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  • Welcome to the Interaction13 Redux.The Interaction conference is held at the beginning of every year by the Interaction Design Association. Over 1000 interaction designers get together to share ideas, talk about the future, and absorb all of the excitement of the industry. This year it was held in Toronto. This presentation is a summary of talks that inspired me at the Interaction13 conference.The term “Redux” literally means: to take back and use for good. My hope is that you will also be inspired by some of the ideas I share, and use them for good here in Cincinnati.
  • So.. This is the reason I was at the conference.I am the regional co-coordinator for North America. Sitting beside me is my boss…
  • This is the workshop we held. Over 50 local leaders from all over the world in attendance.They updated us on each local group, showed videos and photos and We tried to help them work through pain points.This the only time that we get to meet with our local leaders in person.One of our points was to reach out to local groups.
  • Overall conference themes
  • And he is right!The UX industry is only around 10 years old. How often do people get to contribute to the foundation of an industry? We have the opportunity to shape the Future of User Experience.It’s also very exciting that large businesses are realizing the value and power of UX.
  • Michelle and I love this quote.We are not just “making things pretty” anymore. We are designing for real people. It is important to think about how we are making people feel with our designs.
  • Ravi spoke about using design to make a positive impact. He see’s designers as behavior changers. That our designs can effect the quality of lifeHe sees life a.
  • He talked about stories and using basic human instincts to design.
  • Quickly understand needs, then push code. Listen to your users.
  • CompassGo-MilanEven in the age of GPS, to explore cities today, Frog points out our tendency to "pre-Google" our destinations. What’s lost? The feelings of spontaneity and exploration. MTA Relay-New YorkRelay is a band to help navigate New York’s transit system. Its three strands hide dynamic displays, which will glow with the colors of nearby lines and transfers, while providing up-to-date scheduling information. 
  • IxD13 Redux

    1. 1. #ixd13cinci@RikkiCreative Sponsored by:
    2. 2. “ People will forget what you said.People will forget what you did.But people will never forget how you made them feel. ” Angelou Maya
    3. 3. “ I do not believe people are looking for themeaning of life, as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive. ”
    4. 4. http://processing.org/
    5. 5. What happens to data after death?
    6. 6. Should we own our own data?
    7. 7. Is there good that comes from companies owning our data?
    8. 8. Facebook is not a website.It is a framework for people.
    9. 9. People want to feel unique.
    10. 10. People want to feel connected.
    11. 11. ME US THEMSelf Inner Circle Everyone Else
    12. 12. COMFORT ZONE USME THEMSelf Inner Circle Everyone Else
    13. 13. `Build fast. Test. Iterate. Facebook pushes new changes everyday.
    15. 15. `YOU ARE NOT YOUR USER
    16. 16. Benefits of Lean UX Push MVP to market Quick user feedback Redefine rolesUXD as planner and guide Less waste Fits within Agile
    17. 17. “Ways to leverage tension…”Creating Positive Tensions inExperiencesMatt Walsh, CP+B
    18. 18. Tension is a primal human emotion.
    19. 19. UX consultants are becoming business consultants.
    20. 20. UX Benefits Understand Customers Identify Market Opportunities Rethink Business Models Articulate a Vision Define Experience StrategyPlan for Organizational Change
    21. 21. “Companies are seeing that their products have to support their customers in a very different way than they’ve been doing in the past.”
    22. 22. The core of UX consulting is strategic management.We are responsible for guiding clientsthrough a decision-making process.
    23. 23. STOP BEING JUST A DESIGNER Cultivate a creative partnershipAlways zoom out to the big picture Adopt your developers Prototype early and often
    24. 24. RESCUE YOUR CLIENT Realize that your client is in over their head Push client to achieve intended goalBe sure that you are included in planning phase
    25. 25. BE CAREFUL LETTING NON-DESIGNERS HAVE UX CONTROL Rephrase your rationale Always have a reason Be wary of “contract” decisions Prepare for limitations Show that you are the UX leader
    26. 26. IMPACTFUL UX REQUIRES: Experience Strategy User Understanding Measurement & Testing Visual Design Culture
    27. 27. Designing CultureTeresa Brazen, Cooper
    28. 28. Identify and confirm Team, Commitment and Role Identify Users and Roles / User Personas Identify User Research Methodologies Define go-to market message Review / Assess Current Site Identify Business Goals Identify User Goals 1:1 interviews Mass Survey
    29. 29. Establish Timeline Define Scope of project Establish core functionality Identify technological capabilities Document technology requirements decisionsValidate requirements (content, business, users)
    30. 30. Identify key content requirements Apply user personas to workflow Analyze Card Sorting results Create content strategy Create a user workflow Organize content
    31. 31. Create Wireframes Generate Prototypes Define user interactionImplement User behavior strategy
    32. 32. Create physical representation of Creative Vision Pick typography style (font, sizes, etc.) Implement Surface into Functionality Pitch Surface Vision to Full Team Design graphic elements Choose color palette Design Mockups
    33. 33. UX UNICORNVisual Master + Developer + ExperienceDesigner
    34. 34. UX != IxD
    35. 35. IxD = Designing the way people interact with technology.
    36. 36. Interaction design is designing what the user will see and how they will interact.
    37. 37. UX = Defining the experience as a whole.Designing human behavior.
    38. 38. User Experience Design isdesigning how the user will feel during and after engagement.
    39. 39. “User Experience isn’t acheckbox. You don’t do it and then move on. It needs to be integrated into everything that you do.” Liz Danzico Chair of Interaction Design School of Visual Arts NYC
    40. 40. It is UX that forms a customer’s opinion of a company.
    41. 41. It is UX that determines whether your users will come back.
    42. 42. It is UX that differentiates acompany from it’s competitors.
    43. 43. User experience is not limitedto the confines of technology. User Experience lies within every interaction.
    44. 44. The biggest misconception is thatcompanies have a choice to invest in their user’s experience. To survive, they don’t.
    45. 45. Obama For America Mobile CampaignThirteen 23, Austin, USA
    46. 46. Nike FuelBandR/GA, NYC, USA
    47. 47. ZocDocZocDoc, NYC, USA
    48. 48. 21 BalancoiresDaily Tous les Jours, Montreal, Canada
    49. 49. Paper by FiftyThreeFifty Three, NYC, USA
    50. 50. Practice FusionCooper, San Francisco, USA
    51. 51. The future is here.It just is not evenly distributed.
    55. 55. Do not limit yourself to whatpeople have done in the past. Create your own future.
    56. 56. THIS IS OUR TIME!