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                                                                               SutherlandGold Gr...
Helping to deliver on UpMo’s promise is Marcel Legrand, a former senior executive at with over 14 years of cor...
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Promise Phelon, Founder, CEO & Chief UpMoverTM

CEO Promise Phelon founded UpMo in 2008 to help people ach...
One of the guiding principles of UpMo is that all careers must be planned to constantly work
toward a specific goal, so ch...
appearances on CNBC, CNNfn and TechTV, as well as local appearances on KGO Channel 7
News and Silicon Valley Business This...
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Board of Advisors

Marcel Legrand
Partner, Blackfin Capital LLC
Cofounder, Vertical Knowledge

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About UpMo

Q: What exactly is UpMo?

A: UpMo is the only intelligent, personalized career ser...
opportunities you should be pursuing to increase their chances of getting hired. Your job hunt
should be unique, personal ...
Your combination of experience, interests, connections and goals are unique—so why not your
job hunt? UpMo is the only per...
With UpMo, you can dig deep into the career paths, successful habits and insights of the
following professionals (and many...
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  1. 1. Contact: Terra Carmichael SutherlandGold Group 415.848.7165 UPMO TAKES JOB BOARDS HEAD-ON BY LAUNCHING THE “INTELLIGENT JOB HUNT™” TO HELP PROFESSIONALS GET THE RIGHT JOB SMARTER AND FASTER UpMo Uses Science to Drive a Personalized, Effective Job Search Palo Alto, Calif., August 10, 2009 – Upwardly Mobile (UpMo), the only intelligent, personalized service that leverages the science behind career success, today announced the release of an innovative, scientific way of executing an effective online job search. The Intelligent Job Hunt™ is a highly-personalized agent that uses expert insights, data-modeling and a rich algorithmic engine to pinpoint the precise actions professionals should take and specific opportunities they should pursue to land the right job faster. Using multiple context-aware algorithms, the Intelligent Job Hunt™ identifies and prioritizes highly-compatible job matches based upon the important dimensions of the UpMo user’s career. It analyzes their career roadmap—past, present and future jobs—network connections, professionals they’d like to emulate and other core attributes to drive users to the most relevant, desirable job opportunities that they have a high-probability of securing. Creating complete transparency in the job supply, the Intelligent Job Hunt™ exposes lateral and vertical moves, jobs on the horizon, similar positions in different industries, and very importantly, since eighty- percent of jobs are obtained through networking, relevant job opportunities that can be accessed by tapping the user’s specific professional network. Beyond presenting qualified matches, the Intelligent Job Hunt™ fully engages users throughout their search and provides opportunity-specific guidance—insights and career intelligence gleaned from hiring managers, placement firms and successful professionals—for landing the job that the UpMo user wants. UpMo’s Intelligent Job Hunt™ challenges the one-dimensional approach of online job boards that merely prods seekers for where they want to go rather than taking into account the unique mix of information that defines that professional. “Job boards don’t expose matches; they produce wide, impersonal listings that job-seekers must laboriously sort through to identify the few, highly-compatible opportunities. Your job search should not be a full-time job,” says Promise Phelon, CEO of UpMo. “We've analyzed data and have spoken with hiring managers, placement firms and career management professionals to determine the criteria for ‘the right match’. This research resulted in our game- changing job-matching agent—the Intelligent Job Hunt."
