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A socials project by Shaun and Arsalan

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Sparta shaun & arsalan

  1. 1. MAP
  2. 2. Background Sparta is an ancient part of Greece and eventually became the leading civilization of Greece after the war. They are most known for defeating the Athens in the Peloponnesian war. Another fact about Sparta was that they were known to be distant relatives that descended from Hercules the son of Zeus in Greek mythology. Spartans are also known for not retreating even if it costs them their lives.
  3. 3. Perioekoi were pledged to Social structure Helot are slaves of Sparta who are Sparta but were not Spartans either born not themselves they were to serve worthy to be a Sparta as an alliance they were Spartan because of not aloud to marry to Spartans either. Spartan become being un healthy or perioekoi by failing the fitness are taken in to be a test at age 20 Spartan slave.Inferiors wereillegitimate children of menSparta who’s mothersor father have beenfreed of the title helot Spartanfor a courageous act . women perioekoi inferiors helots
  4. 4. housing• The housing was plain for the Spartanians. Their houses were built of Wood, Mud, Brick or Stone. Simple enough they usually had only two or three rooms built with high and small windows, that had shutters. The only big difference between wealthy homes and regular is the place that it is located in. Wealthy homes are located in a different area or district of the city for a better view or less noise. The more smaller differences are that some wealthy homes have chimneys and they would cook their food inside unlike the poor that had to cook outside over a campfire and had small vent holes on the roof to purify and renew air.
  5. 5. Food• Spartans ate like other parts of Greece they ate olives and barley and bread and cheese and fish and poultry pretty basic. But Spartans are also known for their particular food called “black broth” witch only Spartans could eat because the taste was so bad that you had to have eaten it from very young to be able to sustained it as food. They also drank wine and used olive oil in a lot of their foods. The black broth was primarily made out of pork, blood, vinegar, salt and was supplemented by whatever they had left. Spartan men usually let the children have what was left of the food and would shoulder the burden of the black broth so their young soldiers would not have to.
  6. 6. • Families in Sparta were different from modern day families. Babies would get inspected at birth, if they looked unhealthy they would be disposed or turned into slaves, but if they were healthy they would be trained to become Spartan. Then the children would get taken away from their family at the age of 7 to train and become a warrior. The training was harsh, they had to walk without shoes and went without food to make them stronger, they also learned to fight and endure pain. Once their training is done and they are ready to become warriors they have to pass the fitness test, to pass the fitness test you have to be in the age of 18-20 and when passing it you are finally named a full citizen. Then you are finally done and ready to become a warrior.
  7. 7. wealth• in ancient Spartan had Money Made of Iron, in fact the money was so big and heavy that most people could not carry that much to but lots of things.• Most people in Sparta didn’t really care about their status, they were loyal people so they could borrow and pay back later but if they didn’t pay it back there were consequences.
  8. 8. marriage• Spartan marriages were a lot different than other parts of Greece. The women were given a very brief and closed wedding. It was often very private. The husband and women the met secretly until the man was the age of 30 then they could move in with each other as you can see Spartan history is a lot different than what we have today.
  9. 9. Birth practices• When a Spartan baby is born he is Inspected for Impurities. Then he is raised with his parents to overcome his fears or her fears as a child. Once the child reaches seven he/she go to a boot camp. Now Spartan may not be the best culture for complicated ceremonies because they did not believe in such things but they were very strict with children. You may think that Spartan are cruel people but they really did love their children this is why they put them threw such tough training and torture.
  10. 10. CHILDHOOD• In Sparta children lived with their mother until the age of 7. then they would take the boys to a dormitory with the other boys and train them as soldiers.• The children were taught stories of courage and bravery to encourage them to become a warrior.• Then when they reach the age of 20 they have to go pass a test to become a full citizen.
  11. 11. Comparison• As you have seen Spartan life would be living hell for us kids today like we don’t get throw away or (discarded) as they would put it. We don’t have to go to a camp to prove ourselves and we don’t have to get beaten. But we are not as strong as them and if we are its because of our knowledge and technology not because of our moral or strength. And we also have much more to be thankful for because we are not having to fight blood thirsty battles.
  12. 12. Education• When a Spartan male reaches the age of 7 he is sent to a training facility where he learns in a brotherhood with other kids. Between the ages of 7 and 14 they learn to write and read while also learning combat. Spartans wanted to make the boys strong so they did not meet their needs and made them sleep with no covers on hard beds. Between the ages of 18- 20 the boys had to take a fitness test and if they failed they were forced to be outcasts and did not have citizenship.• The women also were taken to a training facility where they learned similar basic training they learned how to wrestle and do combat because they wanted to have healthy children when the women reached the ages of 18-20 they also had to take a fitness test. If she completed the task she would marry and be able to return home but if she failed she to would lose citizenship.
  13. 13. Religion• Ancient Spartanians had many gods that they believed in such as Aphrodite, Apollo, Ares, Artemis, Athena, Demeter, Dionysus, Hades, Hephaestus, Hera, Hermes, Hestia, Poseidon and Zeus.• Sparta Citizens destined to be warriors had to go and get permission from the god of war, otherwise known as Ares.
  14. 14. GOD• Ancient Spartanians had many gods that they believed in such as Aphrodite, Apollo, Ares, Artemis, Athena, Demeter, Dionysus, Hades, Hephaestus, Hera, Hermes, Hestia, Poseidon and Zeus.• Sparta Citizens destined to be warriors had to go and get permission from the god of war, otherwise known as Ares.
  15. 15. Clothing• The Spartans wore simple toga type clothing that were often dyed and had a pinned shoulder. They had leather strapped sandals and leather boots they wore wreaths and carried weapons with them in a leather case. Sparta is similar to other parts of Greece but they did have a Unique way of life and Proved it in many ways Spartan usually wore cloaks in battle and had helmets. They carried big shields with them when in battle and had spears for long range weapons.
  16. 16. Art, Music• Now if you search for Spartan music and art usually it says that Spartans had no interest in art at all or music but after further research I found That Sparta was quite artistic and is well known for building the menelaion it is a monument that is dedicated to menelaos and Helen. Sparta was also known for the poetry they wrote here is one of the poems written by Tyrtaeus of Sparta Frontiers “You should reach the limits of virtue before you cross the border of death.”
  17. 17. Festivals• Spartans had a very important festival called the Carneian festival and it was to worship Apollo. The festival lasted nine days and there were tents like at festivals today. The priests would have 5 men were held in a office and were not able to marry for 4 years as a sacrifice. During the festival a staphylodromoi(grape-cluster runner) was running about and all themen would try to catch him because it means good luckto catch the runner.
  18. 18. Conclusion• In conclusion I Think we’ve learned a lot about Sparta and how different it is from our everyday life. Thank you for watching and learning with us sincerely SHAUN A AND ARSALAN S.
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