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  • Starting with an introduction to market conditions. ITpreneurs conducted a research project this summer where 99 IT managers and influential consultants were surveyed to get an understanding of the relevance of IT performance management to organizations. This research project was conducted by MBA candidates from the Rotterdam School of Management. Hereby a summary of the results. The first thing we asked the respondents was to give their reaction to a quote from a US magazine called InformationWeek. IW states that IT still is a black and iT managers do not have the information they need for informed decision making. The interviewees could not agree more, 65% of the IT managers agreed with the statement explaining that they are not well informed. The next question then is: so how black is this box?
  • Only 6% of IT managers explain that they have access to an efficiently produced report with information on the performance of IT. The majority of these IT managers however only receive this report once a month. the majority of the organizations are in the third category which means that IT managers have an understanding of IT performance, but creating the reports is an expensive, time and resource consuming exercise collecting data from different sources and transforming that to… EXCEL 76% of the interviewees concur that Excel is the main platform for IT performance management, explaining that existing tools are not intuitive enough, lack the IT performance management functionalities or are too narrow in scope.
  • Metricus was introduced briefly in the last few slides, but here a more detailed overview of what Metricus is. IT Performance Management is about measuring, demonstrating and improving the performance of IT value. Organizations that manage this process well optimize the way resources are utilized, ensure costs are under control and that IT initiatives are aligned with business goals. Metricus facilitates this process by offering metrics that are relevant to organizations. No theoretical metrics or metrics provided by 100.000 foot consultants, but practical and pragmatic metrics. Metricus presents metrics for example for ITIL processes, but also provides super metrics, metrics that Industry experts identified as critical to use and organizations should at least consider. Metricus presents a toolkit with information to manage data. SQL scripts, predefined exec sheets assist in the process to collect data from service management and other tools. Look at this as doing a puzzle. The hardest thing is not to take the pieces from the box, it is knowing where to put which piece, and that is the value that Metricus brings. A Metricus Business Intelligence environment specially configured for service management allows organizations to continuously measure performance and view results in the form of scorecards and dashboards. Templates make the process seamless and a secure and scalable portal environment ensures Metricus is suitable for organizations small and large. With an understanding of the current performance of IT, Metricus offers the means to drive improvements. Extensive analysis capabilities, trending information and other reporting means help to understand where improvements are possible. Benchmarking data from industry peers explain how the organization is performing against others.


  • 1. Metricus Metricus for Consultants Clarity on the performance of IT 3 x nominated for ITSMF Innovation Award
  • 2. Agenda Metricus for consulting organizations Partner Benefits What is next? Metricus information
  • 3. Innovation Award Nomination for Metricus Metricus has been acknowledged for breaking new ground on IT performance management and is nominated for the ITSMF Innovation Award by three independent juries.
  • 4. IT Performance Management - 2003
    • CXO Systems surveyed 1400 CIOs in 2003. Key findings included:
        • “ ..most IT executives spend more than a day per week gathering information..”
        • The frequency with which CIOs gather information related to different functions does not correlate well with the importance of those functions.”
        • The majority of information is received via multiple channels and needs to be collated bottom up. The following graph is an excerpt from the report:
  • 5. IT Performance Management – 2008/9 Only 6% of IT managers have access to efficiently produced IT performance information. Source: ‘Trends in IT Performance Management’, 2008/9, ITpreneurs. Survey and interviews amongst 99 IT executives and consultants in five continents + Collecting data from various sources + Converting data into logical numbers + Building complex Excel sheets = Highly Ineffective
  • 6. Metricus: measure, manage, improve IT performance Best Practice Metrics that make sense to the business Scorecards and performance analysis to measure outcomes Measure Manage Improve Trending information and benchmarking for informed decision making SaaS Metricus IT Performance Management Framework ITIL v3 continual service improvement / Built on
  • 7. Agenda Metricus Consulting Organizations Partner Benefits What is next? Metricus information
  • 8. Metricus for Consultants
    • Performance Management is a key component of the work that IT management and process improvement consultants perform:
    • Help customers I mplement a metrics & measurements framework based on KPIs that are relevant to the customer
    • Assess the current IT process performance for customers and assist in the design and implementation of improvement initiatives
      • IT process health check
      • Maturity scan
      • Baseline definition
    • Consulting organizations typically maintain an internal metric library that is used by consultants to develop KPIs for customers
    • Consultants collect data from customer tools and systems and build and maintain excel based reports and scorecards for their customers as a separate activity or as part of a consulting engagement (typically few weeks to few months)
    How do consultants manage this process right now for their customers Characteristics Improvement possibilities Examples
  • 9. Metricus Consulting Partners
    • Adopt : Combine the KPIs that consultants use with best practice KPIs of Metricus, and use an always up-to-date knowledge library to define KPIs for customers
    • Replace : Move away from managing complex and error prone excel sheets and utilize a reliable business intelligence environment to deliver complex and interactive reports
    • Enhance : Provide performance reports that you now cannot provide yet; such as advanced slicing/dicing capabilities, cause and effect diagrams, Six Sigma charts, drill down into the data, etc.
