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Assessment Assessment Presentation Transcript

  • Assessment & Research Studies Dr. Judy Shoemaker CUE Presentation June 10, 2009
  • Mission Statement
    • Our mission is to support excellence in undergraduate education by:
      • providing data and analysis regarding undergraduate students and undergraduate education, and
      • leading campuswide assessment activities.
  • Information about undergraduate students
    • Student enrollment data
      • New freshmen, new transfers, all undergraduates
      • School, class level, gender, ethnicity, first language, first generation/low income status
      • Average SAT scores
      • U/U students
    • Student tracking system
      • Retention statistics
    • Annual Profile of Undergraduate Students
  • UC Undergraduate Experience Survey (UCUES)
    • Contents
      • Academic engagement, quality of teaching, quality of advising, self-reported learning gains, extracurricular activities, undergraduate research, post-graduation plans, satisfaction
    • Academic program review
      • Results by school and major
    • Ad hoc studies
      • Diversity studies for Campus Climate Work Group
        • ethnicity, gender identification, sexual orientation
      • EAP and non-EAP learning outcomes and satisfaction
      • Graduate school aspirations
  • Information about undergraduate education
    • Course enrollments
      • Writing courses
      • General education (GE) courses
      • First Year Integrated Program (FIP) courses
      • Freshman and Transfer Seminars
    • Course evaluations
      • FIP Courses
      • Freshman and Transfer Seminars
      • Peer Tutoring Program for Writing and Research Skills
    • New majors and minors
    • Educational policies
  • Ad hoc research studies
    • Instructional quality of summer courses
      • enrollment and student characteristics
      • student survey
      • faculty interviews
      • compared features of introductory courses (summer vs. academic year)
      • grades in sequenced courses
    • Survey of 5 th year seniors and 3 rd year transfer students
    • Placement testing
      • Predicting grades in introductory physical sciences courses (AP, SAT, Placement Testing)
    • Relationship between LD and UD writing course grades
    • Academic honesty survey (faculty, students)
    • Instructional technology survey (faculty, graduate student TAs)
  • Campuswide assessment activities
    • Assessment is a process:
      • identify important learning outcomes
      • measure achievement toward outcomes
      • use results for program improvement
    • Good educational practice
      • Focus on the learner
      • Set high expectations
      • Provide feedback
      • Helps students focus their studying efforts
  • Need for assessment
    • Accountability
      • Demonstrate the value of undergraduate education
      • Continuous improvement process
    • Accreditation
      • Specialized programs – Engineering, Nursing, Business
      • The institution as a whole – Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)
      • WASC assessment requirements:
        • course, program and institutional levels
        • academic and non-academic programs
  • Current assessment activities
    • Student learning in the major
      • Workshops for department chairs
      • UC-wide workshop on SLO’s
      • Assessment grants
    • General education
      • SLO’s for each category
      • New majors/minors need SLO’s
      • Assessment of writing (LD and UD)
    • Academic support programs
      • SLO’s
      • Assessment strategies
  • Assessment activities for next year
    • Campus Assessment Committee
    • Assessment grants
    • Assessment plans for academic departments
    • Fall Quarter workshop on assessment methods
    • GE categories
    • Academic program review
    • Course evaluations
    • Assessment plans for DUE academic support programs
  • Primary audiences
    • Dean and Associate Dean of DUE
    • DUE managers
    • Associate deans of undergraduate education
      • Dean’s Advisory Council
    • Senate Council on Educational Policy
      • Policy Subcommittee
    • Vice Provost for Academic Planning
    • Chairs and assessment coordinators in each department
    • Other campus committees and work groups
    • Other faculty and staff
  • Collaborations with DUE Units What are the instructional technology needs of faculty and graduate student TA’s? What recommendations do they have for general assignment classrooms? Classroom Technology Support To what extent are the goals of the Freshman and Transfer Seminars being achieved? What are faculty’s perceptions regarding the frequency of academic dishonesty and to what extent should reporting procedures be changed? Dean’s Office How well do pre-calculus placement test scores predict grades in first math class? Academic Testing Compared to non-EAP students, are EAP students more satisfied with their UCI education and do they report more learning gains? Center for International Education What is the yield from Honors Event Day? Campuswide Honors Program Research Question Unit
  • Collaborations with DUE Units What data should be collected on transfer students who use services? Transfer Student Surveys To what extent are students satisfied with their summer undergraduate research experiences? UROP Working together on assessment workshops and resources for faculty TLTC How do former and current U/U students describe the benefits of the U/U program, especially in relation to selecting a major? U/U Advising To what extent have DUE-IT services met the expectations of staff, and what services need improvement? DUE-IT To what extent do SAAS services improve the retention and graduation rates of first generation and low income students? SAAS What is the impact of LARC tutoring on course grades? LARC Research Question Unit
  • Partnering with A&RS
    • Assessment of learning outcomes
    • Surveys and focus groups
    • Information and data analysis
    • Retention & graduation studies
    • UCUES studies
  • A&RS Staff Assessment plans Chris Procello [email_address] Data analysis & research studies John Selegean [email_address] Primary Responsibility Name Director Judy Shoemaker [email_address] Curricular research and policy research and analysis Zohreh Soltani [email_address] Assessment, surveys, focus groups, course evaluations, scoring rubrics Natalie Schonfeld [email_address] Research Specialist & UBC Dianna Mendoza [email_address]