An invitation to a seminar on the topic of how to enter the ...
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An invitation to a seminar on the topic of how to enter the ...






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An invitation to a seminar on the topic of how to enter the ... An invitation to a seminar on the topic of how to enter the ... Document Transcript

  • An invitation to a seminar on the topic of how to enter the Italian Information Technology market Israel Association of Electronics and software industries and the int'l Business Development and implementation group-TBK are privileged to invite you to attend a seminar with Mr. Gianmaria Odello - the Italian partner of TBK-Italy ( The Seminar topic: Mr. Gianmaria Odello would present the latest trends and business opportunities in the Italian Information Technology market. Mr. Haim Oren-the Israeli TBK partner would describe the key factors for Israeli companies to successfully enter the Italian Information Technology market. Mr. Gianmaria Odello TBK-group helps software companies around the world in globalizing their software technologies into European and US markets. The company has close to forty partners in 15 major cities in Europe, The USA and the Far East.
  • Who is the Target Audience? The Seminar is designed for CEOs, Marketing Directors, and managers of Int'l sales and business development in software companies that developed software technologies in the following areas: • System and Security Software • Application Software (ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence, Supply Chain Management, SRM) • Vertical Application Software (Manufacturing; Process; Apparel & Textile; Utilities; etc.) • Communication (voice, mobile, messaging, Software • System and Infrastructure management Tools • Web-based applications (web-marketing; e-learning) • Virtualization and Cloud Computing • Communications security • Managed and hosted communications services and applications (Saas) Seminar program: the presenters would present in the English language • Describe the latest trends & characteristics of the Italian Information Technology market • Map the Italian Information Technology industry and its distribution system • Identify business opportunities that currently exist in the Italian Information Technology market • A key success factor - build business partnerships with local companies • Italian Government and ICT Industry Associations initiatives • How to develop an effective entry strategy • What factors should Israeli companies take into an account when entering the Italian market
  • Professional Background on Mr. Gianmaria Oddello Mr. Ginamaria Odello is the Italian associate of the TBK-Consult company and the owner of Iside networks where he specializes in the development and management of international distribution channels, organization and management of direct sales forces, and establishing of Italian branch offices for multinational software enterprises. Before launching his own business, Mr. Odello was most recently Sales & Marketing Director for Porini Spa- and General Manager & Managing Director for Watermark Italy. He has previously held senior positions at SAP-Italy, Mapics EMEA & Digital Equipment SPA. Mr. Oddello is a frequent speaker at Software conferences and roundtable such as: Microsoft Customer conference, Watermark Italy, Italian ICT forum etc., ‫ניתן לקבוע פגישות ייעוץ " אחד על אחד " עם המרצים בתיאום מראש. יש לפנות לגב' גל‬ , ‫פניגר‬ 050-8920278 ‫טל'-- 3688915-30 או‬ ‫או בדוא"ל‬ -١٦:٠٠ ‫המפגש יתקיים ביום שלישי ٠١٠٢/١/٦٢ , בין השעות‬ :‫מועד ומקום‬ ‫٠٣:٨١ ) התכנסות החל מ-٠٣:٥١( בהתאחדות התעשיינים, קומה ١, בית‬ .‫התעשייה, רחוב המרד ٩٢, תל אביב‬ ‫המפגש ללא תשלום, אך אישור השתתפות חובה‬ ‫הנך מתבקש למלא את הספח הרצ" ב ולהחזירו לפקס ' מס' ٣٠-٣٠٠١٦١٥ . או במייל‬ ‫מאיגוד‬ ‫פניגר‬ ‫לגל‬ ‫לפנות‬ ‫ניתן‬ ‫נוספים‬ ‫לפרטים‬ , ‫האלקטרוניקה והתוכנה בטל' ٣٠-٦٣٨٨٩١٥ או להיכנס לאתר‬ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ‫באמצעות פקס‬ ٥١٦١٠٠٣ :‫מספר‬ ‫ הנני מאשר/ת את השתתפותי במפגש שוק התוכנה האיטלקי אשר‬ .٢٦.١.٢٠١٠ ‫יתקיים בתאריך‬
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