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Branding  Workshop For  Sales &  Marketing  Executives
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Branding Workshop For Sales & Marketing Executives


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Published in: Business, Career

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  • This workshop was presented to the graduating class of the Sauder UBC Business School’s Sales & Marketing Diploma program as well as the Vancouver chapter of the Sales & Marketing Executives International. I share it to help anyone trying to gain a better understanding of branding for their business
  • Transcript

    • 1. Sales & Marketing Executives InternationalBranding Workshop
      Bret Conkin
      Chief Education Officer
    • 2. Sacha Baron Cohen asAli G
    • 3. Borat The Brand
      MTV Europe
    • 4.
    • 5. Borat – The Brand
    • 6. Golden Globe Winner
      "Thank you to every American who has not sued me so far."
    • 7. Presentation Overview
      Branding backgrounder
      Defining Brand
      Branding myths
      Deliver a great brand experience
      Reverse branding
      Personal branding
      Branding Generation Tomorrow
    • 8. 1. Branding backgrounder
    • 9. History of Branding
      1. Branding backgrounder
      19th Century Packaged Goods
      Logos “branded” on barrels
      Mass media accelerated brand relationships
    • 10. Branding Concepts
      1. Branding backgrounder
      • Brand – “Recognized mark. A standard. A community.”
      • 11. Brand experience – Sum of Contact
      • 12. Brand image – Mental Imprint
      • 13. USP
      • 14. “Why should I choose you?”
    • Branding Benefits
      1. Branding backgrounder
      Premium pricing
      Brand Equity
    • 15. Branding in Canada
      1. Branding backgrounder
      Top Cdn Brand practices(Interbrand))
      Deep consumer understanding/segmentation.
      Communication of community support
      Honest efforts to communicate “Canada”
      Lack of pretentiousness
      Making due with less
    • 16.
    • 17. Creating Brand Value A BCLC lesson
      2. Defining Brand
      Engage the senses - Cue.
      A “virtual” BE.
    • 18. Creating Brand Value A BCLC lesson
      Weak product
      Attach a desired value to your brand.
      2. Defining Brand
    • 19. Tips on defining your brand
      2. Defining Brand
      Decide HOW you want to be perceived and by WHOM
      What makes YOU perceive other brands that way when you shop?
      List qualities you/employees must display to customers to portray this
    • 20. Why people buy
      2. Defining Brand
      To solve a problem
      To change/maintain the way they feel
    • 21.
    • 22. Rodney Dangerfield -The Brand
      2. Define Branding
      Built website for Rodney
      BI: The underdog, the struggle against the odds, humour despite difficult times.
    • 23. Brand Image A Rodney lesson
      2. Define Branding
      Stay true to your brand essence
      Personality stimulates recognition & brand image.
    • 24. Defining Brand A P&G lesson
      • Positioning Statement
      • 25. “We’ll clean your clothes better than other detergents.”
      • 26. Reason to believe
      1. Technical superiority
      2. Visual demonstration vs. competition
      3. Kid’s dirt
      • Brand character
      • 27. Smart, caring, efficient.
      2. Defining Brand
    • 28. Maintaining Brand - A P&G lesson
      P&G Advertising principles:
      Is it a big idea?
      Is it distinctive?
      Is it likeable?
      Is it memorable?
      2. Defining Brand
    • 29.
    • 30. Branding Myths
      3.Branding myths
      Myth: Your USP is your brand.
      Fact:Your brand is all encompassing.
      Myth: You must have a logo to be remembered.
      Fact:Customers remember you primarily by how they are treated.
    • 31. Branding Myths
      3.Branding myths
      Myth: All you need is a branding strategy.
      Fact: An ongoing process.
      Myth: Marketing & Branding are one and the same.
      Fact: More about good leadership, ethical behavior and the commitment/ability to fulfill brand promises.
    • 32. Branding Myths
      3. Branding myths
      Myth: Branding is “Marketing’s” responsibility?
      Fact: Branding is everyone’s responsibility from Board to junior staff.
      Myth: No budget for branding.
      Fact:Your brand is only as good as the people who live it day in and out
    • 33. Delivering BE - A Tomahawk lesson
      4. Deliver a great brand experience
      North Shore Diner
      Native artifacts
      High quality ingredients
      Kids props
      “Memories” online
    • 34. Brand Experience Checklist
      4. Deliver a great brand experience
      Map out buyer’s contact points
