How to Manage Your Leads & Contacts in Salesforce


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RingLead CPO, Michael Farrington, and CEO Donato Diorio take you through RingLead and the ways to manage your leads and contacts in Salesforce in a way that ensures clean, quality data.

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How to Manage Your Leads & Contacts in Salesforce

  1. 1. Manage Your Leads and Contacts in Salesforce
  2. 2. Clean, Protect, and Enhance Company Data RingLead provides a complete data quality solution for CRM, Marketing Automation, and Data Services ● End-to-end data quality solution ● Cloud based ● Emphasis on ease of use ● First certified Salesforce ISV partner - 2004 ● Key industry partnerships:
  3. 3. Our Clients Technology Healthcare Financial Services Professional Other
  4. 4. Our Partners PartnersPlatforms CRM and Related Software Marketing Automation Consulting FirmsStrategic Partners Long standing relationships with key industry players.
  5. 5. The Problem Example 1: Duplicate records A record is imported from a tradeshow list, created manually via a sales user, and created again via web form submission. Now this user exists in the CRM three times. List Import Manual Entry Web Form
  6. 6. The Problem Example 2: Non-standard records There are a variety of ways for employees to type in job titles, which makes precise database segmentation impossible. For example, here are variations on the same job title and state information. Joe Smith Brian Cooperman Wendy Black Dir. of Marketing Director, Marketing Mktg Director New York N.Y. ny
  7. 7. The Problem Example 3: Incomplete records When sales teams, customer success teams and other employees do not have access to a complete record, they waste time looking in external systems and on the internet in search of that contact information. This results in over 30% of an employees time(1) being wasted on contact research. (1) According to Sirius Decisions
  8. 8. The Problem Example 4: Inaccurate/Outdated records Contact data changes as people change jobs, are hired, fired or promoted. Wrong phone numbers, email addresses and job titles can linger in a database if left unchecked. 21% of a B2B sales reps’ time is consumed doing research. Sources: CIO Insights, Forrester Research, CustomerThink, Dun & Bradstreet)
  9. 9. Consequences of Dirty Data Business Report Card Forecasting D Customer Service F Sales Efficiency C- Productivity D- Client Renewals D CRM User Adoption F
  10. 10. Data Quality Does Matter Source: Sirius Decisions - The Impact of Bad Data on Demand Creation Prevent Correct Do Nothing The Cost of Handling a CRM Record ● $1 prevent a bad record from entering a CRM system ● $10 to correct the record after it is entered ● $100 if nothing is done, as the ramifications of the mistakes are felt over and over again
  11. 11. The Solution: RingLead Clean existing data in CRM and marketing automation systems Ensure data remains clean when entering the system. Enhance records with additional company and contact data.
  12. 12. Rethink Manual Entry... Unique Entry ● First and only as-you-type duplicate prevention application ● Customize the algorithm ● Contact Capture ● Enter data via copy and paste from websites, email signatures and more ● Does the thinking for you AND checks for duplicates ● Capture
  13. 13. Contact Michael Farrington Chief Product Officer @michaelforce Donato Diorio Chief Executive Officer @idonato @ringlead /company/ringlead-inc. /ringleadinc