    • Ease of use : be able to set up a new dashboard for a customer without external support
    • Minimum training : self learning, maximum training time half a day
    • Ease of data entry : Upload and process data is easy and straightforward
    • Benchmarking possibilities : aggregate data from customers to provide benchmarking services
    • Well supported : advanced reports, data analysis, KPI creation, and other support is available in the background
    Are there potential areas for improvement? What are critical success factors to keep in mind if you want to give consultants a different tool to use: Characteristics Improvement possibilities Examples
  • 10. Metricus Consulting Partners I have no idea what to measure and I do not know how to measure
    • Select metrics from Metricus rather than build metrics from scratch over and over again
    • Leverage a best practice library with hundreds of detailed metrics
    • Include your own knowledge and build your own unique knowledge base
    Achieve rapid results Build transparency Can you give me an insight into my IT performance
    • Use advanced Business Intelligence capabilities to create scorecards and reports based on customer data
    • Compare trends and suggest improvement actions to the customer
    • Create scorecards by dragging and dropping KPIs rather than manually programming complex excel sheets
    Benchmark! How am I performing against a set of industry peers
    • Provide a unique benchmarking service to customers based on Metricus metrics and your own metrics
    • Extend capabilities by leveraging the entire Metricus user community
    Extend your knowledge, work more efficient Additional consulting services, faster time to results Additional consulting services, recurring customer services Characteristics Improvement Possibilities Examples
  • 11. Metricus: embed Metricus knowledge in your consulting offering Use Metricus KPIs and Metricus Knowledge to strengthen your consulting offering to your customers
    • Consider:
    • CIO Dashboard
    • IT health scorecard
    • Unique and custom KPIs
    • ISO/IEC 20000 implementation
    • Specific reporting needs
    Customer A Metricus KPIs Customer Dashboard Your own KPIs Workspace Customer B Incident management Dashboard Custom Report Your own Dashboards Workspace Six Sigma Chart Customer C IT health dashboard SLA report Workspace Cause and Effect Diagram 600 KPIs, Metric Tags, usage information Scorecard, Dashboard, Information Analysis User Management, Collaboration and Communication Your own KPIs Metricus Workspace(s) Metricus IT Performance Management
  • 12. Characteristics of Metricus for Consulting Organizations Scripts, templates, and SQL scripts for data included End-user training via online conferences or face to face No minimum number of users Metricus includes all the knowledge you require, and you can even add your own KPIs Globally accessible, browser based, fully managed Conceptualize new services around Metricus 8-hours dedicated Metricus support per month included Create a workspace for every customer and even provide customers with their own dashboard and reports
  • 13. Agenda Metricus Consulting Organizations Partner Benefits What is next? Metricus information
  • 14. The Metricus partner program enables partners to integrate Metricus in their consulting approach Modules for ITIL Green IT Modules for COBI T Cost-Control Best practice Knowledge included Globally accessible Flexible “10 minute” deployment Customer Enablement
    • Customer Branding
    • Customer Training / Coaching
    • Access to benchmarking data
    Simple data upload Access per user Fully managed environment Browser based Your Metricus portal Multi-customer deployment Your own metrics And 20 more modules
  • 15. Consulting Partner Benefits Flexible solution
    • Up and running quickly
    • Tailor to customer specific requirements
    • Fully managed online
    • Create a dashboard for every customer
    • Create internal transparency
    Customer Enablement
    • Customer Training and Coaching available
    • Globally accessible, browser based
    • Customer can log in and view their IT performance
    Well supported
    • Support in designing the environment
    • Build to release support
    • Documentation and marketing material available
    • Webinars, events, global branding
    Best practice knowledge
    • Industry accepted KPIs
    • Handpicked KPIs by Industry gurus
    • Everyone can contribute to Metricus library
    • Best of breed BI software from Microsoft
    • Add your own unique KPIs and methodology
    Top line growth
    • Includes ability to resell Metricus to customers
    • Design services that you now cannot provide
    • Address gaps in the performance of your customers processes and offer support!