  2. 2. Helping to deliver on UpMo’s promise is Marcel Legrand, a former senior executive at with over 14 years of corporate development and product management experience that helped guide Monster during its most successful years. Legrand recently joined UpMo’s Board of Advisors and works closely with CEO Promise Phelon to drive the Company’s aggressive strategic plan. “Online job search is missing a holistic and personal approach, one that dovetails with the notion of a Career Operating System,” remarks Legrand. “It pleases me to be working with Promise and UpMo’s management team in the timely innovation of this space. I’m very excited to take on this role with the company and for the tremendous opportunities ahead for UpMo.” About UpMo Founded in 2008, Upwardly Mobile, Inc. is a privately-held company committed to taking on the difficult challenges that help people appreciate their most valuable asset—their career.’s always-on solution is an intelligent, personalized career service that uses expert insights and patent-pending scientific tools to empower business professionals and job seekers to confidently get the job they want faster and stay ahead in their career. For more information, visit the website Upwardly Mobile is located at Palo Alto’s renowned 165 University Avenue, a historic Silicon Valley office building that once housed Google, PayPal, Logitech and several other successful tech companies.
  3. 3. Press Coverage
  4. 4. Our Leadership Promise Phelon, Founder, CEO & Chief UpMoverTM CEO Promise Phelon founded UpMo in 2008 to help people achieve their career dreams the same way she did--by leveraging her network and following the proven career paths of the heroes she most admired. It was her strong network of contacts that enabled Promise in 2002 at the age of 27 to build her first company, The Phelon Group, into a multimillion dollar business. The consulting firm, comprised of industry veterans, business academicians and strategic thinkers, advises companies like Adobe, Hewlett Packard, Network Appliance and many others to break through revenue barriers by listening to customers. When she sold The Phelon Group in late 2007 to start UpMo, she joined Vistage and other groups to better understand the money-raising network and to surround herself with the right ecosystem including industry veterans like John Hagedorn, Rajesh Setty and others who’ve built their own companies and advised others in the process. Promise always knew she wanted to be a serial entrepreneur. What she didn't always know was how she would do it. But when she joined the sorority at Southern Methodist University and came to lead its student government, she quickly discovered that the way to get from where you are to where you want to be is by leveraging a powerful network. Equally important to Promise's career path was having a mentor. Her first job was working for Barbara Britton, a strong and successful executive who had the passion, vision and strength to get what she wanted. Because Promise had access to Barbara, she could emulate her decision- making and relationship-building patterns and processes in the same way that UpMo users have access to their UpModels. The result was that Barbara inspired Promise to get an MBA at Pepperdine University and follow her corporate career path in Silicon Valley to BEA Systems (now Oracle: ORCL). Backed by angel investors, guided by a board of advisors, and supported by the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, the Graziadio School of Business and Management at Pepperdine University, and the Anderson School of Business at UCLA (each business school will roll out UpMo to alumni and are participating as beta-testers), UpMo is Promise's own example of how one can realize a career dream by leveraging a network. Just as she discovered for herself at her college sorority, Promise hopes UpMo will help professionals reach their career goals by putting success into plain sight and helping them build the relationships necessary to get there. Having authored more than four dozen papers, industry research studies, articles in such publications as Inc. and Chief Marketer, and a chapter of Seth Godin's Big Moo: Stop Trying to Be Perfect and Start Being Remarkable, Promise is a recognized thought leader known for breakaway ideas proven to drive success. She is also a sought-after speaker, having lectured at Harvard Business School and at numerous industry events.
