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Wikispacessnowboarding Henryz
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Wikispacessnowboarding Henryz


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  • 1.  
  • 2. Table of contents
    • Title page
    • Table of contents
    • Intro
    • Snowboard cross
    • Half pipe
    • About the gear
    • Countries
    • Conclusion
    • Pictures
    • Bibliography
  • 3. Introduction
    • The snowboarding is a popular pastime among the youth and the years of adolescence, but for these athletes it’s their career. Two events of snowboarding that are in the 2010 Olympic Games winter are cross of halfpipe and snowboard. In snowboard cross six snowboard riders launch out of the starting gate and race tothe bottom of the hill between the flags and off the jumps. Some countries involved are Canada, the United States and France. Some athletes who are in the snowboard cross are Maelle Ricker, Mike Robertson and Drew Neilson. In halfpipe the riders enter the pipe one by one and do many rotations, flips and grabs out of the pipe. When they finish their run or when they fall they obtain points on 100. The rider with the highest points wins. Some countries are Canada, the United States and Norway. Some athletes are Jeff Batchelor, Crispin Lipscomb and Derek Livingston.
  • 4. Snowboard cross
    • In snowboard cross four to six riders race down a track with jumps and berms, because there are more than one racer on the track at a time there are sometimes collisions. Competitions involve a series of heats, traditionally with the first two riders in each heat advance to the next round. The overall winner is the rider that finishes first in the final round.
  • 5. Half Pipe
    • The half pipe is a semi circular ditch or purpose built ramp that is usually in a downward slope between 8 and 22 equivalent to 6.7 meters deep. Competitors perform tricks while going from one side to the other and while in the air above the sides of the pipe.
  • 6. About the Gear
  • 7. Participating Countries
    • Some countries are Canada, France, U.S.A, Norway, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Russian Federation, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, China, Spain, Ukraine, Brazil, Japan, Slovenia, Austria, Great Britain, Bulgaria, Poland, Korea, Finland, Denmark, Andorra,
  • 8. Conclusion
    • Snowboarding is a great sport, you can do it with friends, and family. Or you can go to the mountain by yourself. There are many different pursuits of snowboarding. There is a park rider, a halfpipe rider, and the racers. Snowboarding can also make you famous and very rich.
  • 9. pictures
  • 10. Bibliography