HP Cloud System Definition


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This presentation describes the HP CloudSystems

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  • Key points: Cloud Service Automation is HP’s comprehensive software to automate and manage heterogeneous, hybrid cloud implementations for enterprise and service provider clients. CSA for Matrix is a subset of CSA capabilities, exclusively designed as a quick and easy way to extend BladeSystem Matrix with server lifecycle management, basic application provisioning and monitoring. Customers can use either CSA for Matrix or the full Cloud Service Automation software in a CloudSystem solution. Since CSA for Matrix is a subset of CSA, customers can smoothly evolve to a more advanced CloudSystem environment with their investment protected.When combined together, Matrix and CSA for Matrix form a robust, entry-level CloudSystem solution that is far superior to competitive IaaS solutions. CSA for Matrix is a packaging of HP Server Automation, and HP SiteScope that is integrated directly into the Matrix service catalog and orchestration engine. It gives customers an easy, cost effective way to build a robust IaaS solution with advanced configuration lifecycle management, patching capability, compliance auditing, basic application provisioning and service monitoring.Enterprises and service providers with immediate requirements to build PaaS, SaaS, and advanced private and hybrid cloud delivery systems should start with CloudSystem’s comprehensive configuration that features HP Cloud Service Automation and BladeSystem Matrix. In this solution, CSA delivers a service catalog for public, private, and hybrid services. It provides advanced provisioning and lifecycle management of databases, middleware, and applications as well as compliance and service management. And it can manage services across cloud and traditional IT environments.
  • Key pointsFixed price for up to 4 compute servicesIncludes infrastructure based on Matrix as well as the professional services to get the compute service up & runningIncludes delivery of core cloud functionality that can be extended to other cloud servicesNotesNow lets look at under the covers of Cloud Start Solution: It is basically fixed price and scope for services, hardware and software, ready for use 30 days after HW installation and start-up and delivers end to end cloud compute service experience, delivering up to 4 compute services (Windows & Linux, small and medium)What does it include? Set of services providing true cloud user experience: Initially launching this for ‘compute service’ HP is providing true cloud experience to users. It includes the planning, the implementation of the compute services, and other cloud functionality like backup, security and chargeback. Importantly, this cloud functionality can be extended to other services as an environment grows. Delivery of these services from pooled, shared, efficient cloud-enabled platform – BladeSystem Matrix: Matrix is the backbone of the cloud, providing the core self-service portal, the infrastructure provisioning and capacity optimization. Since Matrix is already integrated by design, it’s easy to build services right away.Application lifecycle: CloudStart integrates application provisioning and monitoring through CSA for Matrix (now included in the base CloudStart offering)The whole solution is integrated by HP experts. Our experts start from customer needs while providing workshop and planning services to define cloud computing needs, pricing and functionality options for our customers….This solution is unique in the industry – no one else has all the ingredients to pull this off.
  • HP Cloud System Definition