  5. 5. One of the guiding principles of UpMo is that all careers must be planned to constantly work toward a specific goal, so chances are, Promise is already working on her next milestone in a career dedicated to starting great companies that break through barriers. Sarah Lynn, Vice President of Products & Service With over 25 years of experience in technology and products spanning several startups and Fortune 500's, Sarah joined UpMo to drive the development of "the next big thing." Her enthusiasm, deep product knowledge, and passion for innovation shape the empowering experience our UpMovers™ have in managing and advancing their careers. The former CEO of Adhere and former CIO of WebEx, Sarah brings key business leadership to UpMo and a unique network of C-Level executives, investors, tech gurus, and thought leaders. Her background is that of a technologist first, working in high-level positions in companies such as Cisco, Lucent, IBM, and startup Digital Island. Sarah founded Adhere—an information security SaaS business—in 2002. Adhere’s exit strategy was achieved through content, methodology, and product knowledge acquisition from a prominent leader in the SaaS space. Sarah was named to the “Top 100 Small Business Owners” list for California and Adhere to the “Top 500 Emerging Businesses” list by Diversity Business in 2008. Now joining the team at UpMo, Sarah gains the prestigious title of Serial Entrepreneur. Sarah has written many whitepapers in her tenure as a technologist, been published in industry magazines and taught at a California university. She holds a BS in Business and a MBA from NYIT. Lisa Ann Strand, Director of Methodology Think algorithms, computations and econometric models - the intellectual property that helps UpMo deliver unique value - think Lisa Strand, the driving force behind UpMo's winning emulation technology and networking science. When Lisa's not busy uncovering trends and turning numbers into insight professionals can use to better network and drive career growth, you'll find her keeping her finger on the pulse of UpMo customers and subscribers. Lisa brings to UpMo a long, strong background in data analysis and market research, including her current leadership role at Brookside Consulting, where she continues to direct and oversee research. She has also held positions as Director and Chief Analyst at Nielsen/NetRatings, as Senior Analyst at GartnerGroup Dataquest and as Market Research Analyst at VLSI Research, a leading market research firm in the semiconductor industry. Lisa earned her bachelor's degree in economics from the University of California at San Diego, and completed additional coursework at Tokyo International University. She has also presented at conferences such as COMDEX and Internet World, and has made several national guest
  6. 6. appearances on CNBC, CNNfn and TechTV, as well as local appearances on KGO Channel 7 News and Silicon Valley Business This Week. Suraj Dasika, Director of Engineering and Architecture Suraj is the consummate software talent who developed and brought the UpMo solution to life. He also keeps the solution alive by continuing to evolve the UpMo architecture, as well as by providing ongoing technology leadership and innovation. Suraj learned the value of networking from his father, a former government leader in India. He brings to UpMo a wealth of experience in architecting and managing the development of high-performance and high-volume intranet and Internet systems, with a special expertise in designing business intelligence dashboards. Suraj has spent most of his professional career at Cisco Systems, having held roles ranging from Consultant to Senior IT Engineer to Technical Lead. He earned his master's in technology from the Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai, and has received numerous awards and peer recognition for various engineering accomplishments. Peter Lee, Acting Vice President of Engineering and Technology Advisor Peter Lee, UpMo's acting engineering executive, partners with our management team to translate vision into tangible solutions for UpMovers™. He actively consults with early to mid- stage startups on technology, design and architecture evaluation, open source software, software and process re-engineering and general engineering management. Before co-founding VoiceIndigio, Inc., an entertainment content company, Peter served as Vice President of Engineering for Propel Software Corporation, where he and his team built and launched the "5X faster" Web accelerator provided today by hundreds of dialup ISPs. Peter has also held engineering management positions at GoTo Shopping (a division of Overture Services, acquired by Yahoo), Infoseek and other technology firms. He holds a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in computer science from the University of California at Berkley.
  7. 7. Advisors and Investors Board of Advisors Marcel Legrand Partner, Blackfin Capital LLC Cofounder, Vertical Knowledge Karen Ticktin EVP and Partner, DEI Worldwide John Hagedorn Consultant and Advisor to Startups and Venture Firms Peter Lee CEO and Cofounder, VoiceIndigo, Inc. , Technology and Management Consultant Rajesh Setty Author, speaker, entrepreneur, investor, and personal-branding guru Investors Al Smith Former President & Co-Founder of CRM leader Saratoga Systems Cameron Tuesley Managing Director, Owner of Integral Technology Solutions Alan and Heather O'Brien Founders, Anita Salinas Marketing Executive, Borland Software Benson Eu Entrepreneur and General Manager, Taiplus Enterprise Co. Ltd.
