identifying “Referral Relevant” Opportunities 
              • SAP Business One – presented by Adam Pedersen
              • SAP All-in-One – presented by David Rainbow
              • SAP Business by Design – presented by Schalk Viljoen
              • Business Objects Edge – presented by Patrick Griffiths
        • Q & A
    • 3. The Bottom Line © SAP 2008 / Page 5% of Initial Net License Fee* ... on won/approved/paid deals means up to €50.000 for your company! * Or 5% of first year’s subscription to SAP Business ByDesign For SAP Referral Program Member Internal Communications
    • 4. And Your Customers Win Big Too! SAP is the #1 provider of business applications. © SAP 2008 / Page For SAP Referral Program Member Internal Communications
    • 5. SAP Referral Program Extend Your Profitability TODAY!!! We earned $88,000 with just two referrals. It’s a very easy program to participate in. There's not a lot you have to do to make yourself eligible for the funds. Steve Torres. Axon Global. “ “
      • SAP Referral Program
      • Extend Your Profitability TODAY!
          • Acceptance Reward (opportunity acceptance): 100€ non-monetary reward per opportunity for either the company or the individual
          • Closing Reward (deal closure): 5% per deal on net license software revenue to SAP or on 1st year contract value for SAP Business ByDesign
      • Refer your customers and prospects to the
      • complete portfolio of SAP Solutions
      • Start talking with CXO’s about business critical processes
      • Make the first step into a „partnership“ with SAP
      • Enjoy transparency: follow up on the status of your opportunities online
      • Free membership
      • Logo and branding
      • eLearning and enablement content & tools
    • 6. Referral Eligible Leads SME Focus Decision Maker Identified SME Space ‘ Net New’ Opportunity Budget Identified Customer Need Identified In an Eligible Industry Refer to SAP Referral Program Guide for complete details Registration Precedes Sales Engagement © SAP 2008 / Page For SAP Referral Program Member Internal Communications Buying Cycle Time Identified
    • 7. The SAP SME “Best Fit” Portfolio Ripe for Referral Execute Plan Understand
        • Small Businesses
        • Mid-Size Companies
      © SAP 2008 / Page For SAP Referral Program Member Internal Communications Tailored by local partners to fit your industry, geography and unique processes Business Planning & Consolidation Strategy Management ENTERPRISE
    • 8. Business Management Applications Ripe for Referral BUSINESS MANAGEMENT APPLICATIONS © SAP 2008 / Page For SAP Referral Program Member Internal Communications SAP Business One SAP Business ByDesign SAP Business All-In-One Qualifying Questions Company Size
      • Around $75M (upper limit of ‘Small’ businesses)
      • 10-99 employees
      • Small to mid-sized companies
      • 100-500 employees
      • $75-$500M
      • 100-2500 employees
      • $300M-$750M (sweet spot), but available to $50M - $1.5B
      • Does prospective customer have 10 - 2,500 employees?
      • Does prospective customer operate in manufacturing, wholesale, retail, or services industries?
      • Would prospective customer benefit from one integrated scalable system to run the entire business?
      • Has prospective customer outgrown current software in addressing business management needs, customer demands, new industry requirements or market expansion plans?
      • Is prospective customer spending too much time dealing with daily fire drills, worsened by the lack of high-quality business management software?
