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Business Resilience Solutions Launch Business Resilience Solutions Launch Presentation Transcript

  • Verizon Business Unveils Business Resilience Solutions Portfolio Company Outlines Solutions Focus; Offers Convenience, Flexibility and Value May 9, 2006
  • Today’s Agenda
    • Welcome: Janet Brumfield, Verizon Media Relations
    • Today’s News: Barry Zipp, Vice President, Solutions, Verizon Business
    • Business Preparedness: State of the Market: Sean Hackett, Research Manager, IDC
    • Verizon’s New Resilience Portfolio: Bill Hummel, Director, Resilience Solutions, Verizon Business
    • Featured Customer: DBK Concepts, Miami, Florida: Danny Katz, CEO and Luis Barroso, President
    • Wrap-up: Barry Zipp
    • Question & Answer
  • Barry Zipp Vice President, Solutions Verizon Business
  • Today’s News
      • Verizon Business launches new Business Resilience Solutions Portfolio
      • New portfolio suited to a wide range of business planning and disaster recovery requirements with a focus on end-to-end management of people, processes and systems to ensure continuity of critical business operations
      • New portfolio representative of how Verizon Business will develop other integrated end-to-end solution offerings
      • Look for Verizon Business to introduce other comprehensive portfolios that address the applicability of technology for collaborative services, seamless mobility and supply chain management
    • Provide customers with value-added solutions:
      • Enable business transformation for customers
      • Deliver end-to-end integrated solutions that provide convenience, flexibility and value
    Strategic Focus on Solutions Our Strategy Target Markets
    • Pursue Solutions approach:
      • Develop new solutions focusing on end-to-end management of people, process and systems
      • Replicate/standardize existing custom solutions
    Solutions Portfolio
    • Deliver solutions based on strategic needs of specific verticals
      • Development driven by “application” needs
      • One-stop provider
      • Financial, Healthcare, Retail, Government, Education Sectors
    • Harness innovation & expertise to deliver solutions
      • Leverage expertise and experience to deliver industry-leading solutions
      • Wrap professional services around core offerings
      • Complement core capabilities with third-party partnerships
    Innovation & Expertise
  • Solutions Deliver Value to Customers 3 rd Party Components Verizon Business Product Portfolio Add value to our customers via replicable end-to-end Solutions Professional Services Data/IP Services Conferencing IT Applications IP Telephony Security Etc. Supply Chain Management Business Resilience Seamless Mobility Collaborative Services
  • Business Resilience: First Solutions Portfolio Roll-out
    • Address clients’ Business Resiliency needs and Complement their existing Compliance Programs holistically
    • Focus on efficiency while building resiliency:
      • Highlight the capabilities of an advanced network platform that can minimize IT HW/SW costs by eliminating redundant infrastructure
      • Build Hosted and Managed Services that offload a customer’s workload and provide significant ROI
      • Utilize our global reach and experience in Business Continuity, Incident Management, and Disaster Recovery
    Corporate Critical Data and Information Lifecycle Management Incident Management and Recovery Effective Staff and Knowledge Robust Communications Services Business Core Applications Resilient Network Resilient Network
  • Sean Hackett Research Manager Business Network Services IDC
  • Moving from DR to Business Continuity Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Reactive Execution Mobile Datacenters Pro-Active Process Avoidance Risk Mitigation Execution Facilities Risk Profile 90’s – 2001 Present High Low
  • IDC Business Continuity Forecast $90B by 2007 CAGR = 8.4% $35B by 2007 CAGR = 6.9% So… What’s driving growth?
  • The Demand Equation + = Systematic Risk New Service Delivery Models Fear Uncertainty and Doubt Business Continuity Demand Where: Systematic Risk = Common risks that impact everyone (I.e. Weather etc.) New Service Delivery Models = Customer Demand + Availability of Technology Fear Uncertainty and Doubt = Geopolitical Unrest, Viruses, Hackers New Service Delivery Models result in the automation of key business processes outside the four walls of the organization
  • Enterprises are increasing their risk profile
    • IT Costs
    • High Low
    New Service Delivery Models Time Virtualized Hosting SaaS Outsourcing IT Outsourcing Managed Services BPO Internal Centralized Internal Management Hardware, Applications and Process Risk Distributed 75% of respondents to a recent IDC survey suggested they either current use of are considering using a virtualized hosting service.
  • New Era of Business Critical Systems
      • New business trends
        • New usages
        • New models
        • New environment
    Employees Suppliers Business Applications Storage ICD Hosting VPN Security Services Managed Services
      • New era of business critical systems
        • Real-time, network-centric IT applications
        • “ Anywhere, anytime, always ” -enabled business processes
        • Business-criticality as a key driver: reliability, availability, security
      • Enabled by network innovations
        • IP convergence
        • Broadband & Mobility
    Partners Customers
  • Bill Hummel Director, Resilience Solutions Verizon Business
  • Business Resilience Solutions Current Market Verizon Business Integrated Solutions Drive Resiliency With Efficiency Integrated Business Resilience Lifecycle Proactive Planning, Incident Management, Recovery, and Mitigation Network Infrastructure Utilize a Resilient Network infrastructure as the cornerstone for overall Business Resiliency Data Solutions for corporate critical data Voice Resilient voice communications in a traditional or converged delivery environment People Solutions that assure that staff have access to critical applications and resources
  • Resilience Consulting Services
    • Verizon Business offers Business Resilience-related consulting services that leverage the strength of the Verizon Business Solutions portfolio by addressing requirements for business impact assessment , recovery analysis and other business continuity concerns.