      Walk in their shoes – Gaps?
      Experience resonate with all senses?
      Brand include staff, stakeholders, media?
    • 35. Small Business Branding
      4. Deliver a great brand experience
      Smaller approach, markets - same principles!
      ID clear positioning.
      Compete on quality, image, uniqueness, service, & value.
    • 36. Tips on providing a great brand experience
      4. Deliver a great brand experience
      Enlist employees on ideas for adding to BE
      Train & communicate BE; incentives to deliver it
      Develop ways to give value to customers, not selling.
      Breathe brand into behind-the-scenes ops.
      Talk to your customers even when not buying
    • 37. Maintaining Brand Experience - A Starbucks Lesson
      4. Deliver a great brand experience
      • Brand checkbook
      Does the activity respect the intelligence of Starbucks customers?
      Can Starbucks expertly deliver all the promises made?
      Will Starbucks employees be excited and motivated by the activity?
      Will customers view the activity as being clever, original, genuine and authentic?
    • 38. Brand management - An Eaga Group lesson
      4. Deliver a great brand experience
      World Leader – Home Energy Efficiency
      5 million upgrades worldwide
      Extensive Acquisitions last 2 years
    • 39. Service Excellence
      Eaga Worldwide brands
      4. Deliver a great brand experience
    • 40. Four segments
      4. Deliver a great brand experience
      National Governments
      (Local and Central)
      B2B Cluster
      Housing Providers
      Private Sector Residential
    • 41. Service Excellence
      Brand Summary
      4. Deliver a great brand experience
      Retained sub-brands
      Phased out Brands
      Main Brands
      Brand A
      Iguana Direct
      Brand B
    • 42. Reverse branding
    • 43. Reverse branding
      5. Reverse branding
      Achieve positioning by repositioning the other guys
      Humungous Bank
    • 44.
    • 45. Reverse branding Homeworks
      5. Reverse branding
      Contractors BI very poor
      Terasen & Eaga
      Association for leverage, brand values.
      Challenge of brand delivery through business cycle
      Vertical integration to attain control/standards
    • 46. Current Brand Reality
      Desired Brand Identity
      Core Brand Essence
      Brand Feelings
      Brand Facts
      Brand Promise
      Brand Model
      5. Reverse branding
    • 47. Brand Model
      5. Reverse branding
      Brand Feelings
      Brand Facts
    • Re-position the other guy
      5. Reverse branding
      Home Upgrading Market
      Sears, etc
    • 61. Brand Promise
      5. Reverse branding
      Homeworks will improve
      the quality of your life by
      upgrading the operation
      of your home
    • 62. Central business Concept
      5. Reverse branding
      What can you be best in the world at?
      Making a house a better place to live.
    • 63. 5. Reverse branding
    • 64. 5. Reverse branding
    • 65. 5. Reverse branding
    • 66. 5. Reverse branding
    • 67.
    • 68. The Inconvenient Truth
      5. Reverse branding
    • 69. 5. Reverse branding
    • 70. 5. Reverse branding
    • 71. 5. Reverse branding
    • 72. 5. Reverse branding
      Global Warming
      Blue Man Group
    • 73. 6. Personal Branding
    • 74. Personal Branding
      Promise only what you can deliver 100%
      Exceed expectations with small gestures
      Always walk in client’s shoes
      Manage your Google Identity
      Buy your domain name
      6. Personal branding
    • 75. Personal Branding
      Identify your desired brand image
      Who can you Model?
      Apply branding principles
      6. Personal Branding
    • 76. 7. Branding Generation Tomorrow
    • 77. Branding Generation Tomorrow
      7. Branding Generation Tomorrow
      Evolving media environment
      1.7 channels vs. 5.4
      Broadcaster generation
      Focus on narrower audiences
      Make your audience the centre of your brand
      Stretch your brand values to the edge
    • 78.
    • 79. Lululemon
      7. Branding Generation Tomorrow has an entire culture section.
      Brands are a community or badge.
      They are not afraid to offend, be provocative.
    • 80.
    • 81. Recommended resources
      • Resource/Seminars
      • 82.
      Small biz blog
      • –
      Blog Aggregator
      • – Emagazine
      8. Conclusion
    • 83. Borat – Brand Extension #2
    • 84. Recommended resources
      • Resource/Seminars
      • 85.
      Small biz blog
      • –
      Blog Aggregator
      • –
    • 86. Global Warming
      A message from the
      Commander in Chief
    • 87. Questions for yourown make benefit?
      8. Conclusion