How to Increase Sales With Email and Newsletters


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Find out how to use email marketing to nurture sales leads and increase sales. Here is the slide deck from Right On - No Bull Marketing's webinar on email marketing. You can watch the webinar here -

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How to Increase Sales With Email and Newsletters

  1. 1. Increase Sales with Email and NewslettersBy Brian Offenberger, CeM, CSMA
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda Why Email Marketing? Types of Emails Developing Email Content and Calendars Measuring and Testing Emails Invite you to attend April’s webinar
  3. 3. Meet Brian Offenberger
  4. 4. Why Email Marketing?• Companies make an average of $40 for every dollar spent on email marketing – Direct Marketing Association ? ? ?• Average email open rates up 14% in 2012 – Epsilon ??• Average email click rates up 4.5% in 2012 – Epsilon
  5. 5. Types of Emails• Transactional• Lead Nurturing• Newsletters• Digest• Stand-Alone• Sponsorship
  6. 6. Transactional EmailAn email triggered by a specific action by one of your contacts.
  7. 7. Transactional Email• Helps complete desired action• Have a high click through rate• Types: – Order/Sign-up confirmation – Abandoned shopping cart reminder – Cross-/Up-selling message – Post-purchase surveys
  8. 8. Lead Nurturing EmailA series of emails containing useful content that slowly push contacts toward desired action.
  9. 9. Lead Nurturing Email• Keeps your business front of mind• Have a high CTR when compared to general emails• Types: – Lessons that teach prospects how you can help them – Offers that match where prospect is in buying cycle – Re-Engagement messages that let you know you’re there to help
  10. 10. Email NewslettersAn outlet where you can showcase multiple types of content.
  11. 11. Email Newsletters• Gives you outlet to help your customers and prospects• Positions business as an authority / thought leader• Makes it easy to share variety of content• Tips: – Supply RELEVANT content – Provide UNIQUE offers and deals, but don’t make focus of newsletter – Include variety of media: blogs, articles, videos, infographics
  12. 12. Email DigestLike a newsletter, but highlights past popular content. It has a simpler format.
  13. 13. Email Digest• Easier to create than newsletters• Drives blog readership and website visits• Tips: – Use analytics to find your top performing content – Don’t overwhelm people with too many links – Make digests weekly or monthly depending on your content load – Include a few graphics or pictures to make it more visual
  14. 14. Stand-Alone EmailAn email that contains information about a single offer.
  15. 15. Stand-Alone Email• Best way to drive results for single offer• Don’t take long to design• Easy to measure ROI of email• Tips: – Focus on a single offer with a strong call to action – Detail benefits of the offer and set deadline – Make it exclusive
  16. 16. Sponsorship EmailInclusion in another organization’s email.
  17. 17. Sponsorship Email• Exposes your business to new people• Way to find new leads• Ways to get into other organization’s email: – Start with business partners, vendors – Look to industry organizations – Considering paying as a last resort
  18. 18. Helpful Tool - Autoreponders• Program that sends emails based on a trigger event (opens, clicks, purchases, etc.)• Makes it easy to automate transactional and lead nurturing emails• Use a reliable email program like: Constant Contact, Inusionsoft, AWeber
  19. 19. Developing Email Content
  20. 20. Email Content – Subject Lines• Subject line should answer, “How are you going to help me?”• Mobile devices: Keep to four or five words (25-30 characters)• Avoid CAPS or exclamation marks• Avoid spam filter words: free, 50% off, call now, great offer
  21. 21. Email Content – The Message• Send RELEVANT content• First 70 to 75 characters appear in preview – Make it good• Visual emails: 88% prefer HTML messages – Dan Zarrella• Make email scannable – Keep text to under 750 words• Use headlines to break up content
  22. 22. Email Calendars• Subscribers will forget you if you don’t regularly send emails• Email calendars help with planning and scheduling• Keep you organized
  23. 23. Email Calendar Example
  24. 24. Email Timing• Weekends are good time to send because less competition• Tuesdays tend to be lowest day for email open rates• Better to send emails early in the morning
  25. 25. Test & Measure Your EmailOnly 31% of companies regularly test their email marketing campaigns – Email Marketing Industry Census 2012
  26. 26. Join Us in April How to Get Top Google Rankings for Your Local Business Thursday April 4, 2013 @ 2PM EDT
  27. 27. Contact Brian Offenberger• Toll Free: (877) 837-8803• Fax: (602) 412-3663• Local: (602) 412-3168• Website:• Email:• Facebook:• Address: 5530 East Beck Lane, Scottsdale, AZ. 85254