  8. 8. Frequently Asked Questions About UpMo Q: What exactly is UpMo? A: UpMo is the only intelligent, personalized career service that helps you get the job you want and stay ahead in your career. We use wicked science, proven guidance and cutting edge tools that reduce uncertainty, create a distinct advantage in any economy, and help you reach your career goals smarter and faster. With UpMo, you can: • Leverage our advanced science to get the right job, faster and smarter. • Exploit the proven pathways to success of virtual mentors (UpModels) to confidently roadmap your career and reach your specific professional goals. • Take advantage of expert guidance to enhance and activate your network, excel at your job, and own your career. • Tap into the insights of elite professionals and gain inspiration from the UpMo community. UpMo uses advanced logic to learn about you and tailor the service according to your specific job search and career needs. The more you use the service, the more personalized it becomes, and the greater the performance.. Q: What is the Intelligent Job Hunt™? What makes it “intelligent”? A: The Intelligent Job Hunt™ is your highly-personalized agent for actively pinpointing only the right, high-probability opportunities and confidently getting the job you really want faster. We do this by leveraging an advanced algorithmic engine that searches and prioritizes jobs according to your interests, skills, career path, and professional network, to only show you the best opportunities. We then provide the next-step guidance that you need to land the job you want and excel within the first 100 days. Q: Why not just use a job board to find my next opportunity? A: With nearly six unemployed Americans for every available job opportunity, getting hired is clearly a challenge. People need to be more tactical in their job hunt—they need an unfair advantage. Unfortunately, the old ways of searching for jobs don’t work anymore. Big job boards fail to innovate and cannot present you with the highly-compatible job matches that you should be applying to. Through intelligence gleaned from career experts—highly successful professionals, hiring managers, placement firms and career coaches—we've learned that there's a more effective way to land the right opportunity. We call it the Intelligent Job Hunt™, a highly-personalized agent that aligns itself with your career path and uses expert insights, data-models and a rich algorithmic engine to pinpoint the precise activities you should be doing and the specific job
  9. 9. opportunities you should be pursuing to increase their chances of getting hired. Your job hunt should be unique, personal and intelligent. Q: What is an UpMo’s science? A: There are things you should do because they intuitively make sense and then there are things you should do because they actually work and have valid proof points. At UpMo, we’re concerned with the latter. This knowledge gained from the systematic study of real professionals and not only what works for them but what consistently wins, is truly a science, a science that UpMo has uncovered, analyzed and modeled to help you get ready, hunt smart and move up. UpMo combines personal information with sophisticated algorithms, data and emulation models to translate the needs and wants of professionals into highly-compatible job matches and a direct path to their career goals. Get Ready. Today's economic challenges require that all professionals, regardless of employment status or desire for a new role, be ready for their next opportunity. You never know when you’ll need to join the job hunt and the costs of not being prepared are missed opportunities, increased time between jobs, risk of falling off your career path and should you get hired, a salary below your earning potential. Your career should not be a crapshoot. The stakes are high and you must always be prepared for the hunt. UpMo professionals know their job-hunt readiness—they know their strengths and weaknesses and have the tactical plan, resources and relationships to boost their rank and visibility as a job candidate and dramatically increase their chances of getting hired. Roadmap your career. A big part of your preparation involves thinking about your next job in the context of your entire career. Ignoring this could steer you far off your career path, which could be a very costly detour. Where does your next job fit among the other events and milestones you have planned or accomplished? How will its timing impact your bank account? Should you go back to school and get an MBA instead? Well, at UpMo, we’re not Nostradamus, but we’ve learn a lot about expected outcomes through data modeling. We can help. With your Career Roadmap, you can tap UpMo’s deep data engine that statistically models a wide range of professional choices—changing jobs, continuing your education, authoring a book, or even taking a hiatus. We analyze millions of data points to show you how the timing and duration of each specific event impacts your earning potential. You’ll reduce uncertainty by replacing subjective advice with hard, reliable data around the specific career path you define. Are you ready for the job hunt? The next step is to leverage UpMo's science to assess how prepared you are to pursue new opportunities. Our Job-Hunt Readiness Evaluator is a simple yet elegant assessment that evaluates you according to four aspects of readiness—tools, habits and initiative, professional network, and motivation. The JRE captures vital information about you, which our system analyzes and compares to elite professionals, industry benchmarks and yes, more fresh data points to assess how ready you are to land the right job in the next 90 days. The output is a robust, detailed report that provides an updatable score you can track over time, compares you to other job-seekers, and delivers next-step guidance you can use to boost your readiness, rank, and visibility as a job candidate. Hunt Smart.