    Resilience Consulting Services Plan Design Implement Manage
  • A Project Approach to Planning
    • Business Resilience Consulting
    • Business Planning
      • Gap Analysis/Readiness Assessments
      • Business Impact Analysis
      • Strategy Workshops
      • Product Technical Consulting
    • Joining Forces with Strohl Systems
    • Strohl was founded in 1968 as a recruiting firm for information systems professionals.
    • In 1988, Strohl purchased the rights to Living Disaster Recovery Planning System (LDRPS®).
    • Today, Strohl Systems is a leader in the Business Continuity Planning industry:
    • Services are used in more than 60 countries by thousands of companies.
    Resilience Planning Planning Methodology Cycle Plan Testing Risk Assessment Business Impact Analysis Plan Development Recovery Strategies
  • Storage Consolidation Vision
    • Consolidation of application and service infrastructure
    • Centralized management, deployment, and protection
    • Protected copies of data
    • … without compromise to branch user performance
    Full-Service Branch Back-Up NAS Application Servers Consolidate Resources Enhance Access Tape Drives and Libraries Disk Arrays Client Workstations Printer Consolidation Engine Verizon Business IP Network Business-Ready Data Center
    • Protocol proxy to handle non-critical messages
    • Operation batching and message bundling
    • Decouple the user experience from the WAN
    Resilient Network Attached Storage Helps Optimize… Link and Throughput Optimization Intelligent Message Suppression Data Distribution and Caching Data Integrity
    • Validate and serve information locally
    • Pre-populate via preposition and on-demand
    • Asynchronous writes to mask large transfers
    • Compress messages
    • Pipeline multiple segments into a common window
    • Multiplex over many sockets if necessary
    • Maintain data integrity at all costs
    • Data security not compromised
    • Support for all protocol semantics
      • One of the Only End-to-End File Networking Solutions Available Today
  • Business Resilience Portfolio Overview BR Solutions Development Security Network Products Managed Network Services Enterprise Planning/Design Data Hosting and Storage
    • Enterprise Network Design and Planning Services
      • High Availability Design
      • Optimization and Redundant Load Balancing
      • Convergence Strategies
    • Gap Analysis
    • Readiness Assessment
    • Business Impact Analysis
    • Strategy Workshops
    • Product Technical Consulting
    • Plan Development
    • Plan Testing
    • Plan Maintenance
    • Network Diversity and High Availability
      • IP Centric
      • Private IP
      • Ethernet PL
      • SONET/DWSOptical Technology
      • Satellite
      • Wireless/WiFi
      • Alternate Wire Centers/CO’s
      • Dual Routing
    • (more)
    • Custom Network Design and Diversity
      • Managed Network Solutions
      • Managed Security
      • IP Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
      • Custom Design Services
    • (more)
    People >>> Process >>> Network >>> Data
    • Remote Data Center Services
      • Hotsite Services
      • Co-location
    • Storage Services
      • Backup / Archival Solutions
      • Remote Storage
      • SAN design
    • Hosting Services
      • Application Hosting
      • Application Continuity
      • Outsourcing
    • (more)
    Voice/Office Communications
    • Personnel Communications
      • Video, Audio,Net Conferencing
      • Wireless
      • VoIP
      • AIN Services
      • Access Security
    • Virtual Office
      • Managed Conferencing
      • Managed eMail / Secure IM
      • Remote Office Access
    • Custom Redirect and LN Portability
    • (more)
    • Executive Awareness
    • Security Analysis Svc
      • Security Analysis and Policy Design
      • Vulnerability Testing
      • Technology Evaluation
      • Staff and User Training
    • Managed Security Services
    • Computer Incident Response Retainer (CIRT)
    • (more)
  • Danny Katz CEO DBK Concepts Luis Barroso President DBK Concepts
  • DBK Concepts: Miami, Florida
    • DBK Concepts offers complete mobile data-collection solutions for asset tracking to industries such as retail, grocery, wholesale and transportation. DBK serves Fortune 500 companies.
      • DBK relies on supply chain management components to keep pace with customer needs primarily via the Internet
    • DBK Concept Requirements:
    • Maintain operations during challenging conditions such as hurricanes
    • Provide state-of-the-art communications to ensure continuity for customers
    • Enhance value proposition and company reputation
  • DBK Concepts Solution
    • Data Center
    • Internet Satellite Enterprise
    • Hosted IP Centrex
    • Local, Long Distance and
    • International Voice
  • DBK Concepts Outcome
    • Customer communications enhanced with hardened security for servers and connectivity
    • More business continuity options with Satellite Broadband and hosted IP telephony
    • VoIP solutions ensures employees can also be in touch, anywhere, anytime
    • New infrastructure and services allow focus on customer retention and growth
    • Ensures uptime. DBK learned that one hour of downtime costs customers 48 hours of downtime.
  • Summary
    • Solutions is a key strategic priority for Verizon Business
    • Business Resilience is the first set of solutions deliverables
    • Verizon Business is helping companies transform the way they do business
  • Question & Answer Online press kit : www.newscenter/ To access the audio replay, call: U.S.A. toll free: 866-510-4834