The evolution of tools
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The evolution of tools






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The evolution of tools The evolution of tools Presentation Transcript

  • By: Matthias E.
    • Each Hominid used tools in a way
    • As the hominids developed, the tools developed
    • Hominids needed tools to survive
    • They needed tools to eat and catch food no matter how basic the tools were
    • Rocks, twigs, and fire are some examples of things that could be tools, or made into to tools
    • First to use tools
    • Very basic tools, such as twigs, or rocks
    • They could only use tools they found, they could not make tools
    • They did not hunt with the tools, they gathered
    Reconstruction of Australopithecus Afrenisis Twig used to poke things
    • They made tools for a purpose
    • Simple tools made out of rocks during the stone age, they made them by knocking flakes off them to sharpen them
    • They hunted and gathered with the tools they made
    • They used tools for chopping, scrapping and cutting
    • They could also use fire, but did not know how make it
    Sharpened rocks Reconstruction of a Homo Habilis species
    • The Homo Erectus had a bigger brain according to the size of their cranium, allowing them make more complex tools
    • The homo erectus used stone axes, and stone knives and learned how to make fire, with fire they could use it for visibility at night, also for hunting
    • Homo Erectus were the first early humans to hunt
    Stone knives the Homo Erectus used
    • The homo sapiens were smarter and stronger, allowing them to come up with more complex tools
    • Homo Sapiens used tools that can be thrown such as harpoons, spears, and sharp knives using stone to carve them
    • Homo Sapiens had developed a language allowing them to hunt bigger prey, they could work as a team
    • They also built shelters to protect themselves from the weather
    • The Cro-Magnon people were also very smart, so they could come up with better tools
    • They used many tools to hunt and used fish hooks, to fish
    • They were first found in France
    • They also made rafts and canoes for travelling
    • Homo Sapiens Sapiens are modern humans, Us!
    • They made their tools very precisely
    • They also weaved baskets from reeds
    • According to scientists
    • Early humans left behind stones, pottery, and jewellery
    • They also were the first hominids to farm
    • As they are the same group that we evolved from, as we evolved, we made major advancements in technology
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