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Control Tomorrow's Email Risks Today with Proofpoint's SaaS ...

Control Tomorrow's Email Risks Today with Proofpoint's SaaS ...






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    Control Tomorrow's Email Risks Today with Proofpoint's SaaS ... Control Tomorrow's Email Risks Today with Proofpoint's SaaS ... Document Transcript

    • 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 Control tomorrow’s email risks today. OCTOBER 2009
    • Certainty in an We are living in uncertain times. Today’s enterprises navigate a competitive and confusing economy and an email environment overflowing with higher message volumes, stringent regulatory demands and soaring costs. Since email is now the most mission- your enterprise. And industry experts critical application, you need confirm that our SaaS (Software- comprehensive solutions for as-a-Service)-powered solutions controlling email risks, decreasing can deliver savings of more than lowest implementation costs costs and ensuring compliance 70% over competing approaches1. and maximum flexibility. with government and industry Our flexible, cloud-based With choice comes control. regulations to stay afloat. technology platform—supportive And with control comes power. Proofpoint is the calm in the eye of SaaS, appliance and hybrid SaaS Our comprehensive solutions for of the storm. Our best-of-breed deployments—offers an efficient email security and compliance solutions ensure secure email across “path to SaaS,” including the deliver all the benefits of the latest Recent Proofpoint research found that email is the Some 34% of large U.S. companies main source of data breaches. Some 43% of large investigated an email-based U.S. companies investigated an email-based leak of violation of privacy or data protection confidential or proprietary information in the past year. regulations in the past year. 1 Using SaaS to Reduce the Costs of Email Security, Osterman Research, February 2009
    • Proofpoint solutions ensure secure and protected email across your enterprise. The spam threat also continues to loom. In a recent Proofpoint survey, more than half of IT professionals said spam continues to be a growing problem for their organizations. Enterprise email systems are increasingly faced with massive bursts in email volume, jeopardizing the availability and reliability of email. technology innovations, the power links reaching end-user inboxes. sensitive information be stored of cloud computing, and years of Behind these withering attacks are and transmitted in encrypted dedication to improving enterprise botnets and the organizations that form—making email encryption email—all backed by superior run them. Today’s spammers can the latest “must have” in your email customer service. generate tremendous volumes of protection strategy. Regardless of spam at essentially zero cost, tapping the laws affecting your business, InBOund ThREaTs On ThE RIsE the near-infinite computing power your partners, employees and Spammers aren’t just proliferating. and network bandwidth of the customers demand absolute They’re also getting more aggressive, compromised machines they control. scrutiny and security in sophisticated and malicious. handling their private and “Blended threats” use both Web and PROTECT YOuR confidential information. email attack vectors in an attempt COnfIdEnTIal InfORmaTIOn It can all be a bit overwhelming. to compromise PCs behind your Data loss prevention is also a Which is why we also deliver cost- network firewall, jeopardizing not growing concern. Organizations are effective solutions to the email only your IT infrastructure, but data taking proactive steps to eliminate archiving and eDiscovery challenges about your enterprise, customers data loss via outbound email— faced in today’s litigious world. and employees. The use of new protecting valuable intellectual obfuscation techniques including property and preventing exposure multi-lingual, attachment-based and of their customers’ private identity, personalized spam, combined with financial and healthcare data. high-volume distribution, means Many international, federal and more spam, malware and dangerous state regulations require that Some 34% of large U.S. companies Some 33% of large U.S. companies were impacted by the exposure were impacted by improper exposure of sensitive or embarrassing or theft of customer information in information in the past year. the past year.
    • Our Focus is Your Security True email security in today’s platform, improve your security and industry’s most effective and reliable world requires focus. Flexibility. compliance stance, reduce the answers for all of today’s email And innovation. Proofpoint blends need for expensive IT infrastructure threats, including: these divergent skills to create and minimize ongoing costs. EmaIl ThREaT PROTECTIOn best-of-breed email security Our cloud-enabled platform offers Protect your mission-critical solutions that control email risks, the widest array of deployment email infrastructure from outside improve compliance, simplify options—SaaS, appliance, virtual threats including spam, phishing, management and reduce the costs appliance and unique “hybrid” unpredictable email volumes, of email for your enterprise. deployments—that let you distribute malware and other forms of Our powerful and sophisticated some security functions to the cloud objectionable or dangerous content. solutions combine multiple while retaining others on-premises. sECuRE COmmunICaTIOn Encrypt security features into a single With Proofpoint, you receive the email and send large or confidential Proofpoint is the only email security vendor that uses patent-pending machine learning technology to deliver 99.8%+ anti-spam effectiveness, intelligent connection management and advanced content security features.
