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  • Jeff Kozloff President, Verilogue 500 Office Center Drive, Suite 400 Ft. Washington, PA 19034 267-513-1722 [email_address]
  • Verilogue captures physician and patient information at the point-of-practice TM Verilogue provides digital recording devices to physicians so they can record their conversations with a few patients each month* *Patients opt-into the research and sign a HIPAA authorization release
  • Verilogue was created as a response to the pharmaceutical industry’s need for more accurate and actionable customer information
    • Trend towards more personalized, targeting patient-centric medicine
    • Frustration with lack of access to data that matters most
    • Patent-pending customer analytics system - Tech Startup Company of the Year
    • Rapidly growing proprietary database
    • Proven sales model within and across top-tier pharmaceutical customers
    • Building world-class team & partnerships
    - - Company History - - Why
    • Incorporated as Delaware LLC in 2Q 2006
    • Began capturing data & selling to clients in 4Q 2006
    • Closed $4MM Series A financing with Edison in Dec 2007 ( C-corp )
    When How View slide
  • Verilogue’s management team has experience creating and selling marketing services to the pharmaceutical industry Verilogue Mgmt Team
    • Deep buyer & supplier experience in pharmaceutical industry
    • Successfully created and sold research products to pharmaceutical companies in previous jobs
    • Previous startup & product commercialization experience
    • President is co-author of US Patent
    • Strong academic backgrounds & relationships
    • Attractive strategic partnerships
    • Jeff Kozloff, President
    • Jamison Barnett, Vice President Operations & Analytics
    • Larry Novacich, Vice President Sales & Client Services
    • Ryan Orr, Managing Director Information Technology
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  • What is the value proposition? Verilogue’s patent-pending data collection and customer analytics system turns dialogue into data TM
    • Captures nationwide data in real-time
    • Sampling from customer’s natural environment
    • Computational linguistic analysis derives new, actionable customer insights
    • Proprietary normative database
    • Customer voice is universal
    • Proprietary insights reveal new drivers of customer behavior
    • Enriches the development and effectiveness of marketing strategies and tactics
    • Improve ROI
    Customer benefit Verilogue turnkey analytics system
  • What is the market opportunity? The physician-patient dialogue is the epicenter of the HC continuum Physicians PATIENTS Government Agencies Hospitals Other Regulatory Bodies Caregivers Life Science Companies Managed Care / Insurers Nurses
  • What is the growth potential? Numerous vertical, horizontal and global expansion opportunities Domestic Pharma & CRO opportunity Time Global Pharma & CRO opportunity Healthcare Social Network & Global Business Intelligence Engine Multi-channel Social Network & Global Business Intelligence Engine $30MM+ $60MM+ $100MM+ $500MM+ Current Growth Phase
  • Edison Venture Fund is the ideal partner for Verilogue WHY EDISON VENTURE FUND?
    • Growth and expansion capital in one-round
    • Leading VC with deep domain expertise
    • SaaS experience, with impressive existing portfolio and multiple successful Pharma IT exits
    • Reputation & recommendations
    • Commercialization philosophy & enthusiasm
    • Use of funds
    • Time to close
    Verilogue Funding Requirements & Criteria
  • John Martinson Director, Verilogue Managing Partner, Edison Venture Fund PWC Money Tree February 5, 2008
  • Verilogue’s Attractiveness for Edison
    • Fit Edison’s profile, except early stage
    • Founders and management experienced in software and services for drug industry
    • Unique solution for pharma brand manager
    • Market Research is growth segment
    • Penetrated major drug companies
    • Account expansion potential confirmed
    • Gross margins boosted by reusing information
    • Capital efficient, scalable business model
    • Management driven for success
  • Edison Value-Added Services
    • 2 BOD seats
      • John Martinson works with 7 Pharma IT companies
      • Heather Torak, COO Cadient, Edison Director Network
      • Orlando Mendoza, Director Analysis, BOD Observer
    • Risks and opportunities identified by due diligence
    • 180 day plan to address key concerns
    • Strategic guidance and business priorities
    • Management referrals
    • Bank referrals
    • Service provider referrals
    • Pharma IT portfolio companies share best practices and contacts
  • Virginia > 703-903-9546 - Gary Golding, General Partner [email_address] - Sever Totia – Principal [email_address] - Lenard Marcus, Investment Mgr. [email_address] A local presence throughout the region Get to Know Edison Better
      • Visit our website:
    • - Portfolio details and personnel bios - Info. section for service providers
    • Subscribe to the eLuminator - Monthly current events e-newsletter
    Pennsylvania > 609-873-9212 - Doug Petillo, Partner [email_address] - Michael Kopelman, Principal [email_address] New Jersey/NY > 609-896-1900 - Joe Allegra, General Partner [email_address] - Chris Sugden, General Partner [email_address] - Ryan Ziegler, Investment Manager [email_address] - John Martinson, Managing Partner [email_address] - Ross Martinson, General Partner [email_address] Call our point person: Tim Foster Business Development Manager Edison Venture Fund 609-873-9227 or 609-712-1562 [email_address]