    1. 1. Rien du Pré<br />April, 2011<br />HP Cloudsystem definition<br />
    2. 2. CloudSystem offerings<br />2<br />Integrated solutions for your environment<br />CLOUDSYSTEMSERVICE PROVIDER<br />Public, Hosted Private<br />CLOUDSYSTEMENTERPRISE<br />Private, Hybrid<br />CLOUDSYSTEMMATRIX<br />Private, IaaS<br />
    3. 3. CloudSystem OFFERINGS Defined<br />
    4. 4. CLOUDSTART AND CLOUDSYSTEM<br />HP CloudSystemService Provider<br /><ul><li>Public and hosted private cloud
    5. 5. SaaS aggregation and management</li></ul>HP CloudSystemEnterprise <br />Application + Infrastructure<br /><ul><li>Private and hybrid
    6. 6. IaaS, PaaS and SaaS
    7. 7. Advanced app to infrastructure lifecycle management</li></ul>HP CloudStart<br /><ul><li>Get started with CloudSystem in as little as 30 days *
    8. 8. Fixed price, fixed scope
    9. 9. Same HW, SW as CloudSystem Matrix, with fixed bring-up services</li></ul>HP CloudSystemMatrix <br /><ul><li>Private , IaaS
    10. 10. Basic application deployment and monitoring</li></ul>* For CloudSystem Matrix configs<br />
    11. 11. CloudSystem definition and Structure<br /><ul><li>Key components which deliver the core value proposition of CloudSystem
    12. 12. These components are included by default on every config
    13. 13. Components are defined for CloudSystem Matrix, Enterprise and Service Provider offerings
    14. 14. Additional components strategic to CloudSystem, leveraging the HP Software, TS, PSO, and ESSN portfolios
    15. 15. Can be added to config based on customer interest and need
    16. 16. Some are loaded by default to promote key HP differentiation for cloud and can be deselected</li></li></ul><li>CloudSystem Matrix – High level definition<br />
    17. 17. CloudSystem enterprise – high level definition<br />
    18. 18. CloudSystem service provider – high level definition<br />
    19. 19. CLOUDSYSTEM OFFERINGS<br />Integrated solutions for private, public and hybrid cloud environments<br />CloudSystemMatrix<br />CloudSystem<br />Enterprise<br />CloudSystemService Provider<br />Private cloud environment, IaaS, basic application deployment & monitoring<br />Private & hybrid cloud; IaaS, PaaS and SaaS; advanced application to infrastructure lifecycle management<br />Public and hosted private cloud; Software as a Service aggregation and management<br /><ul><li>BladeSystem Matrix
    20. 20. Server Automation
    21. 21. Sitescope
    22. 22. BladeSystem Matrix
    23. 23. Server Automation
    24. 24. Sitescope
    25. 25. DB & Middleware Automation
    26. 26. Operations Orchestration
    27. 27. uCMDB
    28. 28. CSA Foundation Server (includesCloud Service Portal)
    29. 29. Aggregation Platform for SaaS
    30. 30. Network Automation
    31. 31. BladeSystem Matrix
    32. 32. Server Automation
    33. 33. Sitescope
    34. 34. DB & Middleware Automation
    35. 35. Operations Orchestration
    36. 36. uCMDB
    37. 37. CSA Foundation Server (includesCloud Service Portal)</li></ul> Core Platform Functionality <br />
    38. 38. Is there a DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CSA for matrix and Csa in a cloudsystem? <br />HP CloudSystem Enterprise<br />HP CloudSystem Matrix<br />HP Cloud Service Automation<br />HP CSA for Matrix<br />HP BladeSystem <br />Matrix<br />HP BladeSystem <br />Matrix<br /><ul><li>Private, focused on quick-to-deploy IaaS
    39. 39. IT based self service portal
    40. 40. Server lifecycle management and basic application deployment
    41. 41. Tightly integrated Matrix resource pool
    42. 42. Private and hybrid, focused on IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
    43. 43. Integrates IT and Line of Business portal
    44. 44. Application lifecycle management and advanced composite app deployment
    45. 45. Multi-resource pools (Matrix, traditional, heterogeneous, bursting)</li></li></ul><li>Further details<br />
    46. 46. Component details - infrastructure<br />Included<br />Extension<br /><br />
    47. 47. Component details - Software<br />Included<br />Extension<br /><br />
    48. 48. Component details - Software<br />Included<br />Extension<br /><br />
    49. 49. Component details - services<br /><br />Included<br />Extension<br />
    50. 50. HP CloudStart: What’s included<br />HP CloudStart: <br />Fixed price/fixed duration solution for up to 4 compute services<br />Turnkey Starter Package for CloudSystem Matrix - Small<br />Fixed-scope implementation services with common cloud functionality: <br /><ul><li>Planning and service definition
    51. 51. Compute service implementation
    52. 52. Tiered Storage (link 2 storage tiers)
    53. 53. Backup policies (link 2 backup policies)
    54. 54. Security policies(link 2 security policies)
    55. 55. Usage Metering and reporting</li></ul>BladeSystem Matrix<br /><ul><li>Self-service portal
    56. 56. Infrastructure provisioning
    57. 57. Capacity optimization
    58. 58. Integrated by design</li></ul>Cloud Service Automation for Matrix<br /><ul><li>Server configuration lifecycle management & application deployment
    59. 59. Application monitoring</li></li></ul><li>HP CloudSystem MATRIX – configuration details<br />