    • attachments securely. New email-borne daTa lOss PREvEnTIOn and threats perpetually emerge. PRIvaCY PROTECTIOn Protect Extinguishing them your organization’s trade secrets before they disrupt your and most valuable data, including organization requires private information about your total focus. Proofpoint customers, partners and employees. concentrates exclusively EmaIl aRChIvIng and EdIsCOvERY on solving the unique Enable rapid and easy search, challenges posed by eDiscovery, storage management enterprise email. and compliance for email and other forms of messaging.
    • Harness the Power of SaaS Proofpoint was built on the Lower TCO, better service and your enterprise to test SaaS with unshakable foundation that the freeing of critical IT resources specific business challenges that can a successful company is one are just a few of the key benefits provide the most benefit with the discussed—and realized—by least risk. Over time, more of your that values and serves its companies that tap into the email security infrastructure can be customers. We’re passionate power of cloud computing. moved to SaaS as your confidence about our unparalleled But transitioning from tried-and- soars and value is realized. commitment to innovation true software or appliance solutions For many organizations, the first step to an unfamiliar deployment method, service provider and application can be overwhelming. This is especially true when a company is considering its first SaaS deployment. Enter Proofpoint. Our best-of- breed solutions ensure secure and protected email for your entire enterprise, regardless of how to SaaS begins with inbound threat you choose to deploy them. And protection—eliminating spam, viruses our customizable and innovative and other unwelcome intrusions. and solutions flexibility. technology platform allows an In parallel, you can perform data But we’re every bit as efficient “path to SaaS,” ensuring loss prevention with an appliance. devoted to making sure the lowest cost of implementation When ready, you can migrate our customers succeed. with the flexibility you demand. more or all services into the cloud. With us by your side, you can travel Others may choose a two-layered the path to SaaS at your own pace. approach: SaaS for eliminating You can decide which email security spam and providing capacity on challenges—inbound filtering, demand, coupled with appliances data loss prevention, archiving or for solving complex global routing encryption—you’re ready to tackle and administration challenges. “in the cloud”. And which you want Or, if you’re already sold on the to solve on-premises. And you can benefits of SaaS for email security, separate the problem into business compliance and data loss prevention, issues—eliminate more spam, you can have it all—right now— free up clogged networks, protect in the cloud. Ensuring maximum customer privacy or lower costs. security, easiest administration and This individualized approach allows the lowest total cost of ownership. Industry-Leading SLAs Proofpoint proves its commitment to customer success by delivering the (Service Level Agreements) industry’s most aggressive and extensive SLAs, including:
    • alwaYs OnE sTEP ahEad As email attacks get more and more sophisticated and compliance requirements increase, you need a solution that will keep pace with emerging threats. At Proofpoint, we thrive on meeting these challenges. Because innovation is our lifeblood. Breakthrough technologies including Proofpoint MLX™ machine learning for unrivalled anti-spam and data loss prevention accuracy, patented DoubleBlind™ Encryption for complete security of archived data, our optimal scalability architecture and cloud-computing infrastructure are just part of the equation. Proofpoint scientists and engineers continually create new technology and techniques designed to keep your enterprise secure from the email-borne threats of today—and tomorrow. www.flickr.com/photos/jasmic/265982218 Reach the Next Level Many enterprises recognize Proofpoint ENTERPRISE™, provides enterprise standards. For example, the benefits of a SaaS solution, an exclusive and truly isolated encryption from your premises but aren’t willing to compromise environment for each customer. to our datacenters protects all on control, flexibility and security. Our next-generation SaaS data in transit. And complete Our SaaS architecture was carefully architecture ensures that your isolation ensures that denial- crafted to meet these stringent enterprise’s data and processing of-service attacks on other requirements. Hosted in our is separate from all others, and deployments never impact the world-class, SAS70 compliant provides you with dedicated performance of your enterprise’s datacenters, our SaaS email security computing resources, including unique Proofpoint environment. and compliance solutions deliver configuration, user, and application Find the path to SaaS that’s true enterprise-grade availability, databases, quarantines, log files, right for your enterprise. performance, reliability and security. disks, memory, CPU and firewalls. Let Proofpoint propel you With us, your data is always This unique approach solves to the next level. secure. Rather than all customers the problems associated with sharing a common service— traditional multi-tenant solutions. including databases and Our SaaS solutions provide superior application instances—our security that meets or exceeds even flagship email security solution, the most stringent on-premises RELIABILITy 99.999% service availability AccuRAcy 99%+ anti-spam effectiveness, 100% virus control and less than 1 in 350,000 false positive rate SPEEd Sub-minute email latency, less than 20-second archive search results
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