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  • Main and South Carolina are the only two states that have not received extension on REAL ID implementation by the April 1, 2008 deadline.
  • Main and South Carolina are the only two states that have not received extension on REAL ID implementation by the April 1, 2008 deadline.
  • The number of RFPs captured by the Center has actually declined 10 percent year (March 2007) over year (March 2008) but there has been upward trends within that decreased universe of opportunities….
  • Montgomery County, MD - $40 million ERP   In the “Initiatives” section of the Department of Technology Services website, it lists an ERP system. It will be known as “eMC2” which stands for “The enterprise-wide technology solution for Montgomery County and our Customers.” It’s in the planning phase right now and implementation is scheduled to begin in January of 2009. http://www.montgomerycountymd.gov/dtstmpl.asp?url=/Content/DTS/initiatives.asp Miami-Dade Chief Information Officer Fleming states that the county hired Accenture to develop an enterprise roadmap for a countywide ERP system. This roadmap also includes an assessment on shared services opportunities for the county. However, Miami-Dade has made no commitment to deploy an ERP system because of funding barriers. The cost estimate for the system was estimated to be at least $145 million—Fleming does not think it would exceed $200 million—but the state legislature mandated tax rules in 2007 that have caused the county to make significant tax cuts, preventing the ERP project from going through. County revenues have decreased by 100s of millions of dollars in the past two years. Fleming states that he and others would have to make a business case to county leaders for how the enterprise ERP and shared services system would save money over time.   Miami-Dade has already made smaller ERP deployments in various departments. Fleming has been chief information officer for the past two years, but before he took the title, the county implemented PeopleSoft in the Water and Sewer Department and the Aviation Department to replace legacy systems. A third recruiting module was implemented in the human resources department. At the conclusion of these deployments, the county wanted a roadmap for another ERP to replace additional legacy systems, a technical plan to replace dying application. This is why Accenture was hired to develop one.
  • Georgia-outsource GTA data center   “ Governor Perdue has directed the Georgia Technology Authority to proceed with a plan to transform state government’s IT operations.  The plan - Georgia Infrastructure Transformation (GAIT) 2010 - calls for consolidating IT infrastructure and moving both infrastructure and telecommunications delivery to external service providers.” http://gta.georgia.gov/00/channel_title/0,2094,1070969_85912646,00.html     In the Strategic Plan, there’s a project called “IT Lite IT service delivery reorganization” with a goal of determining which services should be provided by agency staff and those that can best be managed or hosted services or outsourced. This project had a start date of 1/1/2007. http://gta.georgia.gov/vgn/images/portal/cit_1210/39/11/99901034Agency%20IT%20Strategic%20Plan%20Summary%20by%20Objective%20-%20With%20Project%20Details.pdf     “ Effective December 1, 2007, GTA will no longer perform wire and cabling work with our own staff.  We will use existing state contracts to deliver this service.  State agencies may contact their GTA regional office for information about timelines and costs.” http://gta.georgia.gov/00/article/0,2086,1070969_1074423_96461237,00.html


  • 1. Welcome
  • 3. Road Hazards
    • Public Sector Revenue Recession
    • Cascading effects of subprime mortgage and credit crisis results in sharply reduced revenues: property tax, sales tax and (ultimately) income tax
    • Local governments face downside of auction-rate securities, once seen as an inexpensive long term financing vehicle saddled, which have now reset in ways similar to the subprime market and putting institutional borrowers at risk
    • 25 States face $39 billion in budget shortfalls in fiscal year 2009, which begins in July 2008
    • Represents up to 9 percent of these states’ general fund budgets
    Source: Center on Budget and Policy Priorities Running on Empty Kentucky - $900 Million Illinois - $750 Million California - $16 Billion
  • 4. Paying for the Trip Sources: Center for Digital Government, State of Minnesota Office of Enterprise Technology and NASCIO If your customers are running on empty, what can you do to get to the destination? Option Installed Base Legislative Appropriations 28 Cost Recovery (Rate Base Revolving Fund) 26 Technology Investment Fund 9 Benefits Based Funding (Gain Share) 14 Self Funded (User Fees) 34 Bonds 12 Leasing 24
  • 5. Drivers: List of Lists 48 states have DHS REAL ID extensions S ou rces: NSCL, NGA, NASCIO, Gartner, Center for Digital Government
    • The NCSL Top 10 priorities of Legislators
    • State budgets
    • Immigration
    • Driver's license standards
    • Uninsured Americans
    • Education reform
    • Concerns for the middle class
    • The environment
    • Consumer protection
    • Pensions
    • Transportation and the nation's infrastructure
    Unemployment filings go up Medicaid rolls swell Flat sales tax revenues projected for the next two years February 2008
  • 6. Drivers: List of Lists Sources: NSCL, NGA, NASCIO, Gartner, Center for Digital Government
    • The NCSL Top 10 priorities of Legislators
    • State budgets
    • Immigration
    • Driver's license standards
    • Uninsured Americans
    • Education reform
    • Concerns for the middle class
    • The environment
    • Consumer protection
    • Pensions
    • Transportation and the nation's infrastructure
  • 7.