      Typical Scenario
      • Small companies that have likely outgrown current business systems
      • Starting small, typically a company that has not previously purchased an integrated business application
      • Probably had another “ERP,” desktop or client server application and can’t scale; existing system is not specific to their industry
      Deployment Constraints
      • Up to 5 locations for one deployment
      • Single or multiple locations (limited to geographies served), divisions, and independent subsidiaries
      • Single or multiple locations, divisions, and all types of subsidiaries
      IT Staff Support
      • Limited (i.e., few or no FTE IT staff); tend to outsource
      • Limited (i.e., few or no FTE IT staff); tend to outsource
      • Some internal IT resources (at least 1 FTE)
      Preferred type of solution
      • On-premise solution
      • Subscription-based on-demand solution
      • On-premise solution
      Nature of current operations
      • Straightforward business processes
      • Limited complexity in their business model
      • Lower transaction volumes
      • Moderately complex business processes
      • Moderate transaction volumes
      • Increasing business complexity driven by growth, innovation, regulation requirements or complex industry-specific needs
    • 9. SAP Business One Small Businesses Solution
      • Typically fewer than 30 professional users and less than 100 employees
      • In a service, wholesale, retail, or manufacturing industry
      • Independent business, autonomous subsidiary, or satellite operation needing to integrate with its parent company using periodic summary reconciliations
      Appropriate for businesses looking to streamline their business operations in a single integrated operation to accelerate growth and profitability.
    • 10. SAP Business One: Best Fit for Small Businesses That have Outgrown their Accounting-only Applications
      • Single integration solution that is easy to use and is affordable
      • Using standard technologies significantly reduces customer and partner learning curve
      • Adapts to the customer’s changing needs with 550+ partner solutions, many of them industry-specific
      Why SAP Business One? All of our customers are reference customers.” Ian Caswell, Managing Director of Sapphire Systems plc “ … SAP Business One has allowed us to consolidate all of our financials, all of those different offices, …and in a click of a button, I can take a consolidated view of everything. And that's been very important…to make us more efficient..." Marc Player, CEO, Gary Player Group Services Executive Operations Sales Finance eCommerce “
    • 11. Trusted by 20,000+ Small Businesses Around the World
      • 20,000th SAP Business One customer
        • Super Sailmakers – Ft Lauderdale, Florida, USA
        • Partner: Netsirk Technologies
        • Sales Cycle: 30 days (2 meetings, 1 demo)
        • Time to Value: 30 days
      © SAP 2007 / Page © SAP 2007 / Page © SAP / Slide
    • 12. SAP Business One: A Comprehensive Solution Human Resources Operations Financials Software Development Kit CRM Reporting And Data Navigation Capabilities General Technologies (Drag & Relate; Alerts; User Defined Fields, etc.)
      • Accounting
        • General Ledger
        • Journal Entries
        • Journal Vouchers
        • Multi-currency
        • Fixed Assets
        • Financial Reports
        • Cash Flow Data
        • G/L Accounts & Business Partners
        • Aging Reports
        • Tax
        • Reconcilation
      • Banking
        • Incoming Payments
        • Credit Card Management
        • Payment Engine
        • Bank Statements Processing
        • Reconciliation
      • Cost Accounting
        • Profit Centers
      • Sales
        • Sales Order
        • Delivery
        • Pick & Pack
        • Gross Profit Calculation
        • Structured Marketing Docs
        • Sales Analysis Report
      • Procurement
        • Purchase Order
        • MRP
        • Purchase Analysis Report
      • Inventory Management
        • Batch/Serial Numbers
        • Customer/Vendor Catalog Numbers
        • Stock Management
        • Price Lists
      • Production
        • Bill of Material
        • Production Orders
        • MRP
      • Activities Management
      • Opportunity Management
        • Opportunities
        • Opportunity Analysis Reports
        • Opportunities Pipeline
      • Service Management
        • Service Call
        • Customer Equipment Card
        • Service Contract
        • Solutions Knowledge Base
        • Service Reports
      • Calendar
        • Calendar
        • Microsoft Outlook Integration
      • Payroll
        • provided through partner solutions
      • Employee Data Management
        • Employee
        • Human Resources Reports
      © SAP 2008 / Page
    • 13. SAP Business One Look & Feel
    • 14. SAP Business All-In-One Midsize Businesses Solution
        • More than 11.000 customers in EMEA
        • From fast, lean deployment (30 days live) to comprehensive ERP infrastructure and international deployments (150 days)
        • From fix price projects (less than 100.000€ for HW, SW, Implementation)
        • More than 600 Value Added Resellers pro-actively approaching the market and keen on picking up your leads and closing the opportunity
      Ideal for fast-growing midsize companies looking for an on-premise solution with deep industry-specific capabilities.