  10. 10. Your combination of experience, interests, connections and goals are unique—so why not your job hunt? UpMo is the only personalized online service that filters millions of job listings to match professionals with highly-compatible opportunities based upon the most important dimensions of their career. The typical job board search methodology—inputting a few keywords, specifying an industry and defining a zip code—often yields an unwieldy list of untargeted opportunities that would likely take hours, if not days, to comb through in search of the highly-relevant matches you’re most likely to secure. There’s a science around targeting your next opportunity, a science that involves your distinct professional makeup—who you are, what you’ve done, who you know and where you want to go. UpMo's Intelligent Job Hunt™ uses multiple context-aware algorithms and your detailed profile to pre-screen job opportunities across the core dimensions of your career: • Your Career Path—your past, present and desired positions, deconstructed and analyzed according to various attributes • Your Connections—the individuals in your professional network and the companies they’re connected to • Your UpModel—the professional that you want to emulate • Your Location—the cities and surrounding areas you want to work in Why are your connections so important? Eighty percent of jobs are found through job-seekers’ professional networks. Yes, 80%! To mitigate hiring risks and source qualified candidates faster, companies are investing significantly more in social recruitment as they increase their reliance on referrals and employee networks. Clearly, job opportunities have migrated and the ways in which you find them must evolve. Hunting smarter means being tactical in your search and exploiting every available advantage. The Intelligent Job Hunt™ is how the right job matches are made, producing fewer low- relevance jobs that you’d waste your time and jeopardize your career pursuing, and turning a painful job search into personalized scientific matching that bridges the gap between you and your next opportunity. Move Up. Moving up in your career is never going to be a piece of cake; but, when you have access to the knowledge, lessons-learned and decision-making of real professionals who have been there and done that, it's a much smoother journey. At UpMo, we've built a robust emulation engine to provide expert guidance in helping you make the most informed decisions and avoid career mistakes that cost you time, money and opportunities. Emulate success. Through countless hours of research, we've gleaned success secrets from hundreds of inspiring, highly successful professionals, each with emulatable habits, career paths and networking styles. Our UpModels represent a variety of industries—technology, finance, politics, consumer goods and more—and can be emulated on your own terms. In choosing an UpModel, you don't have to aspire to be a C-level executive; we've exposed the nitty-gritty details and decision-making that you can use over-and-over again on the career path that you define.
  11. 11. With UpMo, you can dig deep into the career paths, successful habits and insights of the following professionals (and many more), dialing up or down UpMo's emulation engine to your specific needs: • Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States • Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO • Anne Finucane, Bank of America CMO • Bill Gates, Microsoft Founder • Reid Hoffmann, LinkedIn Founder • Andrea Jung, Avon Products CEO • Evan Williams, Twitter Co-founder & CEO Take action. Much like identifying your highly-compatible job matches, to reach your career goals, you need a personalized plan that internalizes precisely who you are. By analyzing multiple elements that define you—career stage, willingness to change jobs, connections, industry, UpModel selection, networking style and more—UpMo distills your Career Roadmap into validated daily, weekly and long-term tasks. Whether you're applying for a specific job or looking to move up within your current company, your Action Plan presents precise actions, tailored to your defined goals, that you should be doing to stay confidently on track. There's a science behind career success, and it's constantly evolving with the changing times. UpMo's agile service applies this science to your unique story and provides the guidance you need to squarely land the job you deserve and fully own your professional path.