    • A Green Hue from Consolidation and Virtualization
    • Commonwealth of Virginia
    • Replaced 60,000 PCs and laptops with Energy Star-rated machines
    • Energy consumption reduced by 32 percent
    • Hard dollar savings estimated at $12 million each year
    • State of New York DMV
    • 277 servers have been virtualized across 11 physical machines
    • Realized more than 25:1 savings in server acquisition, power, AC, UPS, floor space, security, support and maintenance costs
    • City of New York
    • Virtualization has raised server utilization rates from 10% to 60%
    • Capacity increased by the equivalent of 400 servers
    • Avoided the need for implementing an additional 350 servers
    • Cost avoidance estimated at $7.9 Million
    • Public-Private-Civil Society Partnerships
    • PCs, laptops and servers
    • The Climate Savers Smart Computing Initiative at www.climatesaverscomputing.org.
    • D ata centers
    • The Green Grid SM at www.thegreengrid.org.
    • Transparency about the resulting carbon footprint
    • T he Carbon Disclosure Project at www.cdproject.net.
    • E arth friendly disposal
    • T he UN Solving the E-waste Problem (StEP) at www.step-iniative.org.
    • Energy Efficiencies
    • T he US Government’s Energy Star Program at www.EnergyStar.gov.
    The Tune Up Some People Want to Change the World, Others Just Want to Change Your Oil
  • 8. The Dashboard Performance SLG RFPs = 12.6 K per year Year Over Year Changes Share of RFP Activity Share of Budget   2006 2007 Change 2006 2007 Change Administration and Finance 26% 38% 12% $1.5 B $1.6 B 6% Health and Human Services 5% 7% 2% $27.5 B $28.3 B 2.90% Public Safety and Justice 9% 12% 3% $1.6 B $1.65 B 2.95% Transportation 9% 9% 0% $6.9 B $7.15 B 3.50% -25% Services -22% Hardware Stable Network & Telecomm +14% Software and Systems Activity shifting from RFPs to convenience and aggregate contracts (WSCA, US Communities, etc.)
  • 9.
    • Shared Services
    • Integration
    • Consolidation of Data
    • Data Reporting
    • Enterprise Content Management
    • Electronic Document Management
    • Workflow
    What the Drivers Need Administration and Finance What IT’s Worth: $ 1.5 Billion
  • 10.
    • Access and File Sharing
    • Data Exchange
    • Electronic Records
    • Data Management
    • Electronic Health Records
    • Integrated Alerts
    • Disease Surveillance
    • National Electronic Health Records
    • Integrated Eligibility
    • Storage Systems
    • Medicaid, Medicare and TANF Modernization
    Health and Human Services What IT’s Worth: $ 27.5 Billion What the Drivers Need
  • 11.
    • Criminal Justice Integrated Systems
    • Automatic Fingerprint ID Systems
    • Mobile Data Terminals
    • Data gathering and compiling
    • Encryption
    • Secure Access to National Databases
    • Case Management Systems
    • Wireless Technology
    • Mobile Data Terminals
    • Financial Management System
    • Statistical Databases
    Public Safety and Justice What the Drivers Need What IT’s Worth: $ 1.6 Billion
  • 12.
