Salesforce Admin Hack Series: Account Object


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In this installment of the Salesforce Admin Hack Series, RingLead Chief Product Officer Michael Farrington is joined by Triple-Certified Salesforce Expert Jarrod Kingston of Appirio to share some killer hacks for the Account object.

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Salesforce Admin Hack Series: Account Object

  1. 1. the webinar will begin shortly... Salesforce Admin Hack Series: Account Object #sfHacks
  2. 2. Salesforce Admin Hack Series: Account Object #sfHacks
  3. 3. Welcome! ● Type questions into the webinar control panel ● Join the conversation! #sfHacks @michaelforce@ringlead @jarrodmichael@appirio
  4. 4. Michael Farrington Chief Product Officer, RingLead Founder, Qandor #sfHacks
  5. 5. About RingLead ● RingLead applications remove and prevent duplicate Leads, Contacts & Accounts in Salesforce ● First Salesforce Certified Partner (2005) ● Offer cloud-based solutions (no software!) ● No PhD in Deduplication Required
  6. 6. Merge Account Button Objective: Provide a shortcut to the “Merge Accounts” screen while simultaneously pre-populating the search string. Shout out to Rhonda Ross @crmdr #sfHacks
  7. 7. Sneaky Related List Action Links Objective: Edit child records displayed in related lists on the spot with one click. Shout out to Ankit Arora @forceguru Example: Escalate a Case with one click from the Account view page. #sfHacks
  8. 8. App Attack! Rollup Helper Profiler High Five #sfHacks
  9. 9. Jarrod Kingston Business Analyst, Appirio #sfHacks
  10. 10. © 2013 Appirio, Inc. - Confidential Appirio Helps You Reimagine Your Business with the Cloud =+ Your Business Reimagined 6 years, 500 enterprises, 2.5M users moved to the cloud The World’s Largest Cloud Expert Community Services Powered by Reusable Technology and 75k Crowdsourced Developers
  11. 11. Account Report Link Objective: Have a custom link on the Account that opens a report filtered on that Account. Example: User wants to see all the Products an Account has purchased over all of time. #sfHacks
  12. 12. Email to a Friend Objective: Email Account link without copying and pasting from browser. Example: User calls and says something is wrong with an Account. Instead of asking for the link or ID, they simply click a button that opens a new email window with the Account link populated. Shout out to Steve Molis @SteveMoForce #sfHacks
  13. 13. Record Type Switch in One Click Objective: Change the record type of an Account without having to go through all the manual steps. Example: A Partner record type needs to be changed to a Customer record type. #sfHacks
  14. 14. Questions? Comments? @michaelforce @jarrodmichael #sfHacks @RingLead @Appirio
  15. 15. Bonus Hack! Edit Links In Reports Secret: Create a formula field with a text return type, name it "Action", enter the body as follows, and add as column in reports: HYPERLINK('/' & Id & '/e', 'edit', '_blank') Objective: Add quick links to edit records from within Salesforce Reports. #sfHacks
  16. 16. Don’t Miss the Data Rehab Series #sfHacks Does your data need help? Step one is admitting that you have a problem. Join us on Tuesday, 8/27 at 1:00 pm EDT / 10:00 am PT for Part 1 of the Data Rehab Series. Jesse Peterson Experian QAS Michael Farrington RingLead Hosted by...