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A life beyond limits free version

  1. 1. Collect Your FREE Tickets valued at $990 See page 70 for detailsUPDATED BESTSELLER
  2. 2. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 2 To Get Your Printed Copy of the Complete Version of Life et Beyond Limits! See Below...If you would like a printed copy of Life Beyond Limits! You can order it online – visit:http://www.lifebeyondlimits.com.au/shop/category/Itemid 463.html or call +61 3 8669http://www.lifebeyondlimits.com.au/shop/category/Itemid-463.html1121 or contact your local bookstore. © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  3. 3. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 3 Published by Brolga Publishing Pty. Ltd. ABN 46 063 962 443 PO Box 12544 A Beckett Street, Melbourne VIC 8006 Australia markzocchi@brolgapublishing.com.au Copyright© 2004 Rik Schnabel The National Library of Australia Cataloguing-in-Publication entry Schnabel, Rik Life Beyond Limits!: Infinity Belief rik.schnabel@lifebeyondlimits.com.au Bibliography. ISBN I 920785 74 4. 1. Success in business. 2. Self-actualization (Psychology). 3. Wealth – Psychological aspects. 1. Title. 650.1 Cover by Chad Harris – Orange Hammer Printed in Singapore © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  4. 4. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 4 ContentsAcknowledgments……………………………..………………………………………....viiiPreface: What to Expect from Infinity Belief®…………………………...……...……..xiIntroduction……………….………………………………………………..………..…….xiv PART I: AWAKEN AWAKEN1. Divine Faith - The Very First Secret ............................................................. 23 FREE2. The Power of Belief ............................................................................................. 31 CHAPTERS IN THIS3. Before Infinity Belief® ...................................................................................... 41 Belief elief® EBOOK4. What Is Infinity Belief®? .................................................................................... 45 Belief®5. The Irrefutable Law of Attraction ........... Error! Bookmark not defined.6. What You Focus Upon Grows ....................... Error! Bookmark not defined.7. Become Conscious.............................................. Error! Bookmark not defined.8. Set Your Intention .............................................. Error! Bookmark not defined.9. Love Money, It Will Love You Back ............. Error! Bookmark not defined.10. What You Perceive, You Believe ................... Error! Bookmark not defined.11. Expect That Success is Inevitable .............. Error! Bookmark not defined.12. Mind Your Language ........................................... Error! Bookmark not defined.13. Imagination is a Magnet ..................................... Error! Bookmark not defined.14. Commit to Act(ion)............................................... Error! Bookmark not defined.15. Use the Power of Visualisation ................... Error! Bookmark not defined.16. Your Most Disempowering Secret .............. Error! Bookmark not defined.17. Energy is 100% - Always ................................... Error! Bookmark not defined.18. Passion is Infinite Power ................................. Error! Bookmark not defined.19. What are You Growing to Do? ...................... Error! Bookmark not defined.20. Your Quarks Assist Change ........................... Error! Bookmark not defined.21. Responsibility is Power .................................... Error! Bookmark not defined.22. The Power of Space ........................................... Error! Bookmark not defined.23. Negative Spirals Turn to Spaghetti ........... Error! Bookmark not defined. © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  5. 5. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 524. Protect Your Thoughts, Cherish Your BrainError! Bookmark not defined.25. Release the Need to be Right ........................ Error! Bookmark not defined.26. You’re Too Right Mate! ..................................... Error! Bookmark not defined.27. Catharsis Clears the Space .......................... Error! Bookmark not defined.28. Are You Stupid or Just Saying That? ........ Error! Bookmark not defined.29. Courageous Thinking ........................................ Error! Bookmark not defined.30. Help the Universe Help You............................ Error! Bookmark not defined.31. Life is Bad for Good Reason ......................... Error! Bookmark not defined.32. Affirm Your New Self in Trance .................. Error! Bookmark not defined.33. Ego – A Position of Lack ................................. Error! Bookmark not defined.34. Spirit – Infinity Belief® ..................................... Error! Bookmark not defined.35. Divine Faith is Infinity Belief® ....................... Error! Bookmark not defined.36. The Law of Giving and Receiving .................. Error! Bookmark not defined.37. Infinity Belief® is not Goal Setting ........... Error! Bookmark not defined.38. Infinite Patience is Surrender ...................... Error! Bookmark not defined.39. Eight Steps to Infinity Belief® ...................... Error! Bookmark not defined.THE PROCESS OF Infinity Belief®....................... Error! Bookmark not defined.Closing Reflections .................................................. Error! Bookmark not defined.Selected Bibliography ................................................................................................ 60Infinite Creators - Testimonials ............................................................................. 63About the Author ........................................................................................................... 68Learn to Live a Life Beyond Limits! ........................................................................ 70Free Tickets ...................................................................................................................... 71Recommended Resources .......................................................................................... 72 © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  6. 6. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 6Infinity Belief® Copyright© 2004 Rik Schnabel. All rights reserved. This book maynot be reproduced in whole or part, or transmitted in any form, used as educational orteaching material without the written permission from the author, except by areviewer, who may quote brief passages in a review; nor may any part of this book bereproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any meanselectronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or other, without written permissionfrom the author.Rik Schnabel is a Coach Trainer in NLP, Leadership and Spirituality and is availablefor speaking events. Life Beyond Limits! workshops and training dates and times areavailable at www.lifebeyondlimits.com.auRik Schnabel can be contacted courtesy of Brolga Publishing or viawww.lifebeyondlimits.com.au or rik.schnabel@lifebeyondlimits.com.auInfinity Belief® is a registered trade mark in Australia, The United States of America,Canada and the United Kingdom. “Prosperity comes to all who have faith in abundance and self, it is Infinity Belief®.” - Rik Schnabel © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  7. 7. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 7 “We stand at the crossroads, each minute, each hour, each day, making choices. We choose the thoughts we allow ourselves to think, the passions we allow ourselves to feel and the actions we allow ourselves to perform. Each choice is made in the context of whatever value system we’ve selected to govern our lives. In selecting that value system, we are, in a very real way, making the most important choice we will ever make.” - Benjamin Franklin Thanks Craig © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  8. 8. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 8 Dedications Dedications icationTo my wife Rebecca and my beautiful daughters Zoe and Sienna – thank you for yourwonderful patience in me writing this book, your enduring love and belief in me, for without it, this book will never have manifested. To my mother Hermine, may your roses always bloom fragrant and to my father Josef, may you always smell their perfume from the heavens. To Tony Frederick – thank you for your friendship while here on planet earth, your memory lives on. © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  9. 9. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 9 AcknowledgementsWhile the insights for this book happened in a flash and was written in 3 months, theresearch and the editing spanned over 2 years from conception to completion. It wascertainly a wonderful journey though as with life, there were without doubt somechallenges along the way, nevertheless I am thankfully more evolved and expandeddue to them. I was helped along the way by many and I am sincerely grateful for theirmentorship, coaching, advice, encouragement and the odd joke to break me out of‘writer’s gaze’. I especially wish to thank my editor, Kabita Dhara for challenging thewriter in me to allow the reader to gain the most from this book, Emelyn Usanto andYeni Cahyodi and Matthew Ling from Ling Design for their wonderful dedication tothe artwork and typesetting.Thank you Mark Zocchi, my publisher for your belief in me and your patience. I ammost grateful to my wife Rebecca, my daughters Zoe and Sienna for allowing me thespace for my passion to write this and the many nights that I know my infernaltapping at the keyboard kept them awake. Thank you too to my dear family, Mumand Dad, Eddy and Chris, Erika and Ray, Fritz and Jim, Steve, Michael and Jacqui,Rodney and Nikki, Michelle and Dave, Craig, Judyanne and Rob, Paul and Michelle,Phil and Carol, Sue and Ian, Tony and Heather, Paul, Reg and Marie for allowing methe leave of absence at family get-togethers that enabled me to meet my writingdeadlines and particularly Ryan Spencer and Lachlan Pottenger for helping me withmy wonderful website. Also to my Father Josef, may you finally read it from heaven.A big thank you to John Dingeldei, Rosemary Lloyd-Dingeldei and Chad Harris ofOrangehammer Advertising for your insight and fantastic cover design. Thank you tomy fellow coaches and NLP buddies; Elisabeth Peischl, Jill Hosken, Sue Thurston, JillSheldon, Martin Dolan, Andrew McCaulay, Corey Reddish, Sandy Ewing, Cathy © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  10. 10. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 10Lobley, Lindsay Tighe, Ben Angel, Marian Durrand, Helen Sharp, Chris and TammieMorgan for your hearts and minds that allowed a sounding board for these conceptsand to my spiritual coach Evie Weaver, my Shiatsu Coach and best friend GeorgeViet, my physical coach Dr. Gary Wohlman. A warm mention to my BNI buddies fortheir continual support, namely Frank Costanzo, Lou Hope, Gary Immerman, DavidKlein, Sophia Lindsay, Kirk Holt, Steve Kostovski, Guy Naselli, Martin Dolan, AlanGraubard, Sam Pearce, David Shelley, Pat Ikonomidis, Chris Dedman, DinnaeGalloway, Robert Skehan, Pat Ikonomidis, Geoff Kelly and David Byers. Thank youmy dearest and closest friends for their support, George Viet, Luanne and RohanSimmons, Bruce and Michelle Hallett, Gavin Miles and Janette Carey, Tony and JulieFrederick, Lisa and Gary Moore, Warren Frehse, Anna Kurnuzsko, Mary David,Damien Jongebloed, Steven Kolakowski, Bob Aitken, Thomas Malone, Mark Eddy,Tony Picone, Ken Baker, Neil Benary, Rod Flanagan, Sam Catlow, Eliza Jamison, Jeffand Nancy Kerr-Bell, Carrie Ann Gallagher, Tyson Eidt for balancing me. Thank youto Bob Feldman for your mentorship, Sally Carr and Kathryn Gorman for yourclairvoyant wisdom, Steve and Jacinta Wilkie for allowing me to run a workshop atyour wonderful restaurant by the ocean and thanks Steve for your unswerving beliefand editing assistance -“Trust in your spirit; in your Universe, and all will berevealed.” And to my old colleagues, Craig Faram, Sonja Olsen, Mick Paul, VanessaO’Hanlon, Caroline Ferguson, Paul Traumanis, Enza Etna, Paul Matthews, YvonneSchumann, Rebekka Kittle, Sean Sparks, Charles Fairlie and Stephanie Salpietro,thank you for your support at the times when it was most needed and greatlyappreciated. Thank you to my Wealth Club buddies, Tracey Maud, Cheryl andWarren French, George Viet, Suzanne Farrugia, Denise Bonanni, Sam Pearce, JaineRamanauskas, Kirk Holt, Neil Sutera, Emma French, Richard Heffernan, TomHaberkorn, Kerryn Howell, Adani Tyler, Matt Ling, Kevin Ch’ng, Loyola Armigerand Steven Cooper. Thank you to all my Coach and NLP students for yourpreparedness to learn and evolve and the faith in me to take you there and my clients © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  11. 11. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 11for your enduring faith. And finally, I would like to thank my father Josef for his loveand faith in me and who passed away just before publishing. I love you all and thankyou dearly for the special parts that you played in the creation of this book and youknow what these are. Thank you to Jesus Christ, Buddha, Lord Krishna, Abraham,Mohammed, the Creator, my Archangels, my guides and the Universe for yourpatience in my growth, your infinite inspiration and eternal guidance – Love is allthere is. © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  12. 12. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 12 Preface: What to Expect from Infinity Belief® Infinity Belief® - Opening your mind expands your life.This book that you hold in your hands has been described by one journalist andreviewer as the Readers Digest of self-help. You won’t have to dig too deep to discoverthe pearls of wisdom and nuggets of gold, insights and techniques that you can use tolive a Life Beyond Limits!; you’re job is to find the ones that you were meant to find.Life Beyond Limits! is an awakening process, an ascension, a reminder and apreparation to go beyond the previous cognitive limitations of all you think you arenot. It’s about letting go of old limited ideas about who you are, how you feel aboutyourself, what you say to yourself in your quite time alone and how you sound. Aslimitations reduce your energy, truth increases it and so living a Life Beyond Limits! isliving a life of truth, an empowered life.These days we hear the word ‘empowerment’ used with frequency however as isoften the case, the word is used without the user being congruent with its meaning.“Em” means to “assimilate before” and “Power” comes from the Latin word “Posse”which means to “be able”. So “Empowerment” in my view and based upon the wordsorigins and initial intention is to “Become your power before power is present.” Thatis you must pre-sent your power; think and feel your power before it comes into yourbeing. Others have termed this, “faking it until you make it (real)”. Life Beyond Limits!provides you with everything you need right now to tap into your own power to livean empowered life. If you would like to learn how to make powerful your life and © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  13. 13. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 13move toward your goals with volition, then you are about to learn a well-guardedsecret.The secret begins with the simple understanding that every action must first begin inyour imagination. Therefore, if you can imagine, you can alter your emotional stateand the related thoughts, know that these alter your actions and therefore youroutcomes. But what if you were able to easily expand your thoughts and thereforedramatically expand your life? Infinity Belief® is empowerment. It is an expansiveway to live your life and provides you with a simple yet strong foundation uponwhich you can improve all areas of your life, your health, your wealth, yourrelationships, your career and your business.In the following pages, you are about to learn a multitude of insights and bypracticing them in your life and by making small evolutionary steps, you will noticesignificant shifts. If you do not consciously take charge of your mind, yoursubconscious mind will not be set for success. It is time to become conscious of whatyou have been creating and what you are not creating. On reading this book, you willsoon realise why the seminars you have attended, the books you have read, and yourcurrent knowledge left you seeking something more. You will soon come to realisethat it’s not the fault of the information or the informant that has kept you wonderingor wishing for more. It is more so who you have been showing up as; who you’vebeen pre-senting yourself as.Read this book as if you are the Teacher, preparing to teach this and you will get thisbook at a completely different level than if you choose to read it as if you are already aSage and of course read it as a Student and you will get something entirely different.Soon, very soon, make this distinction; this profound decision will empower you. © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  14. 14. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 14It is not always, what you do not know that hinders your growth, but more so, theknowledge you posses that are untrue, the so-called facts that serve your intellectualneed but seldom provide your growth. Therefore, much of the practice InfinityBelief is to unlearn habits that no longer serve you. To go beyond and into theinfinite is truly an adventure, imagine your excitement increasing and your mind andsoul will become excited, and so you will get more than most and unlock the limitedboundary conditions of your previous thinking.As a race, we think we know so much, but in truth we know so little. If the entire ageof the earth, from the time it cooled down and was able to support life were reducedto the scale of a 24 hour day, humanity’s emergence on the scene would occupy lessthan the last minute. If you have ever really ventured into the corridors of your mindto find out what is truly possible, you may have discovered that your thoughts, just asyour potential, are infinite. Have there been times when an idea or a fortuitous notionjust popped into your consciousness, you witnessed magic and surprised yourself? Sohow do you recapture that magic? How can you learn from it, understand it, so that itis replicable, over and over again?First, you must trust that you are more than you think you are. The moment youdecide who you are and the extent of your potential, understand that you are morethan that too. As you unlock your mind with the courage of a lion and thewonderment of a child, you will venture within and discover that you can onlyimprove your life and your prosperity by first believing that more is possible. So, togain the most from the insights within this book and improve your life, it is necessaryto open your mind. Infinity Belief® is a state of prosperity, a belief in an abundantUniverse, for this is the starting point, the place where the magic begins. © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  15. 15. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 15 Introduction Please read this before proceeding.To help you to gain the most from this book, I have chosen to embed the text withspecific and hypnotic language. So just by reading it, at some level, you will implantinto your subconscious mind beneficial and productive ways to bring more wealthinto your life and commence the process of learning to live a Life Beyond Limits! Forthis reason, please avoid speed-reading Life Beyond Limits! Instead, read it out aloud orin your head. What we expect from life, funny enough is what we get, expect morefrom this book than you may have first imagined because more is definitely possible.Expect seemingly miraculous events to manifest in your life. For this reason begin tonotice the fortuitous, seemingly miraculous events that unfold during and afterreading this book and do not be fooled by the simplicity of good fortune – becauseit can happen in an instant! We can so often overlook simple methods to have a LifeBeyond Limits! and so seek only the complex ways to achieve success. Seek theSimple. Truth is simple, Love is simple, Wealth too is simple – unless of course webelieve its complex and then of course it is.If you were to discover a way to quickly and easily improve your wealth, health andhappiness, would it be useful? While you might find it easy to answer this questionwith an unequivocal ‘yes’, sometimes our self-sabotaging behaviour ensures we donot gain anything other than our current reality; this is called ‘resistance’. Have youever found any reason to avoid taking the advice of someone who is an expert in thearea of your study? Or while you know what to do to succeed, for some reason you © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  16. 16. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 16don’t take the necessary action. For this reason, Life Beyond Limits! is written in a veryspecific way that just by reading allows you to reprogram your subconscious in apowerful way and assists in the removal of the self-sabotaging behaviour. You mightfind parts of this book repetitive; some grammar might appear strangely structuredand tenses change frequently. Every word has a purpose, every story is useful and thelanguage is vigilantly chosen to help you to form the most profound effects possible toamplify your confidence, enlarge your talents and grow you and your wealth beyondyour previous limits.Shortly before he died, Sir Isaac Newton wrote in his diary the following words, “I donot know what I may appear to the world, but to myself I seem to have been only aboy playing on the sea-shore, and diverting myself in now and then finding asmoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth layall undiscovered before me!” We swim and some drown in the chaos and alienationbrought about by our culture’s obsession with reason. Do we miss the simplicity oflife in the sea of complexity? Do we complicate most things that we do? Maybe,probably, possibly, absolutely yes!Some believe we evolve, others believe we devolve as the innocence and imaginationof the child’s mind soon dissolves into adult reasoning. We are reluctant to shift ourthree dimensional thinking rather than view the Universe’s deeper dimensions as wedelve into the fourth dimension. So let us begin this journey together by opening ourminds to experience a deeper and more fulfilling realm of possibility - prosperity.It is now time to expand the realms of possibility. I will show you how to create yourown miracles because sometimes you have to experience miracles first-hand to believein them. I certainly have had my fair share of miracles and continue to do so. In theearly part of my life a series of bizarre paranormal experiences expanded my concept © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  17. 17. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 17of what is possible. Little did I know that these miracles would help prepare me forLife Beyond Limits! Further into the book, I will share with you experiences that willastound some and confirm to others that yes, more exists than that which wecurrently see.As you read, you will discover techniques that will unlock your ability to attract yourdesires, money and fortuitous events into your life easily and effortlessly and soimprove your rate of success. You will begin to see your life transform as you hear thewords from these pages unchain previous barriers to wealth and success. These willcause you to feel the feelings of confidence rise up into your body as you hear, see andfeel your new and totally wonderful life unfold. These events will transform your lifeforever, for the better.What you are about to discover may defy some of your current beliefs of how theworld and the Universe works. However, should you be prepared to shift yourparadigm, I call this Infinity Belief® and it will propel you forward in ways that willflout logic. If you’ve picked up this book, believing that it will improve your wealth,know that greater miracles are possible. What would happen if you realised a dream?Begin to think about what this means to you and know that destiny is a choice andjust as you have the free will to avoid your dreams, you also have the power to chooseto draw them so close to you that you are living them.Welcome to the world of the courageous minority. Once you have read this book youwill see your world in a less logical and more magical way. And I am certain you willenjoy the new view. The way in which you think will be altered for the better. You areabout to grow your awareness and activate new neural connections in your brain thatup to now have lain dormant. You will now begin to see more, hear more clearly andenter a world of wonderment. Your neural pathways within your brain, determine © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  18. 18. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 18how you code and store information, they hold trillions and trillions of storedexperiences, beliefs and thoughts, all moving along their own path or circuit, some ata conscious level and most at an unconscious level. From here on, simply reading thisbook will create new neural pathways that will program you for success. Yourneurology will be more prosperously configured by the last chapter than it will by theend of Chapter 1. In your journey through the text, you will begin to notice somewonderful changes in your life. These are created by your new thoughts that stemfrom your new neural networks. Every time you understand something new, youmake a new connection, a new neural pathway.You will learn how to alter the parts of your life that you choose to change. But inorder to do so you must first accept that you are capable of more, much more. Youmay have dreams that you haven’t yet achieved and destinations that you have notyet had the good fortune to visit. Maybe you could be happier, healthier and certainlywealthier. It’s time to bring your dreams closer to reality.Imagine coming across a jar in a shop that claims to magically realise your dreams.Would you purchase it? Probably not; it’s likely that you would not accept that yourdreams can come so easily. And you’re right. There isn’t a single object or service thatyou can buy that will, without question, realise your dreams. Only you have thepower to create your dreams and through Infinity Belief® I will show you how.Infinity Belief® is a way of life; a daily practise of expanding your belief of what ispossible and using universal laws to manifest more magic in your life. Suffice to say, Iwill provide you with some mind-blowing insights and helpful tools. When youpractice Infinity Belief® and use these tools and techniques, you will certainlyenhance your life. While this may be challenging at first, I urge you to open your © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  19. 19. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 19mind, because in order to change your life for the better, there must be challenges. Ifyou don’t allow this book to challenge you, then you won’t learn anything new.At this juncture, I feel it is important to point out that you do not have to be highlyintelligent or have special skills to understand Infinity Belief®, just a preparedness torelease the limitations that you have placed in the path of your success. You are aboutto open a door to allow you to tap into your intuition and a deeper, unrealisedintelligence, the intelligence that can only come from your higher self, your spirit.Infinity Belief® is not positive thinking or mere motivation as these are temporary.Infinity Belief® is expanded thinking as opposed to positive thinking; the latter is oftenthe process of glossing over negativity. Infinity Belief® What you are about to learn isa powerful truth that provides a bedrock, a stable foundation from which you canbuild the life of your choosing. You will learn new ways to clarify the filters in yourmind to help you to attract what may appear as magic into your life.Many have described Life Beyond Limits! as the ‘Science of Woo Woo’ and‘Spirituality’. The text takes a spiritual while pragmatic approach to the subject ofwealth creation and I will share many examples and research that further delves intothe scientific, metaphysical and theological doctrines. This is to help your logical mindunderstand Infinity Belief®. You will learn proven ways of thinking and being thatderive success, but one vital point must be made. You must be prepared to succeed.You must desire success. So a great way to start this journey is begin to feel like a childjust before Christmas; become curious and get excited as this will have you take inwhat you need from this book easily.Improvement almost always requires change. Therefore understand that you cannotbring about change without first altering the way you think and feel and I will showyou how to make those vital changes. If you think the same thoughts and ask the © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  20. 20. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 20same questions, you can only hope to obtain the same answers. Change however doesnot always have to be major. If we fly west from Australia and plot a two degree shiftfrom our original course, we may end up in Brazil, not North America; a small shiftbut a completely different result. For this reason, I have carefully designed eachchapter to help you to bring about minor shifts in most logical and progressive way.By the end of the book these minor shifts will bring about major beneficial change.So, what will be possible tomorrow? The answers are nestled in your dreams andpotential. They are out there somewhere, deep in the Universe and the Universe isinfinite, as infinite as your potential. Isn’t it true that we even attempt to cap thepotential of the infinite? So if the Universe is infinite, why are we “To know andtold it is around 13.7 billion years old and spans 20 billion lightyears? This is our logical mind working to understand something not to do, iswe cannot. Recently, it was claimed that we have underestimated not to know.”its size and now it is supposed to be double the size of the – Ancientprevious measure. However old and however large, it is onlywhen you consider the size of the Universe that you get a sense Chineseof infinity. In truth you can only wonder - because infinity never Proverbends, the concept is beyond reasoning and logic. What we doknow however, is that there is much more to life than our current understandingallows. Sometimes we may gain a small insight into the unknown; although theseinsights make real our lack of understanding and more so reveal how much we don’tknow. How to Read This Book and Get the ValueDid you know that to move into the top 10% in your field is simply a decision to do soand the commitment to follow through, to persist? Up to 90% of book buyers havegood intentions but seldom read beyond the first chapter. You can easily make a © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  21. 21. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 21decision today to join the top 10% by merely committing to read the entire book; Iguarantee that you will be well rewarded. The chapters are organised in logical andsequential order, so please read each chapter in order. Resist skipping chapters as indoing so you will miss valuable points and potential breakthroughs that will help youto understand the next chapter and assist your growth. It may be helpful to underlinetext or scribble notes on the pages to deepen your understanding and circle anythingthat you choose to revisit later.Throughout the text, I will often refer to another Universe. I shall use this term as atheologically neutral description of a deity, the life force, the energy that is around orwithin us all. I choose to respect your religious or non-religious beliefs and instead Irefer to The Universe. Wherever you read, The Universe and should this not conform toyour beliefs, then replace the words with your deity or your belief.Because we explore many insights and practices to move beyond limitations, youmight be discovering some new ideas and some techniques that are thousands ofyears old. Some you have heard before and now might be time to begin integratingthem into your life. Practice the insights immediately as this too will heighten yourunderstanding as you develop new, positive habits.Prosperous reading and may you live a Life Beyond Limits!Rik Schnabel © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  22. 22. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 22 PART I: AWAKEN © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  23. 23. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 23 1. Divine Faith - The Very First Secret Infinity Belief® - Faith is the secret of creation.The mysteries of life so often challenge, baffle and belie us. However these mysteriesalso inspire wonderment and provide creative fuel for poets, musicians, philosophers,artists, scientists, film-makers and all of the earth’s creative children. The ego is notthe only source of inspiration; spirit has a major role to play. Could it be that life’sunanswered questions create in us a curiosity to discover what else is possible? Notknowing the answer to something not only elicits our curiosity, but also helps us todevelop our creativity. We fill in the gaps of what we don’t know with guesswork andimagination. The more we use our creativity, the more we develop the potential tocreate beyond our current limitations. You know this.Our unanswered questions and the extent of our creativity are as endless as theUniverse itself. The concept of an endless Universe is unfathomable and undeniablywell beyond the capacity of logic and reasoning. In fact, just recently in Australia,Professor Joss Bland-Hawthorn used a high-tech telescope to look at the edges of agalaxy called NGC 300. “We found NGC 300 is twice the diameter we thought it wasbefore. Therefore we would imagine that our own galaxy is twice as big as currentlybelieved,” he said. This suggests that our estimate of the size of the Universe has justdoubled again. In truth, we do not know. It is also true that for many, the concepts ofspirit, clairvoyance, Heaven, an endless Universe is beyond logical reason andtherefore beyond belief or at least understanding. To believe that more is possible, wemust expand beyond that which we know. After all, logic and reason come from whatwe know is possible, and what is possible is only possible by what we can know upuntil this very point in time. So how do we venture beyond our current logic? How do © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  24. 24. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 24we travel beyond space and time? It is only when we tap into our creativity andintuition that we can move beyond and gain a glimpse into the mysteries of life. Thereare some things that cannot be explained. Therefore, we must rely upon our faith.We have no proof of who created the Universe or how it got here, but we have faiththat it will be here tomorrow. While we have no proof of what is out there, our faithtells us that there is something more than us, something greater. Again I choose not tofoist my religious beliefs upon you, although you and I know that there is much moreto life than that which we see. We cannot see love, but we know it exists. In fact weknow love is power beyond measure. We cannot see radio frequencies, but have faiththat the moment we tune our radio to our favourite frequency, music or theannouncer will sound. We cannot see vibrations, but again, we know they exist. Andas the vibrations leave our radio’s speakers, they echo either in our soul or our ears, orboth and possess the emotional power to shift our vibrations. We hear a song thattakes us to a moment of romance and feel love or sorrow rise in our hearts. None ofthis we can see, but we believe and have faith and as we do not question how thisoccurs, we are able to enjoy the experience, feeling it rather than thinking it.The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘faith’ as “divine truth, trust or honesty of intention.” Sowhat is ‘divine’? The Oxford defines “Divine - discover by inspiration, magic orintuition.” The meanings suggest that faith is divine truth perceived throughintuition. When considering the definition of ‘faith’ or ‘divine’, the dictionary saysnothing of intelligence, logic, or reason. Because these practical aspects of mind aremerely tools that allow us to work with that which we know, these cannot work withthat which is unknown. In fact, our conscious mind so easily rejects anything it cannotsee or believe. In these matters and when compared to intuition, our logic is useless.Only intuition, the conduit to our spirit is able to tap into the Universal library, thelibrary of all the answers to everything. And here’s the biggie! To trust your intuition © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  25. 25. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 25is a quantum leap of faith. Intuition is beyond intelligence, logic and reason; it isour spiritual connection to the Universe. Infinity Belief® is the frame, a way inwhich we connect to the Universe; it defies logic when it delivers abundance. Thisway of being has delivered to me such startling and life-changing transitions, shifts ofperspective and material wealth beyond my previous paradigms. This is not logic aslogic will so often have us stray from our spiritual selves and loose ourselves in thecerebral world of ego. We are but only thousands of years old, we know little andthere is so much to learn and much more to unlearn.Our history books have demonstrated repeatedly that intelligence is not always themeans to evolution and has denied innovation and breakthrough. In 1753, James Linddemonstrated that the juice of lemons and oranges prevented and cured scurvy. Ittook the Admiralty 50 years and hundreds of thousands more deaths before theywould believe in the cure. This was simply because they believed that diet does notinfluence health. While diet does not influence health sounds preposterous today, backthen it was a rock-solid belief. To help you to understand this, understand how ourlogic of a hundred years ago is viewed today. Just over one hundred years ago, whatwas once considered intelligent, is today scorned. Below are a few examples of ourthinking: -1. Heroin was available over the counter and supposed to clear the complexion, give buoyancy to the mind and was the perfect guardian of health.2. Travel to outer space was considered impossible.3. We expected to live to an average age of 47.4. Speed limits in most US cities were restricted to 10 mph.5. Canada prohibited the poor from entering it for any reason.6. Coca Cola actually contained cocaine. © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  26. 26. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 26 All these once seemingly intelligent decisions and conclusions came from the best and most respected minds of the day. While today and with hindsight, it is easy to judge intelligence of 100 years ago, how do you think the intelligence of today will be viewed 100 years from now? Will we see the limitations of our thinking and what do you think those limitations will be? Moreover, what will your life look like without limitations? The most potent ingredient of Infinity Belief® is faith. Infinity Belief® is powered by faith and intuition is the steering wheel. Believe that something you choose to bring into your life is destined and it shall be delivered, to the degree of your belief. Believe with faith and it is assured. I’d love to complicate it for you but this is the simple truth. Build your faith; believe in all you create and you create all you believe. Intuition is spiritual wisdom. In Catherine Ponder’s book, Dynamic Laws of Prosperity she declares that, “Great truths and powerful secrets often appear simple. So simple, in fact, that the average person overlooks them in trying to find a more difficult way.” Faith is a quantum leap beyond intellect, without proof or evidence. It is your faith in the existence of your chosen deity that grants you power. Trusting in your decisions, your intuition further empowers your faith. There seems to be more evidence to go against faith and prove that which we cannot see does not exist. This gives all the more power to those who have faith. Faith is surrender, acceptance and assurance beyond conviction. Faith needs no evidence, for it is faith. Below is a scale of belief that I created to illustrate what I see as the Degrees of Belief. DEGREES OF BELIEFDISBELIEF UNCERTAINTY BELIEF CONVICTION FAITH © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  27. 27. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 27Faith is beyond belief, beyond conviction; it is your truth, the summation of your soul.To choose your faith is your choice alone, certainly not the choice of others. If youallow others to choose your faith, then it is not truly faith, but indoctrination; it is notyour truth.It is vital that you harmonise with your truth; dance to the beat of your own drum.You know when you are in your truth and equally when you are not. You flow easilywithin your world, you harmonise with your Universe. If you have ever worked in ajob that you hated, or a job you loved, you’ll know exactly what “The world isI’m talking about. When we are not where we feel we should be,we find discomfort and it seems like nothing happens easily; we not to be putare fighting against the flow. To harmonise with order requires in order; thefaith in the order of the Universe. Your truth is part of that order. world is orderThe only time you are anxious is when you are not doing whatyou know you should be doing, denying your truth. Follow your incarnate. It istruth and erase anxiety. for us to harmoniseIf you knew all the answers and there was no longer mystery inyour life then you would no longer need to ask questions. Your with this‘what-if’s’ and your experimental journeys and attempts to tap order.” - Henryinto the deeper reality of life would no longer have purpose, for Millerthe answers would be known. If you knew all the answers toeverything, there would be no need for faith. If you knew it all, then everything thatcould be, would be. You would no longer require imagination; it would no longer beexercised and would recede into nothingness. In nothingness there is no purpose andwithout purpose there is no meaning. Where there is no meaning there is no life. InDavid Hawkins book, Power versus Force he states that “Meaning is so important that © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  28. 28. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 28when life loses meaning suicide commonly ensues. If the purpose of our life, on theother hand, is financial success, what happens after it is attained? This is one of theprimary etiologies of depression in middle-aged men and women.” I’ll only say thisonce. Money is not the panacea to depression. Only meaning and faith hold the key toa wonderful life. Money is merely one such vehicle. Know this; faith is the mostfundamental key that unlocks Infinity Belief®. If its riches you seek, then faith isfundamental to the process of manifestation.How immeasurably wonderful are these gifts that you have in your possession! Thesegifts of freewill, faith, imagination and purpose are all yours to use freely. Intellect isalso a gift, but know when to use it and when to lose it. Iparticularly treasure the gifts of intuition and imagination and “Those thatenjoy my blissful moments staring out into space and wondering have failed towhat is out there and at the same time being touched by a deeper work towardpresence. Knowing that there is more than we can imagine, morethan we are able to see and touch and feel. The mere act of the truth havebelieving that there is more leads your imagination to run wild missed theand helps you to create success, but more so, it helps you to purpose oftouch the hearts and lives of many and invigorate your innerchild to create. If you think I’m suggesting that believing in more living.” –is useful or that it is vital to manifest our dreams that we have Buddhafaith in a God or deity, or simply feeling that there is somethinggreater than us is great for our imagination, then you are absolutely correct. Beliefs aresimply useful or destructive, productive or unproductive. So why not choose thebeliefs that progress you? The beliefs that progress may not be evident right now,though as you read you will learn how to grow this understanding and in doing so,you will grow you. © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  29. 29. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 29Many have known of the power of faith. In fact the secrets of the Universe have beenavailable to us since the dawn of time. Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mohammad, Allah andeven those such as Babaji was gift to the earth so we could see with our own eyes thepower of faith and its abilities to manifest.Many before us have understood the power of faith and while much of this thinking isas old as time, we continue to be blind to its potency. It is like walking up to a lightswitch and turning on the light. You have faith that the switch will illuminate thelight. You don’t have to know the inner workings to have faith. Bring this same levelof faith to all you choose and you will discover the key to creation. Just trust that youcan.When you are brave enough to drop your armoured exterior and share yourthoughts, dreams, loves and ideas, only then will you truly connect with others. Weare the children of something greater than us and that Being knows that to reveal itselfto us, and answer our many questions, will see the death of faith. Faith is our mostpowerful asset, when we know how to use and trust in faith. Infinity Belief® – Tips and Truths1. Faith in the existence of something gives it power and in turn gives their power to you.2. Faith is divine truth, truth gained through intuition and it connects you to the Universe. Faith needs no evidence, it is faith.3. Intuition is beyond intellect, logic and reason. It is our spiritual connection to the Universe and we open the lines of communication through faith.4. When you are in your truth, you flow with your world; you harmonise with the Universe. © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  30. 30. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 305. Infinity Belief® is powered by faith; intuition is the steering wheel.6. Be brave; drop your armoured exterior, share your thoughts, dreams, loves and ideas; then you truly connect with others.7. The Universe knows that to reveal Itself and answer our questions will annihilate faith. Faith is our most powerful asset in creation. © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  31. 31. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 31 2. The Power of Belief Infinity Belief® - Your beliefs can kill you as easily as they breathe life into your dreams.The hourglass is about to turn, it is about to be repositioned right side up. It is time towake up from the deep sleep, the two-thousand year slumber that has entranced themultitudes of this planet into believing that they are less and limited. Incarcerated byfear, judgement, and ridicule, the people of this planet have finally found the keys tounlock the door of unlimited potential. There is no one master key, there are a seriesof steps that you must take and the first step is to wake up from the illusion oflimitation. It is time to become fully conscious, to snap out of the haze of the busyness,to get beyond the stress and the pain that we have induced and endured for so long.You are waking up my friend and you know this, you have been sensing this for awhile now. As your consciousness grows, you will look around to see a new worldemerging. You will begin to hear the insights coming from not only the spiritualleaders of the planet, but also from the least likely sources; your friends, your family,the children and even strangers who have observed your awakening.You may have already felt the shift in the course of your life, the altering planet, andthe growing collective consciousness. You can call this a stirring, an intuition or aknowing that something must change for you and you may experience this as stress. Itsimply means that two opposing forces are working against each other and thetension in the middle is stress; an indicator that a decision point is imminent. Oh, youcan ignore it and hope that it will go away and it will from time to time, you know itwill return, it always does in some form. You can suppress it with alcohol, cigarettes,drugs, overwork, and food. Deny it if you must, but know that it will surface in agreater form and will refuse to be ignored. It is time to awaken and to commence your © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  32. 32. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 32training, to live the life that you were destined to live, a life without limits. That iswhat this book is about. It is the journey of insights sometimes beyond the logical andinto the seemingly improbable. It is to expand you and not to be confused with thelessening process, but the lessoning in how to live your Life Beyond Limits!From the moment you are born, you commence the process of creating your beliefsand setting most of them in stone. Can you remember what it was like when you werea child? How far back can you recall? How far back do you wish to recall?Life for most is a series of first experiences, your first puppy, your first day at school,your first bike, your first kiss. Life was full of surprises and there was so muchlooking forward. I would like you to become a child in wonderment as you read thisbook, because in this state of wonderment, you will gain so much more. It is time tobecome conscious and to get excited again.Throughout Life Beyond Limits! we’ll talk about a way of being that I call InfinityBelief® we won’t go into it in detail as yet because we’re not ready for this step justnow. However, getting into a specific state is useful in practising Infinity Belief®, solet us talk about states.Would it be helpful to know how to create a state so that you could bring it abouteasily? Your feelings are state dependent, so bringing about a specific state will alterhow you feel and therefore determine your thought patterns. Consider your thoughtswhen you’re happy as opposed to when you are sad. Do you know what it feels like tobe totally confident, to be wealthy and secure? What does it feel like to be totally lovedand be on purpose in life? To gain the state of love is as simple as accessing a memoryand intensifying the memory to recreate it, to relive it. You may recall your first loveor the day you first fell in love with your partner? Can you imagine what it may have © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  33. 33. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 33been like after being born, nestled in your mother’s loving arms and wrapped in acosy, warm blanket as you left the hospital? Recall a specific time in your life whenyou were totally loved, float down into your body and relive the event through yourown eyes. See what you think you may have seen at that time, imagine hearing whatyou heard, and allow yourself to imagine what it would feel like to feel the feelingsagain of being totally loved. And isn’t it true that if you can imagine being totallyloved, you can feel love? Could it be that your thoughts are responsible for suchfeelings? So if you choose to feel loved, all you have to do is imagine it and allow therelated thoughts to develop the pictures and sounds in your mind to create thefeelings of love. This is the first insight into Infinity Belief® and later we will journeydeeper to understand the relationship between thoughts and feelings and how thesegreatly impact your life.It is now time to discover the secrets to unlocking your full potential to live the life ofyour choosing. It is time to become healthy and vigorous and grow your ability tospecifically and consciously attract money into your life with ease and grace so youcan help you to help others around you. See your life transform as you hear the wordsfrom these pages unlock previous barriers to wealth, the words of adulation fromyour friends and colleagues causing you to feel the feelings of self-satisfaction andwealth rise up into your body as you hear, see and feel your new and wonderful lifeunfold. It is now time to awaken from a deep, deep sleep.After awaking each morning, do you wonder what the day will bring, what eventsmay unfold? Do you dread the moment you wake into supposed consciousness,fearing the day’s outcomes before they have eventuated? The truth is that you havenothing to dread, you have far more control over your life than you may realise andmy purpose in telling you this is to commence the process of awakening you. While atfirst it may be difficult for you to believe that you can create the life of your choosing, © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  34. 34. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 34the purpose of this book is to show you how to regain control of your life and achieveinner-peace; this is what most call enlightenment and I am choosing to call success. Inorder to classify success, let’s suppose that success is living your ideal life, whateverthat may be. So each time I refer to success, you’ll know what I am talking about.I would like you to read the next sentence slowly and carefully to understand itsmessage. Success begins the moment that you believe it is possible and faithfullycommit to the actions that move you forward. Your state is important. For success tooccur, it is vital that you first see it in your mind even before you accomplish anythingin your reality. Success must be your state of mind first, only then shall it manifest.If you cannot picture, hear or feel success in your mind, you cannot have it.The second and most vital insight in gaining Infinity Belief®, is to open your mind tothe possibility that more is possible. The only way you can expand your awarenessand allow anything new to enter your consciousness is by “Minds areopening your mind. So how do you do this? Start the process by likeasking yourself: what would I choose to do or who would I parachutes,choose to be if more is possible? It’s the enormity of choice in thisquestion that stops most in their tracks, so to overcome this, just they are bestchoose anything and try it on, see how you feel about it. Dare to when they aredream. What would your life be like if you were an artist, an open.” –architect, a world-class musician, an author, a teacher or lecturer,choose anything and try it on for size. Resist the logical Tommytemptation to work out what is possible and impossible; simply Dewaresuspend judgment as you read this book. In this state of mind thecontent will be much more useful to you. While it may be challenging to imagine thatanything more than what you currently understand is possible, I’m sure you willagree that there is more to life than you currently understand. To remain open to the © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  35. 35. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 35concept that more is possible allows for the prospect of more to occur. Close yourmind and nothing more than you have experienced to date can transpire. It is time touse one of your greatest gifts – your imagination. You know that the mind is certainlypowerful, but to what degree?In Cleveland, USA a fatal experiment was conducted involving a prisoner. Theexperiment designed to compare the strength of the imagination, against the strengthof will and intellect, tested the prisoner beyond his previous limitations. The eventwas described in Martin Kojc’s book, The Manual of Life. After eating his last meal andsummoned from death row, the prisoner’s time was up. Leaving his cell for the lasttime and upon entering the execution chamber he was directed to sit upon a chair.Strapped to the chair, he was blindfolded and told that his execution was to berelatively painless. A small incision was about to be made to a vein in his neck and hewould slowly but surely bleed to death. The prisoner prepared his mind for hisinevitable passing. His white-knuckled hands gripped the chair’s armrests as heawaited his end. Soon he felt a slight but sharp pain at his neck. The sound of hisblood streaming from the cut in his neck was not unlike the sound of a cow’s teatsquirting its milk into a pale. The sound horrified him into a cold shiver and soon, hefelt his life flow from his veins and died.The prisoner died from a brutal experiment, amounting from no more than abloodless scratch to his neck. Below him, was a metal bucket into which the warderstrickled water through a tube, to mimic the sound of blood. Prior to his execution, theprisoner was in good health. It seems he died by believing that the pain he felt to hisneck was an incision to an artery, and convinced that the sound he heard was hisblood streaming from his neck. He believed what he heard and I would also suggesthe also believed what he saw in his mind; a fading picture of his life. Could it be thathe died by believing that his life-blood was leaving his body? Can beliefs be that © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  36. 36. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 36powerful? Imagine committing this degree of belief to your life! Surgeons amongmany highly educated professionals appreciate the power of belief. Most surgeons arereluctant to operate on anyone who is convinced that they will die during the surgery.Make no mistake; your beliefs hold within them an awesome power. Your beliefs cankill you as easily as they can breathe life into your dreams. Use your imagination,control your thoughts and you will determine the course of your life. Yourimagination is the lens that you choose to look through; it colours or dulls your life.Sharpen your lens and you focus your life! Keep imagining what you choose tobelieve in your mind, until you can no longer completely believe it is impossible. Thisis just one way to install new empowering beliefs into your unconscious. Imaginationis certainly more powerful than intellect and logic; in fact, imagination is sometimesthe only tool we have to pull us out of a rut.As a child, for some the bogey man existed in the darkness and seemed to magicallydisappear the moment you found courage over darkness or for those who resorted toturn on the light. Beliefs are a feeling of certainty about something being real; they ofcourse are not necessarily real.As a trainer and a speaker, I have worked with thousands of people and it seems thatno matter where in the world or how intelligent someone may appear, I amcontinually astounded as to how we will defend our beliefs, even though they deceiveus or disempower us. No matter what age, where they come from, how intelligent orunintelligent someone may be it seems that almost everyone at some level havelimiting beliefs that stop them from achieving their dreams and desires. It is thoughthe belief plays a convenient role in blinding the individual from their potential. Thisis my why. If there is one thing I choose to do in this lifetime, is open the eyes of thepeople of this planet to see a world without limits. There are solutions to all © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  37. 37. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 37possibilities all around us, however to see them we must first open our minds, oureyes, our souls and mostly our hearts to experience Life Beyond Limits!Just as the medieval clerics who refused to look through Galileo’s telescope wereafraid to abandon themselves to the power of a new myth. We so often attempt toreason out of existence the sights and experiences that are beyond our understanding.I used to find myself becoming frustrated by the blinkered rejection of the realm ofpotentiality. How could anyone resist the benefits of a deeper understanding of life?Until I realised that the less aware or conscious a person chose to be, the more they arereliant upon their instinctive patterning, their unconscious programming. For some, itis easier to live in ignorant bliss. I had to then alter my belief and decide to accept allpeople, the ignorant included, and this dissolved my frustration. While I ampassionate about assisting global consciousness, I must also accept that not everyoneis ready to live a Life Beyond Limits! Of course, you my friend are an exception.Like the prisoner, if you can fool your conscious mind into believing that something ispossible, that something moves through conscious thought and into your unconsciousand your very cells will alter to help you to make it happen. I’m sure you have heard afriend talk about a tickle in their throat and before long they exclaimed that they aregetting a cold. Soon enough the cold takes hold. Or someone who trips and says thatthey are clumsy. They then reveal their clumsiness again and again and again. Whatdrives a tightrope walker to demonstrate amazing balance and a billionaire thecourage to build enormous wealth? A belief that more is possible is the driver behindsuccess just as a belief that nothing more than what we know exists ensures a stagnantlife. © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  38. 38. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 38Like a computer that deals in 0’s and 1’s the conscious mind seeks a yes or a no fromthe unconscious (your mind’s library) before attempting anything new. A yes movesthe body forward, while a no stops the body in its tracks. The unconscious mind isresponsible for 90 percent of your functioning while the conscious mind is responsiblefor the rest. It makes sense why we unconsciously resist change or challenge unlesswe consciously focus our efforts. John Davidson writes in The Secret of the CreativeVacuum – Man and the Energy Dance, “…a concentrated mind is able to control physicalmatter and manipulate the laws of nature. This is how the miracles associated withyogis and holy men are performed. It is also the means by which paranormalphenomena take place. All spiritual practices entail concentration of the mind,whether it is prayer, meditation, telling of beads or some other “A mantechnique.” becomes what he thinksAs you read Life Beyond Limits! I will help you to plant success about most.” –data into your unconscious. It is a specific and purposefulprocess not unlike removing the shell of an oyster to reveal the Ralph Waldopearl, in this case the pearls of wisdom and insight. Do not besurprised as you read Life Beyond Limits! when you begin experiencing a little magic inyour life or observe synchronistic happenings taking place. This practice will at firstappear to miraculously create the outcomes you desire; outcomes that you have pre-determined by altering your thoughts. But this is no more a miracle than the miracleof life itself; it is just possible. Your beliefs are a culmination of your predominantthoughts. If you believe you can do a particular thing, you will consciously, andoften unconsciously, act to achieve it. Believe you can’t learn French and c’est la vie,you will ensure won’t try. Believe success is inevitable and you will make it happen.Here you begin to realise that beliefs are not necessarily real, just either convenient © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  39. 39. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 39or inconvenient. An inconvenient belief is that you can’t remember names and it willlimit your social interaction, a convenient belief is that you will soon learn how.Some of my greatest insights were learned and practiced in sales. It taught me how touse these insights at the coalface. Moments before my sales presentations, I connectedto Infinity Belief®. I allowed an extra 10 minutes before each meeting. I sat quietly inmy mind and imagined my desired outcome. Mentally I created conversations, Iheard the content of the meeting that was about to take place, hearing theconversation moving toward our mutual success. At the same time, I visualised ituntil I could feel the elation from a positive meeting, I created a success state. Seeing isbelieving and feeling is experiencing. If something feels real, your unconscious mindwill believe it is real. When I began to feel what I imagined, I felt a sense of calm, asense of success. I then knew I was ready for my meeting. My unconscious wasprogrammed and I was connected to Infinity Belief®. During my presentations, I feltrelaxed, successful and confident. Try it for yourself. Imagine a desirable outcomeprior to the outcome and notice what happens to you along the way.Using Infinity Belief® in the sales process created results that seemed at firstunbelievable. My peers could not believe my luck, but luck was not responsible. Yes,there was a time that I doubted the source of my success and the day I put it down toluck, my success ceased. No matter how long or hard I worked, my success vanished.I scheduled more meetings, made more telephone calls, worked harder withoutsuccess. The moment I practiced Infinity Belief®, my success resumed. I knew thenthat I was able to turn it on and off like a tap and you will too, with practise. You canchange your thoughts as quickly as you can turn on a tap and you can change yoursuccess just as easily. Of course, there is sometimes a little time involved. That is ofcourse if you believe in time. © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  40. 40. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 40The question I’d like to ask you now is this. If you end up living the life of yourdreams, when did the dream start? Did it start when you realised your dream or did itstart the moment you began believing in your dream? Or did it start the moment youbelieved in yourself?It is important at this early stage that you understand that your beliefs determine yourfuture. So what is a belief? A belief is not a notion or a thought, or an idea; it is a 100%agreement that something is true for you. If you believe that something will occur,you will ensure it does, because you also like being right. Anything less than beliefis only partial commitment and is like driving a car with one foot on the acceleratorand one foot on the brake. Infinity Belief® – Tips and Truths1. Success begins the very moment that you believe success is possible and commit to moving forward.2. Your beliefs determine your thoughts and the course of your life.3. Changing your beliefs alters thoughts that enter your unconscious.4. Your conscious mind seeks information from your unconscious (your mind’s library) to determine your next action.5. Your unconscious decisions are in accord with your values and beliefs. © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  41. 41. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 41 3. Before Infinity Belief® Infinity Belief® - Feel successful and you begin the process of success.Most discoveries occur whilst you are on a journey. My journey began upon realisingthat I was working in one of Melbourne’s Fortune 500 companies; however, a job thatseemed to serve no other purpose than to pay my bills and eat up large chunks of mytime. As a large oil tanker that can only alter its course with great effort, the companyin which I toiled was set in its ways, resistant to change and the insecure egos of thesenior management were suffocating its ideas people. Unfortunately, I was employedfor my ideas and felt like an oft-crunched cog in a gearbox. Therefore, I searched forgreater meaning from my life and thanks to a journalist friend, I was introduced tocoaching.Coaching seemed like a natural progression for me, as my friends and workcolleagues so often sought my advice and guidance. When I hit the nail on the head,nailing the issue and helped them to succeed, it was as if someone secretly placed amillion dollars in my bank account. It was gratifying to say the least. Helping othersand providing guidance and motivation exhilarated me indescribably. As they say,“When the student is ready the teacher will come.” I was ready, willing and insatiable.So I began studying coaching and later Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) andbecame an NLP Trainer. I loved learning new coaching techniques and the science ofthese life-changing tools, tools that I truly believe are the most powerful on the planetfor accelerated change. These allowed me to improve not only other people’s lives, butalso my own. However, a much more profound insight was about to arrive. © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  42. 42. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 42During my studies I was introduced to a Prosperity Coach who explained the details ofprosperity thinking. My appetite for this new knowledge (which I later discovered wasold knowledge) became all the more insatiable and this led me on a personal journeyof discovery that soon evolved to become a tangible reality, and you now have it inyour hands; I call it Infinity Belief®.I dedicated almost every moment of my spare time researching the ways of prosperityand applying this new thinking along with some of my own discoveries with amazingresults. And I mean amazing! I’ll share my experiences with you a little later, but firstI’d like to give you an idea of the position I was in before this awakening, as it servesas a helpful comparison.After hearing about prosperity thinking, I was so excited that I opened a bottle fromour collection of expensive French wines that my wife, Rebecca and I were saving fora special occasions. Rebecca couldn’t believe I’d opened the bottle; she thought we’dwon the lottery! When she questioned my lunacy I exclaimed, ‘We are celebrating ourprosperity!’ Before this moment, for months I had been rambling on about how weneeded to tighten our belts, as financially we were not doing so well (in fact we wereheading for financial ruin). As we enjoyed the wine I explained the sudden about-faceand discussed the concepts of prosperity thinking. Rebecca soon came to realise thatthere was something empowering about this way of thinking, but there wassomething missing. How do you practice it, what do you do and how does it work? Iguess much of what you may be asking yourself right now?The insights came at the perfect time as nothing happens by accident. Our financeswere dwindling and our hopes of climbing out of our financial pit were receding. Letme complete the picture for you. I had left the Fortune 500 Company and wasworking in a new job in a much smaller company. Rebecca had just left her career to © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  43. 43. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 43raise our newborn baby. We were now a one-income family and my income waspaltry to say the least. Before developing Infinity Belief® my sales for the previous 12months netted us $35,000. We could not survive on my income. Our bank account wasdown to the last $100, we were treading water and deeply in debt. Like many families,we had a sizeable mortgage and at the time we feared that we would have to sell ourhome. Matters got worse. While the company supported me by paying me a regularsalary, if my commissions did not cover my fortnightly income in sales, then I owedthe company the difference. Alarm bells were ringing in my head! I now owed thecompany $35,000! We were going backwards fast. I felt weakened by the experience asI was unable to support my new family. Our situation felt “It is not thedesperate. No matter how well we budgeted and cut back ourexpenditure, the bills just kept coming. Our debts grew bigger by mountain thatthe week and my income showed no signs of increasing; the sales we conquer,just weren’t coming my way but the bills certainly were. butThen a remarkable turnaround occurred. I could say that I ourselves.”–couldn’t believe my luck, but I know better. I began practicing a Edmundnew way of thinking, in fact a new way of being. I became Hillary‘Infinity Belief®’. In the following 6 months, my income rose byover 400%! Soon I held the lead position within the company, reaching a landmarkposition by bringing $350,000 into the company in one month. I cannot completelyexpress on paper how great I felt, it was like Christmas came every day. I was soon tolearn so much more about prosperity. Through more research, I finetuned my effortsand improved my results even further.Choosing to change my personal belief in regard to prosperity opened my financialdoor. In the first 6 months of practicing Infinity Belief®, I not only increased myincome but also received the biggest tax cheque I have ever been granted. I was then © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  44. 44. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 44offered an investment property and through good advice saved thousands of dollarsand decreased my tax rate by more than half. My entire financial life had alteredcompletely; it was a 180 degree shift. I used to believe I was financially unlucky,disadvantaged and couldn’t seem to hold onto money. I will never believe that again.The shift came at the perfect time. Infinity Belief® – Tips and Truths and1. Encourage constant positive change.2. Be insatiable in your growth.3. Feel success in your body to begin the process of success. © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  45. 45. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 45 4. What Is Infinity Belief®?Infinity Belief® – Your thoughts are magnetic; choose thoughts that stick to your desires and that program your inner success.Can you remember the last time you fell in love? It seemed that no matter what youwere doing, you could not stop thinking about them. Moreover, as fate would have it,they kept showing up. That’s a lot like the practice of Infinity Belief®.Infinity Belief® is the practice of focusing on what you desire and expanding yourbelief out into the infinite as if you can have your desires. By doing this you expandyour opportunities. So many people do not do so well in life because they limit theirbelief of what is possible; equally, their concept of themselves is limited. They maydescribe themselves as realists and so they do not strive for more than what is real andas such, usually live really dull and unfulfilled lives.Through teaching Infinity Belief®, I have witnessed what most would considermiracles. I have seen my own life completely transform. So if you consider yourself arealist, are you willing to forgo your current reality and see how amazing your life canbe, once you tap into your courage and transcend reality? You might be getting thatnothing is real, reality is merely the way you choose to see the world, and others maybelieve in an entirely different reality.Infinity Belief® is an enlightened and expanded state of consciousness. It is a specificand productive way of thinking where you become awake to your thoughts,completely conscious, acutely aware of the world within you and around you. Thisstate of awareness mastered by the Japanese Samurai; called ‘Expanded Awareness’allows you to be in a hyper state of consciousness it is though you can see all around © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  46. 46. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 46you at once. Once you do, you are then able to connect to endless possibilities toattract and create the life of your choosing. Infinity Belief® ceases disempoweringthoughts as you choose thoughts that support what you prefer to bring into your life.The moment you recognise a thought that is disempowering or stems from fear,insecurity or anger, stop thinking that thought and connect to Infinity Belief®. Sohow do you connect to Infinity Belief®?The first step to connecting to Infinity Belief® is by moving beyond logic and thelimiting thoughts that stem from logic. Here you are moving into your imaginationand designing what your ideal life could be like. Imagine before you, a conveyor beltmade of light, in the shape of an infinity symbol; it is stretching out into the universeand back to you. You can hear the static energy above the conveyor belt as aswimming mass of atoms and energy are just waiting for your thoughts to determinetheir form. The moment a specific thought persists in your mind, somewhere alongthe infinite conveyor a group of atoms configure to manifest your thoughts. Now, thestronger your faith in manifesting your thoughts, the faster the conveyor belt movestoward you and delivers the outcome of your thoughts. But the moment you doubtyour power of manifestation is the instant your manifestation dissolves back intoatoms and energy, back into the realm of potentiality. But continue your faith andmove toward your vision, expecting to see it as you imagined it and it will be there,expecting you to arrive. You can see why it is important to move beyond logic,because logic will not serve you in creating an expanded life. Logic will see this asabsolute bunk! But this is also were logic does not serve your higher good.As an example, if you have never experienced setting up a business, your logical mindis more apt to find reasons why starting a business is not possible. Your mind mayeven summon an emotion such as fear to assist in this process. Here you use InfinityBelief® and tap into your creative mind to move your thinking beyond logic. Begin to © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  47. 47. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 47imagine yourself having a wonderful time in your new business. Imagine yourselfconfident and successful. If you can’t bring your imagination to see yourselfsucceeding in a business, then recall a time in your life when you were totallysuccessful. Recall a specific time and make a picture in your mind of that time andhear what you heard and feel the feelings of being totally successful. This is more thanmerely visualising; this is altering your emotional state. It’s like creating your ownmovie and living in it. Do not allow your logical mind or ego to cajole you to stoppretending and get real. Avoid feeling foolish. Keep practicing seeing, hearing, andfeeling your success and watch your successes grow, maybe not today, but inevitably.This gets much, much easier as you learn specific helpful techniques, but we willcover these later; the purpose of this early part of the book is to understand the basisof Infinity Belief®.Move beyond logic because Infinity Belief® is non-linear thought and moving yourthinking beyond previous limitations. This might seem a complicated and challengingprocess only at first, but truly, it is not. Life is simple, we just complicate it.Let’s apply this in a practical and simple sense. Resist thinking that your day is goingto turn bad just because you have woken from a bad dream. Thinking this wayattracts undesirable experiences into your day. If you think something bad is goingto occur, you will activate your unconscious guidance system and you will find badexperiences or they will find you.If you believe you do not have a creative mind, understand that this is a limited beliefthat you have adopted, maybe due to some clown who laughed at an idea you had, ora drawing you crafted. Now if it is raining, close your eyes and get a picture in yourmind of a sunny day. Or if it’s sunny, imagine it’s raining. When you are able toimagine something in your mind that is not real, that is your creative mind! We are all © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  48. 48. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 48creative and we all have the capacity to imagine things that we know are not real. Sowhy does Infinity Belief® use imagination? Creativity is where you create! Imaginesomething enough and your unconscious will begin to believe it is possible and assistyou in creating the outcomes. Infinity Belief® is the act of moving away from finitethinking and into expanded thinking. Finite thinking is the belief that there are limitsand will have you attempt nothing more than that which you perceive to be real.Infinite thinking is a belief that with the right resources, with the right way ofthinking, anything is possible.Infinity Belief® means to go beyond what you currently believe is possible by usingyour imagination to create a desirable future. Understand that your conscious andlogical mind will attempt to create boundaries of what is possible. This is how yourmind operates, seeking to place a finite meaning upon everything. Understand that ifyou place bounds upon Infinity Belief®, it cannot be Infinity Belief®. In practicingInfinity Belief®, you will soon find that new data seems to just pop into your mind. Achance meeting may occur or a book may fall into your lap. Believe me, more is possibleand events appearing to be miracles can and do happen.Infinity Belief® is a conscious state, so be conscious of your thoughts, choose them.This is what I will call Expanded Magnetic Thinking - choosing the thoughts that willsupport your success. Your thoughts determine your emotional state and youremotions determine your energy. It is your energy that not only determines how youwalk, talk and act, but also what you attract. If you choose to attract wealth into yourlife, stop worrying about paying your bills. Stop thinking about going broke. Stopthinking you are going to lose your home. Start seeing your wealth in your mind, hearit, and really feel the joy as you imagine your wealth growing. Do you choose toattract love into your life? Then desist abhorring being without love. Imagine theperfect partner in your mind, see them, hear them, really feel the joy as if they are now © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  49. 49. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 49part of your life. Feel the feelings of being totally loved. Can you see how easy it is tochoose thoughts?Believe me; you can change almost everything about yourself and your world. Thechange, however, starts in your thoughts. To become a millionaire you must first,think, feel and act like one. To become an artist you must first think, feel and actcreatively and tap into your passion to create. To become asuccessful businessperson you must first think, feel and act like “If someoneone. Know this; you are doing this now. You have alreadybecome the person you believe you are, so to change you must hands you abegin to think like the changed person. million dollars, bestTo first effect change, you must know who it is that you chooseto become or what you choose to attract into your life. Adopting you become athe beliefs and actions of the person you choose to become will millionaire orshift your energy, otherwise known as your vibrations or you won’t getvibrational energy. Vibrations are the energy field, the frequencyor electro magnetic energy field that you create with your to keep thefeelings. When you alter your thoughts, you alter how you feel; money.”– Jimyou change your emotional state. In doing so, you will observe Rohnfurther transformations in your thoughts, language, posture,actions, responses, and interactions. If you believe you canincrease your self-confidence and learn how to tell better jokes, you’ll have yourfriends in stitches! Anything can be learned, anyone can tell good jokes byremembering some and practicing timing and physical animation? Think of it thisway. If you chose to become a millionaire, do you think you would be lax in yourfinancial management? Would your dreams be small and your efforts insignificant?Would you choose to be unfocused through the use of drugs or temporarily wash © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3
  50. 50. Life Beyond Limits: Infinity Belief® - Rik Schnabel 50away your pain by abusing alcohol? Could it be that you would stop blaming othersand take full responsibility for your actions, your future, and your life? Just like werun to our addictions so we can’t connect to our intuition, we grow deaf to guidanceand hide from our power. It is time to accept your infinite power and begin to learnand practice Infinity Belief®. “The keyIt is now time to seriously think about who and what you programmes ofchoose for you. Be careful not to choose to change for the sake ofpleasing others or to prove your self-worth. Understand that humanthis is seeking to validate yourself and by doing so you will behaviour aresuspend your happiness and give your power away to others. habit andChanging for others drains your energy. So who do you chooseto be for you, who do you choose to become? What do you really imagination,choose to do with your life? If you have an answer to this and they arequestion, write it down. far moreWhen you work out who you choose to become, ask yourself powerful thanthis next question. Why am I not that person now? Are your logic andcurrent beliefs and subsequent thoughts creating obstacles in willpower willyour path? Or are they stopping you from taking that first step?Begin to dream as though nothing will hold you back. Before ever be.”– Paulyou go to sleep or the moment you awake, let your mind McKennawander, think like a child and imagine yourself doing or beingsomething that makes you feel good; choose a dream foryourself. Once the dream comes and you feel a sense of joy in your heart or a sting offear, chances are you have found your dream. Keep dreaming until you find yourdream. © Copyright 2004 Rik Schnabel: EBook Version: 3