    • Computer Aided Design
    • Traffic Management Information Systems
    • Traffic Operations Systems
    • Fiscal Systems
    • Record Keeping
    • Billing and Collection System
    • Mobile Devices
    • GIS Applications
    • Intelligent Transportation
    • Construction Management
    Transportation What IT’s Worth: $ 6.9 Billion What the Drivers Need
  • 13. Renovation Nation: ERP California Fi$Cal & Friends Leg wants 5-7 year Roadmap $150 Million Montgomery County, MD eMC2 Countywide ERP $40 Million Target start date: January 2009 Miami-Dade, FLA ERP/ Shared Services Road Map Complete $145 Million Potential Investment (Delayed by state mandated tax cuts) Fairfax County, VA Tier 1 Countywide ERP Initiative $20-30 Million Planning underway (with GFOA) Commonwealth of Virginia Re-issue of withdrawn 2007 RFP for state wide ERP (Administrative & Finance) Due out Q2 2008 Travis County, TX Financials/ ERP Replacement Planning Phase And now… the Big Deal Road Show
  • 14. Renovation Nation: Portal California Portal/ eServices Staff and Resource Augmentation $19.2 Million Texas TexasOnline.com Re-Procurement Contract Expires: December 2009 Florida Portal Rebid 2008 New York Portal Rebid 2008
  • 15. Renovation Nation: Apps
    • Commonwealth of Virginia
    • Separate RFPS for:
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Business Intelligence
    • RFP expected Q2 2008
    Texas Additional Network Vendors -- RFP expected in March 2008 Montana Automated Child Support Enforcement System Viability study underway now -- RFP expected in July 2009 California Automation of State MediCal Administration -- RFP expected mid-2008
  • 16. Data Center Nation: New California New State Data Center (Central California) Completion Target: 2011 Washington New State Data Center (Olympia) 166,000 Square Foot Data Hall (in 456,00 Square Foot $260 Million Complex) Completion Target: 2010 Georgia Outsourcing Data Centers Consolidates 13 state agencies Redirects $617 million in annual IT infrastructure costs Results: 5-7 year contracts valued at a total of $1.2-$1.4 billion Competitive bidding period: April through October 2008 Cut over to third parties: November 2008 to March 2009
  • 17. Platform Nation: Switch?! SaaS or Software + Services E-mail | Office Tools | CRM | ERP Eligibility and (almost)everything else Making the case for Government as a Service:
  • 18. The Destinations
    • The Relationship Sale (Outside)
    • Sophisticated, Mature and Professionalized
    • Complex problems in search of sophisticated solutions
    Top 10 States (IT Budget in Billions) CA $4.63 NY $4.26 TX $2.71 FL $2.52 OH $2.20 PA $2.18 IL $1.74 MI $1.65 MA $1.36 NJ $1.10 Top 10 Cities (IT Budget in Millions) New York City $790.64 Los Angeles $244.61 Chicago $94.36 Atlanta $83.89 Seattle $67.99 Detroit $67.66 Phoenix $60.23 Philadelphia $54.33 San Jose $53.24 San Fran $51.20 Top 10 Counties (IT Budget in Millions) Los Angeles $329.65 Miami-Dade $101.70 Orange $95 San Diego $74 Riverside $70.89 King $62.80 Cook $57.40 Montgomery $55.01 San Bernardino $54.37 Clark $50.90
  • 19. More than 600,000 separate entities outside of the big jurisdictions … all of which need somethin g .
    • 3,034 Counties
    • 19,431 Municipal Governments
    • 35,356 Special Districts
    • 3,200 Housing Authorities
    • 16,506 Townships
    • 500 Native American Governments
    Call if You Can’t Visit
    • The Transactional Sale (Inside)
    • Operationally focused
    • Need specific products, often in larger quantity than their size suggest
  • 20. Onboard Navigation
    • Sell with urgency across highly targeted verticals
    • Develop strategic partner/channel and alliance strategies
    • Drill Down to the actual big deals and RFPS
  • 21. A Leading Resource on Information Technology in State and Local Government Center for Digital Government Research and Advisory Services • Strategy Papers and Guides • Surveys and Awards Cathilea Robinett | Executive Director C E N T E R F O R D I G I T A L G O V E R N M E N T [email_address] www.centerdigitalgov.com 916.932.1300 100 Blue Ravine Road Folsom, CA 95630