    • 15. SAP Business All-in-One: Configurable and Extensible Application with Deep Industry Best Practices Available globally with over +10,000 customers with over 50 country versions 1,046 certified experienced partners with over 660 extensions
      • Integrated suite leveraging the breadth of SAP ERP
      • Deep industry functionality with microvertical solutions
      • Configurable and extensible to meet changing needs
      • Predictable time to value – typically under 16 weeks, using precustomized business scenarios
    • 16. SAP All-in-One Overview SAP All-in-One: A Stable Foundation for SAP and Partners Through 2010 2007 2008 2009 2010 SAP ERP 6.0 SAP NetWeaver Enhancement Packages + Partners = Qualified SAP All-in-One Partner Solution SAP SME Solution Centers + + SAP Best Practices
    • 17. SAP All-In-One Lower TCO for Mid Market Customers & Partners Demand Generation through ECO-System Development Marketing Impact and Sales Cycle
      • Enhanced Sales Tools (e.g. BAIO Configurator)
      • Seamless integration of sales and implementation
      • Improved demo offerings (e.g. demo laptop)
      Improved Customer Operations
      • Improved User Experience
      Lean Implementation
      • SAP Best Practices approach
        • Pre-configuration
        • Industry-specific process knowledge
      • Harmonize content across countries
    • 18. Reduced Sales Cycle SAP All-in-One Configurator
        • 3 entries and an estimate for a solution offering is done!
        • Best Fit Solution Adviser:
      Compose & Offer
      • The AIO Configurator is more than just a Calculator
        • Enable Web-led business processes to increase efficiency
        • Accessible for partners & customers
        • Determine price point via selection of key scenarios / building blocks in the Web
        • Solution Price: SW, HW & Implementation
        • Quick & Easy to Use
    • 19. SAP Business All-In-One Look & Feel
    • 20. SAP Business ByDesign Complete, Adaptable, On-Demand
      • Fast deployment – in as little as 6 weeks, depending on scope
      • Delivered on-demand, managed by SAP
      • Monthly subscription pricing starts at £97 per user per month
      • Ideal for less than 100 users
      • Core business processes and best practices built in
      • Great fit for professional services, consulting, manufacturing, wholesale distribution, and more 
      • Available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, China, and India
      A best fit for fast-growing companies that don’t want to build a large, expensive IT backbone . Complete, Adaptable on-demand business solution
      • 360degree Solution
      • On demand delivery with built-in services and support
      • Breakthrough user experience
      • Ideal for 100-500 employee, 25 -100 users
      • Predictable, Affordable, Manageable IT
      • Easy to adapt without extensive IT involvement
      • Focus on Professional Services & Component Manufacturing
      • Comprehensive Early Customer Support
    • 21. The Most Complete On-Demand Solution Addressing the needs of the entire business
      • Build your business
        • A solid foundation for Enterprise Management
      • Optimize operations
        • Project and Supply Chain Management
      • Develop relationships
        • Customer and Supplier Relationship Management
      • Achieve full transparency
        • Built-in Business Analytics, Compliance Management
    • 22. Why Business ByDesign?
      • SAP ByDesign Customer Benefits
      • Leverage the SAP ecosystem
      • Leverage SAP marketing & public relations
      • Be seen as a “Best Run Business” - Increase visibility and company value
      • Build your business on Best Practice
      • SAP is the leading expert in business process
        • 46,100+ companies run SAP software
        • SAP is a leaders in the small to medium enterprise software market
        • Nearly 70% of SAP customers are SME businesses
        • Over 31,100 SME customers
      • Reduce your Risk
      • Fixed Price, Predictable Cost with SaaS
      • Global focus & support for your implementation
      • ONE System – Sales, Financials, Supply Chain, Analytics, HR etc.