    Built on trusted software
  • 16. Agenda Metricus for Consulting Partners Partner Benefits What is next? Metricus information
  • 17. Next steps A three step approach to achieve maximum success
    • Seeing is believing, demonstrating the capabilities of Metricus
      • Provide Metricus with an (anonymous) data file from one of your customers and a prototype will be configured to show you what Metricus can do for your consultants
        • Provide your feedback, and perhaps add some of your own KPIs and use this to demonstrate Metricus to your consultants or customers
    • Educate important stakeholders in using Metricus
      • Invest some time to bring up to speed some of your most important consultants in the use and adoption of Metricus
      • Training can be as simple as a 2-hour conference call with a Metricus specialist, but can also run up to 2-days of training when desired
    • Try out Metricus in your engagements
      • Invest some time to bring up to speed some of your most important consultants in the use and adoption of Metricus and try out Metricus in engagements
      • The Metricus team will support you where needed to ensure that your engagements result in success
  • 18. Create dynamic Visio charts and link this to KPIs
    • Create cause and effect diagrams using Visio
    • Create process charts and objects in Microsoft Visio
    • Link these objects to individual KPIs in Metricus
    • Publish to a Dashboard and use this to understand causal relationships between KPIs
    Use Visio to create diagrams and objects Link objects to KPIs in Metricus And create highly visual cause and effect diagrams and other visual dashbboards
  • 19. Easily manage data from your customers into Metricus
    • Data transfer from service management tools is simple and easy to do
    • Export data from service management tools into Metricus using templates
    • Upload data via FTP to Metricus
    • Metricus processes data and transforms it to information
  • 20. Create new KPIs that are special to a customer Create KPIs Create new KPIs for your customers, or modify some of the existing KPIs. Add data Manually enter data, or upload data via an Excel template
  • 21. Create a balanced scorecard for your customer Dynamic Visio chart Metricus allows you to create and upload Visio charts and link KPIs to Visio components. For every Module specific templates are available but you can also create your own Manage KPI categories For all areas in the IT balanced scorecard KPIs are available. We categorized them according to customer feedback, but you can create your own sub categories
  • 22. Or advanced reports with dynamic analysis capabilities Decomposition tree Not just analyze static information but be able to really drill down into the details whenever you need to Trending analysis Compare KPI performance over a period of time, not in the here and now
  • 23. Some other features of Metricus Easy Data Templates Every Module includes structured templates that help you collect data from your service management tool and upload this to Metricus. The simplest way to do this is through FTP allowing you to refresh your data whenever you want to Define your reporting structure This allows you to define your reporting structure. Do you want to report per department, geography or team? Initiate actions or projects Assign tasks to users, initiate projects or provide comments to reports Manage access rights Assign dashboards to users and manage who sees what
  • 24. Template Module: Incident Management Collaborate Provide comments with graphs, manage issues and documents IT KPIs – 25 practical, pragmatic, usable KPIs Trending Trending information to analyze KPIs in detail Settings Manage definition, set target, tolerance, data criteria
  • 25. Template Module: Desk Module Drill down into the details Benchmark different service desk sites across the world and drill down into the details of available data IT KPIs – 25 practical, pragmatic, usable KPIs for managing your service desk operations across the world Dashboards Call handling information, information on Service Requests and Incidents
  • 26. Template Module: Request Management Module IT KPIs – Every Module includes at least 25 KPIs with information on the practical use, adoption and benefits of KPIs. Analyze to the greatest extent possible Dynamic charts allow you to analyze data and create charts that are most relevant to you Add your own KPIs Simply add your own KPIs or modify KPIs to the Module and publish them to a dashboard
  • 27. Template Module: Change Management Module Comprehensive Dashboards A typical Metricus Dashboard Template that provides a comprehensive picture on your current IT performance and historical information. These two elements together allow you to take adequate decisions for the future Six Sigma charts For selected KPIs you have the ability to create Six Sigma control charts or histograms. This functionality helps you reduce defects in your processes
  • 28. Template Module: Green IT Green IT Measure the carbon footprint of IT and work towards a better performing and greener IT organization
  • 29. Other Metricus Products Resell Metricus Modules and customized Metricus Enterprise SaaS and provide implementation services helping customers use and implement Metricus Metricus for reselling partners Use Metricus Enterprise SaaS as an integrated component of their implementation approach. Use all the knowledge and support from Metricus to improve customer IT processes and activities Metricus for consultants Use Metricus Enterprise SaaS to create internal transparency over complex IT processes. Provide their customers with an insight into service provider performance Metricus for Managed Service Providers
        • Metricus Partners use Metricus as part of their consulting approach to the market, use Metricus internally or create services around the use and adoption of Metricus
  • 30. www.metricus.com for more information visit