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Rayne w human evalution
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Rayne w human evalution


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  • 1. By Rayne Wood
  • 2. Australopithecus afarensis
    • The Australopithecus Afarensis (Aa) was the first part human part ape alive. The Aa is bigger than the modern human. It is harry and wears no clothes, although it doesn’t need them because of it’s harry overcoat. It’s head had a strange shape because the teeth would just hang down and there would be nothing around it
  • 3. Homo habilis
    • The Homo habilis (Hh) was the second human form. It was covered in hair as well as the Aa. It’s brain volume is 363 cm in diameter. The Hh’s face is wrinkled and Hh has big ears like a monkey. These people had long dangled arms and walked upright but no completely straight.
  • 4. Homo erectus
    • Homo erectus (He) is one of the human evolutions. It did not have a layer of hair growing on it but it did have a little bit. They looked more like us than earlier humans. H erectus were as tall as us but stronger than us. His skull is generally larger than our’s but it’s brain is not as advanced.
  • 5. Homo sapiens Neanderthal
    • Homo sapiens Neanderthal is one of the strongest human evolutions. It’s cranial capacity is about the size of a homo sapiens. Homo sapiens Neanderthal had an average height of between 5’5 and 5’7. The babies had the same size brain as us and the adults were larger by about five millimetres.
  • 6. Homo sapiens Cro-Magnon
    • Homo sapiens Cro-Magnon were tall compared to Neanderthals. They also had more cranial capacity compared to Neanderthals. Cro-Magnon had relatively low skulls and wide faces. Cro-Magnon were tan and had lighter skin like the Asian and European culture.
  • 7. Homo sapiens sapiens
    • Homo sapiens are modern humans. Look at yourself and that is what a Homo sapiens looks like. The average height of a Homo sapiens is 5’5 for females and 5’4 for males. Some people choose to be hairy and some wax off their hair. Everybody is different so it’s hard to say exactly what a Homo Sapiens Sapiens looks like but if you want to know look at yourself.
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