    • 23. Pentagon Chemicals Cost-effective deployment for midsize companies Pentagon Chemicals, wholly independent and privately owned group of companies based in Cheshire supplying Fine Chemicals into the pharmaceutical, agro chemical and oil exploration industries. Pentagon was looking for one integrated business platform, rather than stand alone systems, spreadsheets, people doing their own thing. They were also looking to modernize the business intelligence aspect of the business. SAP Business ByDesign is enabling Pentagon Chemicals to move more quickly and address changing and developing business opportunities “ With SAP, we have full visibility of our financial position to at any point in time, up to 24 months ahead and beyond.” “ SAP supports Pentagon Chemicals plans for growth, acquisitions, and cost management.” “ SAP is a configurable package, Its menu driven, and you can choose which reports and processes you want. We took 90% of the templates and mapped them onto our business. It was pretty easy to implement.” Nicolas Lindop, General Manager and Director, Pentagon Chemicals Ltd
    • 24. SAP Business By Design Look & Feel
    • 25. Business Intelligence Applications
        • BusinessObjects ™ Edge Series
      © SAP 2008 / Page For SAP Referral Program Member Internal Communications A simple, affordable, and proven suite of business intelligence products for small and mid-size companies delivers solutions that address any BI requirement — from flexible ad hoc query reporting and analysis, to dashboards and visualization, to powerful data quality and integration.
      • A Single System: No complex integrations
      • Designed Specifically for Small Businesses: Low Cost of Ownership
      • Integrated and Complete: Complete view of all information assets
      • BI for Every Business User: Roles specific access to for every person in the business
    • 26. Why Companies Need Business Intelligence Gut Feel Decisions All of the time 75% of the time 50% of the time 25% of the time Never Aware of bad decisions managers have made due to insufficient information “ Gut Feel ” used by >60% of people, >50% of the time Information available for important business decisions Always just the right amount (rare) Usually too much Usually too little 3% 16% 36% 3% 42% 41% 22% 38% Base: 675 US and European business executives and managers Source: BusinessWeek Research Services 77%
    • 27. Business Objects Edge Look & Feel An interface for every business user Desktop Web Browser Mobile Microsoft Office
    • 28. Business Intelligence Applications Ripe for Referral BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE © SAP 2008 / Page For SAP Referral Program Member Internal Communications Business Objects Edge Series Ripe for Referral Qualifying Questions Company Size
      • Small to mid-sized companies ($25M-$750M)
      • 10-2500 employees
      • Would prospective customer’s business professionals benefit from more flexible ad hoc reporting, query and analysis via the Web without relying on IT?
      • Does prospective customer currently use Crystal Reports™ –would they like to be able to manage, secure, and deliver these reports over the Web to view with just a Web browser?
      • Does prospective customer need “live” access to reporting data within familiar tools like Microsoft Office or SharePoint?
      • Does prospective customer waste time and resources reconciling data from multiple application sources and platforms to make it usable – and is the current data reliable?
      • Would prospective customer’s executives and managers benefit from live, real-time dashboards that alert them when key metrics fluctuate beyond criteria they specify?
      Typical Scenario
      • Companies looking for a simplified way to pull disparate data, allowing users to access, format, analyze, navigate, and share information across the organization for reporting, query and analysis, dashboards and scorecards
      Deployment Constraints
      • Single or multiple locations, divisions, and all types of subsidiaries
      IT Staff Support
      • At least 1 FTE
      Preferred type of solution
      • Both on-demand and on-premise options available
      Nature of current operations
      • Diverse business models in multiple industries
    • 29. Call to Action
      • QUESTIONS?
      • Register & Join if you are not a Member yet
      • Get Enabled in the Referral Portal
      • Spread the Word
      • Leverage enabling assets
      • Register leads
      • Get paid!
      © SAP 2008 / Page For SAP Referral Program Member Internal Communications
    • 30. © SAP 2008 / Page Questions ? [email_address] Thank You!