Tree frogs


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Tree frogs

  1. 1. Jane F.
  2. 2. Red eyed tree frogs are extremely active, and they have many different qualities to them. First of all the name of them is originally a Greek name meaning beautiful tree nymph. Red eyed tree frogs are amphibians, and they are also a type of frog. The red eyed tree frog lives in jungles and it is sometimes called the red eyed leaf frog because they also love leaves.
  3. 3.  Bright red eyes  Light green body and blue and yellow striped sides  Toes can be orange or red  Blends In really well-camouflage(Almost invisible)  About 2-3 inches long on average  Tadpoles(babies) brown  Have extremely soft and fragile skin
  4. 4. Webkinz is an example of a company that uses the tree frogs as a product. There are different kinds of frogs in their collection, but they do have the red eyed tree frog. They use it to sell to little children who are interested in tree frogs and there website.
  5. 5. Can stay completely still for a long time Nocturnal- sleep during the day and active at night
  6. 6.  This recording is of a group of Northern Pacific Tree Frogs at night. This particular group of frogs are at a pond, and they call out to each other.
  7. 7. Northern Columbia Central America Mexico
  8. 8. Egg Mass Tadpole Tadpole with legs Young Frog Adult Frog Life Cycle of a Red Eyed Tree Frog
  9. 9. Born in eggs near water and move into water once they hatch Tadpoles are brown Mother lays eggs Later on they grow much larger Make their way to land Spend the rest of their lives in trees or in jungles
  10. 10. Legs are large for jumping Have a thin core Large head-very wide Huge webbed feet Bones are solid not hollow
  11. 11.  Survive better in community  Like to live near rivers or ponds  Sometimes they enjoy swimming  They like temperature about 78-85 degrees in the day and 66-77 degrees at night  Like it when it is humid  Live in trees and climb and walk not really hop  Rain forest or jungle  Feet adapt to habitat
  12. 12. Snakes Spiders Bats Birds
  13. 13. Flies, moths, grasshoppers, small frogs, crickets, water beetles, dragon flies Carnivores Eat mainly insects
  14. 14. Now you can really realize how incredibly amazing red eyed tree frogs are, based on these facts. They have so many qualities and fun facts about them that are truly incredible.
  15. 15. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!!!!!!!!
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